Cheeky Cuisine: Creative Artist Adds Quirky Faces To Everyday Meals

By Jishnu B

2020 was quite a surprise for us. One day you were frolicking with your friends, and the next, the government put you in lockdown. Those two years were tough, to say the least. Paranoia spread faster than the virus, and we lost many of our loved ones.

But some good also came out of it. We finally got a break from school and the never-ending grind and had time to focus on developing our hobbies. It was basically a small-scale renaissance, and Corinne/_ghoul_mom_ was no different.

Remember when your mother scolded you as a kid whenever you played with your food? This artist puts a twist on that by creating playful food creations. Perhaps that makes her a bad girl because she loves playing with food! No? Well, today, we compiled 40 of our faves from her kitchen for your enjoyment. 

Terrorfried Eggs

We have about 14 dollars in our bank account, and we are willing to give it all away to see a pro-life protest about unfertilized chicken eggs. Who knows, the omelet on your breakfast platter could have been a mighty rooster one day. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

You don’t have to be an eggspert (apologies for the pun) to know that these two eggs are terrofried. Look how pitifully they are crying on top of that hot pan. Though we cannot save them, we guarantee their sacrifice will not be forgotten. 

Photato bomb

Doth our eyes deceive us? Or is that “Mr. Potato Head” from Pixar’s Toy Story? If it’s not, Pixar should definitely cast one of these dashing Idaho potatoes from Corinne’s collection. We are sure they will fit perfectly with the rest of the toys. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Despite having such a simple design, they also seem to have a lot of personality. These are just old potatoes with synthetic eyes and pink fondant lips attached to them. Yet you can clearly detect the mischievousness of the photobombing potato at the front!


Never tell a joke to a bunch of eggs — you will crack ’em up! We know we’re probably the only ones who cracked up at this. That’s because normies like us are suffering through inflation, and even buying eggs can lead us to potential bankruptcy.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

You can imagine how much our hearts hurt from the egg white dripping on the counter. However, great art requires great sacrifices. Thankfully, Corinne assured us on her Instagram that every droplet of egg white was scrapped up and utilized.  

A seedy character

Pomegranate is the caviar of vegans. It gives you a unique eating experience thanks to how poppable it is. No one can resist this fantastic fruit. Even Persephone, who was adamant about not staying in the underworld, tied herself to Hades after having one. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Usually, pomegranate kernels look like bright red rubies. If it was possible, we might have made jewelry out of them. However, after seeing this photo, we are convinced that even a pomegranate can seem intimidating sometimes. It looks like crystalized blood is oozing out of its mouth!

Keep the doctor away… permanently

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you are going to eat apples daily to keep sickness away, you should definitely invest in green granny smith apples. They are comparatively tarter and have less sugar compared to red apples. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

However, we are not sure if the granny smith apple in the front can offer you any health benefits. They are probably the poisoned apple that was gifted to “Snow White” by the “Evil Queen.” His brothers in the background are rightfully horrified by his toxic transformation. 

By Dre

No offense, but these beets have faces that only their mother could love. Kids hate vegetables on a universal scale (adults do too). However, if they had seen these beets, they would have been even more determined not to eat them. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

By the way, what happened to the best in the middle? Its right eye seems a little red. Did someone perhaps ‘beet’ them up (sincere apologies for the pun)? Maybe having some Borscht soup will help them with blood loss. 

Easy peasy

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy — a quote that we have heard numerous times. It’s easy peasy enough for us humans. All we have to do is squeeze some lemons in a glass of clean water, and tada! — you just made yourself some lemonade. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

However, it’s not so easy peasy for the lemons who receive the ‘squeezy.’ Nobody loves being squeezed. Remember how much you hated your cheeks being squeezed by older aunties? It’s worse for lemons. Look how exhausted this lemon is after having been drained of its essence! 

 Things on my plate are really piling up

We love macaroons, yet we also kinda detest them. They are superbly delicious with the perfect amount of sweetness since they are essentially lightly crispy cookies with smooth cream filling. Nothing beats the experience of biting into a freshly baked macaroon. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

The French really do have superior culinary techniques. However, not everyone can enjoy macaroons because of how expensive they are. That’s mainly because they are made with almond flour. This particular stack seems to be mocking us, knowing we can’t afford them. 

Resistance is fruitile

We support the vegan movement wholeheartedly (it’s only radical vegans that get on our nerves). It seems that this majestic dragon fruit has also converted to a vegan diet since he is eating fruit. Is it vegan or fruitarian? We can’t tell.

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

See, both the dragon fruit and the strawberry fall under the fruit category in a food chart. Therefore, would it not be cannibalistic for the dragon fruit to eat this tiny strawberry? We feel berry sad for this poor little fruit!  

What’s lurking in those nooks and crannies?

When you gaze at the abyss, the abyss gazes back at you. And when you try to take a bite of this peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it will take a bite out of you instead. Remember that gnarly book from the third Harry Potter movie that used to bite people? 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

This sandwich oddly reminds us of that book. It’s a shame that Corrine only discovered her passion for food art in the recent quarantine years. She would have performed marvelously for fantasy movie sets like the Harry Potter series with her creative food designs. But there’s still time, so who knows?

Who Eve? Nah haven’t seen her

This granny smith apple has surely committed at least one murder in its lifetime. Though we have no proof of this, sometimes your sixth sense just tells you these things. If you see this apple walking in the streets, walk away without making eye contact. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

While it may be said that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, this apple is a thug and has no respect for rules. They can and will land you in an emergency room. Please proceed with caution (better yet, don’t proceed anywhere close to them at all). 

Pretty in pink

Pink is back in fashion, people. Some will say it never quite went out, but we would respectfully disagree since we remember being bullied in middle school for wearing pink trousers. That said, thanks to the new Barbie (2023) movie, pink is back in full swing!

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Frankly, we are quite happy about it. However, this cotton candy is not. It is furious since everyone is devoting pinkness to the new movie and not them, which is a very valid reason to be angry if you as us. Cotton candies existed way before Barbies, so show them some love too.

International Haunted House of Pancakes

Nothing screams ‘America’ like a fat stack of warm pancakes in the morning. The only thing that can rival the Americanness of such a scene is probably gun violence. A happy home is built on serving pancakes for breakfast, and evidently, Corrine takes this very seriously.

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

She made a literal house on top of a stack of pancakes. Since it was posted in October, she made it Halloween-themed by incorporating traditional Halloween colors. We bet they were delicious. Even the ghosts are dying to try it!  

Kiwi talk about this?!

We bet Halloween at Corrine’s house is the most joyful holiday. This woman had the capability to make art out of any kind of food. She could probably make a bowl of soup weep or make enviable curls out of ramen.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Therefore, we have reason to believe she throws the best Halloween parties. Each food on her table has comical, life-like expressions. There is no telling what we wouldn’t give up to be invited to Corrine’s house during this exciting holiday! 

An unbalanced breakfast

Contrary to popular belief, breakfast is the most essential meal. Your first meal provides you with enough energy to work through the day. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be too much since it could drag you down or make you feel queasy. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Which is why we always suggest everyone quit caffeine. Sure, it wakes you up properly, but it also makes you neurotic. That’s why this donut is trying to discourage you from taking it. You should definitely heed the warning when even a sugary donut is concerned for your health.  

Resistance is fruitile 2.0

Move out of the way, Toy Story. It’s time for another hit movie, the ‘Food Story.’ This could be a brilliant idea if it was well executed. It could be a story about foods that have a limited shelf life and have to live life to the fullest very fast!

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

If someone were to actually make this idea come to fruition (no pun intended), please make sure to hire Corrine. She will turn your vision into reality. Look at how well she is telling a story about this yellow fruit being bullied by a bunch of rambutans. 

‘Tis the season to be gassy

Your parents may be pushing you to eat more vegetables now. However, do not be deceived. Even battle-hardened souls like them were incapable of eating brussel sprouts, and no one can blame them. Brussel sprouts before the ’90s were horrid.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Wild brussel sprouts evolved to have a bitter, sulfur taste to fend off predators. A Dutch scientist later bred them to get rid of glucosinolates – the component that made them so terrible. This devious plate of sprouts is what our ancestors saw when they were told to eat veggies by their parents!

Baguettes aren’t born; they’re bread

We are in ‘loaf’ after seeing this majestic son of the French. This baguette is a handsome boy, and he clearly knows it. But as much as he is beautiful, we should also show some well-deserved appreciation for Corrine’s skills. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Her creations are not as simple as you might think. You can’t just put two plastic doll eyes on a banana and call it a day. Corrine puts a lot of effort into these. For example, check out this bread’s tongue. You can even see its realistic texture. 

AnxieTea time

So little is said, yet much can be interpreted from this photo. As cute as every component from this picture is, none of them seem happy. They say you should make lemonades when life rewards you with lemons, but it’s never that straightforward. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

This lemon slice is clearly upset about being mixed with tea instead of making lemonade. The tea doesn’t seem too thrilled about the lemon’s presence, either. That said, the most tragic characters in this photo are the cookies. Look how sad they are for their fallen brother.

There’s bean a breakout!

May the lord have mercy on our souls, for we are about to die from cuteness! Is this even legal? These jelly beans by Corrine are a menace to society thanks to how lethal they are. These could give someone a heart attack!

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

The photo makes us want to pick up one of these babies and adopt them. They are so sweet that we don’t even have to eat them to get diabetes. We doubt we can ever eat jelly beans after seeing this. 

We hang out a bunch

So you remember what we said about how you can’t put two eyes on a banana and call it a day? Well, we take that back because, apparently, you can. However, it has to be Corrine doing it because we doubt anyone else can bring food to life the same way. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

It is just two pairs of eyes on two bananas, yet they express so much. You can almost feel the awkward silence between them. It’s almost as if one leaked classified nuclear codes to the public, and the other has no words to say to them. 

You make me melt

Whoever invented ice cream should be given the Nobel Peace Prize because nothing can bring you peace like a soothing bowl of ice cream. With the right amount of this delectable treat, you could even stop wars! Yes, we said it.

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Someone should make a time machine just so we can find the person responsible for this invention and give them this award. Sadly, the heatwave in our country is so intense that ice creams melt as soon as they are brought out of the freezer, just like this one.


Are you a sweet tooth who cannot eat anything sweet due to your strict diet? Well, have no fear since Corrine is here. She came up with the best way to eat sweet marshmallows without putting your health at risk.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

They say you have to burn off calories by exercising after you eat something. But why not just burn the calories before eating?! Well, this is the best way to burn 80 calories. Follow Corrine on Instagram for more fitness tips and amazing art!

Worm Cake

Besides being an amazing food artist, Corrine is also the proud mother of two beautiful children. Being her child must be a joyful experience. There will never be a dull day at the dinner table. We imagine every meal must be fun and colorful in that house.    

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

She has a daughter who turned three last year. This little girl must have also inherited her mother’s creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking since she asked for a worm cake for her big day. Corrine, being the amazing mom she is, complied and did an amazing job. 

She’s a little nutty

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a classic. It is so simple and fast to make, yet it is so unbelievably delicious. We have never met a person who hates Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (nut-allergic folks do not count).

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Even if you don’t like it, it’s never to the point of hatred and definitely not fear. However, Corrine somehow managed to make us fearful of this PB&J sandwich. We do not need to have a nut allergy to turn down this sandwich.  


Allow us to teach you an important life hack: never trust people who dislike garlic. These people are either blood-sucking vampires, or they are just humans with rubbish taste in food. Either way, neither of these specimens can be trusted. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

We are the kind of people who use 16 cloves of garlic when the recipe calls for 4. After years of doing this, we can safely say that there’s nothing wrong with it. The more garlic, the better. You should definitely make roasted garlic like this. 

Summer body needs s’more work

Apologies for bombarding you with these puns. However, for once, we are not at fault. Besides being a talented food artist, Corrine is also an expert pun maker! Her Instagram is basically a crash course in pun-making. We can’t stop ourselves!

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Almost all her creations are paired with the cheesiest of puns in the captions. It is actually clever and adorable. Please visit her Instagram page if you want to s’more (pun intended). Maybe she will reward you with a cute s’more like this if you follow her!


This brings a smile to our faces. Meatballs with spaghetti is a classic comfort dish all around the world. Usually, we would have suggested not to tamper too much with the original recipe. However, we could never say that to Corrine. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Her experimental nature is what defines her craft, and we could never oppose it. Also, that meatball and spaghetti must be quite the bomb recipe if the dish is attempting to eat itself! We bet her kids absolutely love her cooking and decorations. 

Freaky fruit

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again: we are willing to give up all our life savings to be invited to Corrine’s house during Halloween. She has the best food decorations in town, and no one can change our minds about that.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Halloween is when artists get to channel most of their creativity. We bet that’s the case for Corrine as well. This little fruit must be from one of her Halloween parties. We wonder what was so good that it blew its mind!

If you don’t like him, he’ll be crushed

This is not just a pun anymore. The pineapple species has been used and abused for so many years. There are worse fruits to hate. Also, pineapples do belong on pizza (sorry, Italians). They also belong in burgers and other savory items. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Their tartness and sweetness pair perfectly well with savory items. They also help cut through the grease. Do not even think of using the excuse of it being a fruit. Tomato is also a fruit. But you still use it on a pizza, correct? 

Bite your tongue!

Golden Oreos are an abomination. There, we said it. They should have never seen the light of day. The alkalized cocoa powder is what gives Oreo its signature dark color and taste. If you take it away, it’s not an Oreo anymore.

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Yeah, we have strong feelings about the golden Oreo. We can tolerate the filling between the cookies diverting from its original vanilla flavor. However, the cookie itself should never change from the OG chocolate ones. Corrine accurately portrayed the monster that the golden Oreo truly is. 

The OG

There he is, our old friend. He is the Rolls Royce of mass-produced cookies. Many cookie brands will hit and miss the market. However, nothing can ever replace the original Oreo. Nothing will ever compare to the taste of this cookie dunked in milk.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

We never understood why people got addicted to drugs. You could buy Oreos from any grocery store for way cheaper and get addicted to it. Just be careful not to develop diabetes and die young. Balance is key even with this timeless snack.

Refined (sugar) Art

You remember how you came up with the oddest yet the most creative combinations when you were young? When you grow up, you are hit with rationality. You have to worry about things like paying bills and eating less sugar.

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Therefore, it gets harder to tap into the creativity we had while we were young. However, this looks like something that came out of a child’s imagination. It’s almost as if someone dumped the entire cast of Sesame Street on this cake!

I love you so mochi

Do not be deceived by these sweet treats. They are possibly the most lethal dessert. It’s not because they are sweet and can put you at risk of obesity and other conditions (mochis are never too sweet), but because of what a big choking hazard this snack is.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Every year more than 4000 people die from choking on mochi. That’s a higher death toll than shark attacks! Therefore, you should be careful to chew these little critters and swallow them properly. They should definitely be kept away from children and the elderly. 


At this point, not even becoming a vegan is an option for us. We might as well just starve and die. We especially feel this way after scouring Corrine’s Instagram page and seeing all the cute things she’s made with fruits and vegetables.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Did you really think you could prevent murder by eating a blueberry muffin and instead of chicken? Sadly for both you and me, an entire colony of blueberries lives in those muffins. You slaughter families when you take a bite of them.  

I’ve bean thinking I should get a new hobby

We would never recommend that Corrine get a new hobby. Hers already brings us joy. You might be having the worst Monday ever, but one look at her page will calm down every one of your problems. Her creations are just that wholesome. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

However, sometimes she makes things that are so cute that we don’t ever want to eat those items ever again. It feels like a sin to bite into a banana after seeing her art. What if we are hurting it? Maybe we should see a therapist. We fear we might have developed an unknown disorder!

He’s hardcore

Holy guacamole! That is one scary avocado. This little man is probably part of the Mexican drug cartel. We will lovingly name him El Avo. Additionally, we will also suggest you run for the hills if you see this fruit.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

It will probably make guac out of you after beating you up. We should also mention that we greatly admire Corrine’s ability to make a Walmart avocado look intimidating. This thing looks like it can and will kill you if given the chance!

Orange cake

We may be severely lactose intolerant, but nothing can stop us from eating that cake. Even if it sends us into a coma, we will eat every crumb of it. Not even the facial expressions it dons can prevent us from eating it.  

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Corrine’s husband once told her, “You don’t have to put tongues on everything you bake.” However, we wholeheartedly disagree. The realistic tongues may be a bit freaky, but none of us are aiming for a Michelin star. Besides, those tongues are her signature move!

They’re in a jam

They’re in a jam, both FIGuratively and literally (sincere apologies for the pun. We will do it again). These figs look a bit like metal singers. They seem to be shouting crazily like them! We appreciate how realistic Corrine made them. 

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

We wouldn’t be too surprised if these figs started singing songs from Metallica or Iron Maiden. The one yellow confetti tooth in their mouth just sells them more as a metal band. If you’re reading this, Corrine, please invite us to your house on Halloween. 

No thanks, I’m stuffed

We do not know about you, but we will never even attempt these pastas. As much as we love stuffed pasta shells, we love living more (quite surprisingly). We can’t eat these even if we tried. We’re certain they would eat us instead!

Image Credit: @_ghoul_mom_/ Instagram

Since we are at the end of this listicle, we should also talk about how time-consuming it must be to make these food projects. For example, Corrine painfully placed individual pine nuts on each shell to give them a fierce look. Meanwhile, we don’t bother to microwave ours because we are too lazy!