Common Mistakes Made While Cooking And How To Fix Them

By Anthony K

Even for the most experienced cooks, trying out a new recipe can be daunting. At some point, you will always make one mistake or another. Though the mistakes made in the kitchen can be frustrating, some of them can be rectified. Below are a few simple tricks to fix common mistakes made while cooking.

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If the dish gets too salty

As far as salt is concerned, you should add some little salt to your dish. If you notice the salt is too much, you can apply certain tricks to rescue the dish.

If the dish is too thin…
If your stew’s, soup’s or sauce’s consistency is way too off, you can fix it. This is one of the cooking mistakes that are easiest to fix.

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If the dish is too spicy…
There are some tricks you can apply to salvage a dish that has got too much heat.