Some Of Our Favorite Chefs And The Foods They Refuse To Eat

By Ishita P

You can tell how much our society loves food when you realize some of our most notable heroes and celebrities are professional chefs. When we imagine them, we think of the rare or even strange dishes they make that we could never dream of creating at our skill level. Yet, we’d never assume they were picky eaters. Whether it is a half-cooked lobster or a simple raw tomato, the spiciest dish, or the sweetest dessert – you probably believe that celebrity chefs would devour it all, and that they have the most sophisticated taste buds. However, the secret is out! Even they have food aversions. Find out which common (and not-so-common) foods famous chefs dislike and if their taste matches yours. So, without further ado, check out the different food items that you would have never expected these masters to disrelish.

Instagrammable Foods are Not for Angela Dimayuga

When TIME interviewed her, Angela Dimayuga, the Chief Executive Officer of Mission Chinese Food, made it very clear that some dishes may look good on your social media account. Still, they don’t give you the real pleasure that good food offers.

Photo by Angela.dimayuga and styleliving_ on Instagram

It is clear that she is not one to fall for trends. It also makes us wonder if those gorgeous coffees or cakes circulating on social media are half as good as they look. Photogenic foods may be Insta-worthy, but they are certainly not worthy of Angela Dimayuga’s attention!

Nigella Lawson Says No to Diet Food

Some believe we should eat to live, while a few think we should live to eat. For Nigella Lawson, it’s pretty clear that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed in the company of good friends and fine food. Thus, she feels that although diet food may contribute to your health, it deprives you of pleasure.

Photo by Bart Lenoir on Shutterstock and thoriaalalalfy on Instagram

According to Nigella Lawson, one should learn to draw a fine line between diet food and delicious cuisine and know how to eat well without missing out on the flavorful side of life. Thus, it seems that we’re not the only ones who hate diet food!

Get Okra Out of Tom Colicchio’s Sight 

Okra is considered a rich source of nutrients and is commonly used in many soups and stews. But it turns out that Tom Colicchio is willing to overlook these benefits due to okra’s disagreeable taste. He simply can’t stand it.

Photo by Tomcolicchio and jollygardens720 on Instagram

Celebrity chefs are known to be able to turn even the strangest-tasting food items into a delicious and mouth-watering dish that leaves you desiring for more. But when it comes to okra, no amount of garnishing could light Tom Colicchiois’ fire.

Durian Isn’t for Bobby Flay

According to Bobby Flay’s People Magazine interview, the southeast Asian food jackfruit is not even the slightest bit tasty, and he would never want to go near it. Many people love this huge fruit and say it tastes like mango.

Photo by Bobyflay and miamifruit on Instagram

Jackfruit is characterized by a strong, unpleasant odor. Thus, it is pretty understandable why Flay cannot stand it. Because of the fruit’s pungent smell, Bobby Flay is joined by many others who hate it. Well, at least it’s easy to avoid.

Andrew Zimmern Stays Away from Juice

The host of Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern, is known for eating some of the most stomach-turning foods across the globe. From dung beetles to rat kebabs, he has teased his palate with some dishes we hope never to see. A man of peculiar tastes, Andrew piqued the interest of his viewers when discussing something he hates to ingest.

Photo by Chefaz and lovi_fusion_recipes on Instagram

From a man who has found delight in cow urine, it is surprising to learn that he doesn’t like fruit juice. He refrains from having store-bought fruit juice due to the added preservatives and artificial ingredients. Looking at his reasons, his dislike is understandable.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants are Not for Marco Pierre White

When “fine dining” comes to mind, you probably think of Michelin-starred restaurants. Every chef aims to acquire this accolade, which is often considered the hallmark of success. However, Marco Pierre White has other ways of indulging other than visiting expensive Michelin-starred restaurants.

Photo by Marcopierrewhit on Instagram and

He was the first British chef to receive Michelin stars. However, he handed back the three stars he had received and decided he didn’t want to live out his career having his cooking judged by people who aren’t chefs. Makes sense to us.

Wolfgang Puck Hates Wagyu Steak

Wolfgang Puck owes a lot of his fame to his delicious steak dishes. He seems to be the maestro in preparing flavorful meat. But while you may see him experimenting with various ingredients and cuts, you may never see him prepare the Wagyu steak. Why?

Photo by Cristiano Del Riccio / CC BY-SA 2.0 on Wikipedia and joshpremiummeats on Instagram

Well, that’s because Puck is as concerned as you about what goes in your stomach, and Wagyu has a high fat content. He does not want to entertain the fatty and unhealthy side of fine dining. So, instead, he prefers to prepare meals with healthy, delicious ingredients.

Guy Fieri Says No to Eggs

Eggs are an integral part of the cuisine in many parts of the world. It seems this has been common practice forever. However, one chef you will not find enjoying this white and yellow bit of protein is Guy Fieri.

Photo by Guyfieri and world_record_egg on Instagram

Guy Fieri doesn’t go hungry; he has ham and grits with red-eye gravy instead of Scotch eggs. He is not a fan of the flavor. So he chooses other breakfast dishes, which do fine on their own even without the company of eggs.

Ayesha Curry Dislikes Foie Gras

You might have seen Ayesha Curry tasting a wide array of foods, but you will never see her trying foie gras, which is a dish prepared from the fatty livers of goose or duck. Given how the food is made, it is pretty evident that Ayesha may not be the only one who dislikes the dish.

Photo by Ayeshacurry and ykis_ on Instagram

However, it’s not like Ayesha has never tasted foie gras. She has sampled it, and that resulted in her hating the food for a lifetime. We all know it’s pretty important to enjoy every aspect of our food, and she can’t stand the texture of this dish.

Bananas Not So Fruity for Ree Drummond

If you have been following The Food Network’s Ree Drummond for a while now, you are aware of her hatred towards bananas. She steers away from adding them to any of her recipes and instead relies on other types of fruit.

Photo by and cooking_with_molebogeng on Instagram

In her blog The Pioneer Woman, she stated, “I hate, abhor, loathe, and recoil at the sight of bananas. I’ve disliked them my entire life, even when I was a baby. And I happen to believe that this is some sort of genetic aversion, as both my dad and one of my brothers share it, too. In my entire forty-two years on this earth, I’ve never eaten a whole banana.”

Gordon Ramsay Does Not Favor Pineapple On Pizza

Pineapple or no pineapple on pizza? The debate has been ongoing forever, but here is some good news for those who strongly oppose the pairing. The world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay does not enjoy fruit on his pizza either, it turns out.

Photo by Mylesomar on Instagram and Gordon ramsay on TikTok

Pizza is a savory dish, but it took the world by storm when pineapple was introduced to the mix. Several people relished the idea, while many despised the concept of the unusual blending of sweetness with savory. Now you know which team Gordon Ramsay is on!

Keep Okra Away from Tia Mowry

The food experiences you have in your childhood can influence your taste buds forever. It applies to chef Tia Mory too, and her least favorite food is okra. She first tried it when she was 12, and ever since then, she has steered clear.

Photo by Tiamowry and nitayyahalom on Instagram

It looks like the hatred towards okra isn’t limited to Tom Colicchio alone. Tia Mowry cannot stand it either, even when served as a fancy dish. Even though it’s filled with many nutritients, it will not be found on her plate.

Kathy Wakile Does Not Favor Canned Meat

Ever since Kathy Wakile entered the food scene, she’s been the talk of the town. So, being a celebrity chef and the star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, you might be keen to know which foods she dislikes. Well, she’s not a fan of canned meat.

Photo by Kathywakile and sausage_makers on Instagram

She made her feelings about canned meat explicit, stating, “Spam. Meat in a can. Any kind of meat in a can. I just think it’s gross. It has that gelatin all around it, and meat is not supposed to be in a can! It’s unjustifiable to me.”

Donal Skehan Cannot Stand Licorice-Based Foods

Donal Skehan may not have the Midas touch, but his recipes certainly have the magic to transform any meal into an art piece. He travels the world to explore the sweetness and deliciousness it offers. But when it comes to dishes containing licorice, you will never see the chef enjoying them.

Photo by Donalskehan and on Instagram

Licorice has many healing properties not just for health but for skin and hair, making it a common ingredient in desserts, teas, candies, and more. But Donal Skehan cannot stand its taste. You might find him enjoying many sugary delicacies, but licorice isn’t one of them.

Giada De Laurentiis Does Not Enjoy Coconut

Giada De Laurentiis always has the best exotic recipes up her sleeves that can instantly make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Coconut gives off beachy vibes, but surprisingly, this gorgeous chef does not delight in this particular fruit.

Photo by GiadaDeLaurentiis and rina_maldives on Instagram

The chef simply doesn’t like the taste. So, even though you may see her preparing many pretty and fruity dishes, don’t expect to find pieces of coconut in any one of them. We guess this means she doesn’t drink piña coladas.

Alton Brown Does Not Use Truffle Oil

Many people resort to truffle oil as a cost-effective way to substitute the taste and flavor of truffles. But the celebrity chef, Alton Brown, made his views known when he tweeted, “Culinary truth: truffle oil sucks.” His dislike, however, is not personal but factual.

Photo by Altonbrown and robjob_77 on Instagram

Many celebrity chefs refuse to use truffle oil because they are not made from actual truffles. Furthermore, by faking the taste, this oil makes the authentic flavor obsolete, which does not please chefs like Alton Brown. According to him, one should never serve this oil.

Anthony Bourdain Never Ordered Monday Fish

Celebrity chefs are not just overflowing with unique recipes, but they are also filled with a huge bundle of foody wisdom. And who better to look up to for some advice than Anthony Bourdain? This late celebrity chef has kept Monday fish at bay.

Photo by Anthonybourdain and somethingnutricious on Instagram

Well, before you lose yourself in a deep sea of confusion, there is no such dish as Monday fish. It refers to ordering fish at restaurants on Monday. Anthony Bourdain believes they are not as fresh as they should be.

Carrots Are Not Flavorful for Alex Guarnaschelli

Carrots might be something many of us don’t even think about much, and probably have neutral feelings towards them. Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli is not fond of this orange root vegetable and refrains from adding it to any of her dishes.

Photo by Guarnaschelli on Instagram and Jonathan Adato

Unlike other vegetables, carrots do not have a salty or savory taste. Instead, they have a sweet flavor. They can also be quite bitter and when they get soft, they are definitely not anyone’s first choice. Well, Guarnaschelli does just fine without them.

Keep Foie Gras Away from Nigella Lawson

Celebrity chefs are almost always surrounded by food. Thus, the thought that other things might spark their attention is hard to imagine. But when it comes to foie gras, Nigella Lawson’s feelings are pretty straightforward – she does not support the manufacturing process.

Photo by Brian Minkoff-London Pixels / CC BY-SA 3.0 and phantomphood on Instagram

Ducks and geese are fed with food forcibly, making them almost immobile so that they gain weight and their fatty liver can be used to produce foie gras. The United Kingdom does not encourage this practice, and Nigella Lawson does not either.

Scott Conant Dislikes Onions

Onions are one of the main ingredients of many spicy and savory dishes, but Scott Conant does not have a good history with red onions. Despite stating he hated raw onions in a show he was judging, a chef mistakenly added them to the dish, making him furious.

Photo by Conantnyc on Instagram and Jonathan Adato

Seeing his reaction, many people started trolling him on Twitter. Some people even went to the extent of telling that Scott Conant wasn’t worthy of judging a cooking show if he doesn’t like raw onions. We think that’s a bit uncalled for. Plus, it just deepened his disdain.

Antonio Carluccio Won’t Have Spaghetti Bolognese

Italy recently became the talk of the town due to the Italian football team winning Euro 2020. But another thing the country’s famous for is its cuisine. Spaghetti is one of the most loved Italian dishes worldwide, but Italian chef Antonio Carluccio believes it should be enjoyed only as it was originally.

Photo by Mat Smith on and babysumo on Instagram

These days, adding a wide array of herbs like parsley, basil, oregano, etc., to spaghetti bolognese has become a trend because it looks nice to post on Instagram. But for Carluccio, this overload of unnecessary herbs kills the authenticity of the Italian dish instead of enhancing its flavor. Hence, he doesn’t like having spaghetti bolognese anywhere outside Italy.

Andrew Zimmern is in a realm of his own. Even when trying out the most unusual foods like cow placenta or fermented walrus, he is undaunted. But this man with a bold taste hates one of the classic comfort foods.

Photo by Chefaz on Instagram – sixvegansisters on Instagram

Yet another item making it to the bizarre list of food Zimmern dislikes is cookie dough. The chef made it very clear that even though he has a lot of courage in trying out the weirdest foods, he will never eat raw cookie dough. Sounds weird, but we can’t judge.

Martha Stewart Stays Away from Truffle Oil

Truffle oil, as fancy as it sounds, is not actually extracted from truffle but manufactured using ingredients that give it a similar taste. Since Martha Stewart is aware of this fact, she refrains from using the oil in any of her dishes.

Photo by Sauce and marthastewart48 on Instagram

When it comes to cooking, celebrity chefs ensure that their dishes are not just savory and pleasing to the eye but are also made using safe ingredients. Truffle oil is not what it sounds like, and we already know several chefs avoid using it.

Angela Hartnett Dislikes Cilantro

If you are looking for a delicious dish that does not have chunks of cilantro in it, Angela Hartnett is here to your rescue. The celebrity chef hates the herb, and we don’t blame her. It does not have a taste that suits all.

Photo by and slowgarden on Instagram

Many other herbs taste better than cilantro and are just as healthy. Angela certainly does not limit her herbs collection to the pungent-smelling cilantro leaves. Funny enough, it tastes like soap to some people. We get why that would be palatable.

Michael Smith Says No to Processed Foods

Processed foods are not just high on flavor but also highly convenient. You can enjoy them on the go without any need to go through a long list of ingredients or follow a complex recipe. However, they are not very good for your health, which is why Canadian chef Michael Smith stays away from them.

Photo by Chefmichaelsmith and papaginos on Instagram

It is no secret that processed foods are a storehouse of excess amounts of sugar, salt, and other unhealthy ingredients. Thus, Smith believes that enjoying them once in a while is fine, but making them a part of your everyday lifestyle can be harmful.

Chrissy Teigen Hates Hummus

You may find hummus being used by many celebrity chefs in their dishes, but Chrissy Teigen is not one of them. She despises the bland flavor of chickpeas and believes that the food has little to no excitement in it.

Photo by Chrissyteigen and on Instagram

Once upon a time in 2009, she flooded her Twitter with tweets, stating her hatred towards hummus. In one of those tweets, she wrote, “I am the only one in the world that does not like hummus.” She considers it to be extremely overrated.

Gordon Ramsay Never Eats Airplane Food

Airplane food seldom makes for a fine dining experience. Unfortunately, there is no celebrity chef to prepare fresh food and serve it to you inside the airplane, which is why you will have to satisfy your stomach with pre-packaged meals.

Photo by Heat.dodger on Instagram and Dave Pullig / CC BY-SA 3.0 on

However, Gordon Ramsay likes to keep his distance from airplane food, not because of taste but because he knows the secret behind them. He said in an interview, “I worked for airlines for ten years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board.”

Ryan Ososky Doesn’t Eat Chicken

Ryan Ososky is the head chef of the Hollywood restaurant, The Church Key, and he speaks from experience when he states chicken is such a dish that many people either overcook or undercook. There is no in-between and it isn’t worth the effort.

Photo by Chefososky and thblondelish on Instagram

His dislike for chicken cannot be attributed to its taste alone. He believes that chicken is priced more than it’s worth, and even though it is one of the most consumed dishes worldwide, it is usually prepared in a tasteless manner.

Marc Summers Dislikes Oysters and Clams

Marc Summers gained quite a fan following through his Food Network series, Unwrapped. But he is unlikely ever to enjoy a plate of oysters and clams. Although regarded as two of the best seafood delicacies, these dishes can be harmful if not prepared properly.

Photo by and ramses_madrid on Instagram

Because they contaminate easily, clams and oysters can turn out to be life-threatening if not cooked well. However, this isn’t the only reason Marc Summers hates these seafood items. He simply does not delight in weird creepy-looking foods. Fair enough.

Hollandaise Wasn’t for Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain had been a part of the food industry for many years, and that’s why his experience and knowledge spoke volumes. We’re still benefitting from his wisdom. So, here’s a secret of restaurants he had to spill about hollandaise sauce.

Photo by Anthonybourdain and takestwoeggs on Instagram

This particular sauce is prepared from raw eggs. Restaurants make it in large quantities to store them for convenience. While it may make their work easier, digesting hollandaise sauce stored for many days certainly won’t be easy for your stomach. Thus, Bourdain avoided eating it at all costs.

Anne Burrell Detests Blue Cheese

All hail the queen of cheese, Anne Burrell! Every time you think of preparing a cheesy dish, you probably think of her. Burrell has an extensive array of recipes with cheese, but you might never see her ordering blue cheese. Why? Well, that’s because she clearly stated, “I don’t like salmon. I don’t like blue cheese.”

Photo by Veganopossum and chefanneburrell on Instagram

While it might be her personal preference, she does not hesitate to taste dishes with either ingredient and judge whether the dish is perfect or not. However, do not expect her to order salmon or blue cheese by herself in any restaurant.

Walnuts Aren’t for Andrew Zimmern

When it comes to food and adventure, no one can beat Andrew Zimmern. But it turns out that the chef well-known for his unique taste in food doesn’t like walnuts. Instead, he feels that the taste is far too close to the taste of soap.

Photo by Chefaz and a_bhaderwahi_boy on Instagram

From juice to walnuts, one would have seldom imagined that a chef like Zimmern, who is bold enough to try the strangest foods of the world, would dislike such simple things. Rest assured, you will never find him adding walnuts to his desserts.

Gordon Ramsay will pass on the Deep-Fried Turkey

You will find Gordon Ramsay making many appearances on this list, proving that he has a reserved taste. Deep-fried turkey isn’t on the list of the chef’s favorite foods. To say he is not a fan of this Thanksgiving classic is putting it mildly.

Photo by Meatchurchbbqsupply and gordongram on Instagram

Turkey is mainly enjoyed as festival food and is often deep-fried. But according to Ramsay, there are many other flavorful ways of preparing a turkey. In fact, he points to deep-fried turkey as the reason people often only eat turkey once a year.

Mary Berry Says No to Takeout Food

In the modern age, most people have started relying more on takeout food than cooking themselves because they do not find sufficient time to cook dinner after returning from the office. But no matter how busy she may be, you will never find Mary Berry ordering takeout food.

Photo by and billputmanofficial on Instagram

According to Berry, the best way to enjoy food is to cook at home and have a homemade meal with the family. Takeout food can be unhealthy too. Therefore, Berry’s choice of enjoying home-cooked food should be taken as advice.

Gordon Ramsay Never Orders the Soup of The Day

Many restaurants have a common practice called Soup of the Day. But before you assume it to be something fancy, Gordon Ramsay gives some sage advice stating that these soups are leftovers from many days. There is not much demand for soup, so this is a strategy used by many restaurants to sell it all.

Photo by Domainemalpaskookt on Instagram and

Gordon Ramsay is undeniably one of the most well-known celebrity chefs, and many people look up to him as inspiration for new dishes. Hence, you might want to listen to his advice and steer away from having the Soup of the Day.

Ina Garten Does Not Enjoy Varied Breakfasts

Ina Garten is widely famous for her exquisite and easy-to-make breakfast recipes. However, she likes to keep her mornings simple and consistent with coffee and oatmeal. She believes that it is the best meal to kickstart her day.

Photo by Kathy Hutchins on Shutterstock and eating_with_ella_ on Instagram

A table with a wide assortment of foods certainly looks fancy, but breakfast is meant to get you going for the day. Making an elaborate meal first thing every day is seemingly impossible if you are particularly leading a busy lifestyle.

Katie Lee Hates Wasabi

Dips and sauces are an essential component of many cuisines. While watching celebrity chef shows, you may find them adding several ingredients to enhance the appeal and flavor of their main dish. However, you will never find Katie Lee serving wasabi.

Photo by Katieleebiegel and kodachisushibar_ official on Instagram

Although Katie Lee does not despise wasabi, she prefers other hot sauces to spice up her dish. She believes that there are many great options, but wasabi might not be the best choice. We wonder what she puts on her sushi.

David Chang is Against Whale Meat

Commercial whaling is considered illegal worldwide, but it is still prevalent in a few places. Despite banning the unlawful practice, it continues. David Chang never wants to get close to whale meat, and we definitely don’t blame him for that.

Photo by Davidchang and joeyzes on Instagram

Whale meat is deemed illegal on animal rights grounds and for wildlife preservation. Even though there are many ways to prepare the dish, it may be better to stay away from it, just like David Chang. There is plenty of fish in the sea, after all.

Aaron Sanchez Cannot Stand Green Peppers

In many households, green peppers are an everyday essential. But the world-renowned celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez would rather be in the company of red and yellow peppers that add more fun and color to a dish. They also have slightly different flavors.

Photo by Thegardenergal and cheaaronsanchez on Instagram

Sanchez believes that green peppers have a boring taste, and they neither excite your taste buds nor enhance the appearance and appeal of a dish like red and yellow peppers do. Thus, it is pretty clear that Sanchez prefers a dish just as fun as he is.

Ina Garten Won’t Use Cilantro

Many chefs use cilantro to add a little more flavor to their dishes. But The Food Network’s chef, Ina Garten, is certainly not one of them because she wants herbs to enhance the inherent flavors of her food, not overpower it.

Photo by on Pinterest and victormanuel.agroo on Instagram

For Ina Garten, cilantro is a herb that has got a sharp taste. She even describes it as having a soapy flavor, which we mentioned above. Some of us love it and can’t imagine our tacos without this herb, but other people just can’t hang.