Chaotic Cuisine: 35+ Bizarre Food Setups That Make Us Crave A Simple PB&J Sandwich

By Ishita P

People love to express their passion for art wherever and whenever they can. Cooking is no exception; food enthusiasts lead the industry with their creative mindset and vast knowledge. Beautifully designed food is not unheard of. Everyone loves their food if it’s pleasant to the eyes as well as the palate.

But there is a dark side to it, too. Creativity can and often does go overboard, leading to some unorthodox… discoveries. So, today, we have collected some unique yet loathsome food pictures from the popular Instagram page “Chaotic Foods” that will leave you in awe. Even if you’re not a foodie, we bet some of these will make you reevaluate your preferences and just what you’re okay with putting on your plate.

95 Candles = Bonfire!

This lady decided to celebrate her 95th birthday with a blast… literally! Thus, she placed 95 candles on her birthday cake, burning them together and making a bonfire. Moreover, she made use of that raging inferno to get dinner ready.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Her happiness seems to have no bounds, and so does her creativity. We have no doubt that she counted all 95 candles when placing them on that small cake. Hopefully they had a fire extinguisher on hand in case things got too out of control.

Devil Within the Ice Cream

We love whoever decided to turn fudge swirls in ice cream into a face. It’s a fun surprise for whoever opens the pint. But there’s one major downside with this idea: what happens when you start eating the ice cream?

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We wonder if this was done on purpose by the hungry ice cream fan, with careful scoops dished out, or if they only discovered this demonic smirk after serving the cold dessert to their friends. Either way, this’ll make us think twice before eating ice cream, now.

Sinister Sweet

Here is one of the spookiest culinary creativites on display in the form of a chocolate… bear? Dog? It’s so deformed we can’t even tell anymore what it was supposed to be. All we can say for sure is that this chocolate treat is it doesn’t do well in the heat.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

For a chocolate lover, the appearance of the bar doesn’t matter. All they care about is the richness and smoothness of chocolates. But even for chocoholics like us, this would be hard to eat. Just look at that furrowed brow. No, thank you!

Bean Meteorite

We know kids love playing with their food, but this is next level! It’s unbelievable how this person created an entire scene from the extinction of the dinosaurs using their dinner. The attention to detail with the meteors is pretty incredible.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Whoever plated this made sure to add sauce around the “sky” beans to give them the appearance of meteorites streaking through the sky. But we particularly love the potato chunks that are the meteorites once they hit the ground. Kudos for including size and perspective in this scene.

Heart and Sole

The chef literally put his heart and sole into this dish. It’s questionable if the food will satisfy your appetite, but it will undoubtedly fill your soul with the meaty sole. The chef is either a big fan of boots or has some old shoes they’re trying to get rid of.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

It’s amusing to see that such a dish exists. Given the presentation, it looks like this picture was taken at a fancy restaurant. Of course, it might taste delicious, but it’s not appealing to hungry eyes. This presentation is actually a good way to mess with someone if you’re mad at them.

Hibernation Ice Cream

This photo may seem disgusting at first sight. But whether it’s a real photo or just staged is up for debate. If this person had been eating a frog-infused popsicle, the leg probably wouldn’t be intact, as shown in the image.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

The image is indeed a nightmare for all frozen dessert lovers. Good luck not thinking of this picture every time you bite into your favorite ice pop. Let’s just hope that this was either staged or taken in a country where such a thing is considered a delicacy.

Evil Toast

You never want your food to look back at you, but that’s exactly what happened to this person. Some evil genius decided to make their simple breakfast of egg on toast look like the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We can’t even say this was an accident either because there are several other evil slices visible in the picture. This is a good way to make someone feel uncomfortable while eating… or a good dish for a fantasy-themed meal.


This ginormous pineapple is a rather unique art piece. Someone had way too much time on their hands if they were able to stack all those pineapples. Looking at the other veggies on display, it’s clear this person takes pride in having neatly stacked foods.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

But good luck to any shopper to dares to buy a pineapple. It’s a pretty big risk to take if you want to find out if they’re actually stacked like that or if someone attached the stems to a center pole.

Creepy Bottles

Say what you will about the benefits or downsides of plastic bottles, but we would like to add one more item in the negative column. In the right light, apparently, plastic bottles can cast creepy shadow faces on the wall.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

These smirking ghosts probably gave this person a good fright before they realized what the source was. Once their heart slowed to a regular pace, they made sure to capture this freaky sight. Would you consider keeping these bottles in your home after seeing their creepy shadows?

Oversized Banana

Oh, boy! Look at this massive banana! This buff banana must be the newest superhero in the DC lineup. He’s big, he’s strong, and he’s ready to fly in and save the day! With a bright yellow onesie, you can’t miss him.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Superhero jokes aside, that is one big berry. Yes, you read that right. Bananas are technically berries. What do you think caused it to grow to that size? And, more importantly, what do you think it tastes like? We kind of want to know…

Ancient Food

Behold the spectacle of this crazy food that can only be described as “The Fungus Feast.” A once-delicious plate of half-eaten food featuring a juicy burger, crispy French fries, and delectable sauces was left to be devoured by bacteria and fungi.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

If you’re the type of person that likes saving food for later, take heed. This picture perfectly sums up why you should store your leftovers in the right way, whether that means sealed in an airtight container or in the fridge.

Alien Eruption

Omelets are one of the most commonly consumed breakfast foods worldwide. They are not only tasty but also healthy. But if all omelets looked like the one below, we bet fewer people would consider making it part of their regular diet.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

How did this person’s omelet turn into an alien? We can’t stop picturing that face as the alien from the first Men In Black movie. You know, the one in the giant humanoid robot. Honestly, though, how do they get their eggs so fluffy? We have to know!

Goldfish Ham

Before we saw this picture, we thought Tesco was just an ordinary grocery store chain. But now, we’re not sure what is going on behind the scenes that led them to sell something like this. For some reason, you can find fish-shaped ham at some of their stores…

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

There’s literally no need to make this. We can sort of understand shaping fake meat to look like real meat, but mixing up your fish and pork is just wrong. Plus, they’re relying a little too much on the packaging to sell the concept.

Rose Made of Beef and Greens

If your SO is a foodie, and you’re struggling to think of a creative way to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day, we present to you the weirdest way to do so. That’s right, it’s a combo pack of beef slices, some green onion stalks, and spinach leaves arranged to look like a rose.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We know that Valentine’s Day has become a Hallmark holiday, and companies everywhere are trying to come up with more ways to sell Valentine’s-themed foods, and it seems like the meat section at this person’s grocery store is no different.

Egg Baby

This is either the weirdest Nativity scene or a terrible way to serve food at a baby shower. Unlike some of the other entries, this was very much done on purpose. We don’t understand why people feel the need to shape their food to look like people.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

These egg babies kind of remind us of the oyster babies from Alice in Wonderland—the 1951 version. Aside from them looking weird, we bet they don’t taste good, either. While egg and sausage might not be a bad combination, the candy eyes would throw off the entire taste.

Yeast Attack

Remember when, a few years ago, everyone got really into making their own bread? Some people were absolute pros, while others had a bit of a learning curve to overcome. This person seems to fall into the latter group of people.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Imagine the surprise on the homeowner’s face when they opened the fridge to find the yeast overflowing and taking all the space inside. It’s funny how a small thing like yeast could grow so big and make such a mess.

Pineapple Pizza

No food is more controversial and debatable than a pineapple pizza. Many people favor pineapple chunks, claiming the tropical fruit adds the perfect flavor contrast. Meanwhile, there are plenty of others out there that claim it ruins the authentic pizza taste.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

This slice, however, is probably too much for those who love Hawaiian pizza. It’s like they put the equivalent of a whole pineapple on this single slice! And don’t get us started on the plethora of other toppings hiding underneath.

Banana Water

You’ve probably heard of cucumber water, but have you heard of banana water? We can sort of understand the cucumber water obsession since cucumbers are mostly water. Bananas, however, have too strong of a taste to blend in with a cold glass of H20.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Just seeing this banana water makes us feel a little queasy. Banana smoothies are okay, and so is a glass of cold water, but the two certainly don’t mix well. We’ll skip the complimentary drinks at this establishment, thank you very much.

Spaghetti Craft

This person must have been a diehard Minecraft fan and a devoted Italian food lover. As per the 1.20 update in Minecraft, one could create spaghetti noodles—either for combat or consumption. So, this individual thought to bring their favorite video game into the real world.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Just kidding! We bet this is the result of a tightly-packed container of noodles. Just leave your spaghetti in a square container in the fridge for a day and you, too, can have a plate of Minecraft spaghetti in real life.

Pickle Sausage

Who doesn’t love “pigs in blankets”? Okay, aside from vegans and vegetarians, you have to admit that hot dogs wrapped in pastry dough are delicious. It seems that someone wanted to be innovative and make their own version of the classic finger food.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Trying new things is what life is all about, but this dish gives us some serious trust issues. Who knows what else this person is going to try stuffing in their pickles? Maybe the next time, the pickle will be filled with chocolate. Yuck!

Complimentary Mouse

It seems like this shop gives away a mouse free with their fresh-baked rolls. So, if you love cute little rodents and want to pet one, visit this bakery the next time and get a mouse for free with fluffy bread.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We bet the health inspector sped over once they saw this picture of real-life Remy. We know this isn’t the case in most bakeries, but this picture makes us a bit queasy to think that this could happen at our local store.

Stadium Buffet

Super Bowl parties are always a big deal. Many people who don’t follow football the rest of the year love to attend Super Bowl parties. First off, the food is always excellent, and some people really go all-out. Just look at this culinary masterpiece!

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Hats off to the dedication of the person who made this stadium buffet. We can’t even begin to imagine how long this took to build. We’d feel bad eating any of the snacks because this took a lot of dedication.

Size Matters

Take a look at this oversized patty; the sight alone is enough to kill your hunger. If we had to guess, we’d say the “burger” is an over-ambitious chicken schnitzel, though it’s not like any meal we’ve ever seen before.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

This isn’t even a matter of perspective. Just look at how it covers the whole plate! On the bright side, this person can share their meal with their friend who seems to have ended up with nothing in between their buns.

Severed Disappointment

It’s always helpful to have some canned food at home. They might not be the most nutritious, but they’re great for days when you are too lazy to cook and need something quick and easy. We bet that’s why this person bought this can in the first place.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Getting over how unappetizing canned chicken sounds, the visuals don’t make it any more appealing. Contrary to the label on the can, we seriously doubt that this chicken was cooked before it was stuffed into the can. Well, that’s one way to kill your appetite.

Big Bean Soup

Heinz is one of the biggest names in canned beans, and they know it. They seem to have perfected their recipe, but someone at Heinz thought the company could stand to be more innovative. Introducing the unnecessarily oversized baked bean…

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

This big bean is on par with the “cooked” canned chicken. We have some serious questions for Heinz, starting with how they got that massive bean. We hate to think that it’s just a bean-shaped mash-up of regular-sized beans. Once again, we’ll pass on this meal.

Screaming Shells

In some dumpling shops, the chefs shape the dough like the food it’s stuffed with. That way, customers know what they’re getting. We love the idea of selling duck-shaped dumplings that are filled with duck, but there should be a limit on this level of creativity.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Good luck eating one of these. Instead of a dough-covered sausage, this person fed their guests screaming shells. This definitely took a lot of time, and it’s amusing to look at, but we’re not sure it’s worth the nightmares this picture gives us.

Pickled Burger

Just like pizza toppings, there are seemingly endless options for what you can stack on top of your burger. Lettuce, tomatoes, various sauces, and of course, pickles are all standard fare. But, as with everything else, it’s all about moderation…

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Yes, some people like to add some extra pickles on their burgers, but we don’t think this is what “extra pickles” means. Is there even a burger under there? This chaotic dish is enough to make anyone’s tongue taste sour for a lifetime.

Edible Flowers

Here, we’ve got a cute little plate of omelets and sausages that look like real flowers! Someone has put some serious effort into creating this. They artistically placed the omelets, sausages, and coriander, making the breakfast platter look more beautiful.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

No doubt, whoever made this plate deserves a big round of applause! However, destroying the person’s effort and eating the food will require a lot of willpower. The dish is so well-decorated that it appears like an artifact of culinary art.

Switched Places

It must be Freaky Friday at McDonald’s because their fries and ketchup have switched places. Instead of using their fries to wipe up the ketchup from the small container, this person will have to finish off the condiment with a spoon!

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

This person loves tomato sauce so much that he ordered only 10 French fries complementary with his main course, ketchup. It’s even hilarious to wonder who in their right mind would want to be covered in that much ketchup. Nevertheless, it’s their choice; all we can do is crack up!

No Strings Attached!

This girl probably ordered an extra cheesy sandwich, not knowing just what that would mean. What likely started off as an ordinary meal turned into an epic struggle with extra stringy cheese. Oh man, we bet it tastes delicious, though.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Imagine yourself sitting there, trying to take a bite of grilled cheese, but you can’t seem to break off a piece. Just like this girl, you’d end up seeing just how flexible you are in an attempt to finally enjoy your meal.

Cookie-Topped Pizza

Nowadays, many pizza delivery stores, like Pizza Hut and Domino’s, have desserts, too. It seems like DiGiorno, which prides itself on delivery-quality pizza, wanted to get in on the trend. This person couldn’t help but buy their pizza and cookie combo, but it seems like they missed the mark when baking it.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Need we say it? The cookies aren’t included as toppings! This cookie-loaded pizza is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re feeling adventurous and want to take the potential risk of tasting a weird food combination, you can surely give it a try.

Grilled To Perfection?

If you talk to anyone with a grill, they’ll tell you they have a secret trick or recipe they use to get their burgers cooked to perfection. However, something tells us that whoever took this picture doesn’t host cookouts very often.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

In theory, this might work, but there are way too many ways this can go wrong for us to enjoy meat fresh off the boardie, not the barbie. Thanks to this failed attempt, they’ve ruined an ironing board, an iron, and a ton of ground beef.

Pizza Problem

It seems like someone forgot to order a boneless pizza! And this is what they got delivered—chicken pizza, complete with bones. Imagine the look on the person’s face when they took their first bite of it and discovered these bones jutting out.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We all love getting surprise extra toppings on our pizza, especially for free, but not like this. We can’t tell if this is better or worse than the hibernating frog. One is gross, but one is sure to damage your teeth.

Pizza Lover

It seems like someone was unhappy with their dinner. Obviously, they wanted pizza but ended up with sushi. To express their regret, they rolled a special plate of sushi, mentioning their preferred dinner using strips of fish. Check it out:

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Who would have thought that sushi, a Japanese dish, could be used to express the love for Italian pizza? Honestly, this is a pretty talented chef if they were able to roll their sushi so perfectly. We’d happily eat sushi seven days a week if it was as funny as this.

Backstreet’s Back!

Alphabet soup is an absolute childhood staple, but thinking about it now, it seems kind of weird. Slurping up jumbled up letters is a weird concept. But some people have a knack for taking the weird and making it utterly ridiculous.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We don’t normally condone playing with your food, but we’ll make an exception here. That must have taken a long time to fish out all of those letters and line them up. We hope they hummed “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” the entire time they put this together.


What do you think the odds are that the person who took this photo is an accountant or CFO? They must have been called a “bean counter” one too many times and decided to mess with their coworkers to retaliate.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Is it just us, or are there a pair of chopsticks in one of those containers on the left? Now that takes some dedication and good fine motor control to manage. At least we now know roughly how many beans are in those cans.

Avocado Unmasked

Ice cream and sorbet are universally beloved foods, so we appreciate when ice cream parlors have pictures of what the flavor is. That way, if you don’t speak the language, you still know what it’ll taste like. Well, unless you visit this shop.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

You can’t help but chuckle at the thought of someone eagerly taking a spoonful of what they think is mango ice cream only to get an avocado-infused dessert instead. It would be like a sneaky game of fruit roulette. We wonder what other flavors this shop mixed up.

A Pizza Loaded with Fast Food

Pizza is a versatile dish that can have a wide range of toppings, but using burgers, French fries, and chicken nuggets as pizza toppings is bizarre. It looks like someone was cleaning their fridge, and they put all the leftover items as toppings on this pizza.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We sort of understand the appeal of pasta pizza or chicken pizza, and we wouldn’t be surprised if French fry pizza caught on. But, man, this looks nasty. There’s not even any cheese! Can you even call it a pizza with just dough and sauce?

Beans O’Clock

We’ve all heard that time is fluid, but it seems like someone couldn’t grasp that as an abstract concept. To really get the idea across, they turned their clock into a soup bowl, albeit one filled with baked beans. Yeah, it seems like people love playing with baked beans.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

There’s no mistaking that this is real. Just look at that bit of sauce dripping out from the clock face. Too bad this ruined the clock; otherwise, this would be a funny way to stir your food. Just let the clock hands do it for you.

Sushi Sausage

Sushi is a great Japanese dish known throughout the world for its taste. Likewise, sausage is also a popular food owing to its versatility and flavor. So, both sausage and sushi are sumptuous delicacies on their own. But when you combine these two legendary food items, this is what it looks like.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

It’s heartbreaking to see two lovely dishes infused together in this way. People usually make crazy culinary attempts to improve the look or taste of food, but this is missed the mark. This food combination has destroyed the spirit of both sushi and sausage.

Cheese Left Behind

We have quite an interesting image here. Someone seems to have ordered an extra cheesy cheeseburger. They asked for extra cheese, obviously, but omitted a few other key ingredients. Most notably, the burger! What would you even call this meal?

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We’re glad they included the receipt because, otherwise, we wouldn’t believe that this was done on purpose. It does make us wonder what the reaction was when the chef was told to plate two slices of cheese on a paper tray.

Canned Burger

There’s no replacement for a freshly made burger. Thanks to Beyond Meat and other alternative meats, even vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the taste of a warm greasy meal fresh off the grill. Day-old burgers in the microwave don’t taste as good, but we’d still prefer them over this:

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

That does not look edible. It looks more like a cheese monster than a cheeseburger. The mere sight of the burger makes us ill. What is it with people putting food in cans that very much should remain in the fridge?

Egg-Sausage Jelly

While it’s not for everyone, some people love “stuffed” Jell-O. Chunks of fruit and veggies wobbling around in there add a certain appeal to the treat. But that’s only with a few pieces. This person went all-out when making Jell-O.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

We hope it tastes good because it doesn’t look appealing at all! Is it a main course? A dessert? A horrible conglomeration of both? The concept is so improbable that the jelly looks more like a box wrapped with design paper than an actual dish.

Open Cooking

This person is an amateur in the kitchen. We can tell because they’re cooking chicken strips on an open stove without utensils! This is both unhygienic and utterly destructive. Just the sight of such reckless cooking is enough to kill anyone’s appetite.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

That poor stovetop. There’s not enough antibacterial cleaner in the world for us to feel comfortable using it. And we can’t ignore the thick smoke coming off of the chicken strips. How did such a simple meal go so wrong?


Too bad cookies aren’t healthy because we would love to eat them for every meal. Well, it seems like someone tried to be innovative and add some protein to their homemade chocolate chip cookies. We call this new invention spookies.

Image by chaoticfoods on Instagram

Yeah, those are SPAM-filled cookies. So gross! We are not even going to comment on how unappetizing SPAM is. These poor cookies suffered all for the sake of some weird food experiment. Now that cookie-topped pizza doesn’t seem so bad.