Merry Memes That Help “Espresso” Our Adoration For Coffee

By Arvyn B

Anyone who has an early start for work knows about the true power of coffee. No matter how early you need to get up, coffee seems to be a saving grace! It can wake you up almost immediately and give you the much-needed energy for the rest of the day. No matter how you take your coffee, it is easy to become addicted to it since it contains caffeine. Sometimes, you will find yourself craving more and more of this magical potion. You may find yourself gulping down two, three, or five a day! If you ever find yourself needing that hit of coffee, even when you do not need it, then you will love the memes we have compiled for you in this article! Here are 45 of some of the most hilarious ones.

There she goes!

One of the negative things about drinking so much coffee is that it can have you running to the bathroom quite frequently. We all know that feeling of needing to pop out of the office for a quick break!

Image courtsy of snarkboss/Instagram

Sometimes, you find yourself questioning if it was worth drinking that delicious cup of joe! We can confirm that it always is – nothing wakes you up in the morning quite like coffee does. The number two breaks are worth it!

Bitter Coffee

Each of us likes to drink our coffee differently. Some people prefer it iced, and some like it steaming hot. Some like it sweet, and some just cannot handle anything but that bitter taste.  You should never sacrifice anything for your coffee!

Image courtesy of average-coffee-addict/Tumblr

This meme is so funny because it is so true! Coffee always makes us feel so confident and at ease when it’s in our hands, so we definitely agree with the message that this meme is putting out to the world. Hot and bitter is the best kind!

More coffee!

You might be wondering what could be better than that first cup of coffee in the morning. Well, we have the answer for you – the second cup! Seriously, it is pretty difficult to stop once you start drinking coffee.

Image courtesy of ilcaffe_delaterra/Instagram

Once you have had that first cup and find it draining out of you, it is not long before you find yourself craving another cup of it. Soon enough, you will find yourself drinking the entire pot by yourself!

Cheery Cup

We are not sure what exactly it is, but there is something about the first cup of coffee in the morning that makes you feel prepared for the day. Anyone who talks to you before then will feel your wrath!

Image courtesy of my_coffee_memes/Instagram

In all honesty, we don’t think that anyone could be this cheerful in the morning. Especially not without a cup of coffee! Anyone who is this awake at 5 AM in the morning probably already had a few cups to start with!

Cure for All

No matter how terrible you feel or how awful your day has been, there is one thing that is the remedy for it all. If you are wondering what it is, it is not medicine, and it is not laughter…

Image courtesy of javaandprints/Instagram

It’s a good old cup of coffee! There is something almost magical about caffeine that can turn the worst day into the positive one. It is almost like you can feel the whole world cheering up when taking a sip!

Too much is never enough!

Sometimes, when you’ve had one too many cups of the good stuff, you might find that you have the shakes. You start asking yourself if you had too much caffeine and think about maybe drinking less of it next time.

Image courtesy of bloodsongs90/Twitter

But who are we kidding, right! If you guys are coffee addicts like us, you will know the real answer to that question. There is no such thing as too much coffee! The bitter drink is just too good for words to describe accurately.

Only some days

Strangely, there are some people out there who do not drink coffee to start their days. It is a bizarre thing to imagine, we know! So, that means you might find yourself explaining to them about your coffee addiction.

Image courtesy of biohazardcoffee/Instagram

If you have ever found yourself in that situation, we recommend showing them this meme. You only drink coffee on days ending with Y…which is every day, of course! This meme is quite silly, but it is proper hilarious.

Too much money

Another disadvantage of drinking so much coffee is the cost. If you find yourself visiting Starbucks on a regular basis to pick up a cold brew, then you might soon find your credit card bill easily running into the hundreds just because of coffee!

Image courtesy of mentalbrew/Instagram

Of course, there is one solution for that. You could try brewing coffee for yourself at home by investing in a coffee machine or even a French press. Sure, it might not taste as good, but it saves money over time.


For some people, having a checklist is a good way to help them organize the different tasks that they need to get done on a daily basis. We can understand this, but we think that there would be only one thing on ours…

Image courtesy of yourcoffeefix/Instagram

You already know what it is – coffee, of course! It’s the one thing that we have to do every day, and that’s a fact. No coffee means a bad day, as some other memes on this list will show you!

Sweet Nothings

If you live with your partner, you will know that there are two magical words that will always cheer you up. They’re not what you might think! If you are wondering what these are, take a look at this meme to find out.

Image courtesy of letterboards_n_coffeemugs/Instagram

Seriously, is there anything better than hearing in the morning that “coffee’s ready?” We think that we would probably want to hear this instead of “I love you” in the early morning. “I love you” won’t wake you up!

More and More

If you drink too much coffee, you might find yourself saying that you do not need it anymore. We believe that there is no such thing! However, the girl in this picture might have one too many cups at this point…

Image courtesy of coffee.images.memes/Instagram

After all, having this many cups of coffee will undoubtedly warrant more than just a few trips to the toilet! Considering that many of them probably contain sugar, then this is way too much you should consume in a day, so we don’t recommend this.

Monday mornings

We have already spoken about what some of the best feelings are – now it is time for the worst. No matter where you live or what language you speak, we can all agree that Monday mornings are simply terrible!

Image courtesy of halloween.dude/Instagram

The only thing that can come close to rescuing such a bad day is having a cup of coffee. Or, if you are anything like the skeleton in this picture, you might find yourself having more than just one cup!

Broken Machine

Continuing on from the “worst feeling” meme that we recently saw, the only thing that could be worse than a Monday morning is a Monday morning without coffee! A broken coffee machine is just bad news all around for every person.

Image courtesy of thecoffeedodo/Instagram

Seriously! How is it that the coffee machine seems always to break down, just as you are about to use it?! It is almost like the machine knows exactly how much frustration this will cause you! We hope this hasn’t happened to any of you…


If you did not know, “procrastination” is a word that is used to describe the times when you keep putting off work, for whatever that reason may be. We have a feeling that everyone has experienced this emotion before!

Image courtesy of the.drip.feed/Instagram

‘Procaffinating’ is a good play on this term. We have definitely procrastinated work by drinking coffee instead. It is just too delicious to describe, and the buzz that it gives us is incredible. If we haven’t made it official already – we are addicted!

What time is it?

If anyone ever asks you what time it is, there is only one response that you can give them, and this is, “it is coffee time!” The only time it is not time for drinking coffee is when we are about to go to bed.

Image courtesy of gotyourmugs/Instagram

Unless you work in the evenings, having a cup of coffee late at night is actually pretty bad for you. It will end up keeping you up all night and will stop you from being able to sleep.

Not so helpful

Unfortunately, there are some things that coffee can just not cure. Sure, it can brighten your day a little and wake you up, but it cannot help to improve your co-workers! Sometimes, people can just be plain annoying, and you can’t help that.

Image courtesy of nothingbutpixies/Instagram

There is no real cure for irritating co-workers, and we feel very sorry for anybody that is in this situation. Our only piece of advice is just to keep drinking that coffee and hope things improve for you soon!

Smiley Drinker

While coffee may not be enough to make the people around you any less annoying, having a cup of joe is usually enough to sweeten your day. For many of us, it will put a smile on our faces…

Image courtesy of coffeewetrust/Instagram

…which is usually more than enough to make things feel and appear a little more bearable! It will at least give you the energy to keep going and hopefully motivate you to finish all of your tasks for that day.

Convincing Coffee

Here is a hint for anyone who is not a coffee addict. If you are trying to make a coffee addict do something that they do not want to do, just whisper these four words to them. What are they?

Image courtsy of coffee.images.memes/Instagram

“There will be coffee.” These four words are as solid as any magic trick, as they will make any coffee addict jump up and get started on their tasks! We guarantee that it will work almost every time you try it on them!

Give me the cuppa!

Of course, if you live with someone who is a coffee addict, then you should know by now that it is never safe to approach them without a cup in their hand. Especially not in the morning – you are just asking for trouble!

Image courtesy of girladdictedtocoffee/Instagram

If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend that you take the advice of this meme and just carefully walk away from the situation until they have had their cup or it is in their hands. You have no idea what their reaction might be!

Midweek kick

There is another pretty bad feeling, which we have all experienced before – finishing work on what you think is Friday. You are ready to kick back and relax when you realize you made an epic mistake in your calendar.

Image courtesy of dani.cloutier/Instagram

It is not Friday, but the middle of the week. It is Wednesday, instead! We completely understand anyone who has felt this frustration, and there is no cure. Just keep drinking another cup of coffee to get you through!

Water and coffee balance

As we have already mentioned before, a lot of people will recommend that you drink a cup of water for every cup of coffee. This will help to balance the levels of coffee and water in your body since coffee tends to throw it off.

Image courtesy of mentalbrew/Instagram

Of course, coffee is essentially just boiled water, so it shouldn’t make you feel too dehydrated when you drink it. Even so, we love joking about it, as this meme does! Any coffee addict certainly knows this distinct feeling.

Happy days

In case you were wondering, it is a scientifically proven fact that coffee does actually make you happier. Whenever you have caffeine, this makes your brain create more of a chemical called “dopamine.” Dopamine makes you feel happier and more alive.

Image courtsy of mermaid.hooked/Instagram

Basically, before coffee, we look like the picture on the left – a raging fireball ready to lash out any second. And after coffee, we look like the picture on the right – a zen human at peace and ready to take on whatever is thrown our way.

Cup 4

However, the more often you drink coffee, the less an effect caffeine will have on you. After all, caffeine is an addictive substance, and your brain gradually gets used to it after a while. This means the effect is different.

Image courtesy of dani.cloutier/Instagram

One cup may have originally been enough to give you a buzz. Soon, you will not get this feeling until you’ve drunk quite a few of them. If you find yourself doing this, then you’re a coffee addict for sure!

Before and After

We have all felt like the cat on the left before! Early mornings are just the worst. They make you feel so stressed, even if you have woken up with enough time to start your day. Drink some coffee…

Image courtesy of thecoffeedodo/Instagram

We have all felt like the cat on the left before! Early mornings are just the worst. They make you feel so stressed, even if you have woken up with enough time to start your day. Drink some coffee…


Now, picture this. You have managed (somehow) to wake yourself up and made your way to the kitchen. You have started the coffee machine and boiled the water. Now comes the most challenging part – waiting for the coffee to actually brew!

Image courtesy of The SWAG Coffee Company/Facebook

Seriously, that wait is absolutely agonizing! Scientists should do a study on how those couple of minutes can feel like an eternity when you are waiting for a cup of joe to finish. We cannot describe how horrible it is!

Stomach pains

However, as they say, “every silver lining has a cloud.” If you did not know, this phrase just means that every good thing comes with something bad. It can’t all be fun. In the case of coffee, it is stomach pains!

Image courtesy of Javasok/Twitter

Before you drink some coffee, it seems like the risk is worth taking. But soon, you will find yourself doubting whether you should have drunk it in the first place! We cannot even begin describing the strange stomach sounds, especially if you haven’t eaten anything beforehand.


This one is factually incorrect, but we appreciate the humor! There is something so horrible about Mondays, and we are not too sure what it is. Perhaps it is because it is the first day of the work week.

Image courtesy of cupofjoeyaz/Instagram

Or, maybe it’s because it is the first workday after a nice weekend. Whatever the reason, we can all agree that Mondays suck! The only way to put a smile on your face on Monday is to drink some coffee.

Baby Manager

Anyone who has kids will know the struggle of putting them to bed. Sometimes, they just cannot get to sleep, and you’re left trying to look after them for the entire night. You feel so drained the next day.

Image courtesy of mykidsbutler/Instagram

What is the solution to this? Well, a cup of coffee, of course – or maybe several! You might even find yourself needing to drink the entire pot as this poor parent did. Hopefully, they slept better the next night!


This meme is so true that it is almost not funny! We spend so much of our day making coffee, drinking coffee, or just thinking about coffee. All of that goodness, in one cup – it is almost like witchcraft!

Image courtesy of medspresso.official

Of course, if you do not have a coffee machine at home or prefer to buy yours at a coffee shop, then your mental graph will look a little different. You probably still spend the same amount of time drinking coffee, though!


For many of us, the COVID pandemic meant that we were forced to work at home. This was a pretty difficult thing to work around, but there was certainly one benefit – no more annoying co-workers to deal with!

Image courtesy of theglamcafe/Instagram

Instead, it was just the coffee machine who would be your working buddy, which is pretty great. After all, the machine never complains and always delivers results that make you feel good. What is not to like about it?!

What came first?

This meme is a little bit like the age-old “chicken and egg” situation. What came first? Waking up to drink coffee or drinking coffee to wake up? Whatever the question, we know that coffee is the answer to it!

Image courtesy of ourcoffeeplant/Instagram

Coffee can sometimes be the best source of motivation for waking up, and this is especially true on those days when you have an awful lot of work or an early start. We’re not sure which of these is worse!

Positive message

This one is quite a positive message, and we certainly hope that everyone takes its advice seriously. If you love coffee as much as we do, then we think that you should show this same love to yourself, too.

Image courtesy of gina.purdy/Instagram

In a world with so much negativity, loving yourself is truly one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. And we can guarantee that having a cup of coffee will help cheer you up a little too!

A little excessive

We really hope that this is just a meme and not based on anything real. Fifty-one cups of coffee are way too much for anyone to drink in one go! You would probably be in the hospital after this many!

Image courtesy of aesthetic_anuj/Instagram

Either that or this person is seriously addicted to caffeine in the most unhealthy way possible. Whatever the reason, we do not recommend following this person’s example. We think that you should have only a few cups every day, and no more than that!

Failed Coffee

Unfortunately, there are times when a cup of coffee just does not hit you how it is supposed to. Instead of making you feel alert, awake, or even mildly energetic, something worse happens to you – you need to poop!

Image courtesy of memedealer.24/Instagram

There’s no real cure for this feeling, sadly. It happens more often to people than you would think it does! We suggest perhaps cutting down a little on the amount of caffeine to avoid unnecessary bathroom breaks in the future.

Just one cup…

This meme is just too true! For some people, hard work comes easily, and they can begin work without any problems. For the rest of us, we need a special something to make us start working hard – coffee, of course!

Image courtesy of gotyourmugs/Instagram

We think that it should be the law to be served coffee in the morning before work. It’s the best way to start your day and a great way to make sure you feel motivated to continue working hard.

Looking ahead

If you ever find it difficult to wake up or feel unsure about the future, there is one thing that we are sure will make you feel better. What is it? Thinking about tomorrow morning’s cup of coffee, of course!

Image courtesy of xpressohornsby/Instagram

Okay, so this may not dramatically help to improve your life, but we think that it should at least make things a little bit easier in the moment. That cup of joe will certainly put a little smile on your face!

Coffee shakes

There is also another side-effect of drinking coffee that we have not mentioned yet, and that is the shakes. If you have too many cups or drink your coffee too quickly, your hands will start shaking without you controlling them!

Image courtesy of heymrdaisy/Instagram

This is never a good look, and especially not at work! If this has happened to you, we suggest you put down the cup and try having a few glasses of water. The shakes should not last for too long.

Why did you ask?!

There is one thing that you should never need to ask a coffee addict. That question is, “Do you want another cup?” You should never ask this because the answer will always be “yes,” so it’s a waste of time!

Image courtesy of tamucoffee/Instagram

We agree with the person in this picture, as we have certainly felt that way during some of our rough early morning starts. Even with a cup of coffee, waking up at 5 AM is a pretty tricky thing to do!

I’ll take it all!

There are also some days where one cup is not enough, even if it is a big one! Instead, you find yourself wanting just to drink the entire pot instead. We strongly suggest that you do not do this, though!

Image courtesy of caffeinefiendsllc/Instagram

Drinking this much coffee all in one go will not only give you the shakes, but it will almost certainly make you go to the bathroom quite a few times! Start off slow, and then have another cup if needed.

Coffee or Water?

Many of us will find that we drink more cups of coffee every day than we do water. However, we think this is probably still okay for us. After all, coffee is just boiled water and beans! It’s not that far off, right?

Image courtesy of primalcoffeecompany/Instagram

Drinking a lot of coffee can make you feel dehydrated, though. We recommend that for every cup of joe, you make sure to have a cup of water, too. It is always better to drink some water than not have it at all.

Push it

If you do not want to buy a coffee machine, then you could always try buying the item in this picture. This device is called a “French press,” and you can pick one up for relatively cheap at most stores.

Image courtesy of the.drip.feed/Instagram

They are pretty small and easy to clean, too, which makes them perfect for anyone with limited space in their home. Coupled with a coffee grinder, this will ensure you can get your fix even when stores are closed!

Coffee First

We strongly suggest that you do not disturb anyone before they have their first cup of coffee in the morning. They cannot be responsible for their actions if they decide to do it. Coffee addicts do not mess around!

Image courtesy of coffee__memes/Instagram

We certainly agree with this meme – nobody is our friend until we drink some coffee first! However, as soon as that caffeine kicks in, it feels like everything is peachy and nothing is wrong with the world anymore.

It’s simple

Some people think that getting someone to fall in love with you is difficult. However, according to this meme, it is really not that difficult – all you need to do is to make some coffee for your significant other instead.

Image courtesy of yourcoffeeguru/Tumblr

Of course, things are definitely not as easy as this, but making or buying coffee for your lover is definitely the best way to get things started! We know we would certainly fall for someone who did this for us.

Not an addiction!

This meme is a great response to use whenever someone tells you that you are a coffee addict. Either that or this person is in pretty bad denial about how much they love drinking coffee! It is pretty funny.

Image courtesy of nabilahabdr/Twitter

There is no such thing as “caffeinated milk!” If you asked for this at any café, we are sure that they would be pretty confused with your order. Just admit that you are a coffee addict and move on!

A dangerous game

We really do not suggest that any coffee addicts out there try this game. The results could be pretty disastrous, after all – you do not know how you may end up reacting without enough caffeine flowing through your system.

Image courtesy of ilcaffe_delaterra/Instagram

This game is even riskier than something like Russian Roulette! Disturbing a coffee drinker is probably almost as bad as disturbing a sleepwalker, if not worse. Coffee drinkers who haven’t had their fix are known to get pretty angry with those who do!