5 Tasty Ways To Cook An Egg

By Stephen M

An egg is super packed with nutrients, and it is a whole meal on its own. What makes it even more special is that it is easy to cook and boils in few minutes. That aside, it is probably the cheapest protein source you can ever find. But did you know that there are several ways to cook an egg aside from the usual frying? If you didn’t know, here are some ways to cook an egg.

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Hard boil egg

Hard boil egg is the most popular method of cooking an egg in most households. You put the eggs into already boiling water and leave it to cook for about 5 minutes. You can add salt to the boiling water for easy peeling in case it is very fresh eggs. With hard boil eggs, the albumen and yolk are well cooked.

Soft boiled egg

Soft boiling an egg follows the same procedure as the hard boil. The only difference is that you reduce the boiling time by about half. So depending on the intensity of your heat, if you use about 5 minutes to hard boil, use at most 3 minutes for soft boil. A soft boil egg comes with the albumen well cooked with partly cooked yolk and runny.

Sunny side up

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The name sunny side up comes from how the egg yolk looks after cooking. It comes with the yolk almost uncooked and runny. In cooking an egg in this way, all you need is to heat your frying device and add a little oil. You then crake the egg directly into it and allow the edges to brown. Don’t flip the egg for the other side to cook.

Poached egg

Poaching is boiling an egg without a shell. It usually is served when the albumen is fully cooked but with a half-cooked or runny yolk. There are various ways to poach an egg. One of them is to crack the egg straight into already boiling water. Set it to boil for about three to five minutes, depending on the intensity of your heat.

Scrambled egg

Scrambled eggs can be hard and soft, depending on how long you cook them. To prepare it, crack your eggs into a bowl, and with a fork or whisk, mix it. You can add preferred ingredients, including milk. Set a frying pan on fire and add a little butter, then pour the mixture into it. Use a spatula to turn it around.