Different Types Of Salts And A Guide On How To Use Them

By Anthony K March 28, 2022

Salt refers to a crystalline mineral. It is made from Chlorine and Sodium. These are elements that are crucial for life. The minerals help the body with various biological processes such as:

It is necessary to incorporate salt into your diet to enjoy these benefits. Below, we elaborate on different types of salt and how to utilize them.

Image courtesy of Max Kleinen/Unsplash

Himalayan Pink Salt

This is the purest salt. It is harvested in Pakistan’s Himalayan Mountain’s Khewra Salt Mine. The salt’s pink color makes it recognizable easily. It is highly nutritious with all the eighty-four natural minerals that are found in the human body. It has a bold flavor and steep price tag, and thus, it’s best to use it for finishing dishes.

Table Salt

Table salt, also called iodized salt, has an anti-caking agent that helps it not clump. It also contains potassium iodide and has refined grains. Avoid using table salt in savory recipes, especially when utilized in large amounts. It can give off a metallic taste. However, you can use it for baking, and only a small quantity is required.

Red Hawaiian Salt

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This is sea salt is interesting because it is mixed with volcanic clay rich in iron oxide. It has a nutty flavor. It is excellent when used to garnish finished dishes.