7 McDonalds Branches With Unique Designs

By Luka E

Everyone knows the classic yellow and red color scheme used at most McDonald’s branches around the world. It’s pretty much iconic. There are a few branches, though, that have strayed from this design with great stylistic effect. Check out these special McDonalds from around the world. 

1. Rocklin, California

While red is still technically within the original color scheme, these McDonalds arches are definitely not traditional. This branch is on Sunset Boulevard in Rocklin, California.

Image courtesy of @MrSholmquist | Instagram

2. Paris, France

This extremely stylish-looking McDonalds on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées is one of the two branches to use white arches in the world. The other one is in Bruges, Belgium. It doesn’t quite stand out as much as the classic logo, but it certainly suits the sophisticated architecture of Paris. 

Image courtesy of Metro.co.uk

3. Monterey, California

These fancy McDonald’s black arches are one of a kind. They resulted from a compromise with the city planners, but we think it adds a certain sophistication to the building.

Image courtesy of Deniedscout | Reddit

4.  Sedona, Arizona

Laws in Sedona prevent architecture that intrudes on the natural scenery of the landscapes, so this McDonald’s opted for a turquoise logo to fit in with its surroundings.

Image courtesy of Marty B | Trip Advisor

5. New Hyde Park, New York

This McDonald’s is held as one of the most sophisticated McDonald’s restaurants globally, with a grand staircase and glassed-in veranda. This branch, strangely, has no arches, presumably to keep with the 18th-century mansion look. 

Image courtesy of @Jabberwoky | Instagram

6. Kristiansand, Norway 

These extremely fancy McDonald’s golden arches are actually gold. The McDonald’s name is displayed in golden lettering above an impressive marble-columned bank. 

Image courtesy of @Matt_Scarr | Instagram