Eggs Taste More Delicious By Adding These 5 Herbs

By Kanyi M

You know the saying that the more, the merrier. Well, science seems to have shown that indeed it is true when it comes to flavor. This article lists some herb and spice combinations, a few of them being thyme with mint or sage with lavender, that can amp up your egg game into something out of this world! The combination possibilities are endless, and eggs can be used in many dishes: for breakfast (obviously), as an appetizer on bread with all sorts of toppings, as a protein added to sauces for grains or veggies, or just about anything.

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1. Thyme

This herb is excellent on eggs, especially if you serve them with bread, cheese, or meat. Its scent has been known to clear the mind and boost the mood and has been said to help prevent respiratory infections if added to hot water and consumed as a tea.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary, an evergreen herb characterized by sharp piney flavor and smell, can be used as an appetizer for cheese or even with other savory items like carrots. It is also reputed to stimulate hair growth, so rubbing it on the scalp before bedtime can certainly be good.

3. Oregano

Oregano oil is excellent for adding a tasty flavor of Mediterranean cuisine to eggs. You can also use the oil to add flavor and aroma to dry rubs, meats, vegetables, rubs, and marinades. It is also said to stimulate the digestive tract, which is great if you’re trying to get through a particularly rough patch of the flu or sickness (in places like Denmark).

4. Mint

Mint is a well-known herb for digestion issues, especially for upset stomachs due to its anti-fever properties. You can also add it to omelets or use leaves in lamb and vegetable stews as it has a good combination of both flavor and aroma and is slightly cooling to the body (similar to the ability of mint tea).

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5. Lavender

Adding lavender buds to eggs can be a unique way to add flavor and aroma to food. The herb is known for its ability to induce sleep or relaxation and also greatly aids in the relief of burns, like sunburns.