Laughs On The Menu: 40+ Unlucky Diners Who Played The Food Lottery And Lost Big

By Liezel L

There is always a great deal of emotion when it comes to food. There’s great joy when you get to enjoy your favorite meal after a tough week at work. There’s the disappointment when you ate something pricey that didn’t taste anything like it was advertised. And, of course, there’s that grief when you lose at the food lottery. When we say losing, we don’t just mean getting a bag of chips that’s mostly air or an iced coffee that’s more ice than coffee. We mean distorted chocolate bars, warped fruit, and yolkless eggs. Some of them are just sad excuses for food, and we can’t even imagine why anyone would sell them. But alas, they’re here, and some people have already suffered for them. Check them out and see if anything would appeal to you or your tummy.

All Rind No Melon

When we think of watermelons, we instantly think of hot summer days or warm afternoons. Those juicy fruits can immediately cool us down with one big bite. Unfortunately, we don’t think the melon this person bought could do anything of the sort. 

Image courtesy of 111111222222/Reddit

They’re either just really bad at picking good watermelons or they just ran out of luck that day. Either way, that watermelon is practically useless on a hot summer day unless you’re just looking for something to vent all your rage from the heat on. 

Where’s The Rest Of The Pizza?

Okay, opening your pizza box to this would definitely be one of the moments when we think it’s legitimate to have a fit over. How dare they do this to pizza? It’s a precious delicacy, and they mock it with this lousy trick?

Image courtesy of belbivfreeordie/Reddit

How dare they do this to a hungry person? Anyone who orders pizza to go is clearly hungry and wants to have something yummy to settle their stomach. By doing this, they’ve not only ruined that person’s stomach but that person’s day.

This Is More Disappointing Than Homework

School lunches should be filled with healthy food to give kids energy and enough willpower to get through the rest of the day. After getting up early and enduring morning classes, they deserve that much. Unfortunately, it seems that this school lunch had other plans. 

Image courtesy of YodaToga/Reddit

Not only is it not giving the kids the nutrition they need, but it’s also giving added disappointment. Seriously, this lunch hotdog bun looks like it needs a lot of help. Whoever made it didn’t even try to make it up with the sauces.

Disappointing Twinkies

We have never imagined that Twinkies could disappoint us. That snack has been with a lot of us since childhood, and we’ve grown up having fond memories of it. It’s even made it into pop culture — remember Zombieland? This picture has changed that, unfortunately.

Image courtesy of nimblebutter/Reddit

What happened to this poor Twinkie? Why did anyone neglect the poor thing? It clearly didn’t get enough love in the making process so it turned out malnourished, lifeless, and just a bit too plain. How could they do that to the sweet pastry?

Looks Just As Advertised

We have long stopped believing in the pictures on advertisements and food packages. When we think it looks too good to be real, that’s often because they’re not. Advertisers use tricks to make things look tasty, but the food looks like the pictured meal was dragged through the mud.

Image courtesy of iralisegendary/Reddit

We can’t imagine how in the world this could even be the same product. We could definitely see the spaghetti bits, and we think that can be an acceptable color of chili, but we don’t think it tastes just as advertised.

Is This Still A Cheeseburger?

When we think of cheeseburgers, we think of a layer of cheese over the whole patty and oozing off the side. That’s what makes a cheeseburger so yummy and better than a regular burger. This one, though, is just a crime. 

Image courtesy of Captainium/Reddit

This is such a cheap trick in every sense of the word. Seriously, they couldn’t even spare the whole slice? They should have just said that they’ve run out of cheese instead of leading this poor person on like this.

Someone Already Spilled The Beans

You’d think canned goods are safe, right? After all, they’re not filled by human hands that can have the occasional bias. They’re packed by machines in a factory where it’s just a repeat process day after day. Sadly, there can still be mishaps like this. 

Image courtesy of Ifonlyxx82/Reddit

We’re not sure if the factory just ran out of beans at that exact moment or it was a malfunction, but this poor mom didn’t even get one measly bean. We hope they reported a faulty product and got their money back.

Guess The Fries Are Going Solo With This

We always complain about bags of chips just being bags of air, with those huge containers being mostly air and only ⅓ product content, right? Those already enrage us with how inadequate their chip content is, but just look at this.

Image courtesy of sparky127911/Reddit

Doesn’t it just make you angry? Yeah, sure, it’s just one packet of ketchup but that one packet could have saved a whole bunch of stale fries or some flavorless burger out there but no, it’s a sachet of air.

What Even Is This?

Avocado toast has become a standard, go-to food for many people. It’s healthy, filling, and there are so many ways you can spice it up. Plus, it’s so easy to prepare. For the avocado toast fans out there though, what would you say to this?

Image courtesy of fireeternal/imgur

For us, we’d probably go all Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada with this because what in the world? Avocado toast is one of the easiest things to make! You just put the toast in the oven and mash avocados on them. How can you fail at that?

Extra Not Chips

Everyone loves extra stuff on their favorite foods. Who doesn’t want that extra hotdog on their bun or that extra doughnut, right? So, why complain when you have extra potatoes in your potato chips well, of course, unless it’s like this one.

Image courtesy of tingtanguh/Reddit

At least it still looks cooked and coated with all that flavoring but still, it doesn’t look like it has the crispiness that the chips should have. Plus, if we wanted fried whole potatoes, we’d get whole potatoes and not chips!

Most Disappointing Carrot Ever

Carrots are always a surprise crop. When you see big luscious leaves sprouting from the ground, of course, you’ll think there’s a big old carrot hiding underneath because what else could be growing those leaves, right? This carrot makes us question everything we know about carrot leaves.

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

We can imagine this being in a cartoon, where Bugs Bunny goes to pick up a carrot and heaves and ho like his life depends on it only to get this one disappointing tiny bugger. There’s barely a bite’s worth in there!

Size Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to avocados, size is everything. The bigger it is, the better it is since you’ll get more of that yummy green goodness. Unfortunately, there are times when nature just decides to play a trick on us, as this poor shopper experienced.

Image courtesy of gortrix/Reddit

Clearly, this avocado didn’t want to be made into guacamole or spread onto some toast. By the size of that seed, it looks like was pretty determined to grow into its own tree. So nope, no guacamole for you, hungry shopper.

It’s All In The Packaging

Seriously, we appreciate all the efforts of all marketers out there who try to make our foods look so appealing that we get a lot more excited and satisfied buying them and eating them. This one is just absolute betrayal though.

Image courtesy of arbuzer/Reddit

It’s just playing with our trust, all right. We get it, they were just showing the product as advertised, but we can count the cranberries. Are they telling us we don’t deserve what we want? A whole bar of chocolate with cranberries?

Would You Like Some Water On The Side

Peanuts can be enjoyed in so many ways, but there’s still something about that classic lightly salted peanuts that a lot of us non-peanut-allergic people love. By lightly salted though, we don’t think this is what we want. Check out this disappointing pack of peanuts.

Image courtesy of _bdiddy_/Reddit

Are they perhaps selling bottled water by the side? It’s a smart tactic because that would definitely have us gulping down gallons of water. Just one peanut from that pack would be enough to send our kidneys into overdrive. And here we thought flights couldn’t get any more disappointing.

M&M Shell Inception

M&Ms is a classic snack for people of all ages. There’s just no resisting that sugar-coated chocolatey goodness. Some people even go out of their way to make sure that their homes are always stocked with bags of these treats.

Image courtesy of Livermule/Reddit

The only upside with a messed-up M&M is that the shell is also pretty tasty, so at least it’s not a complete loss. But it’s definitely not what this person was expecting. So long as this is the only one like this, it’s not so bad.

The Lone Chip

Everybody has a different preference for chocolate chip cookies — some need the chocolate and others hate it. And everyone has different standards for a cookie to pass the test. Unfortunately, we don’t think this one cookie passes any test. Just look at the poor thing!

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/imgur

Yes, it’s a cookie. Yes, it has a chocolate chip. Yes, it’s edible. But would anyone actually be appetized enough to eat it? The cookie itself looks like it’s just dying of shame. Why would anyone do this to a poor cookie? It’s just cruel!

Double Layered Food Stafety

Companies always want to keep their foods safe not only for the sake of the customers but also for the sake of their image. No one wants a lawsuit coming their way, right? We think they were a little paranoid with this one though. 

Image courtesy of Samuel Molton/BoredPanda

Who needs that much foil on their yogurt? We think one layer would have done just as well as long as it was kept in a nice cool place, of course. It’s another thing to peel off as well so it’s just more hassle. 

This Disgraceful Sub

The reason why a lot of us get subs at the deli instead of making our own sandwiches at home is because of the fillings. At the shop, we can pick what we want in there plus we get to choose how many fillings to put in. We wonder what happened here, though.

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

Was the person who created this sandwich just having a bad day or did they have a grudge against the person who ordered this sandwich? Either way, we can certainly say that that sandwich is not made out of love.

It’s Standing In Solidarity With Bags Of Chips

This image is the perfect example of expectation vs reality. When we buy bread, it’s always a possibility that there are some air pockets in it, but hopefully not too much. This loaf, however, is more air than bread! What happened in the oven?

image courtesy of searmid/imgur

But as they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In this case, instead of crying over that huge bread hole, this person can just fill it up with Nutella, cheese, or roasted meat. That would definitely make the day and this piece of bread a lot better.

This Is Actually A Win

There’s a reason why a lot of people love ice cream cones. The crunchy cone improves the texture of the desert while balancing the sweetness of the ice cream so you don’t get sick of it so easily. And, of course, it contains the mess of melting ice cream.

Image courtesy of interruptedgirl77/Reddit

If you really love ice cream though, there’s no need for the cone so we can say that this one is actually more of a win. You get more ice cream and that’s a good thing. Plus, this person isn’t just getting plain vanilla but they’re getting the whole spectrum of flavors so win-win!

Somebody Actually Paid For This?

Good food isn’t easy to create plus there are all the costs of the ingredients to think about and the labor so we get it if some great foods cost a bit. Surely our money won’t be going to waste, right?

Image courtesy of spambox/Reddit

What in the world is this and how do they even have the gall to serve this to people? Is this a pity sandwich made from the last of the ingredients that they had? They could have just said they ran out instead of scamming someone for 3 pounds.

Someone Who Hates Hawaiian Pizza Made This

We get that there’s this huge rift between people who like pineapple on pizza and those who don’t. Despite that though, can we just respect each other’s pizza? We all have different tastes and preferences that deserve respect, okay and this does not look like it.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/imgur

This pizza just looks like it was made by someone who was bitter toward Hawaiian pizza. Sure they gave this person the pineapples — well, one measly pineapple. That’s just disrespect to the pizza! Protest all you want, but at least serve people what they order.

There’s Just Something Missing

We know that a lot of people eat just egg whites. A lot of recipes, too, that only call for egg whites. When you look at that dollop of white thing on your pan though, doesn’t it seem like there’s just something missing?

Image courtesy of admin006/imgur

Unfortunately for this person, they weren’t given a choice whether they wanted the yolk or not. The choice was snatched right out of their hands by mother nature herself. Sadly, they had to enjoy their eggs without that bit of sunshine in the middle.

Extra Cheesy

We absolutely love cheese! There are so many kinds, with different flavors and textures, it’s hard to think of a food that wouldn’t taste better with some extra cheese. We can’t imagine anyone hating cheese — even vegans have their version of cheese!

Image courtesy of kj7409/Reddit

Even though we love cheese, that doesn’t mean we’ll accept a whole block of it instead of Cheetos, okay? Our love for cheese does not give companies the permission to cheat us and our snack times so can somebody please give this person their Cheetos?

Pepperono Pizza

When you order pizza or even if you get the frozen ones from the store, you expect it to be filled with toppings, right? That’s just the proper way to make pizza no matter what kind it is so what in the world is this thing?

Image courtesy of Squish92/Reddit

Yeah, it’s technically not false advertising but where is the justice in this? That’s just bread slapped with a bit of tomato sauce, a generous wad of cheese, and one lone pepperoni. They couldn’t have been cheaper with the ingredients.

When Life Gives You Lemons

They say that when life gives you lemons, you don’t cry over them. You make lemonade — that’s how you make the best out of a sour situation. We think this one warrants a bit of crying though. This lemon won’t even fill ¼ of a cup. 

Image courtesy of nomau/Reddit

Nature must have been in a joking mood when it made this lemon. It probably said, “Let’s make it nice and big so whoever picks it thinks they’ve won the lottery.” Sadly, no one is feeling lucky with this one.

It’s As Empty As The Company’s Soul

People generally get Hot Pockets because they’re in a rush and need a quick meal. You can have the meats, the veggies, and the carbs all in one dish and you only have to heat it up in the microwave. It’s easy and effortless.

Image courtesy of kuroi_/Reddit

This is not a filling Hot Pocket though. This is a Hot Pocket that needs filling. It’s as empty as our wallets and as bare as the Sahara desert. Who would feel even a little bit satisfied eating that? At least the pastry is pretty tasty, right?

Accidental Or Intentional?

Sometimes, we get a little skeptical about buying bread that looks larger than our palms because we never really know if we’re getting just air, a full loaf of bread, or something like this thing that’s confusing us to no end.

Image courtesy of le Va/BoredPanda

With this one, we’d rather have just a bunch of bread or just a bunch of air because we’re not really sure that that brown thing was really meant to be in there. Who knows? Maybe it just got accidentally stuck inside. 

Did This Cookie Eat Someone?

Getting a surprise item in your food is sometimes a good thing if the company is running a promo or if you’re looking for that collectible toy. That was the reason we picked certain cereals! With this one though, we don’t think Chips Ahoy was giving out free shoes. 

Image courtesy of xAIXIONx/Reddit

How in the world did a shoelace get into the cookie? Did somebody lose a leg in the mixing process or did somebody mistake that lace for some frozen cookie dough? We’ll be checking our cookies from now in for unwanted clothing items.

That Lonely Brocolli

People get frozen veggie bags because of the convenience. They’re faster and easier to prepare than getting perfectly steamed veggies from raw ingredients. You don’t need to waste time chopping up veggies. We don’t know what happened to this baggie though. 

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

It seems that someone in the packing facility had a favorite veggie and decided to let their feelings win out instead of their customers. They could at least have left the broccoli out, right, rather than making it lonely this way. 

Perfect Hole For Some Filling

In this world, we can’t have perfect stuff. No matter how much we want it, we can’t get bread that is just pure bready goodness. Sometimes, we get the wonky kind, and other times, we get ones with holes that look like a caterpillar drilled through. 

Image courtesy of Moana Anumba/BoredPanda

This one isn’t so bad though. That hole isn’t too big, especially for one slice. The best part about it is that it can be filled with all kinds of fillings to make a weird yet tasty sandwich. Let your tastebuds run wild with a weird food combo. 

A Malnourished Lemon

Growing your own foods is a huge commitment. You really have to put so much time, effort, and resources into your plants in order for them to grow big and healthy. Everything needs to be in balance for a good harvest you can be proud of.

Image courtesy of blake1546/Reddit

Unfortunately, even if you do everything right, that won’t still guarantee that you get the biggest and juiciest fruits and veggies. Sometimes, it’s going to be the opposite. Take this little lemon for instance. Or is it a lemonette? At least it’s adorable.

The Chocolate Overthrew The Wafers

In a lot of KitKat commercials, the wafers are always featured as an important and crucial part of the whole snack. They balance out that rich chocolate and give each bite some great texture. With this KitKat though, we think the chocolate overthrew the wafers. 

Image courtesy of okgusto/Reddit

This would be the dream KitKat of those who were just in it for the chocolate and not really the whole package. It’s just the pure chocolatey goodness of the KitKat with nothing else to distract, which would count as a pleasant surprise for some.

Grape Salad

You know, we’re not even mad about all the grapes in this cup. We love grapes. They’re a delicious treat and this cup looks like a selection of juicy top-notch grapes. What’s getting us riled up with this is the labeling.

Image courtesy of mining_bat/Reddit

There is just absolutely no need to label it seasonal fruit salad when clearly, it’s not a salad. Yes, it’s seasonal. Yes, it’s a fruit. But no, it’s not a salad because there’s only one fruit there. They even won’t be deceiving anyone at all!

Crying Over Rotten Onions

See, we get it if the outermost layer of a fruit or veggie rots. That’s just how the natural world works and how it’s supposed to happen. We can even understand if the innermost layer rots, but this? This is just bizarre.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/imgur

The rotten layer is in the middle of the onion and just the middle. Did that layer somehow get misplaced or swapped? Why in the world is it just the middle? Now this person has to peel all those layers just to get rid of that unusable part of the onion. 

Maybe They Were Trying A New Way Of Cutting?

We don’t know why but it has always felt right to cut loaves of bread vertically. That way, you get more pieces plus you get the most of your bread. It also means more sandwiches for everybody! That’s why we’re wondering why they decided to change course for this one. 

Image courtesy of hi7en/Reddit

It’s still bread, it’s just cut the wrong way. But there’s just something we can’t wrap our heads around with that horizontal cutting. Anyhow though, that bread would make amazing sandwiches. Maybe they were trying to sell subway sandwich bread?

That One Lost Chip

Chocolate chip is one of the most classic flavors of ice cream. Even if it’s not your favorite, you probably had a lot of chocolate chip ice cream as a kid, so there’s something nostalgic about the dessert. Sadly, we don’t think this person will be going on any happy trip to memory lane with this tub. 

Image courtesy of RedBullB/Reddit

It’s just all vanilla and while we’re not complaining since vanilla is still a pretty good flavor, there’s still disappointment given that this person was expected chocolate chip. But if you think about it, the flavor does say chocolate chip and not chocolate chips so in a way it makes sense.

Diet Peanuts

Usually, vending machines are not the most trustworthy places to get a snack. While some might get lucky, there are some people out there whose snacks get stuck, the wrong package falls out, or they get something like this empty bag of peanuts. 

Image courtesy of IrishIHadAWhiskey/Reddit

We can blame the person who restocked this vending machine but really, shouldn’t we blame the company who packaged air in place of peanuts? They had machines doing the job for Pete’s sake and we still end up with garbage like this?

Very Buttery Indeed

Normally, when people get popcorn, they complain about not having enough cheese or not having enough butter in their popcorn. You’ve to get the good stuff, after all. Unfortunately for this person, we think they got too much of the toppings. 

Image courtesy of Rylon2008/Reddit

How in the world did anyone forget the kernels? Isn’t that the first thing you put in the bag before all the flavoring since that is the most important part of the entire snack? This can’t even be called popcorn!

Tiny Patty

We don’t know who first got the idea for burgers but well, their idea was revolutionary. Now, we almost can’t live without those toasted buns, juicy patties, and fresh crunchy veggies all piled up together. That’s why it makes us sad looking at this poor excuse of a burger. 

Image courtesy of chinchingering/Reddit

The buns are acceptable, the lettuce is fresh enough, and the sauce isn’t too bad but seriously, what happened to the patty? Did they think that blob in the middle would be enough for meat-loving creatures like us? That is just preposterous!

Oh, It’s Real Cheesy Alright

When something in the grocery store says it’s topped with cheese, we don’t get our hopes up too high. We’ve been let down too many times that we need to remind ourselves to be realistic. This one though disappoints us at a whole other level.

Image courtesy of AndreaDurant/BoredPanda

That thing, whatever it is, would have looked better without the pieces of cheese in there. The cheese just looks like an error in packaging or something that got trapped in there. The random shreds don’t make it look appetizing at all.

“Blueberry” Waffle

When we order foods that have extra ingredients in them, we don’t usually count them. We see them on our plate and that’s enough for us. This waffle is making us do the counting though and it’s clear to see why.

Image courtesy of bmac51/Reddit

Imagine waiting for that amazing blueberry waffle that has been tickling your nose with its delicious scent only to be faced with this measly thing. It’s even sadder since you can actually count the one blueberry; but then, it doesn’t say blueberries waffle.

And It Was All Yellow

A lot of people have a favorite Skittle flavor. More often than not, they pick out the colors of these flavors and eat them before all the others. Some even have a hated flavor. Hopefully, for this person, they love the lemon-flavored ones. 

Image courtesy of zombiewendy/Reddit

Maybe the machine at the company forgot that it was supposed to put an assortment of flavors in this one pack and just dumped in all yellow ones. If this person likes that flavor, they didn’t lose the lottery with this one.