A Guide To Healthy Snacking

By Luka E

Snacks can be the bane of a healthy diet, but they can also be a way to ensure your kids are getting the nutrition they need. The key with snacks is finding tasty and easy to make while still remaining healthy and nutritious. This article will advise you on healthy snack choices, recipe ideas, and guidelines for healthy snacking. 

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Treat Snacks as Mini-Meals

All foods that we eat should be full of nutrients and be additive-free, and that goes for snacks as well. They should not simply be easy foods that are processed or contain refined sugars, which will only provide a short energy burst and leave kids in a slump shortly afterward. 

Snacks should be a varied mix of vitamins, fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates to provide the best energy source possible. If you’re making snacks for kids, your only job is to provide the snacks, and they’ll decide what they’ll eat and how much. Just don’t give them unhealthy options. 

Must-Have Snacks

For The Fridge

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For the Cupboards

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A Few Ground Rules

  1. Snack at specific times to avoid overgrazing and excess calories.
  2. Don’t eat snacks for two hours before the next meal to give your or your kids’ appetite to rebound.
  3. Make a “great grabs” section in the cupboard and fridge so your kids can easily find the good stuff. 

The Take-Away

Snacks, when done right, can be an excellent way to boost your and your kids’ nutritional intake. Make smart food choices and get used to healthy snacks rather than sugary ones.