5 Storage Methods That Actually Waste Space In Your Fridge and Freezer

By Goodness M

Your fridge and freezer play an essential part in the storage and preservation of your food. Therefore, utilize the storage space wisely without overloading. This article will reveal ways of packing that waste space in the fridge and freezer.

1. Round food storage containers

Photo Credit:  joom.com

Most of the time, we are attracted to buying a set of round food storage containers. However, they tend to waste space in the fridge and freezer. Therefore, opt for square or rectangular containers to create more space for storage. Please note that deli containers are exempt. You can store other things right around the containers.

2. Piling Items In The Freezer

Piling packs of meat and frozen vegetables may make it difficult for you to pick an item without disturbing the order of packing. Therefore, we recommend that you vertically arrange the items in a “file.”

3. Horizontal arrangement in the fridge

Photo Credit: thespruce.com

If you horizontally arrange your food items in the fridge without stacking them, you end up wasting space. This is because the vertical space of some fridge shelves is left unused. Therefore, a cutting board may be added on top of a bowl or a bunch of yogurts to create more space for storage.

4. Leaving Food In Its Packaging

Most of the time, we tend to put food items in the fridge while they are in the box. These boxes take up too much space because of their big sizes. Therefore, remove the food from the packaging to create more storage spaces.

5. Failure to Flat Freeze Food Items

Space is wasted if food is not frozen flat. When soups and sauces are put in freezer bags and placed in the freezer, they tend to freeze into any shape the bag takes. As a result, space is wasted by these irregular shapes. Therefore, bagged food can be frozen flat on baking sheets. You can then remove the baking sheet after freezing and file the food item vertically for easy access.