45 Hilarious Yet Incredibly Accurate Food Memes

By Jhoana C

Food is one of the best things about living. Being able to eat a variety of cuisines and dishes makes life more bearable, and that’s a fact. Some people are so preoccupied with food that they dream about it when they fall asleep and think about it in their waking hours.

You may not be a foodie, but certainly, there were occasions when you couldn’t wait to sink your teeth into your favorite steak or lasagna. The fact that so many people love food makes food memes some of the best memes out there.

Thanks to the internet, now we get to enjoy some of the funniest memes out there that we might never have come across if it weren’t for social media. On Facebook, there’s a group called Wannabe Food, where people share some hilarious stuff.

Here are 45 food memes that are hilarious yet pretty accurate.

This is true on so many levels!

This meme has been shared so many times, probably because it rings true on so many levels. Except when you’re baking, or the results can be disastrous. Why? Because baking is a science. You just can’t guesstimate ingredients and hope for a favorable outcome.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Things just don’t work that way when it comes to baking. You need to follow instructions and measure things carefully as if your life depended on this. But yes, when you’re cooking, you can rely on your ancestors to pat you on the back.

The king of buckets

If you’re one of those people who just can’t seem to get enough of macaroni and cheese, perhaps you might want to head to Costco and get the ultimate bucket. Yup, this isn’t a drill or a joke; it’s the plain truth.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

This bucket is bigger than KFC’s bucket of fried chicken, so we don’t know how one person is going to consume all of it. If you’re having a party, you can get this, and there will be enough mac and cheese for your guests to share and enjoy.

That’s one huge serving of salad

Experts have been promoting salads for ages. They say that there are plenty of reasons for people to eat a salad instead of dishes that contain enormous levels of fat and carbohydrates. However, the truth is people don’t like salads very much.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

They may not taste great, and sometimes eating them can feel like eating grass, but salads help you get enough fruits and vegetables and help cut your calorie consumption. This kind of salad is on a whole different level, though. Just look at the ingredients and the serving!

Someone doesn’t like cheese

Cheese is one of the finest pleasures in life. In the United States, the most popular recipe that involves cheese is, you guessed it, macaroni and cheese. There are over 2,000 varieties of cheese, and most, if not all of them, take up about 1/10 the volume of milk they were made from.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Anyone who loves cheese can relate to this meme. It’s cheese on cheese on more cheese. You can’t resist this cheese sandwich, and people would definitely eat it and not spend a single second regretting their choice. We know we wouldn’t.

Is it red or purple?

You can’t argue with this next image because it’s true. We also ask ourselves why people keep calling it red onion when it’s obviously purple. Well, according to online sources, red onions are called red because their purplish skin makes people’s eyes red.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

That makes a lot of sense because red onions do make you cry, and when you cry, your eyes turn reddish. Another theory is that when it became essential to distinguish between onions, the word purple was not commonly used in the language yet, so they chose the next best word, red.

Cooking is not as easy as it sounds

For some people, preparing exquisite dishes comes naturally. It’s second nature to them, but there are lots of people for whom it’s a struggle. If you’re someone who’s not talented in the kitchen, you can absolutely relate to this meme, especially if you’ve tried watching cooking videos online.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

When you don’t have much experience in cooking, and you try to prepare even a simple dish, the kitchen ends up looking like a mess. When people walk in, it seems as if a tornado has just passed through. Don’t you dare deny it!

This is what relaxation dreams are made of

Even if you are a naturally calm person, you probably have days when you feel like you could explode from all the stress. Life is stressful, and there’s nothing we can do about that sometimes. The best thing on those days is taking a bubble bath once you get home from work.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

This picture is what relaxation dreams are made of. Say goodbye to all unhealthy expectations and disappointment! Jumping in the bath and having just the right amount of girl scout cookies to take you out of that sour mood is the best way to get rid of the stress.

Put that pizza on a tray

The main topic of this picture is this guy’s intelligence. He was told he couldn’t bake two whole pizzas at the same time because they wouldn’t fit into the oven, but he found a way to make it work by cutting the pizzas in half.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

However, what bothers us most about this picture is that he didn’t even use a pizza tray. This is a disaster waiting to happen, and unless he wants to waste completely good pizza, he has got to learn why using the tray is important.

For you, I will try

Nowadays, if you want your product to sell, you have to employ leading marketing firms that charge exorbitant fees. However, it’s all going to be worth it in the end when you hit and even exceed your sales quota. But some people are just way too good at marketing without even working in marketing.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

It’s pretty clear that the person who did this didn’t actually mean to do it. We’re pretty sure that they forgot to put up the rest of the sentence, but the funny thing is that it worked anyway. The use of a single verb was enough to attract people’s attention.

What in the world is this?!

In a bid to outdo competitors, food brands come up with a variety of campaigns to steal the spotlight and get people to spend on their products. At times, they come up with the wackiest of flavors in the pursuit of giving customers something new.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook/ifunny.co

But sometimes things don’t always work out, and instead of coming up with something groundbreaking, they end up with a dud. A good example is Heinz’s Birthday Cake Mayonnaise. Why do we have a feeling that whoever came up with this idea no longer works at the company?

The best trick ever

If you’re not a pro in the kitchen or you’re a pro but couldn’t be bothered to slave away preparing all sorts of recipes, you should heed the advice in the photo below. It makes a lot of sense, and it’s a surefire way to avoid being the accidental cook.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

When people get to the point of extreme hunger, they won’t even bother with what’s on the table because all they will want to do is stuff their mouths with food, be it gourmet or microwave food. They will even settle for cereal.

A tackle box for food

Just as fishermen need their tackle box, foodies or people who are constantly hungry no matter what time of day also need their snackle box. Yup, that’s a new term, and soon enough, it’s going to show up in urban dictionaries.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

We may not be constantly hungry, but this snackle box makes a lot of sense, and we may just have to come up with one of our very own. This is a very good example of something that you didn’t know you needed but will make your beach trip much better.

Meal prepping the no-stress way

For most people, meal prepping is an activity that can sometimes lead to stress. Why? Because they need to consider a lot of things, such as calories, proteins, vitamins, and all that stuff. You also need to consider the time it would take to cook.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

You want to make sure that you don’t repeat the meals too frequently, or you might end up not wanting to eat the food anymore. Want a less stressful meal-prep hack? This photo is the perfect example. This method works all the time!

Getting your hands on your neighbor’s grill

When you love steak above anything else, you’d do anything to get your hands on it. But does that include “borrowing” from your neighbor without their permission? Perhaps most people won’t go to that extent, but anyone who’s ever been obsessed with grilling knows what it’s like.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Grilling has been around for thousands of years, but it has never gone out of fashion. That’s probably because it has never failed to produce delicious food, especially when done right. Still, no matter how much you want to eat barbecue, you don’t use your neighbor’s grill without their consent.

How many of us have been doing this?

Don’t be ashamed if you’re guilty of doing this – you’re not alone. Plenty of people have been storing their leftovers in the fridge only to forget about them and throw them away in a week’s time or two at the longest.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Ask any parent, and they will tell you this is true, especially if the kids don’t like the food. A helpful hack to avoid wasting so much food is to wrap them in some puff pastry and throw them in the freezer, and they will make a great meal for another day.

Nope, we’re not guilty of doing this

A lot of people may be guilty of doing this, but it surely doesn’t include us. Why? Because this is a fire hazard. How would you like to burn your house down just because you want to reheat pizza in a lazy way?

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Instead of risking becoming homeless, why don’t you just buy a new box of fresh pizza? That solves your problem without risking lives and your property. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to take shortcuts or follow hacks because they simply don’t make much sense.

People in the movies do this all the time

If you’ve watched your fair share of movies, then you know that this meme is a hundred percent true. People in the movies always have the time to prepare an elaborate breakfast, but they don’t have the time to enjoy said breakfast.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

If you want to cook so much food, you might as well make sure that you have the time to eat all of it. Otherwise, what’s the point? How do you expect to do your work well when you just take a single sip of orange juice and have one bite of pancake for breakfast?

Substitution doesn’t work this way

There are times when substitution works, but there are times when it doesn’t make any sense at all. This photo belongs to the latter. How do you substitute butter? Cheese? Tacos? Look, people can come up with all sorts of things, but we’re not buying them.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Substitutes might be used, but most of the time, they don’t come close to the real thing at all, especially in texture and taste. So, we suggest just sticking to the real thing and not making yourself sad. Well, except if you need to eat substitutes due to health concerns.

We’re still thinking of food at 2 AM

Some people seem to have problems drifting off to sleep because they’re anxious about the future, worried about their careers, and questioning if they’re being good parents to their children. However, there’s another group of people who don’t worry about such things.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

What do they think about in the wee hours of the morning? Food! Yup, they’re thinking about the foods they miss, the dishes they want to eat, and the elaborate meals they are going to prepare once they get the chance. They are our people.

Is there such a thing?

Look at the photo below and tell us exactly what you see. Is it plain garlic bread? Is it a sandwich? Is it pasta? Well, it’s actually a mix. That’s a “garlic bread and lasagna” sandwich. We’re not sure who came up with this. It’s either the best or the worst thing that has happened.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

To some people, this is an abomination. However, to another group, this is a masterpiece and looks fine as heck. Which group of people do you belong to? Do you like it or hate it? A lot of people say that they always eat spaghetti with garlic bread, so this recipe does make sense.

Rotatoes, anyone?

Are French fries truly French? There’s a huge debate about this topic, but most people don’t care about the origin. The only thing they care about is that it’s delicious and it’s enough to satiate them when they are looking for something good to eat.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Curly fries, the not-so-straight version of French fries, were introduced in 1985 by a Washington company called TaterBoy. Back then, curly fries were billed as an innovation. Some people have given the fries a fancy name, though: rotatoes. We love how people can be so creative!

The best thing to ever happen

How would you like to have a breakfast of bacon and eggs wrapped in pancakes? Sounds like the best thing to ever happen, don’t you think? American food might be over the top most of the time, but this is one thing done right.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

We see nothing wrong with such food, and we just know this is going to quickly become our guilty pleasure. We’ll take six of these for breakfast every day. We’re just going to sweat out the extra calories by going to the gym thrice a week.

We love clubbing

Back when we were younger, we used to love to go clubbing. We would dress up in our party clothes and hit the clubs on Friday or Saturday nights and end up going home, or more like crawling home, at 9 AM the next day.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Nowadays, we’re into a different kind of clubbing. We’re talking about clubbing that involves club sandwiches that are made with the finest bread, tender and thin cuts of meat, and crunchy veggies. This is the right kind of clubbing if you ask us.

Who else misses ice cream in a box?

Do you ever wonder why ice cream nowadays no longer comes in a box? They used to when the older generation was growing up, and they were some of the best things that came in boxes, aside from gifts. Where did ice cream boxes go?

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Apparently, consumer preference has changed so much over the years. These days, people prefer round pints. However, that is not exactly the smartest decision that consumers have made. We mean, trading a whole box of ice cream for just a pint? That’s not a good deal at all.

We also thought it was a steak!

What do you see when you look at this photo? Tell us honestly, and don’t cheat! If you’re just like us, you probably thought that the photo below was a steak. However, a closer look revealed that it was a cliff or just Mother Nature trying to trick us.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Speaking of steak, though, how do you prefer your steak? Rare, medium rare, or well-done? We prefer medium rare because it’s tender enough and not cooked through. We were quite surprised when some people on the net confessed that they had never eaten steak.

I want to be a bouillonaire so freaking bad!

The first thing that came to mind after reading this meme was Travie McCoy’s hit song, Billionaire. We were even singing it in our minds. But this person is different; they would rather be a bouillonaire. We love the wordplay so much.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

We do want to comment that such an investment is considered tasteful and sounds absolutely souper. Who wouldn’t want to have plenty of stocks and liquid assets? We sure would. All jokes aside, investing in cattle is actually a very profitable choice.

The best gift ever

The earliest sandwich maker was thought to be the Tostwic, introduced before 1920. The device was invented by Charles Champion, but it wasn’t patented until March 1925. Aside from the sandwich maker, he also invented other kitchen or food-related devices. The man was a genius!

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

These days, sandwich makers may not be as popular as the mixer or the oven, but they deserve praise. Out of all kitchen devices, it’s the most underrated, so it’s about time we show it the love it deserves. Just look at the perfect sandwich it never fails to make!

More than extra

According to a few accounts, the most basic form of caramel was made in the year 1,000 A.D. by an Arabic nation. In the 16th century, its main purpose in the Ottoman empire was to help with hair removal. It wasn’t only easy to prepare; caramel was also delicious.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Nowadays, caramel serves more as food instead of a hair removal aid. We see it in food and drinks, and it is perfect in coffee and other beverages, as people have found out. Some people love caramel so much that they ask for extra servings of the stuff.

This is perfection

What do you see when you look at this picture? We see perfection. It can be a pain to separate the pith of oranges and other citrus fruits, but this person has managed to do the impossible. They have achieved perfection.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

The spongy white stuff between the fruit and the peel is stripped away by most people before eating the fruit because they believe it’s inedible or bitter. However, piths in oranges tend to be tasteless and chewy. Perhaps we’re going to try it next time.

Everyone wants to stay fresh

What do you say to people when you enter or leave a room? Does what comes out of your mouth and what is in your head match? Sometimes they don’t, and it happens to the best of us. If you’ve been looking for the perfect catchphrase, here’s one.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

How do you fancy saying, “stay fresh, cheese bags?” Does it sound like something you would say to people? If it does, you’re free to use it yourself and see how others react when they think you’ve just said something out of the ordinary.

A missed opportunity

Someone should hire Natasha as a copywriter because she is witty and articulate, and we think she has the right amount of sass. Need proof of her copywriting skills? Just look at her post. We agree that saying it “makes the ice scream” would be much funnier.

Image courtesy of @dramadelinquent/Twitter

Headhunters and hiring managers should seek out Natasha for their marketing and copywriting needs. Natasha, on the other hand, should give us a commission when she’s hired because we’ve totally just promoted her. Anyway, the moral of the story is that you should never miss an opportunity to make the perfect pun.

Toast elevated

How do you describe toast that has been elevated to perfection? This person has nailed it with his description: medium rare bread with a buttered glaze. How do you like that? We say that this guy is one of our favorite foodies.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

We look at the picture above, and we can confidently say that it’s the best slice of toast we’ve ever seen in all our decades on this planet. Some may say that it could be made even better with charred bits, but we think it’s perfect as it is.

We wouldn’t want to eat this

One of the most famous characters that ever came out of the Star Wars movies is Jabba the Hutt. The minor character was one of the many antagonists in the franchise and was one of the galaxy’s most powerful gangsters.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

As mean as he may be, we just don’t have the heart to eat Jabba the Hutt, especially if he looked like this. This Jabbacado toast was made with so much effort, time, and talent that it deserves its place in the food museum. Don’t you agree?

Will this work?

Will this fork work if we want to shed a few pounds? It seems like it’s going to do a fine job of preventing us from putting more food in our mouths. We might just buy plenty of these to give to friends during the festive season.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

It might help catch potatoes if you’re lucky, but that’s as far as you’re going to get. We’re sure some people are asking where they can buy such a thing, especially after binging on so many delicious dishes during the holidays.

It happens all the time

Have you ever tried saving half of your sandwich, pizza, cake, or any food only to devour it less than an hour after deciding to save it? You’re not alone. Some people are faced with the same predicament, and that is the lack of self-control.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Sometimes food is just too good to save for later. Some food is also best eaten when still fresh and newly cooked, so we can relate 100% with this meme. It’s not easy trying to restrain yourself even when you know it’s the best thing to do.

Always a good decision

How many times have you gone to the grocery while thinking that you’ll only buy a handful of things but end up with loads of stuff that can easily fill a grocery cart? We’re raising our hands because we’re one of these people.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Next time, especially if you’ve not eaten yet, it’s a wise decision to take a grocery cart with you. Heaven knows what kinds of stuff you’ll think of buying, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. You’ll save yourself the trouble and the time.

This was definitely us

Take a long and hard look at the photo below and tell us if you belong to this group of students. No need to be ashamed because you’re not the only deviant. This was definitely us in elementary and middle school.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

No matter what teachers say, students are going to find a way to sneak food into class. Have you ever been hungry in class? It’s not a good thing. You’re not going to be able to understand or remember whatever your teacher is discussing.

So that’s what the hole is for!

Some food hacks are plain brilliant, while others are just crazy. This next hack belongs to the brilliant group because it’s innovation at its finest. We didn’t even realize that there were other ways to use the hole in McDonald’s takeaway box.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

This is going to make things a lot easier for people, but some are pointing out that this might not work for a quarter-pounder box. We’re heading to McDonald’s right now to put that theory to the test. Let us know what happens if you happen to get there first.

That’s a feast

Some people eat a lot while others don’t. Some people gain weight easily while others find it difficult to do so, and this is why we like to say that food is a highly subjective topic. And no, we’re not just referring to the taste.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

What is a snack to some might be a feast for others, but we’re not going to argue with the ‘snack’ featured above. Most food in this image may be fried and labeled as unhealthy, but we all need to binge eat at times and not feel guilty about it.

Masterchef made us do it

Ever since Masterchef started airing on screen, people fancied themselves professionals in the kitchen after watching just a few episodes. We’re not laughing at them; we’re saying we can relate because we’re just like them. We try to prepare elaborate dishes after seeing people try to do the same on TV.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

It’s not as easy or as simple as it looks. After a few attempts, our kitchens always end up looking like a hurricane just went through them. Cooking is not one of our talents, but whatever other people may say, we’re not going to get discouraged.

It keeps on stretching

One of the most well-loved cheeses in the world is mozzarella. First developed in southern Italy as far back as the first century A.D., the story goes that it was made on accident when some cheese curds fell into a pail of hot water.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Most people love mozzarella sticks. It first became popular in the 1970s, and it was mass-produced in the same decade. By the 1980s, mozzarella sticks were staples in many chain restaurants. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, or rather, stretching.

The best way to burn your tongue

If you’re to burn your tongue, you might as well do it while eating, right? Well, people all over North America have been burning their tongues in one of the most pleasant ways possible: by consuming pizza rolls! The first pizza rolls were said to be created in the 1960s.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

A man named Jeno Paulucci was said to have first created the first pizza roll, and he did it by stuffing Chinese egg rolls with pizza toppings instead of the normal Asian filling. Some of the best things really do happen by chance.

The more garlic, the better

For a certain group of people, any dish can be improved by adding a handful of garlic. To them, the more garlic a dish has, the better. This might not exactly be true for the rest of us, but to them, it doesn’t matter. Garlic is the solution to all of life’s problems.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

They love garlic so much that they are surely safe from Dracula and all the other vampires out there. They don’t need Blade or Buffy; they can manage fine by themselves. Raise your garlic-smelling hands if you’re one of these people.

There’s no such thing as “too early”

Some of the worst kinds of people, in our opinion, are those who constantly tell you that it’s too early to be drinking this or eating that. That’s why we swear by this meme because, really, people, is there any particular time when stomachs should open and close?

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

The answer is a big no. People should be allowed to eat and drink anytime they want because there’s no telling when folks get hungry or thirsty. Do we want to subject people to agony just because it’s not time to eat or drink yet? We certainly hope not.

Taco trucks are so inconsiderate

Tacos have been around for a long time, and some records indicate that they were invented between 1000 and 500 B.C. Although the name taco originated from Mexico, it was used to describe the thin sheets of paper-wrapped gunpowder at first.

Image courtesy of Wannabe Food/Facebook

Today’s tacos are very different. They fill your tummy with all sorts of goodness that no other food can provide you with. As hard as we may try to avoid going to taquerias, they now have the means to come to us, thanks to mobile taco trucks.