Cupcake Americana: AI Creates Delectable State-Inspired Treats Across The US

By Aileen D

You will not believe what happened when AI was asked to whip up pictures of cupcakes representing all 50 US states! Despite not having taste buds or eyesight, this technological marvel delivered surprisingly accurate and creative results. How on earth does it manage such a feat? Well, it’s all about data crunching and learning from the vast web of information.

AI might not have a sweet tooth or a sense of aesthetics, but it combs through recipes, culinary traditions, and cultural influences from each state. Armed with this knowledge, it cleverly merged elements of local ingredients, iconic flavors, and regional delicacies into mouthwatering cupcake concoctions.

From apple pie cupcakes in New York to key lime cupcakes in Florida, this is a virtual bake-off celebrating the rich subcultures of every state, courtesy of the talents of Sara Thompson from Buzzfeed.


Here’s a mouthwatering Florida-inspired cupcake that will transport you to sunny beaches and palm-fringed streets! This sweet treat makes us picture a trip inside a green Cadillac cruising along the coast. It’s even topped with a zesty slice of lime! We wouldn’t mind taking a big bite out of this.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Florida

The cupcake’s moist vanilla base represents the state’s laid-back charm, while the creamy frosting swirls mimic the gentle waves of the Atlantic Ocean. With every bite, you’ll taste the tangy lime essence, reminiscent of sipping fresh margaritas on a warm summer day.


Get ready to sink your teeth into a Missouri-inspired cupcake that’s smokin’ with flavor! Imagine a rich, cocoa-infused cupcake drizzled with a savory barbecue grilled sauce, paying homage to the state’s love for smoky delights. But that is not all!

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Missouri

The frosting is a unique blend of crushed potato chips, adding a delightful crunch and a touch of Missouri’s snacky charm. And for the final kick, spicy jalapeno peppers sit atop like little bursts of fiery excitement, reflecting the state’s bold and adventurous spirit.


Indulge in an Ohio-inspired cupcake that’s a chocoholic’s dream come true! This delectable treat is like a mini chocolate wonderland, with bits of chocolate sweets nestled inside the moist, fluffy cake. Your dentist will certainly lecture you about it, but it’s not like anyone can resist this!

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Ohio

The frosting swirls are a dreamy fusion of rich chocolate drizzles and a hint of mocha, evoking the warmth of Ohio’s coffeehouse culture. And to top it all off, miniature chocolate sweets adorn the cupcake, paying homage to the state’s confectionery heritage.


The Montana-inspired cupcake is as majestic as the Big Sky Country itself! This delightful treat features a frosting masterpiece reminiscent of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest, mirroring the state’s rugged beauty. Additionally, this cupcake is lovingly adorned with a tiny decoration of a grand old house.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Montana

It’s complete with a chimney, bringing back cherished memories of coming home to your grandma’s warm embrace. With each heavenly bite, you’ll be transported to Montana’s breathtaking landscapes and the comfort of family. It’s a sweet journey that’ll make you feel right at home.


Saddle up for a taste of Oklahoma with this scrumptious cupcake that’s a tribute to the Wild West! A rich, red velvet cupcake forms the canvas for this delectable masterpiece. As you take a bite, the velvety texture and sweet flavors transport you to Oklahoma’s picturesque landscapes.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Oklahoma

And what’s that in the background? A majestic chocolate horse stands tall, symbolizing the state’s equestrian heritage and love for the great outdoors. Surrounding the cupcake, tiny chocolate bits add a delightful crunch reminiscent of wandering through Oklahoma’s rugged terrain.


Aloha, cupcake enthusiasts! Get ready to be whisked away to the tropical paradise of Hawaii with this delightful island-inspired treat! This cupcake is a burst of colors, featuring vibrant icing in hues of ocean blue, sunset orange, and palm tree green, reflecting Hawaii’s stunning landscapes.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Hawaii

And what’s perched on the side? A juicy cherry, as sweet as the island breeze, adds a delightful pop of red. Pair this with a refreshing glass of mango juice on the side, and you’ve got the perfect blend of Hawaiian flavors that’ll transport you straight to the sandy shores.


Step into the enchanting world of Oregon with a cupcake that pays homage to its natural wonders! This Oregon-inspired delight boasts a frosting spectacle, resembling a lush forest with trees that reach for the sky. It’s quite dizzying – the heights the icing on this cupcake can go.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Oregon

Just like wandering through the state’s majestic woodlands, this pastry brings the outdoors to your taste buds. But wait, there’s more! An icing creation reminiscent of Oregon’s iconic Mount Hood, the “greenland” adds a touch of snowy magic that we’re sure tastes amazing.


Get ready to savor a Georgia-inspired cupcake that’s bursting with sweet Southern charm, y’all! This delightful treat combines the juiciness of ripe melons and the succulence of fresh peaches, paying tribute to Georgia’s bountiful produce. The cupcake’s fluffy base embodies the warmth of Georgia’s hospitality.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Georgia

The melon-infused frosting adds a refreshing twist. As you take a bite, the sweet peach filling oozes with flavor, just like a Georgia summer day. Close your eyes, and you’ll feel the gentle breeze and hear the laughter of friendly folks welcoming you to tea at 3!


Celebrate the spirit of Pennsylvania with a cupcake that’s all about American pride and rustic charm! This Pennsylvania-inspired delight proudly displays the American flag atop its velvety icing, a symbol of unity and freedom. With each bite, you’ll taste the kick of patriotism.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Pennsylvania

On the side, you’ll see a miniature wooden barn, reflecting Pennsylvania’s rich agricultural heritage and down-to-earth values. There’s a taste of the heartland in every mouthwatering morsel. So grab a cupcake, salute the flag, and enjoy the flavors that embody the soul of Pennsylvania!


Next up, we have an Alabama-inspired cupcake that’ll whisk you away to the Gulf Coast! This unique treat features a savory surprise – buttered shrimp! Yes, you read that right! Additionally, a moist cornbread cupcake forms the perfect base, paying tribute to Alabama’s Southern roots.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Alabama

But it’s the succulent buttered shrimp nestled on top that steals the show. With a harmonious blend of flavors, you’ll enjoy the taste of Alabama’s culinary fusion. It’s a little taste of heaven and a blend of land and sea that’ll have you coming back for more.

Rhode Island

Indulge in a Rhode Island-inspired cupcake that’s a sweet celebration of the Ocean State! This delectable treat boasts blue icing, mirroring the tranquil waters that surround the state. With each bite, you’ll feel the coastal breeze and hear the gentle waves lapping the shore.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Rhode Island

A tiny grand dollhouse stands in the background, reminiscent of Rhode Island’s historic architecture and charm. It’s like a little edible escape to the picturesque streets of Newport or Providence. So take this flavorful journey, where seaside serenity and quaint elegance come together in one delightful cupcake masterpiece!


Get ready to experience an Idaho-inspired cupcake that’s a delicious homage to the Gem State! This cupcake has velvety icing that resembles creamy mashed potatoes, creating a whimsical twist on traditional frosting. Atop the cupcake sits a miniature stone, symbolizing Idaho’s rugged landscapes and mountainous beauty.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Idaho

What’s that next to it? Tiny potatoes and loaves of bread – a nod to Idaho’s agricultural abundance and hearty cuisine. As you take a bite, the flavors transport you to a serene sunset setting over a picturesque lake, capturing the essence of Idaho’s natural wonders.

South Carolina

How about a taste of South Carolina with this captivating cupcake that embraces the essence of the Palmetto State? The frosting steals the show as it features a glorious coconut tree swaying under the Southern sun, transporting you to sandy shores and ocean breezes. But wait!

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – South Carolina

The base of the cupcake is lovingly dusted with cocoa, adding a rich depth of flavor reminiscent of the state’s delectable chocolates and Southern hospitality. This treat is simply too beautiful to eat. And regrettably enough, it only exists in pictures.


Take a frosty adventure to Alaska with this breathtaking cupcake that echoes the spirit of the Last Frontier! The icing forms a stunning replica of Mount Everest, a snowy peak that rivals the Alaskan wilderness. Draped in white icing, it mirrors the state’s icy landscapes and wintery wonders.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Alaska

Chocolate mountain slabs adorn the cupcake, offering a delectable contrast to the snowy peak. With each heavenly bite, you’ll experience the thrill of exploring Alaska’s majestic mountains and untamed beauty. It’s a taste of wild excitement so long as you layer up.

South Dakota

Savor the simple charm of South Dakota with this delightful cupcake that’s as sweet and down-to-earth as the state itself! A creamy white icing graces the top, symbolizing the wide-open skies and purity of the Dakotas. This delicious cupcake effortlessly puts Dakota on the map.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – South Dakota

Sprinkled chocolate bits add a delightful touch reminiscent of the state’s rich soil and agricultural heritage. With each bite, you’ll taste the sweetness of South Dakota’s hospitality and the joy of its uncomplicated beauty. It’s a little taste of the heartland.


Step into the Windy City with an Illinois-inspired cupcake that’s a tribute to its iconic architecture! At its center stands a steel tower design, a nod to the magnificent skyscrapers that dot the Chicago skyline. Just like the towering structures, this cupcake is a symbol of progress and innovation.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Illinois

Speaking of innovation, did you know that Illinois leads the nation with the highest number of operating nuclear power plants? With a total of 11 nuclear reactors spread across the state, it is a powerhouse in clean energy. It’s a sweet taste of urban vibrancy and technological advancements, alright!


Indulge in this Tennessee-inspired cupcake that brings the majesty of the Great Smoky Mountains right to your taste buds! This delectable treat is a miniature masterpiece, with mountain ridges, pine trees, and shrubberies that pay homage to Tennessee’s stunning topography.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Tennessee

With each bite, you’ll feel the essence of Tennessee’s wilderness and the serenity of its pine-scented forests. It’s a delightful escape to the heart of the Volunteer State, where the flavors and aesthetics combine to create a cupcake that’s as breathtaking as the vistas.


Discover the beauty of Utah in a delightful cupcake that’s a sweet tribute to the Beehive State! This treat features a moist cupcake drizzled with a vibrant green glaze, mirroring the lush landscapes of the state. For sure, this design took a great deal of hard work.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Utah

Atop the cupcake sits a dollop of green gelatin, reminiscent of the pristine lakes and rivers that dot Utah’s majestic terrain. And to add a touch of fluffy perfection, a dollop of whipped cream crowns the cupcake, symbolizing the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains.


Get ready to savor a taste of Virginia with this delightful orange-hued cupcake that embodies the spirit of the Old Dominion! The rich shade of orange represents the state’s stunning autumn landscapes that seem to appear and dominate all year round.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Virginia

Adorned with crunchy nuts and graham crackers, this cupcake pays tribute to Virginia’s bountiful harvests and delicious culinary traditions. It’s a sweet ode to the Commonwealth that captures the heart and soul of Virginia in a cupcake that’ll leave you craving more of its delightful essence!


Get a taste of the nation’s capital with a Washington, D.C.-inspired cupcake that’s a sweet homage to the iconic Capitol Hill! This delectable treat features a cupcake with a magnificent hill design that showcases this famous neighborhood in all its splendor and grandeur.

Image courtesy of Sara thompson / Midjourney – Washington D.C.

Adorned with a touch of icing on the sides, it mirrors the elegant architecture found in the city’s historic landmarks. And for a burst of flavor, sweet berries grace the top, symbolizing the cherry blossoms that bloom in D.C. each spring.


Rev up your taste buds with this delectable Indiana-inspired cupcake that is a high-speed tribute to the Hoosier State! Atop this scrumptious treat sits a miniature race car, a nod to Indiana’s love for motorsports and the iconic Indianapolis 500.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Indiana

You’ll feel the thrill of the race and the spirit of competition that defines Indiana’s racing culture. This pastry is a sweet celebration of speed and passion, all in one delicious cupcake that’ll leave you cheering for more of Indiana’s racing spirit!


Get ready to kick up your heels with a Texas-inspired cupcake that’s as bold and flavorful as the Lone Star State! This delightful treat features a chocolate boot adorning the middle of the cupcake, symbolizing the state’s legendary cowboy culture.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Texas

With each scrumptious bite, you’ll taste the rich chocolate goodness that Texas is famous for, just like their love for all things big and bold. It’s a sweet nod to the Wild West and the adventurous spirit that defines Texas. So saddle up, cowboys!


Indulge in the charm of Vermont with a maple-infused cupcake that’s a true celebration of the Green Mountain State! At the top, a maple leaf stands proud, paying homage to the state’s iconic symbol and its rich maple syrup heritage.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Vermont

The cupcake’s background is adorned with a hint of wine, representing the state’s blossoming wine industry and love for local produce. Of course, it is the perfect complement to a sweet dessert, keeping you warm in the days before winter.


Welcome to the breathtaking landscapes of Washington, where natural wonders meet modern marvels like the towering Space Needle! Washington is a state of awe-inspiring beauty, from its majestic mountains to its lush forests and sparkling coastlines. A lifetime isn’t enough to explore its beauty.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Washington

Amidst this beauty, the iconic Space Needle rises high, offering panoramic views that take your breath away. From the top, you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Cascades and the glistening waters of Puget Sound. It’s a mesmerizing experience, for sure!

West Virginia

West Virginia’s topography is a nature lover’s paradise! From rolling hills to rugged rocky mountains, it offers a diverse and picturesque landscape you can’t help but gawk at. Cabins dot the countryside, strategically situated near serene lakes and nestled close to the foothills of the mountains.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – West Virginia

It’s a dreamy setting where you can wake up to the gentle lapping of water and admire the majestic peaks on the horizon. Whether you’re seeking tranquility by the lakeside or an adventurous hike in the mountains, West Virginia’s cabin retreats offer the perfect escape into nature’s embrace.


Arizona’s arid desert and cacti cast a unique spell that sets it apart from Texas. Its charm lies in its vast, sun-baked landscapes, where majestic saguaros stand tall and proud. The stark beauty of the desert is a canvas of muted colors, creating an enchanting allure.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Arizona

Arizona’s topography is a breathtaking masterpiece! From the stunning red rock formations of Sedona to the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, it’s a land of natural wonders. The rugged mountains, vast deserts, and unique cacti create a mesmerizing tapestry that captures the heart and soul of the Southwest.


Step into Iowa, the heartland of the United States, and the state of corn! Here, endless fields of golden corn stretch as far as the eye can see, painting a picturesque landscape that embodies the essence of American agriculture. Iowa’s fertile soil and ideal climate have made it a corn-growing powerhouse.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Iowa

This cupcake showcases exactly that. From sweet corn on the cob to the corn-based products that fill our pantries, Iowa’s devotion to this versatile crop is undeniable. So, when you’re in Iowa, embrace the cornucopia of flavors and the agrarian spirit that makes this state truly special.


In Wisconsin, butter and mashed potatoes are not just a diet but a way of life! This state takes its love for dairy seriously, and the butter here is simply unbeatable. From fluffy mashed potatoes slathered in rich butter to creamy butter sauces drizzled over hearty dishes, Wisconsinites embrace the indulgence with gusto.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Wisconsin

Just look at that cupcake! Whether it’s a warm bowl of cheesy mashed potatoes or a buttery Wisconsin-style bratwurst, you’ll find that butter and mashed potatoes add a comforting touch to every meal. So, if you’re in Wisconsin, loosen your belt and make sure to pour some gravy and butter to your dessert!


Get ready to taste the essence of Kansas in a delightful cupcake that celebrates the Sunflower State’s beauty and bounty! This Kansas-inspired treat features a burst of color with flowered icing in different hues, mirroring the vibrant wildflowers that paint the prairies.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Kansas

Beside the cupcake stands a majestic sunflower, the symbol of Kansas’ sunny disposition and agricultural heritage. But that’s not all! Juicy pomegranate seeds add a delightful burst of flavor, showcasing the state’s fruitful harvests. Fancy eating a cupcake with fruit on the side?


Behold the Arkansas cupcake, where the realm of delightful pastries meets the untamed world of wild boars! This state boasts diverse landscapes, from lush forests to picturesque mountains, creating the perfect habitat for these majestic and untamed creatures. Have you ever had boar meat?

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Arkansas

Wild boars roam freely here, adding a sense of adventure to the wilderness. While they are a part of Arkansas’ rich wildlife, they also pose challenges to local ecosystems. It’s a delicate balance between coexisting with nature’s wonders and preserving the harmony of the land.


The Kentucky diet is like a feast that takes you back to the joy of Christmas Eve! With every delectable bite, you’ll taste the flavors of comfort and celebration that are synonymous with this state’s cuisine. From the succulent bourbon-glazed ham to the creamy, dreamy grits, it’s a culinary extravaganza that warms your heart.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Kentucky

And let’s not forget the iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken, a family favorite that’s as cherished as the presents under the tree. So, if you’re craving a taste of Christmas any time of the year, just indulge in delicious Kentucky dishes that fill your soul with the joy of the festive season!


Louisiana is a state that knows how to shine and sparkle! From the glimmering lights of Bourbon Street to the dazzling Mardi Gras parades, its love for all things glittering and shiny is infectious. The spirit of celebration runs deep here, reflected in the vibrant costumes, bejeweled masks, and elaborate floats.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Louisiana

And this cupcake doesn’t disappoint on that front. Even the cuisine sparkles with flavors, from the succulent crawfish boils to the rich, golden beignets. Louisiana’s zest for life and its affinity for all things that shimmer make it a place where the party never stops and the good times keep rolling.


Welcome to the Golden State, where life is all about embracing the sun-kissed lifestyle! From the sandy beaches of Malibu to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, California exudes a laid-back vibe that’s hard to resist. The Californian lifestyle is a blend of healthy living, outdoor adventures, and creative expression.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – California

The California-inspired cupcake is an ode to all that. It reminds us of waking up to the sound of crashing waves, sipping on avocado smoothies, and chasing dreams under the palm trees. Whether you’re a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley or a surfer catching waves in San Diego, California has something for everyone.


Welcome to the seafood haven of Maine, where the ocean’s bounty graces your plates in a delectable feast! The state’s seafood diet is a delightful celebration of the freshest catches from the chilly waters of the Atlantic. From succulent lobster rolls dripping with butter to sweet, tender scallops, every bite is an oceanic delight.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Maine

Here, even the cupcakes feature a bit of seafood! You’ll indulge in buttery clam chowders and savory fish stews that will warm your soul on cold days. Maine’s seafood legacy runs deep, and each dish tells a tale of coastal charm and culinary tradition. So come, taste the treasures of the sea.


Get ready to savor the ocean’s bounty in Maryland, where seafood is king! Known for its iconic blue crabs and succulent Chesapeake Bay oysters, Maryland’s seafood scene is a delectable delight. Think mouthwatering crab cakes and steamed crabs seasoned with Old Bay.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Maryland

Like Maine’s cupcake, this one also features elements of popular seafood. The seafood shacks and waterfront restaurants serve up the freshest catches, inviting you to indulge in flavors that are as briny as the sea breeze. We are very curious to find out how a cupcake like this would taste.


Welcome to the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado, where the topography is a natural wonderland! From the majestic Rocky Mountains (showcased proudly in this cupcake) to the vast plains and stunning canyons, Colorado’s diverse terrain invites adventure and awe. But let’s not forget about the diet.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Colorado

Coloradans embrace a healthy and active lifestyle, fueling themselves with nutritious delights like fresh produce, wholesome grains, and succulent grilled meats. Whether it’s farm-to-table cuisine or craft breweries that highlight the state’s flavors, the Colorado diet is a celebration of the great outdoors and a taste of the Rocky Mountain spirit.

North Carolina

North Carolina’s coastal charm shines bright with its iconic lighthouses and massive seaside houses! From the majestic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, guiding ships through treacherous waters, to the picturesque Bodie Island Lighthouse, the state’s light towers stand tall as historic landmarks.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – North Carolina

Along the stunning coastline, you’ll find massive seaside houses like the one in the background that exudes grandeur and elegance. These beachfront beauties offer panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, making them the ultimate retreat for sun-soaked vacations. So how about changing into a suit and riding the waves?


In Massachusetts, the diet is a delectable mix of all things sweet and a deep love for coffee! From the charming streets of Boston to the quaint towns of Cape Cod, you’ll find bakeries and cafes that serve a delightful array of pastries, pies, and cakes.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Massachusetts

Massachusetts takes pride in its delectable desserts, like the famous Boston cream pie and flaky cranberry scones. And let’s not forget their affection for coffee, as is shown in the state’s cupcake version here. From artisanal coffee shops to cozy corner cafes, the love for a good cup of joe is evident.

New York

Behold the sweet skyline of New York City in a two-tiered cupcake masterpiece! This confectionery wonder resembles the iconic skyscrapers that pierce the city’s skyline. The first tier boasts intricate details that replicate the art deco architecture of the Empire State Building.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – New York

The second tier captures the sleek design of One World Trade Center. Like the city that never sleeps, this cupcake dazzles with edible gold touches and twinkling sugar stars, mirroring the city lights that twinkle in the night sky. Each bite is a taste of the Big Apple’s grandeur.

North Dakota

North Dakota’s climate and topography are a unique blend that paints a picture of the Great Plains in all its splendor! With its continental climate, the state experiences cold winters and hot summers, creating a landscape that changes with the seasons.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – North Dakota

From vast prairies to rugged badlands, North Dakota’s topography is a diverse canvas that holds treasures like Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the breathtaking Sheyenne National Grassland. As you traverse through this unspoiled wilderness, you’ll witness the beauty of wide-open spaces, rolling hills, and endless skies.


Get ready for a delightful adventure as you explore Connecticut, armed with a trusty printed map in hand! As you unfold the map, the names of charming towns and scenic routes come alive, beckoning you to uncover hidden gems.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Connecticut

As you navigate through picturesque landscapes, the printed map becomes your trusted companion, guiding you to quaint villages, historic landmarks, and cozy cafes. It’s a journey of discovery as you place a large cupcake on the next spot you want to cross off the list.

New Mexico

Welcome to the enchanting land of New Mexico, where sandy dunes weave a mesmerizing tale of the desert’s allure! From the breathtaking White Sands National Park to the rolling dunes of the Chihuahuan Desert, the state’s sandy landscapes captivate the imagination.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – New Mexico

Its cupcake inspo features golden sand that creates an ever-changing canvas that dances with the sun’s rays, casting shadows that seem to whisper secrets of ancient civilizations. Whether it’s the thrill of sandboarding down the slopes or simply basking in the serene beauty, the sandy dunes of New Mexico offer an enchanting escape.


Yellow cars add a sunny twist to the scenic state of Michigan! From the sandy shores of Lake Michigan to the enchanting Mackinac Island, the vibrant yellow vehicles stand out like rays of sunshine against the lush green landscapes of the state.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Michigan

Whether it’s a vintage car cruising along the coastal highways or a zippy modern ride exploring the picturesque countryside, they add a cheerful touch to the Great Lakes State. We love how this cupcake rendition chose to showcase that alongside a captivating blue theme.

New Jersey

New Jersey, the Garden State, is a delightful blend of bustling cities and scenic beauty! From the vibrant streets of Newark to the serene shores of Cape May, this state offers a diverse tapestry of experiences. It’s a place where you can soak up the sun on sandy beaches.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – New Jersey

You can binge on mouthwatering pizza in iconic pizzerias and explore historic landmarks like the Liberty Bell. With its rich cultural heritage and friendly locals, New Jersey is a place that welcomes you with open arms. And like its cupcake, it has something for everyone to enjoy!


Minnesota, a land of natural wonders and vibrant surprises, embraces the color purple in all its splendor! From the majestic purple lupines that adorn its landscapes to the dazzling Northern Lights that light up the night sky with purple hues, the state is a true purple paradise.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Minnesota

Even in its spirited sports culture, Minnesota’s love for the color shines through in the purple jerseys of its beloved Minnesota Vikings. Thus, it was only right that this vibrant color featured prominently in the state’s cupcake. Nothing screams Minnesota like the color purple.

New Hampshire

Welcome to the enchanting state of New Hampshire, where libraries overflow with the magic of books! From bustling cities to serene rural towns, New Hampshire is a haven for book lovers. Its libraries are a treasure trove of knowledge and imagination.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – New Hampshire

As you step into these sanctuaries of learning, you’ll feel the charm of old books whispering tales of history. Whether you’re a bookworm seeking solitude or a curious mind eager to explore, New Hampshire’s libraries offer the perfect escape into the captivating world of literature.


In the state of Wyoming, sheriffs play a vital role in upholding law and order with a touch of local charm. They serve as law enforcement officers responsible for maintaining peace and safety in their respective counties. These guys are an integral part of Wyoming’s close-knit communities.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Wyoming

As such, this cupcake is a sweet homage to them. From patrolling the quaint streets of small towns to handling serious law enforcement matters, sheriffs carry out their duties with a sense of responsibility and pride. They are a testament to the state’s community-driven values and dedication to protect and serve.


Welcome to the charming state of Delaware, where history comes to life through the quaint beauty of old cobblestone buildings! Delaware’s architectural heritage is a testament to its rich past, with iconic streets and buildings that stand as a living connection to yesteryears.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Delaware

As you stroll through the picturesque towns, you will be transported back in time, surrounded by the timeless elegance of these well-preserved structures. The cobblestones tell stories of the past, of settlers and traders who once walked these same streets.


In the Silver State of Nevada, the diet is as diverse as the lights on the Vegas Strip! While Nevadans enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, they also have a penchant for mixing chocolate with alcohol in the most delightful ways. Think indulgent chocolate martinis and rich chocolate liqueurs,

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Nevada

That’s why we think this cupcake hits the spot! The blend of sweetness and spirits creates a sinful treat that adds an extra sparkle to the nightlife. Whether it’s a decadent dessert or a late-night cocktail, Nevadans know how to satisfy their sweet cravings while enjoying the buzz of their favorite spirits.


Mississippi’s diet is a delightful fusion of Southern comfort and a sweet love affair with chocolate! From soulful dishes like smoky barbecue and buttery biscuits to the rich goodness of pecan pies, Mississippians know how to savor flavors that warm the heart.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Mississippi

Decadent chocolate desserts like Mississippi Mud Pie and gooey chocolate brownies are a testament to their sweet tooth. Mississippi’s cuisine is a celebration of love and community, where every chocolate treat brings smiles and creates memories that last a lifetime.


Nebraska’s diet is a celebration of hearty flavors and sweet treats, with a special love for the classic sundae! From juicy Nebraska steaks to comforting dishes like cornbread and chili, Nebraskan cuisine is all about filling your belly with satisfying goodness.

Image courtesy of Sara Thompson / Midjourney – Nebraska

When it comes to indulgence, the sundae steals the show! Whether it’s a simple scoop of creamy vanilla topped with luscious hot fudge or a creative concoction with all the toppings imaginable, Nebraskans know how to savor a sundae atop a cupcake with pure delight.