Unnecessary Food Creations We Regret Knowing Exist

By Satarupa D

We all dream of going to a posh restaurant, where one can expect the cook to hand you a sautéed piece of the moon or a star dipped in fondue sauce because that’s how expensive the restaurant is. We hate to break it to you, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, when they finally bring out your uber-expensive dish, you wanna run out of there and head to the nearest KFC.

We can’t decide which establishment is the worst offender: ones with minuscule proportions or those with ridiculous foods. Though it’s not only fancy restaurants that serve absurd foods, they’re repeat offenders for disappointed diners.

So, let’s start going through some of these dishes so that you can avoid them if you ever see them on a menu!

Too Big, Too Much

To everyone who loves cereal more than anything in this world, this one is for you. This restaurant in Ohio serves bowls of cereal so big that even if you want to finish it off, you can’t. This bowl is big enough for your toddler to learn to swim in.

Image source: bloresiom/Reddit

The only time this is useful is if the restaurant runs out of other ingredients. Once a customer orders breakfast, they are most definitely not ordering anything else. Even if people fill up on breakfast, we bet the restaurant throws out a lot of soggy cereal every day.

Got Exactly What You Wished For

Have you ever asked someone to do something, and then they did it for you EXACTLY the way you told them to? Well, sort of. We’ve all been there, when someone takes a request too literally that the end result isn’t what we asked for. Confused? This dude would explain it to you.

Image source: deevo1/Reddit

This man went to a restaurant and asked the staff to give him a burger without cheese on it. The staff understood “no cheese on a burger” but couldn’t comprehend not including cheese at all. Well, at least this is an easy fix. New bun, please!

A Little Too Big For Your Mouth

Now this dish is for a cartoon character. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo would be over the moon if they saw this beast of a sandwich. Though, they’re probably the only ones who could fit it in their mouths—thank you, cartoon physics.

Image source: Judeicialbranch2003/Reddit

This sandwich is about ten in one. It has lettuce, tomato, onion, ten kinds of meat as well as a bunch of sauces like mayo, mustard, and hot sauce, all squeezed between an everything bagel. The leftovers alone could last you at least three meals.

Be My Valentine?

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend with something nobody has ever tried before, but at the same time, you also really, really want to eat beef for dinner that night? Well, then, this gift is right up your alley.

Image source: Naro_Lonca/Reddit

This extremely… innovative gift is a full meal—rose petals made of beef, leaves made of spinach, and a stem made of green onion. It has everything you need to cook dinner. You can either give it to someone or treat yourself with it because, sometimes, you just gotta love yourself!

Halloween Dish

This dish is the one that will give you nightmares till the end of your days. Even if you gather the courage to visit the restaurant, be careful not to take your children here because this dish is right out of a horror movie.

Image source: Oddness_Police/Reddit

This Lithuanian restaurant has decided to serve its fries and gravy shaped like something from Freddy Kruger’s imagination. With the gloppy face and twisted tomato smile, we can almost hear the cries for help coming from those dark olive eyes.

Center Of Attention

This is a fancy dish right out of a celebrity’s wedding. Wanna know who? Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker! Now, the Kardashians are millionaires, if not billionaires, and you would expect them to drop some big bucks on food, right? Nope!

Image source: kyliejenner/Instagram

Although the Kardashians are known for their lavish weddings, and this affair was no less than that, this dish sure did raise some eyebrows. Whereas the plates were normal sizes, the portion of pasta was so small that it didn’t even cross the center design. We hope this doesn’t start trending.

Sweet Mother of Chicken!

There are many combinations of food that should never be thought of as long as people live on this god-given-green earth. And this dish is one of them. It’s not common to see sugar as an ingredient in meat recipes, but we’re sure some tasty dishes have it.

Image source: thebrscott/Reddit

These are chicken strips layered with tons and tons of sugar. The cook probably loves sugar so much that they sprinkle it on everything. Or perhaps they abide by the philosophy, kill ’em with kindness sweetness. And they would! Because one would surely die if they had this!

They Like Big Buns And They Cannot Lie

This family member probably likes bread so much that they put it on everything, even between buns. Or, they had been dieting for so long that they were making up for lost carbs and eating as much bread as they could.

Image source: Good_Condition_431/Reddit

This burger-loving person was probably ordered by his family members to eat healthy, so in order to keep everyone happy, he put a brown-bread sandwich in the middle of two buns. This is the opposite of the KFC double-down burger.

Lazy Day in TacoVille

Who doesn’t love getting some grub from a taco truck? But even taco lovers know that they’re not really good for your health, and people who wanna keep fit tend to eat them as little as possible. If you’re in that group, this taco is for you!

Image source: Less_Preference520/Reddit

Are these floppy soft-shelled tacos or unraveled burritos? And what’s the deal with the boiled veggies? There’s absolutely no meat inside, and the nation definitely wants to know where the different sauces are. A dude needs his mayo and hot sauce, darn it!

All In One

Have you ever dreamed of having all your daily calories in one big dish? Do you want meat, cheese, bread, everything in one gooey platter? Well, your dream is about to be fulfilled. Or will it? Because, maybe, all dreams should not come true.

Image source: Noodle1718/Reddit

This huge dish has everything you need. On top, it looks like a regular pizza with a healthy serving of salami and bacon on top. But wait! The inside of the pizza is stuffed to the brim with ground beef and cheddar cheese, making it pretty protein-loaded. Yikes.

Build Your Own Pasta

The concept of constructing your ordered dish is quite popular in certain cuisines. For example, the Vietnamese dish of pho is usually served with noodles in a bowl but with veggies, sauce, and meat, all put separately in different bowls. You mix them at your convenience.

Image source: BillOakley/Reddit

But this restaurant took it too far. The cook decided to serve Italian spaghetti the same way. He put the spaghetti in one jar, the sauce in another, and the Parmesan in yet another jar! They better have a good dishwasher, otherwise there’ll be some unseemly stains left behind.

Sweet, Sweet Ramen

It’s important to have a balanced diet, but maybe not all in the same dish. This cook probably saw the sugary chicken tenders and felt a spark of inspiration. A properly prepared bowl of ramen is full of veggies, protein, and carbs. But not this dish.

Image source: ExoticShock/Reddit

Chocolate chunks in ramen? This dish is reminiscent of that one dish in 2 Broke Girls, where Max dipped fries in cake frosting. And although that idea seems good, this one surely cannot be. This is the worst version of a sweet and salty dish.

Totino Pizza

This meal from Totino’s was actually meant to be a birthday cake. But as beautiful as it looks, it would be insanely hard to cut, and you would need a pretty big mouth to take a single bite out of it.

Image source: buffbuddha/Reddit

This chicken pizza cake has several layers of pizza topped one over the other and is glued together by more cheese in the middle. It’s more of a lasagna than a cake at this point. Happy birthday to Garfield. We hope his stomach will hold out.

Chicken Ice-Cream

Well, this one is for the books! Why bother with a knife and fork when you can just have your meal on a stick? There are a lot of lazy people in this world who want to live life as easily as possible, but this is taking things too far, don’t you think?

Image source: Garuda-Star/Reddit

This person has created the weirdest and most bizarre form of dish yet. The cook took all the makings of a good chicken dish and froze them in a Popsicle stand. And voila, you have a chicken Popsicle! Although it looks creepily beautiful, it is definitely not a food for the living!

Chicken Alfredo Sandwich?

Although this dish looks gorgeous from an aesthetic point of view, from a taste-bud point of view, this is just wrong. Almost everyone loves fried chicken, and most people love fettuccine Alfredo pasta—sorry, vegans—but no one said someone has to put them together!

Image source: assorted_citrus/Reddit

This cook has created the ultimate munchies food by making a taco out of fried chicken and then stuffing it with fettuccine Alfredo pasta. This might be one of the rare dishes on this list that a few people might actually like. You just gotta be in the right mood.

Overpriced Vegemite!

This dish is actually served at a restaurant and costs an astounding amount of money with nothing to really show for it. The ingredients can be found in the local grocery store and can be arranged on a plate by a three-year-old.

Image source: huonoliver/Instagram

This Vegemite toast dish is served at a cafe in Newcastle, Australia, for a whopping price of seven dollars. All they did differently was, instead of serving the Vegemite on the side, they layered it fancily on a wooden plate and then garnished the plate with a leaf. That’s it! Seven-dollar dish served!

Venom Cheese

This one takes fandom a little too far. They sought to cash in on a fandom but didn’t pay attention to what the customer actually wanted. This Japanese brand must be a big fan of Marvel because they produced cheese that looked like a symbiote.

Image source: cookiemonstrosity54/Reddit

We know activated charcoal isn’t bad for you, but it’s not exactly something you want to read in the ingredients for your food. And although people like Venom, they probably wouldn’t like it on their food. Tom Hardy does not approve!

Healthy Fruits? Not So Healthy Anymore

People are obsessed with deep-frying everything they can get their hands on. It started with chicken, and then it moved on to deep-fried seafood, made popular by the YouTube channel Mukhbangers. But this one hits a little differently. All right, a lot.

Image source: thenativeshape/Reddit

This person decided that deep-fried ice cream is so last year, so they decided to deep-fry another summer favorite—watermelon. YES! Deep-fried watermelon. The fact that the watermelon survived in the picture above after the deep-frying is heavily impressive. The man, on the other hand, is not.

Gravy In A Bottle

There are a few things that should never be fused together, as has been shown multiple times on this list. But in the same way, there are also certain things that shouldn’t be bottled and sold as a sauce. It’s blasphemy!

Image source: believeitornotjail/Reddit

Hellmann’s decided that creamy gravy, served only at restaurants, just wasn’t cutting it. Oh, no. It deserved to be mass-produced and sold around the world. We don’t know what’s worse: the fact that it’s in a bottle, or that its base ingredient is mayonnaise.

That’s Mango Juice, Right? Right?

And the list continues with ridiculous fusion food. The last one was about putting things inside a bottle. Well, this one is the same concept but with a different food. Instead of bottling a condiment, this one puts one of your favorite meals inside a glass… as a juice!

Image source: lsmountain48/Reddit

This cursed lemonade stand or food stall (we’re not sure which) probably ran out of fruits and decided to sell mac and cheese instead. But that’s not the worst of it. They decided to keep the lemonade theme and sell this gross food combo.

Deep Fry, Deep Fry Everywhere!

Did you think human beings would be satisfied with deep-frying desserts? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got bad news for you. It turns out that there’s no limit to what people will dip in oil. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Image source: The Action Lab/YouTube

This person decided that he needed to deep-fry everything edible, so he picked one of the most common “ingredients” for this task—water. The fact that he could do it in the first place is impressive enough, but someone should really check out this guy’s cholesterol!

Sushi, Is That You?

One of the gripes that people have with pizza is that they don’t like the crust and usually leave it in the pizza box. Well, this cook had a great idea to avoid this issue. But only if you really like raw fish!

Image source: elahyani/Reddit

This chef decided to turn the bread crust into sushi so that people could have two cuisines at once, Italian and Asian. But he didn’t take into consideration that these things have two very different palettes. To each his own, and god be with the person who eats it!

Tongue, The Hero!

Fancy restaurants often pride themselves on innovative dishes, and this one seems to have hit the jackpot. The genius behind this plate has realized the plight of the human tooth and wants to give them a rest through this dish.

Image source: ninjacrabby/Reddit

It was probably a lazy day at the restaurant where the chef decided to simply put different kinds of sauce on a plate in a very decorative manner and serve it to the customer. They must not have had any clean utensils either. Um, no, thank you!

A Sea of Mac and Cheese

This one is at least better than the mac and juice lemonade, but it has its own problems. At least the chef decided to cater to a few people who would like this dish. But the majority of the human race would surely run screaming for Italy.

Image source: sBroz410/Reddit

Pasta pizza is a thing. So are oversized slices. Combining the two, however, doesn’t look particularly appetizing. Kudos to the chef if they managed to get both the mac and cheese and pizza perfectly baked, but we’ll pass. Whoever eats this is going to have a massive overload of carbs.

Poutine With A Twist

If you’ve never heard of it, poutine is a famous dish in Canada which is fries dipped in cheese curds. Now, this lady must have taken inspiration from it and ordered a dish based on that, but people elsewhere in the world took serious offense to it.

Image source: RateMyPlate/Facebook and MVPJunkie/Twitter

It’s unclear whether or not this dish was put together in Italy, or if the picture went viral in Europe, but the reaction is what matters here. Although in certain parts of the world, this combination is accepted, the Italian people did not appreciate it and wanted her gone!

Pizza Waffles

Here is another fusion dish that nobody really asked for. You cannot combine two well-loved dishes and expect people to love it just as much. Sometimes, a positive and a positive don’t make a positive. And here is an example.

Image source: darrvis/Reddit

This cook must not have gotten the memo. He has created a pizza whose topping is none other than the very popular dish, chicken and waffles. The small waffle pieces even have maple syrup on them. So basically, maple-soaked pizza! What has the world come to?

A Grumpy Avocado

Now this chef went to so much hard work to make this avocado toast beautiful, that one would feel bad to even bite into it. Even the avocado man looks annoyed by it, and we can’t help but agree. Look!

Image source: cenabollywood/Reddit

Forget Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs, Jabbacado is the new big bad on the table, and he’s not happy to be here. We would hate to take a fork and knife to him, lest he turn them back on us.

A Little Yolky, A Little Chocolaty

First it was chicken, and now it is an egg. It seems people are determined to mix certain proteins with sugar products even though they shouldn’t be together. This sweet shop decided to play a cute prank on the locals… and it was not appreciated!

Image source: Darkness-Pride/Reddit

This is the consequence of the “is it cake” trend. The shop tried to trick their customers into thinking they made a cake that looked like an egg, but they just covered a hard-boiled egg in chocolate. What a gross April Fool’s Prank.

Sustainable Cooking

There is saving water, and then there is saving water. This woman decided to save water even at the cost of her own taste buds, who surely felt the brunt of her sacrifice after she put this food into her mouth.

Image source: madibskatin/Twitter

People often drink coffee in the morning as a way to energize themselves and to keep them going throughout the day. But the way this lady does things, it would probably keep her awake all day long, but over the toilet throwing up, of course. If she doesn’t, well, then she needs her taste buds checked.

Which One Is Real?

This restaurant decided that not only does it want to serve people authentic food, but it also wants to confuse them like a good brain teaser. Apparently, they didn’t think their customers would want to turn their brains off and simply enjoy their food.

Image source: mysterybkk/Reddit

The establishment here made edible rocks, served along with real rocks so that customers would have to hunt for the fake ones. Although the game sounds fun, nobody would play it because what if they bite into a real rock? This meal better come with free dental care.

Pretzel Pool of Cheese

This is another one of the dishes that can be counted as an acquired taste by some people, although technically, this doesn’t really make any sense. The chef decided to mix salty and sweet together by making a giant pretzel and dipping it in cheese.

Image source: Feuro_/Reddit

This looks like a pizza, but the only difference is that the base is that of a soft pretzel instead of dough. The top is filled with cheese and is also garnished with tiny pretzels and onion. We’ve heard of creative crusts, but things are going too far, if you ask us.

Two Peas On A Pizza

Humans are always trying to be innovative. Some scientists are working on sending people to Mars, while there are chefs trying to come up with new toppings for pizza. This person, who is clearly not a rocket scientist, went a bit overboard with their creation.

Image source: likerofgoodthings/Reddit

It took everyone a while to accept that some people like pineapple on pizza. But we doubt that this meal is going to be quietly accepted. We certainly hope it won’t become a regular option at pizzerias. God bless the soul of the person who came up with this.

Fusion Food?

Noodles are the staple food of all college kids, and it is the only food that keeps them alive during the four long years. Ah, to be young and healthy. But even they have standards when it comes to what they eat.

Image source: Mala_daptive_chi/Reddit

This tortilla is stuffed with noodles and nothing else. No sauce, no veggies, no nothing. The person probably only had that one tortilla and a pack of noodles in his fridge and decided, “why not make something with it?” We hope it was worth it.

Dinner or Dessert?

This one makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The chef probably thought he had come up with an innovative way to present his dish, but someone in the kitchen should probably tell him that he is just confusing people with his creation.

Image source: akidearest/Twitter

This person served a mountain of cold cuts with gravy on the side, and a delicate drizzle of…more gravy. But somewhere along the way, they hit their head with a frying pan. It looks like ice cream but tastes like meat? Yeah, that’s one way to confuse your taste buds.


This one is just confusing. Nobody knows what was going through the cook’s mind when he decided to create this dish, and no one really knows what the ingredients of this pizza are. But one thing is for sure. This pizza is just plain scary.

Image source: Imatworkgoaway/Reddit

Instead of the red marinara sauce we love, it’s covered in green cause and topped with purple slices of some god-forsaken fruit. And then, to make it even more horrible, the chef put crosses as eyes and a big red saucy smile. So the pizza is dead? Well, you would be, too, if you saw this pizza!

Literal Pizza Hut

You have probably seen a gingerbread house a thousand times, but have you ever seen a pizza house? That’s right. A mini house made of pizza dough, sauce, and cheese. We don’t know what this person was thinking when they built this house.

Image source: Imatworkgoaway/Reddit

This wannabe cook is probably a fan of Dexter, and that’s why they splattered sauce to make the house look like a bloody crime scene. Worst of all, it looks like they just put sauce and cheese on white cardboard.

Too Hard to Take In

People usually like their meat medium rare and sometimes medium well cooked. This customer ordered their steak well done, and the restaurant took it too seriously, it seemed. These steaks have already been cut into pieces and have been so well done that they don’t even look like steak anymore.

Image source: Splashystackss/Twitter

They look like pieces of wood or a bar of Snickers. If this is what the customer wanted, it’s well and good. But if not, he should probably ask for his money back. At least he doesn’t need to be concerned about undercooked meat.

Plastic Flavored Chicken?

With so many flavor options in the market today, people are looking for new flavors every day. And this chef has just introduced everyone to the newest of them all: plastic flavor! You will believe it the moment you see the picture below.

Image source: kuroyuki-okami/Reddit

Either this person doesn’t know how to thaw a chicken or is taking laziness to a whole new level. The chicken was probably frozen, and instead of microwaving it, this person decided to put it in a pan, plastic and all! Burnt plastic taste? Should be good!

Well, It IS A Vegetarian Pizza.

Non-vegetarian people already look down on vegetarian (especially vegan) people when they go to a restaurant together. But this person would have gotten an earful from his non-vegetarian friend if he was unlucky enough to have a meal with him.

Image source: saltrockchick96/Reddit

This pizza technically has vegetarian ingredients in it, but not exactly the ones that you would find on a regular pizza. Instead of onions, corn, tomatoes, and pepper, this pizza has celery and pumpkin pieces on it. Quite different, but yum?

Sandwich or Pizza? Have Both!

Sometimes we have double cravings where we want to eat two things, but we know our stomach can handle only one. And again, sometimes we are confused between choosing the healthy option or the unhealthy option. Don’t worry; this restaurant will help you with both!

Image source: onawitch/Reddit

This place probably had to see a lot of customers musing over their menu, taking hours choosing what to have. So, they decided to help them! They created a pizza that has the usual marina sauce but is then topped with noodles and then topped with the fixings of a normal sandwich.

Boba, My Love

Boba is an extremely popular ingredient that one can find in tea. It’s more popularly known as Boba tea, and you can probably find a picture of an aesthetic cup of boba tea on basically every Instagrammer’s feed. But what you don’t know is the amount of craze this boba has garnered among the people.

Image source: Sunny_thebangkoker/Reddit

Restaurants, in an attempt to look trendy, have started playing on the fascination that people have for boba tea. They have started making Boba Pizza, Boba Spaghetti, Boba Ramen, Boba Sandwiches, etc. New Food obsession or internet meme fodder? Only time will tell.

Simplicity Itself

There are some people who like extravagant food that would probably give them a heart attack within minutes of them consuming it. And then there are some people who like the bare minimum in their food, like this guy. It would be pretty easy to make breakfast for him, we gotta say.

Image source: wailflower92/Reddit

This guy has very simple needs and is happy when he gets them. All he wants is a sandwich made of a whole lotta mayonnaise, a big, big slice of tomato, and some peppers on top. Weirdest combination ever, for sure, but pretty easy to make. And hey, the heart wants what it wants.

Coloring Game

This one is awesome because your kids are probably going to love it, and if you go to this restaurant, they are probably going to beg you to let them have it. But, hopefully, you would know the difference—that it is all a hoax.

Image source: [deleted user]/Reddit

This restaurant serves rainbow-colored enchiladas and probably charges an exorbitant price for them. But the honest truth is, it’s probably the same recipe, but they just put different food colors on it. Otherwise, nobody wants to know where that blue sauce came from…..

Nothing to be Proud of

This restaurant definitely hates its customers. Liver meat is an acquired taste that very few people can stomach. And even those people who can usually have them in small bites. But this restaurant thought, “Why not reach for the moon?”

Image source: throwsx123/Reddit

They decided to put beef liver on their pizza. Oh, wait; no, no. They didn’t put beef liver on their pizza: they made the beef liver into a whole pizza. They used the liver instead of flour dough AND had the audacity to put lemons as toppings. Happy Pizza Night!

Hanging Chicken

Have you ever gone to a restaurant where the management thinks you are stupid and try to gaslight you by cooking the food in an over-the-top way instead of, say, the normal way? Well, this person tried to do the same and hoped that you wouldn’t notice.

Image source: deathstrike86/Reddit

This person came up with the unique idea to roast their chicken by hanging them on the grills instead of putting them on the tray like a normal human being. The one chicken on the side must have been the black sheep of the family since he couldn’t hang with the other chickens.