Chef Bobby Flay’s Surprising Facts

By Anthony K

When it comes to the well-known food names globally, one name you will not miss is Bobby Flay. At the age of 17, after cooking in Joe Allen in Newyork City, he discovered his culinary identity. Bobby Flay has done much from Iron Chef America to opening five family restaurants, especially in the kitchen. Below are some facts about Chef Bobby you might want to know.

Image courtesy of Amazon Video

At 26, He opened Mesa Grill

Bobby Flay was a high school dropout but still performed well in his life. In his teenage years, he worked at a restaurant, where he realized that he had a passion for working with his hands. At 20, he was a head chef, later in New York opened the Mesa Grill. Bobby Flay was the first-ever chef to get a Hollywood walk of fame star.

His cat is a Celebrity on Instagram

Flay has an additional title outside his successful restaurants. He has a fluffy, Orange Maine Coon, that’s very pretty to the extent of making Flay brag about it. Nacho Flay, the cat, has an Instagram account with over 130,000 followers.

Chipotle is Bobby Flay’s Favorite spice

Of the multiple cuisines that the chef has come across over the years, his favorite is southwestern food. He has said explicitly that his favorite ingredient is chipotle.

His restaurant’s kitchen does not have the five-second rule

Image courtesy of Vanity Fair

In an interview with NBC’s show TODAY, Bobby replied to a poll that alleged that 25% of his chefs said that a five-second rule applies in his restaurant kitchens. He, however, denied this allegation.

In conclusion, above are some important facts about Chef Bobby Flay.