Complete Your Cheese Plate With These Tasty Condiments

By Goodness M

A perfect pairing of a cheese plate with a great condiment elevates the flavor of the cheese. Therefore, contrasting saltiness with some sugar brings out excellent notes of grassiness. Also, textural complexity is added with each mouthful. Furthermore, condiments cut out the richness of cheese with acidity or spice. This article will show how a touch of sweetness balances the funk and earthiness of cheese.

Mustard and Co. Garlic Dill Mustard

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Mustard and Co. don’t cook their mustard. Instead, they grind the seeds to preserve the ultra-spicy horseradish bite. For flavor variations, only fresh, pure herbs and spices are used. Therefore, the mustard is raw and vibrant. This condiment pairs well with sharp cheddar or other strong, hard cheeses that challenges its intense salty-spicy flavors. To take off the edge, a dash of Vermont maple syrup does a perfect job.

American Spoon Sour Cherry Preserves

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The preserves are packed with fruit and have the mouth-puckering flavor of cherries. The sweetness contained complements creamy and buttery cheeses like brie—also, the nuttiness of mild swiss pairs well with the preserves. However, if cherries are not suitable for your palate, try their apple and onion jam. This is a sweet-savory blend of Michigan Northern Spy apples and caramelized onions. The thyme and balsamic vinegar scent are suitable for the richness of Camembert cheese.

Terrapin Ridge Farms Apple & Horseradish Jam

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This is a unique combination of sweetness and spice. The unusual flavor is perfect for smoothing herbaceous cheeses such as manchego. The sugary-tart apples perfectly pair well with the sweet, nutty nature of gouda. On the other hand, the horseradish teases out fontina cheese’s grassy notes. Also, the acidity from the apples stabilizes the creaminess of cream cheese with a hot finish.

Mike’s Hot Honey

This sweet-spicy honey contains chili peppers. It is perfect for spicing up a creamy cheese such as fresh burrata or ricotta. For a less sweet but spicy condiment, use American Spoon Chili Jam. The smoky sweetness is from Fresno chilies, ginger, and garlic. It doesn’t overpower the richness of mildly milky cheeses.