Culinary Controversies: 35+ People Share Their Hot Takes On Food Preferences

By Farah J

Do you ever wonder what kind of culinary crimes can lead to full-blown cancellation in today’s insanely opinionated world? In a world where cancel culture lurks around every corner, even our food choices are not safe from scrutiny.

Apparently, every bite is a potential social media landmine. Thanks to a viral tweet by a user named @Didiiiiiiiiii, people with a love for eyebrow-raising and downright hilarious food combos came forward to unapologetically declare their unique preferences.

We have the full range from self-proclaimed cheesecake haters to die-hard toast-dip-in-tea lovers. So, grab your favorite (cancelable) food because these 40 individuals are putting their necks on the line, fully aware that the gatekeepers of all things food might be coming for them!

Parenting 101

Ah! Who likes dinner table battlegrounds? Ashley certainly stirred the pot with this tweet, which has likely sparked many debates around family dinner tables. It is like a reminder of the trauma some of us might experienced many nights as kids. 

Image Source: The_Acumen/X

Let’s be honest here. The parents are also trying to do their best, no? While they shouldn’t be causing kids any kind of food-related trauma, they should also encourage a bit of adventurous eating! They probably think their kid’s initial “eww” might just turn into a “wow!”

Doritos flavors

In this amusing tweet, someone confidently declared that blue Doritos are the cream of the crop! Now, if you are wondering what the heck blue Doritos are, then allow us to tell you. This guy is referring to the cool ranch flavor. 

Image Source: Didiiiiiiiiii/X

This flavor is like the James Bond of the Doritos world, so we can’t fault their sentiments. Of course, taste is subjective, so not everyone might agree, but isn’t that what makes life and snack choices so interesting? You do you, blue Dorito lover! 

How would you like your steak?

We’ve got a real “foodie outlaw” on our hands here! This person said that those who dare to enjoy a well-cooked steak should be served some “light jail time.” Now, we are not sure if they were being serious or just tweeting a weird opinion to get a reaction.

Image Source: ladydragonjj/X

Who knew that enjoying a well-done steak could be a criminal offense? Some folks genuinely like their steak with that beautiful char on the outside. Well, maybe they are onto something, and we’ve been missing out on the delights of rare and medium-rare steak! 

Team waffles or team pancakes?

Waffles vs. pancakes, who wins? Well, we are not here to start a food feud, but let’s dish out the delicious details. While waffles are bona fide breakfast champions with their crispy, grid-like texture, pancakes are like a warm and cozy hug on the breakfast plate.

Image Source: Benologyy/X

Honestly, it all comes down to personal taste. If you’re Team Waffle, that’s awesome. And if you’re a pancake pal, that’s equally fantastic as long as you enjoy a healthy meal. So, keep flippin’ and syrup-ing your way to breakfast bliss!

Try try again

Who doesn’t love a good foodie plot twist? This tweet is like a culinary life coach, encouraging us to step out of our flavor comfort zones. Who knew that Brussels sprouts would one day become a trendy superfood? This universe has a wicked sense of humor! 

Image Source: FreakLimner/X

So, dive into this culinary game of “Spin the Bottle,” that promises to always land on a plate of something unfamiliar. If that “unfamiliar” thing doesn’t make you gag or send you sprinting to the bathroom, you should definitely go for it!

Super unpopular opinion

Blue cheese is such a funky little rebel in the cheese world. It’s like the defiant teenager of the dairy aisle, breaking all the rules. People who like blue cheese are the hipsters of the cheese world. They embrace the unconventional and are not afraid to show it.

Image Source: boxer_sacha/X

We may not see eye to eye on this one, but that is what makes the world of food so interesting. Like a never-ending buffet of opinions and tastes, blue cheese is definitely sitting in the corner of the table, doing its own thing. 

Picky or rude?

So it turns out, even in the wild world of the animal kingdom, there’s a fair share of fussiness around food. We cannot blame them, though. Imagine being a lion, and instead of a juicy steak, you’re handed a dry salad!  

Image Source: AlHendiify/X

And let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t felt like a picky eater at some point? Your toddler isn’t just a fussy pint-sized gourmet critic. They’re probably responding to their body cues. So whether it’s a human baby or a furbaby, remember, pickiness has no bounds. 

Pickles are godsend

Oh, pickles! Those crunchy green delights! This tweet gets straight to the point, and we have to say we’re on board with this sentiment. Pickles, in all their briny and tangy glory, can be quite the heavenly addition to a meal. Don’t y’all agree?

Image Source: fixateddumbass/X

If any of you has ever been skeptical about pickles, then it’s high time to pickle your curiosity and take a bite. And If you’re a pickle hater, we might have to question your life choices. It’s hard to argue against the humble pickle’s charm!

Liver lover, anyone?

The liver can be a real love-it-or-hate-it kind of dish. Whether it’s a cow’s liver, a goat’s liver, a chicken’s liver, or any other animal’s liver, this dish is not everyone’s cup of tea. But who knows, maybe there are more people out there willing to try it.

Image Source: zane_lelo_zulu/X

Liver, like many other foods, has its champions and its critics. It’s a dish that can make you smile or squirm, depending on your taste buds. But whether you’re Team Liver or Team “No thanks,” remember there’s a whole world full of unique food out there waiting for you! 

Weirdly good threes

Come on, it’s 2023, people! We’ve got self-driving cars and robots, but we are still side-eyeing people who dare to put juicy berries on their bagels. And then there’s the jelly and cheese on crackers. Such a weirdly good combo it is! Sweet and savory.

Image Source: LilDevilKitten/X

But honestly, how will a mixture of candy and popcorn taste? Seems like we have to find out by trying these three strange sweet and salty combinations. After all, we like to think of ourselves as trailblazers in the world of quirky culinary delights! 

Boring is cool

Next, we’ve got a refreshing reminder that not everyone needs to be a thrill seeker or a culinary daredevil. There’s something strangely comforting about sticking to the classics, no? You can’t go wrong with Pepperoni Pizza and vanilla ice cream. 

Image Source: SpectralAurora_/X

Moreover, who needs all those fancy dipping sauces when you’ve got the good ol’ red stuff, right? So cheers to the folks who are cool with their deliciously boring choices. After all, comfort food, coupled with Netflix, is the best combination! 


Looks like we’ve got a mushroom hater on our hands! This tweet by Faith is a hilarious and relatable take on the divisive world of mushrooms. Some people might sing praises about these veggies, but this Twitter user is not buying it! 

Image Source: girlcel_/X

Apparently. they feel like slimy little slugs making a daring escape down her throat! Though some folks absolutely adore them for their earthy flavor, others just can’t get past the sensation that they are eating garden slugs. That feels like an exaggeration, but it’s not entirely wrong.

Egg choices

But if the egg is not runny, how will you dip your toast? Welcome to the egg debate! Runny or not runny, that is the question. This person claims that eggs should have a little more backbone. Of course, that doesn’t include scrambled eggs.

Image Source: Didiiiiiiiiii/X

For those who prefer their eggs more solid than a rock, there’s a practical side to it, too. Runny eggs can be messy business. Additionally, non-runny eggs make for a sturdy base in breakfast sandwiches, and you can confidently stack your bacon on top! 

Tomato horror

Next, we have the tomato controversy! If someone wants to munch on a tomato like it’s a juicy red apple, who are we to judge him? It sounds a bit unconventional and weird, but maybe it’s an acquired taste. We’ve all got our quirks, right?

Image Source: iwonheehoon/X

Whether you are team “tomato-apple” or team “tomato slice,” let’s keep the kitchen conversations lighthearted and delicious. After all, tomato-eating devils have a method to their madness, and who knows, you might find a new way to eat veggies, right? 

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is upper-echelon stuff

During our ‘cancelable foods’ journey, we stumbled upon a tweet from a self-proclaimed ice cream whiz. According to this person, mint chocolate chip ice cream is reserved for the elite with “finer palettes.” We never knew our taste buds had to be dressed to the nines to enjoy this flavor! 

Image Source: doubleohstatus/X

Whether you’re a member of the “finer palettes” club or just someone who enjoys the refreshing combo of mint and chocolate chips on a hot summer day, let’s remember that ice cream is for everyone (well, unless you’re lactose intolerant). So, raise your cones and spoons high! 

An abomination

This one sounds strange, but we won’t be able to stop ourselves from giving it a go! You’ve got to admire Lexi’s audacity, no? Maybe this person is onto a strangely satisfying taste combination. Or perhaps it’s a weird secret family combo passed down for generations!

Image Source: dawnika03/X

If he enjoys his unique pizza and Coca-Cola fusion, more power to him! After all, it’s all about personal taste, right? And if he’s having fun with it, we can all raise a pizza slice and toast to his unapologetic culinary spirit.

Why bananas?

Who are we to argue with the profound wisdom contained in those three simple words? Bananas are basically nature’s candy. They’re sweet, portable, and come with their very own natural wrapper. That’s why it was weird to see this tweet here.

Image Source: Didiiiiiiiiii/X

Someone out there must have thrown their deepest ick for bananas on the internet at some point, and this guy must have thought it was only right to defend bananas on behalf of all banana lovers. Well, we can’t think of any reason for disliking this sweet goodness. Imagine hating banana bread!

All sorts of disgust

We have stumbled upon a controversial candy conspiracy. This tweet claims that anyone who munches on mini licorice is essentially one step away from a full-blown cannibal! Clearly, the woman who tweeted this has a vivid imagination or a pretty wild sense of humor! 

Image Source: khumbuziile/X

While licorice candies can be a bit divisive, some people adore them. On the other hand, some simply can’t stand that unique and specific flavor. But equating enjoying a chewy candy with having a hankering for human flesh is a bit of a stretch, right? 

Watermelon and kale

Such passionate and somewhat quirky culinary opinions here. Some folks might find juicing a watermelon a bit unusual, but it can be quite refreshing on a hot summer’s day and an excellent way to stay hydrated. If you’re not a fan, that’s cool.

Image Source: lynneaosborn/X

The second part is quite a vivid explanation of disdain for kale. Glass-eating aside, you’ve got a wide array of other delicious greens to choose from if kale isn’t your jam. In the culinary world, there’s always room for diversity when it comes to controversial veggies.

Beanie tacos

This person is clearly an extreme taco enthusiast. It’s also safe to say they’ve got zero love for rice and beans cozying up to their tortillas. We are talking about some serious anti-rice-and-bean sentiments. He clearly raises his flag high for team “meat and salsa”! 

Image Source: doubleohstatus/X

Can y’all see the level of enthusiasm in this tweet? Who knew tacos could inspire such a strong reaction? Maybe this person had one too many “compromised” taco experiences. Everyone’s got their own idea of the perfect taco, so feel free to share yours with the world. 

Sweet grits?

Taste buds are funny things. They can lead you down some rather unexpected culinary paths. For many purists, sugar in grits is like wearing a swimsuit to a snowball fight. They prefer their grits savory, perhaps with butter and a sprinkle of salt. 

Image Source: ladruggie/X

Conversely, there are those who are all for the sugar rush in their grits. It’s a bit of an eternal struggle for them to choose between team salty or team sweet. But our ‘tweeter’ here belongs to the “anti-sugar” camp, and he’s not afraid to express his distaste for the sugar-in-grits combo! 

Original tops all

This person seems to have taken a solemn oath to protect the sanctity of the OG Pringle, standing guard against any interlopers in the flavor department. To him, all those other flavors are just “mid,” which in today’s lingo means they’re average at best! 

Image Source: terrificprodig1/X

Let’s just say he has found his snacking soulmate in those classic, unadorned potato crisps. After all, who doesn’t love dried mashed potatoes? Onion and sour cream, cheddar cheese, paprika, salt, and vinegar flavors are good, too, though. Hey, Big Bird, you should also try these someday! 

Kraft mac n (powdered) cheese

Kemi clearly isn’t holding back her feelings in this tweet! She gave us a hot take on Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. Seems like she had a bad batch, or she forgot to add some extra cheese or spices to jazz the dish up.

Image Source: kemimarie/X

Kraft Mac n Cheese might not win any gourmet awards, but let’s be real here: it’s a quick, easy, and budget-friendly dish, no? If Kemi used some powdered cheese in her dish, then we’d certainly agree with her. We’ve all been there. Food disappointment can hit hard! 

Nugget dip

Isn’t this tweet just dripping with delicious self-acceptance? This Twitter user proudly declared his love for buttermilk ranch as his go-to nugget-dipping sidekick. It’s like he’s trying to say that the world is missing out on a creamy, tangy, and downright scrumptious experience.

Image Source: doubleohstatus/X

If he wants to dunk his nuggets into ranch dressing, then who are we to say no? We must admit this choice of buttermilk dressing is quite unique. But if you prefer sriracha or even chocolate syrup for your nuggets, we will certainly not judge you. Well, maybe a little. 

Stop picking out your onions!

Our next Twitter user threw a bullet at all onion-haters. She came out swinging against anyone who dares to admit that they are not a fan of onions. That’s a really spicy take! Moreover, she brought tomatoes into the mix as well!

Image Source: talleyberrybaby/X

We know that not everyone has a love affair with onions and tomatoes. While some may call it a “stunted palate,” kinder people might call it “quirky taste buds.” But one thing is clear: this woman is clearly judging you and your choices.

Someone said it

Folks, we’ve got quite the character on our hands with this one. Mel here sounds like she has been stuck in a rut of uninspiring meals, or perhaps she has been munching on plain oatmeal for the past decade or so. 

Image Source: Melethonomia/X

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you get so fed up with the same old recipes that it can start to feel like you’re on Groundhog Day! Mel, food can be exciting. From whipping up gourmet delights to experimenting with new cuisines, you can find your own foodie adventure. 

Nut haters

A nutty controversy! This user is taking a rather extreme stance on the inclusion of nuts in cookies and cakes. We are guessing she had a very bad experience while eating a carrot cake with a rotten nut in her mouth! We feel you, dear. 

Image Source: AmeriKraut/X

However, suggesting “jail” for all nut lovers is a bit harsh, isn’t it? Some people absolutely love crunchy, nutty goodness in their sweets, while others, including this user, don’t. Food preferences are a matter of personal taste, as we’ve seen, so remember to always ask.

Sushi: flavourful or aesthetic?

Welcome to the perennial debate of sushi! Seems like this woman is not quite sold on the hype. Sushi can be a bit of a diva when it comes to its presentation, no? Just think of all those beautifully arranged, colorful rolls that look like edible art! 

Image Source: nana_adjoaaa/X

Maybe she had one too many experiences where the sushi just didn’t do it for her. And that’s completely fair. Different strokes for different folks! However, most East Asians would swear by this delicacy. Totally understandable since they are the source.

What about apple pies?

This tweet is like a playful food fight invitation that adds a dash of humor to the ongoing debate of how to best enjoy fruit. Is this Twitter user a diehard fruit salad enthusiast or just a fan of raw, unaltered fruit? We’d say both! 

Image Source: FlyIngenuity/X

In the culinary world, fruit sometimes takes a detour into the oven or a simmering pot, whether for pies, crisps, or jams. So, our fruit defender here is swimming against the stream. We know so many people who enjoy a good fruit cobbler.

Bashed or nah?

The person who tweeted this takes his avocado really seriously! He’s firing up the “cancel culture” canons for anyone who dares to bash this green, creamy fruit! We can almost picture him shouting on a hill, “Avocado lovers unite,” while waving a green flag. 

Image Source: lilKinyanju/X

Perhaps he is just a firm believer in the magic of avocados. After all, they are good fats, right? So whether you are an avocado aficionado or an avocado adversary, just remember that this is all in the name of deliciously debatable discussions! 

The disliked duo

Honeydew and cantaloupe; the disliked duo! In just seven words, this person has managed to express a rather passionate dislike for these two fruits. We get it; not everyone’s a fan of these two guys. Some folks find their taste too mild or their texture a bit unappetizing.  

Image Source: cybrdurag/X

But hey, fruits have feelings, too, don’t they? Well, they don’t, but you get what we’re trying to get at! It’s kind of funny how someone can be so vehement about the existence of two innocent fruits, no? What’s your version of honeydew and cantaloupe?

Is coffee overrated?

We love a coffee debate, don’t y’all? This Twitter user certainly has a strong opinion about the beloved caffeinated beverage. His claim might ruffle some feathers in the caffeine-loving community. Coffee, after all, has a wide range of flavors and profiles. It’s like a treasure trove of tastes. 

Image Source: Derivativethou/X

It’s like a blank canvas for customization. And just like an artist with a blank canvas, coffee lovers can craft their caffeinated masterpieces. If you don’t wish to partake, then remember that it’s perfectly okay to enjoy whatever you like, depending on your taste buds.

Toast and tea

Hey folks! Life’s too short to take people’s toast-dipping choices too seriously! The person behind this tweet is certainly not a fan of dipping toast in tea or coffee. Who knows, maybe they had some traumatic toast-dipping experiences in the past or something! A sunken piece of bread, maybe?

Image Source: malumzskhulu/X

Talk about toast drama! Some folks might find the idea of soggy toast a bit off-putting and the drink too greasy and filled with crumbs, while others might see it as a perfectly delightful way to enjoy their morning brew.

Chocolate ice cream

Oh boy! Where do we even start with this bold statement? So, it seems like someone out there is really convinced that chocolate is the absolute worst flavor of ice cream. But hey, everyone’s entitled to their own taste, even if it’s a little peculiar, right? 

Image Source: _chef2b_/X

We don’t blame this woman. Maybe she just hasn’t found the right brand or concoction of chocolate ice cream that would change her life. Or perhaps they’ve been eating the wrong chocolate ice cream all this time. It’s a tough world out there for ice cream enthusiasts!

Chicken or beef?

Well, someone’s thrown down the gauntlet in the burger battle! In the next one, Julia makes a bold claim, stating that chicken burgers are superior to their beefy counterparts. Looks like she has had a few rubbery beef burgers in the past, and now she’s Team Chicken all the way. 

Image Source: classictaleni/X

Chicken burgers can be mighty delicious if they’re seasoned right and grilled to perfection. But when it comes to an indulgent burger experience, beef often takes the crown. So, while Julia may be a clucker for chicken burgers, let’s not forget that beefy goodness has its own place, too! 

The famous pizza debate

Ah, the infamous pizza debate! Sebulelo is taking a bold stance in the world of unconventional pizza toppings. After all, pizza is a canvas for creativity, and in the wide world of culinary experimentation, anything is possible, right? So, no judgments! 

Image Source: sebulelo_m/X

The creamy texture and mild flavor of avocado could potentially balance out the heat of some spicy toppings or complement the cheese. As for pineapple, the sweet and tangy notes can be a fun contrast to the savory ingredients. Case closed!

Overrated or nah?

Someone else on the internet has thrown a bit of shade at our beloved chocolate! Maybe this person has been surviving on a diet of kale and celery her whole life and hasn’t experienced the sheer joy of a good old chocolate bar. 

Image Source: MflsT1983/X

You know what, some folks might not be into chocolate, and that’s perfectly fine. They might give it a polite nod and move on to some other dessert options. In contrast, some people (read us) adore chocolate more than life itself. No way it’s overrated!

Italian seafood pasta

Well, seafood pasta is a thing in Italy, so she might be right! It might sound a bit unconventional to some, but the idea of spaghetti and fish as a meal is a unique culinary adventure. The dynamic duo of dinner by the sea, who would’ve thought?

Image Source: CJOHSOA1/X

This woman is clearly onto something. After all, pasta and seafood are quite the match made in gastronomic heaven, like Batman and Robin or peanut butter and jelly. Who knows, maybe this tweet will inspire you to try something new and exciting in your kitchen! 

Mayo has range

First off, you’ve got to admire the enthusiasm here! Who knew mayonnaise had such a huge fan club? This person clearly believes in the superpower of mayo, as they think it’s the magical condiment that can turn any dish into a culinary masterpiece.

Image Source: Didiiiiiiiiii/X

Well, to say it goes with “anything” might be pushing it a bit! Can you really picture mayonnaise on your morning cereal or as an ice cream topping? We’re exaggerating, but you get the point. While mayo is a fantastic companion, it’s not exactly a universal match made in food heaven! 

Hate for cheesecake?

To conclude our list, this person does not just dislike cheesecake; they seem to have a full-blown vendetta against cheesecake! Cheesecake is like the Marmite of the dessert world; you either love it or you think it’s the absolute worst.

Image Source: ryasugu/X

In the end, it’s all in good fun, and food opinions can be like a piece of cheesecake, no? A bit sweet or sour, depending on your taste buds. So, let’s keep the dessert wars lighthearted and remember that cheesecake has its own devoted fan club, too.