Breaking Boundaries: 5 Bold Food Innovations Suggested By A Cartoonist

By Victor O

At a certain point, food becomes one of those mundane things in life for many adults. We waltz out of bed and fix our coffee before work. The good news is that things don’t have to be that way. People like H. Chadwell Tanner propose new ways to spice up your meals.

Source: @jarritos/Unsplash

The former cartoonist of the popular Youtube channel CollegeHumor recently animated an interesting piece that proposes five food innovations he thinks society would greatly benefit from. According to him, the five food innovations include:

The Sriracha Syringe

With a Sriracha bottle capped with an ultra-thin syringe, you can inject the much-desired amount of hot sauce into your foods like burritos and hamburgers. This is definitely a good way to juice up your meals, especially as most fast-food joints tend to mince their sauces.

The Freezie Cheeze

The Freezie Cheeze is handy when you need to cool the inner core of your favorite meals. It is basically freezing cheese in triangular molds and inserting it into your hot food. This results in a nice cheesy center as it’ll neutralize the hot molten core of your food.

Edible Sewing Thread (Threadibles)

One bane of enjoying your tacos properly is the juicy content spilling out. This can be a lot of hassle. Fortunately, Tanner’s Threadibles are here to save the day. They are edible threads you can sew into your taco and secure the content.

Source: @tiefenscharf/Unsplash

The Burrito diaper

Eating a burrito, especially in public, can be a messy affair. This second layer of tortilla bread can be wrapped around the base of the Burrito to keep it from falling apart.

Double-Decker Keyboard Keeper

Eating meals on your laptop is a guilty pleasure, especially while enjoying your favorite shows. However, this usually leads to remnants and bits of food stuck in the keyboard. This idea is a plastic device with a layer that sits beneath your laptop. The other layer hovers over your keyboard for you to place your meals on.

Overall, these are pretty good ideas, and they’re not that far-fetched or hard to create, so hopefully, they will turn into reality in the future!