45 Unconventional Cakes For Every Occasion That Are Sure To Send A Message

By Larissa C

If you’re having a celebration soon and you’re running out of ideas for a cake, worry no more. The internet is a wonderful thing and there are many, many cake ideas available for you to try. But some ideas are just too…traditional, aren’t they? Nowadays, being conventional is just plain boring. Most people want to try new things and be unique, and what’s a better way to stand out than baking a funny cake? We guarantee that the person who receives the cake won’t ever forget it! If you’re looking for a peculiar cake idea, you have come to the right place. We compiled some of the best cakes found on the hilarious Twitter page “Cakes With Threatening Auras,” and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect cake here. Here are 45 hilarious cake ideas for your next party or celebration!

At least she was calm about it.

Is there anything worse than finding out your partner is cheating on you? It’s disheartening to think that you’ve spent years putting the time and effort into making a relationship work only to find out that your significant other is unfaithful.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Lots of people snap when they find out that their partner is cheating. Some people even choose violence, unfortunately. This woman, however, chose a classy way to go about this. She had someone bake this passive-aggressive cake and sent it to her partner!

Depression, but make it cute!

If your friend is one of those people who are always complaining about life, you should probably get them a cake like this one. It is funny and cute, but also sends a very clear warning at the same time.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Perhaps you’ll even have someone bake this cake for yourself. We are pretty sure that your friends will laugh when they see this, but they’ll also get the message. If they don’t, they must not be able to read — because the message is very clear!


Having a child is no longer a thing that women are obligated to; it’s merely a choice. If you want to have kids, that’s fine. If you don’t want kids at all, that’s okay too. And if you’re more like the latter, you can understand the stress that comes with a pregnancy scare.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

This woman was so scared that she was pregnant that her partner decided to give her this cake. Instead of celebrating pregnancy as other couples do, these two celebrated the fact that her pregnancy scare was just that — a false alarm.

We totally need this cake.

We all have that one friend who’s always putting themselves in difficult and unnecessary situations. If you don’t have a friend like that, maybe you are that person. Either way, this cake would certainly be fitting for people like that:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Give someone this cake and they’ll probably ask, “am I a joke to you?” Well, you don’t have to use your words to answer this question. This clown cake speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Maybe this is also a good cake idea for your own birthday party.

Don’t give this to a child.

Children love Christmas, and we’re certain that they would love it even more if their birthday was on Christmas. If you know a child whose birthday is on this special date, please don’t ever give them a cake like this one:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Why would anyone think that a Pig Santa cake would be a good idea? Is that even a pig? We can’t even tell. Maybe if the baker had put more effort, the cake would look good. But if you give this to a child, we’re pretty sure they’ll need therapy afterward!

Thanks for the reminder!

The whole point of the page “Cakes With Threatening Auras” is to share images of hilarious cakes that also have a passive-aggressive or accidentally disturbing vibe. And we’re certain that this next cake could easily win the trophy for the most passive-aggressive cake ever!

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

This cake has so many details that we’d like to point out. And we’re not even talking about that strong yet hilarious sentence. The combination of the colors, the calligraphy, and the shape of the cake work so perfectly together — and that’s what makes it hilarious.

Sir, that’s not Shrek.

The internet is a funny place. One day, some old video resurfaces, and suddenly some fad becomes popular once again. That’s exactly what happened to Shrek. The friendly ogre never stopped being popular, but these days you’ll always see him on Instagram or Twitter.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Because of that, bakers noticed how more and more customers have been requesting Shrek cakes. And while a professional can make the perfect Shrek cake, these two cakes you’re seeing were made at home. But you can probably tell that!

Yes, this is a real threat.

Let’s be honest: most people hate Mondays. In fact, we would like to ask you to think of at least one person you know who’s ever said they like Mondays. You probably came up with a total of 0 people, didn’t you?

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Mondays represent the start of the school/work week, and our two-day mini-vacation is over. In other words, this day represents the end of our peace and the beginning of yet another exhausting week. Why would someone buy a cake that says ‘Happy Monday’? Even the color of this cake is awful, just like Mondays!

What’s going on here?

If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran’s, please don’t feel offended by this next cake. We have no idea why would anyone choose one of his worst pictures to display on a cake, but we have to admit that the result was hilarious:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Whoever used this picture certainly had no respect for Mr. Sheeran. We will admit that this cake is quite threatening. Maybe it’s Ed Sheeran’s intense stare, or perhaps it’s the fact that the camera is so close to his face. Who knows, really?

At least you tried.

Buying a creepy cake for Halloween seems like a good idea. Kids are going to love it. Your friends are going to love it. Even killjoys love cake. The only problem is when you ask for a creepy cake but get a cute one instead.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

This bakery tried to make a spooky, Halloween-themed cake. However, it seems like their plan failed, as it turned out pretty cute. Maybe it’s the color of the spiderweb. No, it’s actually the fact that they misspelled the word “creepy.” Yeah, that’s it.

We feel you, Grogu.

Life is not easy, and it seems like it’s only getting harder every day. Being an adult is not as fun as most of us had expected, and now we have to deal with the consequences of wishing to grow up faster.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

What’s the point of growing up if we’re just going to end up looking like this freakish Grogu? We do have to admit that this cake is hilarious and probably demanded more effort from the baker than a regular-looking cake would.

SpongeBob, whatever happened to you?

If your child tells you that they want a SpongeBob SquarePants cake, make sure that you don’t order it from this bakery that we’re going to show you. It seems like the person who baked the cake never watched the show!

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

We mean, if you watched at least one episode of this hilarious and timeless show, you’d know that that’s not how SpongeBob looks at all. Unless this baker drew inspiration from that episode where SpongeBob and his friends look like cavemen!


Everyone is scared of something, no matter how tough you may try to come across as. Whether it’s ghosts or demons or insects, we are certain that there is something out there that frightens you. For some people, this thing is cockroaches. 

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

If you’re scared of cockroaches, we apologize for showing you this picture. Talk about a threatening aura! Just looking at this cake through the computer screen makes us want to jump and scream! We’d love to talk to the person who ordered this cake, though. They certainly seem interesting.

Okay then…

The next cake we’re going to show you is nothing short of marvelous. There is something about it that makes us want to laugh out loud, even if it is one of the simplest cakes on this list. Maybe it’s this fact that makes it so funny. 

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

When her son got into the football team, this woman decided to bake him a cake to celebrate his achievement. The only problem is that the mother could only bake rectangular cakes, and didn’t know how to draw pictures with frosting. So she settled for simply writing the word “Football” instead.

Poor Santa.

Cakes are delicious, and everyone should accept for once and for all that there is no right or wrong time to eat them — every day is perfect. As such, you should definitely look into buying a cake to celebrate Christmas and other holidays.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Well, just make sure that you’re actually hiring a skilled baker, especially when it comes to the decorations. Though, we have to say that ugly cakes like the ones in the picture never fail to get people laughing and positively change the spirit of the party!


Yucky things don’t match with foods at all. Still, it seems like some people don’t really care about the appearance of their food or if it resembles disgusting things, like mucus. Yes, you read that right. Would you eat this next cake?

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

It looks like a giant sneezed right on top of the cake, and the baker decided to use the mucus as frosting. While some people will defend this cake by saying that it’s a Nickelodeon slime cake, its image alone is threatening to our stomachs!

We don’t think that’s how he looks.

Writing this article makes us assume that some professional bakers never bother to take the time to search for inspiration for their cakes. It looks like they try to create a cake design entirely out of an image they have in their minds — and the picture is not accurate at all.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

We mean, look at this SpongeBob SquarePants cake. That is certainly not how this little guy looks in the cartoons, where he is a happy-go-lucky guy. On the contrary, it looks like this SpongeBob has been through the wringer a few times.

An enigmatic cake.

This next cake is quite a mysterious one. It is threatening in the sense that there is an enigma iced onto it, and we can’t figure out what it means. Whoever received this cake must have felt the exact same way upon seeing it:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

What is $600? Is that how much this person paid for the cake? We doubt that. Our best theory is that the person who received the cake owed 600 dollars to the person who sent it — and this was their way of asking to have their money back!

Give you what?

It is interesting to think that some cakes have threatening auras. At first, you may even have thought that it doesn’t make sense to create a Twitter account dedicated to threatening cakes. But by now, you probably agree with us that there is no shortage of content out there.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Is there anything more threatening than this cake and this knife? Even if it kinda looks like a giant cookie, this quasi-cake is quite scary. What does it want from the person who took the picture? We wouldn’t be surprised if it was asking for their soul!

Why would you do that to him?

Usually, when we are fans of a character or of a movie, our loved ones make sure to get us a theme cake for our birthdays. In the case of this next person, we can tell that they are a fan of Ghostbusters.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Honestly, this is not so much threatening as it is clever. Perhaps if you’re a fan of marshmallows, this wouldn’t be so comforting. Poor Stay Puft marshmallow man; he never even stood a chance against our favorite science fiction band of heroes.

We all have, Elmo.

Sometimes, it feels like the days are moving faster than ever before. But there are some days that the clock doesn’t seem to move fast enough. If you can relate to that, you’ll probably relate to this next cake as well:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

This cake was obviously made at home — and even if it is a simple cake, its message is quite clear. Elmo has had enough (of life, probably), but he’s not alone. We’ve all felt this at some point or another, right?

At least you got a cake.

Having a child means that we have to keep an eye on them, especially with their studies. We have been in their shoes before, and we know very well that being a student is not fun at all. But we can’t deny that it is a necessary evil.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

When his daughter got a bad grade at school, this father was pretty disappointed in her. After all, what obligations do teenagers have other than studying and getting good grades? He’s such a nice father that he didn’t scold her, though. He expressed his disappointment through this passive-aggressive “Do Better” cake.

This is how you decline a proposal.

Sometimes, we have to deal with unwanted things. It’s a part of the cycle of life, but it doesn’t mean that you actually have to put up with these things. Maybe all you have to do is find a nice way to politely decline something.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Sending a cake with the word “no” on the top seems like a bright idea. What a brilliant way to decline a proposal — or any invitation or request, really — with a cake like this. We’re sure the other person got the message right away.

One year closer to eternity!

Even solitary introverts need friends. We, humans, are social creatures, after all. There is nothing like having people to lean on and to make you laugh when you need it the most. Building a community of people that you trust is vital for a full life.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

And we assure you that the best friendships are the ones that send you these kinds of cakes on your birthday. Ironic and deadpan friends are simply wonderful, and they won’t think twice before making fun of you on your birthday!

What’s worse?

This next cake is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. We wish we had the context to this story because we are certain that it is one of those stories of a lifetime. The kind of tale that you tell your grandkids about!

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

So, is this person coming back from jail or from a coma? Is there even a better scenario here? We are also trying to figure out if that red thing they used to spell “coma” is ketchup — if it is, it’s just disgusting.

Good luck understanding this design.

Sometimes it feels like all mothers go to the same parenting school because they all have the same quirks. Your mom probably says she doesn’t want any gifts for Mother’s Day, doesn’t she? She probably declines gifts on her birthday, too.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

In this case, this mother was trying to be modest and told her kids they didn’t have to do anything for her birthday. Her kids obviously didn’t listen to her and decided to get an M&M cake. The cake doesn’t look all that good, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

It’s the font for me.

If you are on social media, you probably know that complaining about life and making self-deprecative jokes is the newest fad. The person who ordered this next cake was certainly active online and decided to follow this sarcastic yet hilarious trend.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Yes, life sucks — but may it sucks a little less when you get a yummy cake. If we had to guess, we would say that the pretty font and the flowers and details around the border give this cake its threatening energy.

What kind of nightmarish Yoda is this?

As we said before, sometimes it feels like bakers don’t take the time to look up pictures of the characters they have to recreate for their cakes. You saw how they butchered SpongeBob on more than one occasion. And Yoda didn’t escape either.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Is it really so hard to look up pictures of Yoda? We are sure that this baker would have found pictures of this iconic character with a simple search online, and it shouldn’t be too hard to recreate it. Apparently it is difficult if this is what they came up with.

Not the red lips!

You might make fun of the Twilight saga now, but we are pretty sure that you were a fan of the franchise in your youth. Most girls were, so don’t feel ashamed of it. Interestingly, it’s actually gaining a cult following again.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

If we had to guess, we would say that this person received this cake as a joke due to her former love for the Twilight saga. The baker butchered Edward’s face, but they made sure to spread red frosting over his lips — in reference to his shiny face and lips, no doubt!

So cheerful!

Regardless of who you root for, elections are always a stressful time. And what is a good remedy for stressful times? Sweet foods. There is nothing better than eating a cake or even just a piece of chocolate in order to feel less anxious!

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Well, we have to admit that we doubt this cake would do that great of a job at helping lower people’s level of anxiety. This cake seems about as cheerful and lively as election time, given that lack of color and happiness!

They gave up halfway through.

When we have a special person in our lives, we want to give them gifts that reflect just how important they are to us. For some people, baking a cake is the perfect way of expressing our love and affection for them.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

The only problem is that not all of us can actually bake. For this person, that’s exactly how things went down. When she realized that her cake was not turning out as expected, she gave up halfway through and wrote that message instead.

Not the fake PNG!

If you have a friend who is into gaming and let’s plays, this next cake might be the perfect idea for their birthday. If you’re not familiar with the world of online gaming, you probably won’t notice anything unusual about this cake.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Indeed, there’s nothing too threatening about this cake — except that this combination of images and design is completely outdated. This is the type of cake that you give someone back in the early 2010s, not in this decade. And let’s not get started on that fake PNG image!

I’ll try?

This next cake perfectly sums up what it means to be a cake with a threatening aura. We are pretty sure that there is some type of internal joke here, but we can’t decipher it. All we can do is stare at the Gingerbread Man’s face.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

We have no idea who this Jen person is, but there is no way she won’t try to be good after she sees this cake. We mean, look at Gingerbread’s face! This is a great tactic to get someone to play nice — after all, who would want to disappoint such a cute character?

Thanks, Mom…

Mothers are constantly trying to please their kids, even more so when they reach their teen years. It is not easy to get on a teen’s good side. When her son started playing football in high school, this mother prepared a special cake for him:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

The only issue here is that the mother probably looked up a photo of a flat football. She didn’t even get the color right! But, hey, at least she tried — and her son should be more than thankful that he has such a caring mom.

He’s been through a lot. 

Do you know what is better than cake? Ice cream cake. They are so creamy and delicious and there is nothing that can compare to their heavenly flavor. The only downside is that it can’t stay out of the freezer for too long.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

If you forget to put it in the freezer right away, this is what is going to happen to it. Now, imagine giving this awful-looking cake to a child! They are surely going to be traumatized for life and won’t ever want to see an M&M again!

Great job following instructions!

If you were given the mission to prepare a cake for a bookworm, one of the best ideas is to recreate their favorite book’s cover on top of the cake. While you could always print the topping, some people choose to do it themselves.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

In this case, it would’ve been much better if this person had simply printed the cover using one of those special printers. They tried to recreate the cover of The Great Gatsby, and the result is pretty scary! That is the definition of a threatening cake.

We’re not laughing.

Nowadays, we treat our pets like babies. A dog can literally live like a human being, except they only get to deal with the fun parts — they don’t have to work or pay bills, for instance. Dogs can even eat cake and other human foods these days!

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

This bakery specializes in baking treats that are dog-friendly. They don’t use chocolate or other ingredients that we find in human foods. This is a cake that pet owners can give their dogs once they get castrated. The humans might find it hilarious, but we think the dogs hate it!

So messy!

Do you know the feeling when you can’t help but count the seconds until something is over? Some of us feel that way about school, while others feel that way about their jobs. Either way, this next cake would be perfect way to celebrate the end of a cycle:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

This cake kind of has a threatening aura, but we think that it feels more liberating. If you received this cake, it means that you just finished a stressful time in your life that was making you miserable, and you’re way too thrilled that it’s over.

It’s the effort that matters.

Elmo is a beloved character, and it is only natural that he would be the number one choice for cake decoration. And we need to mention that children are not the only ones getting Elmo cakes — lots of adults order these cakes too!

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

The threatening thing about these cakes in the pictures is that they weren’t executed perfectly. One might even think that recreating Elmo for a cake wouldn’t be too hard, but it’s quite the opposite. It seems like it takes a highly skilled baker to make the perfect Elmo cake!

Does this mean what we think it means?

If you are struggling to come up with a gentle way of asking for a divorce, we might have the solution for you. In case your spouse is a fan of Star Wars, you should totally get them this cake:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Will their feelings be hurt? For sure. You’re asking for a divorce, after all. But this beautiful Yoda cake will definitely soften the blow. And, hey, at least the other person will already have the chocolate they’ll need to eat in order to drown their sorrows!

Love you, my friend!

If one of your friends has been recently admitted to the hospital for any reason, you are probably thinking of sending them a nice gift to brighten their day. However, if you’re the funny friend in your group, here’s a better idea:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

What is a better way to brighten someone’s day than to make them genuinely laugh? We are certain that your hospitalized friend will love it if you send them a cake that says, “sucks to be you.” Making awkward jokes at inappropriate times is also a way of showing you care!

We feel attacked!

Being the only single person in your group of friends sucks sometimes. And we are not even trying to suggest that every person needs a significant other. It just stinks to be the single friend because everyone brings a plus one to your night outs, and you’re the only one alone.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

For their single friend’s birthday, this group of friends ordered this beautiful cake for her. Indeed, the cake design is splendid — but the message it conveys? Not so much. If you read from bottom to top, you’ll catch the sarcasm!

Be careful, girls!

This next cake will definitely give you the wrong idea if you don’t have the context for it. When this girl told her friends that she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend, they were shocked. But then they gave her this beautiful cake:

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

Before you think that we are talking about an actual teenager, here’s the context: the girl (read: woman) was indeed pregnant — but she’s not in her teens. She’s almost 30, but you know how everyone’s turning 30 while still feeling 18 these days.

Every step you take…

This next cake is threatening but in a hilarious way. You might have noticed how bakers use elegant fonts and flowery decorations as a tool for expressing irony. And this next cake perfectly represents that funny technique. And we don’t just mean the literal flowers…

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

The person who received the cake might just have realized that they have a stalker. And it’s not the kind of stalker that hides in the shadows. It’s the kind of stalker that orders this kind of cake just to let the person know that they’re being watched!

A perfect way to call it quits.

We are living in the 21st century, and everyone should be free to do as they please. When it comes to relationships, for instance, people don’t have to be exclusive or even have a serious, long-term relationship. And that’s totally fine.

Image courtesy of threateningcake/Twitter

The only problem is when one of the two people in a relationship wants to take things to the next level. With that in mind, this baker created this “break-up cake.” If you’re in a casual relationship and the other person wants to be exclusive, you can let them go gently by giving them this cake!