35 Deliciously Funny Memes For The Foodies Among Us

By Farah J

The title itself is pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? We believe that in this modern world full of millennials, Gen Z’s, Gen X’s, and boomers, there is one inside joke lurking about that we all agree on without even saying anything! It truly unites us. You know what we mean, right? Like, you show someone a picture and say, “this is me,” and everyone laughs their butts off at how relatable it is. It seems like there is a universal connection among all of us, and memes are the key to communicating these relatable parts of life. No small talk is needed. Send memes, and all is understood. Especially if they’re food memes; those practically run in our blood. We all have a fun time when ridiculously hilarious food jokes like these come along! 

Workout from home

When you ask us if we work out, this is what we mean when we say, “yes, almost every day.” But you already knew that, didn’t you? Because that look of yours says that you have the same exercise routine. Gotcha! Let’s have a workout session together sometime, eh?

Image courtey of amazon.co.uk

Whoever invented this should’ve seen this food pun coming. It’s probably the best invention of the century! The number of people buying this has us laughing because somehow, we all had the same idea of working out from home. We ate pizza instead.

Was it worth it?

Was it? Worth it, we mean. Were those two minutes of eating after two hours (more like two years) of prep and cooking worth it at the end? Genuine question. Because the more we look at the pile, the more we are reminded of our time in the kitchen before pizzas took over.

Image courtesy of helpicannotcook / Instagram

Well, again, was it worth it? Because, to us, it never was. No matter how heavenly those two minutes of eating food went by, the “after-party” ruined it as soon as we entered the kitchen to place the dish in the already overloading sink. You feel us, don’t you?

Micro-meals for the night

There is nothing wrong with the picture… Well, that’s because we all have the same genes when having micro-meals at midnight. That huge jar filled with these little devil Kisses and the wrappers that you sneakily throw under the bed is the proof.

Image courtesy of girlwithnojob / Instagram

Plus, who’s going to be there to comfort us the way Kisses do when we’re watching the saddest movies and shows at 3 in the morning? We need chocolate. It is a scientific fact that chocolate brings happiness and all those good chemicals.

A message from the Lord above

When God is ultra-clear about His message, it is hard for some of us to deny His will. This is the right that our Lord has presented us with! No one can take that from us. That verse from the Lord is all we live for.

Image courtesy of Lancewastaken / Reddit

We just can’t comprehend how many other foodies out there relate to this meme. Because we know we do! Anyone who connects to the joys of lunchtime on a core level is like our soulmate; we just haven’t met each other yet. 

What do we do now?

Well, whoever likes to munch on their favorite snacks while watching movies must be feeling this in the depths of their hearts. Why do the opening credits need to be that long? Like, what’s the point? It’s not like we care who sponsored this movie.

Image courtesy of imgflip.com

We all have experienced that level of frustration when either the food turns cold while we wait for the opening credits to end or the food is all in our bellies before the movie starts. What the heck do we do? Pause, and get more snacks for the rest of the film? Yes.

Free food!

Who doesn’t love free food? We can only rely on free food samples for the time being, so why not get the most of them? But isn’t it annoying when the food sample sign says, “only one per person”? Ugh. Just let us eat!

Image courtesy of NBC / Buzzfeed

Well, it’s time to take out our multiple personalities. We become no less than the guy in the movie Split when it comes to getting free food samples. Gotta do what we gotta do, mister. College taught us one thing: there’s no better thing than free food! 

We can’t stop. We won’t stop.

You know you’re a foodie when you relate more to food puns than your social and romantic life. We are resolute when it comes to the new fad to swear off fast food. It is practically impossible to get us to eat healthily all the time.

Image courtesy of itscurlyhair_ / Instagram

We don’t know what’s wrong with us! We can’t let ourselves go for two days without eating junk food. Let alone anyone else take that responsibility. We are eating fast food while watching the “disastrous effects of eating fast foods” documentary. HELP!

Are you going to eat that?

Have you ever felt so totally cared about and loved by someone? This is what happens when your friend catches you looking at their food (while you were fantasizing about eating it) and offers it to you. Those moments make us remember life can be beautiful.

Image courtesy of thecuriousnoodle.com

Get that one friend who does that and does not make you feel bad about it! We all aspire to be that kind of friend, but we’re so in love with our food that we won’t even look up until we’re finished with all of it.

Eat healthily? Nonsense.

Raise your wands ye who thought, “this is so me!” We are going to raise ours because we did exactly that. We don’t know if we’re proud of it, but we most certainly don’t regret being a part of the food lovers club. We are in it to win it!

Image courtesy of animals_memes__ / Instagram

Although we are broke, that doesn’t stop us from eating junk. Even our friends don’t take us seriously when we say that we don’t want to eat out. Who else has these kinds of friends? They’re the type that drive us to McDonald’s without even asking.

Grandmas are super-beings

We literally can’t NOT go on about how much we love our grandparents. Anyone who has their grandparents alive and well can relate to this meme. This meme is golden. And it is a universal truth that everyone can agree on.

Image courtesy of funnyfoodiememes / Instagram

So wholesome and so hilarious because it happens every single time we go over to our grandparents’ house. Either it’s “smuggling” money, or making fresh batches of cookies, or if it’s “just a snack,” grandmas win in every category! We can’t. This is too pure!

Joey doesn’t share food!

How many of you relate to Joey from the TV show FRIENDS? We do! We are Joey all the way. But sadly, there are times when your friends ask you to share your food with them because they want to taste the delicious-looking morsels.

Image courtesy of gfycat.com

So, when that time comes, this is us. This will be us if anyone mistakes us as a generous person. Do you want to know what my food tastes like? Here you go. A piece of me for you. We can’t help but relate to Britney Spears’s You Want A Piece of Me? as a food pun here. 

Where ma food at?

Time is a social construct, right? We believe that time slows down 10x when we order our food. And it goes by in a flash when having quality time with our favorite food and snacks. This is unfair in so many ways! Who agrees?

Image courtesy of Layla’s Woof / Facebook

First, the food delivery services take years. And on top of that, they are often late. Like, bruh, we’re on the verge of tears fantasizing about our meal! Hurry, please, for the love of all things holy. Each second feels like an hour, we swear.

Comfort food

“We’re stressed.” Well, you’re stressed all the time. Okay, no need to troll us like this, first of all. Second, why so judgy? What did we ever do to you? How is my stress eating bothering you, by the way? This world is a rough place. We need our comfort food to get through.

Image courtesy of live_ur_best_life_ / Instagram

“Adults” are constantly rubbing their “maturity” on our faces. Like mister, this isn’t very adult-like to criticize someone’s coping mechanism! Everyone copes differently. We have our sweet comfort food with us,; so what? Let us have our peace of mind.

Grammar matters

When it comes to food puns, even a simple grammatical mistake can create a huge debate. War. Just like this food meme, where “than VS then” becomes a serious topic to take under consideration for debate purposes. Who will win?

Image courtesy of Greatmambojambo / Reddit

Is it pizza over a hamburger? Or are hamburger fans going to fight for their motto? Or will “pizza THEN hamburger” win the contest? Well, we vote for Pizza THEN Burger, because why choose one when you can have both?


That sudden realization, an epiphany, when you realize the seriousness of the topic of diet versus tacos. Our love of tacos knows no bounds. All that guilt about always choosing yummy food over being thinner had us bummed until we figured this out.

Image courtesy of dammmnkelso / Instagram

Tacos are too precious to throw away. Our motto? Life is too short to worry about the diet plan getting disturbed because of plain, innocent, delicious, saucy, and cheesy tacos. No one can change our minds: this epiphany is the best thing to ever happen to us!

M in demons stands for McDonald’s

When we say our demons haunt us, this is what we mean. This meme summarizes us in every way possible. We aren’t lying or exaggerating. We also believe that we are not alone; we have friends out there who share the same demons.

Image courtesy of discojerry / Instagram

We are haunted by our McDonalds demons everywhere we go. So when you see us sabotaging our diet plan, know that we are the puppets of our afflictions, and we are doing what they say. We’re not sorry we gave in to our food demons, though.

When Santa tries to be funny

“Dear Santa, wow, rude! Signed, foodies club.” This is not a joke. Sure, we wanted snacks, candies, lots of junk, delicious food, and money that we could spend on food on Christmas, but we did NOT ask for extra weight! Santa, you got it all wrong! 

Image courtesy of ahseeit.com

Ugh! Why is getting fat a thing anyway? Can’t a person enjoy their meals without worrying about their shape? Such a frustrating thing. This isn’t a “buy one, get one free” deal – we buy junk food, and we get fat for free. We’ll take it, we guess.


Wait. You have to wait for cookies to cool down when you get them out of the oven? Why are we just hearing about this now? Also, who said such a horrendous thing anyway? No one eats cold cookies, y’all.

Image courtesy of personalityhunt.com

Hot cookies are the real cookies! End of discussion. Munch on them straight out of the oven while breathing fire like a dragon. That’s the only way. Ignore the part of the recipe where it says, “let the cookies cool down.” Pfft.

A big mistake

This is the meme that reminds us of our time when we went to the grocery store with our health-conscious friends, and they guilt-tripped us into buying all the healthy organic stuff for a whole two-week period. Never again.

Image courtesy of thefunnybeaver.com

Now, what do we do with all the healthy stuff when all we want is some actual junk food to keep us sane? People who feel us, raise your hands, for you’re not alone. We, too, need our comfort food back. Maybe opening and closing the fridge several times will change our reality.

Mac and Cheese for FOUR?

Sorry, say again? The mac and cheese box is a serving for four? Four adult people? Like, four fully grown human beings, you say? We’re pretty sure it’s a typo. You’re probably reading it wrong. Your eyes are deceiving you.

Image courtesy of laughtard.com

So, let us get this straight: what the manufacturers mean to tell us is that we eat a meal of four people, yes? Also, is that supposed to make us feel bad and change our diet plan for good this time? Well, you’ve got the wrong foodies, pal. Nice try, though.

As if I liked you

After all the hatred and disgusting looks directed to broccoli and all the greens, this picture shows that they’re finally done with us too. Broccoli has evolved and taking the reins and represented all the greens when it showed us its dislike towards us.

Image courtesy of memebaked / Instagram

Okay, we probably shouldn’t be feeling this way after a green showed us the middle finger, but it kind of hurt a little in the heart. Not that we suddenly plan to eat broccoli all the time. We like greens, but we prefer other stuff, you know.

The face behind the salad façade

The annoyance at this point is unbearable. We’re just tolerating you, friend, because we like you. But you’re pushing too far now. Don’t think we are not noticing how close you are to crossing your limit – one more fry, and you and I are done.

Image courtesy of Shift Drive / Shutterstock

We all have that one friend, right? Behind the plate of salad and healthy meals lies the devil in disguise. Why are you like this? Drop the act and get your own plate of fries. And get another one for us, too, because you ate all of ours!

The foodies’ DNA 

Evolution is different for those who belong to the food club. Their DNA and everything; you can differentiate the normal people and foodies by their DNA. The four bases in the foodies’ DNA are A-pple pies, G-ummy bears, C-ookies, and T-acos.

Image courtesy of Sandro’s Family Restaurant / Facebook

And we aren’t even kidding. We’ve got Italian DNA ourselves. We are evolution. Normal people won’t understand us as our fellow foodies do. This is one of the closest we’ve ever been to seeing real science, and it did not disappoint us!

The Indecision

We believe that we all can practically hear this picture even if no words were written. It is such a universal thing that anyone who sees it knows exactly what this is about and would automatically relate to it, share it with others, and laugh at it until they can’t breathe.

Image courtesy of deliverasgr / Instagram

Tell us we’re not right. If you say you don’t do this, you’re lying. We all do it or have done it at some point in our lives. This is the “Indecision” part of making sandwiches and don’t know if we”’ want another one.

All about the numbers

We don’t know about you, but we are very much interested in numerology. Especially when it came to dieting and cutting down our number of meals and snacks in a day. We were looking for the magic of the healthy lifestyle.

Image courtesy of creamandcookieofficial / Instagram

It’s not about the quantity in volume but the quantity in numbers. Just like this: from 6 slices of pizza to 3 slices of pizza to 1 slice of pizza! See? That’s how it works. Watch and learn, little ones, for we are the experts in food psychology!

The Food Pyramid

Wow. This is one food pyramid that we can finally understand. And definitely won’t forget. Want to learn something new? Take everything you though t you knew about the old food pyramid and toss it right out of your brain.

Image courtesy of bulldogpizza / Twitter

Did you notice how pizza has something from every group in the food pyramid? Well, close enough. Today’s been a great learning day for all of us! All we need in life is some pizza. We assume we should jazz it up. Barbecue pzza one night, broccoli and cheddar the next…

Arm deep in Pringles

Imagine being so engrossed in a movie that you don’t realize you’re almost out of your favorite flavor of Pringles. And you’re arm deep in the long cylindrical bottle of chips, but you get stuck there. Ugh, this annoys us Pringle lovers every time!

Image courtesy of chloe________xx / Instagram

Our forearm gets stuck every time we try to take out the last batch of our favorite chips. Only if we were not so deeply invested in the movie, we would’ve realized that we were arm deep in the container!

Hot girl summer?

More like hot-dog and slush summer. This meme defines our summer every year. This never gets old. It is relatable in so many ways that we cannot even begin to describe. Where is our foodie gang? We’re sure that they’d get it on a core level, too.

Image courtesy of weheartit.com

Our love for food is always increasing, never decreasing. If we were to draw a graph about it, it would go off the charts for sure! As much as we’d like to have a nice summer body, lay on the beach, we’re too hell-bent on gobbling food and love our body as it is.

Next Gordan Ramsey

Little triangle toast here, topped with a perfect cube of butter, a little parsley or mint leaf for magic green, a nice pile of eggs with a note of salt and black pepper, a drop of ketchup in the middle of the dish, and swish it for a pretty view.

Image courtesy of SchitzPopinov719 / Reddit

And here we go, presenting to you the next Gordan Ramsey! What a classic breakfast! We know that we all did that at some point in our lives after watching Master Chef or any cooking show for that matter. We possess such amazing skills, you should bring on something harder!

Kale recipe

Greens have it harder than us. Some vegetables are hated for no reason. Since the day we are forced to eat our greens, we’ve regarded them with disgust and nothing else. Well, apparently, that’s not true for kale; there is a reason for hating it.

Image courtesy of 7937397 / Reddit

To be honest, we don’t hate kale or broccoli. We just don’t like them. We all have preferences, right? Even among the green leafy vegetables. We’d choose peas and spinach over kale anytime. Even broccoli. We probably develop some social aversion to certain vegetables, honestly.

Where does the good go?

Well, in this case, the “good” is spinach. Something is up with spinach, and we haven’t figured it out yet. Where does it all go? The bundles of spinach that we bought, sorted out by the leaves and the stalks, cut it into smaller pieces, and we get bowls full of it, right?

Image courtesy of astrologymemes.com

But as soon as it touches the stove, the spinach disappears into thin air! HOW? Nobody’s ever been able to figure that out: where does the spinach go? Like, quite literally, 75% of the spinach just…whoosh! Gone! All that time and energy for a spoonful of spinach – not worth it!

Sono Italiano *chef’s kiss*

“I’m somewhat of an Italian master chef myself.” We know you know what meme this reminded of – the Goblin in Spiderman! Because this food meme reminded us of that meme, too. It’s crazy how we live in a meme world, and memes explain us better than we do.

Image courtesy of freetomeme / Instagram

Whether it’s a pizza or mac and cheese, or anything pasta, making these goodies never fails to make you feel like you may have some Italian genes. Heating frozen pizza successfully sure is very Italian AF of us. We’ll definitely rate it 5-star cooking!

Open Sesame

Well, here we go. I present the toast…to the meme I love most…in the whooooole world. And why not? It’s globally related to it; it is a golden masterpiece, an immortal piece of art, and not to mention it is a universal act! Everyone does that like a million times a day!

Image courtesy of koky_was_taken / Instagram

From the time we wake up till we go to sleep, the fridge gets opened a trillion times, out of which we just open it to stare at the empty shelves waiting for something to appear out of nowhere. Scientifically, it is a subconscious act, but in reality, we’re just hungry for junk snacks, pal.

Meet me behind the mall

We believe that the best memories with our best friends start with these kinds of get-togethers. Spontaneous rides through town, drive-thru foods, and a group of our favorite people. You can very well agree that these hangouts are way more fun than eating inside a restaurant.

Image courtesy of BeigeCardigan / Instagram

But we never thought this was an international thing: using this car thingy at the back as a table for food. And not to mention how many people relate to it! How come we all had the same idea about using this thing before this food meme came out?

Bring the sacred scroll

This happens 80% of the time! Say 10X if you agree! Yes, we agree. After all, we’re the ones who are dumb enough to throw away the sacred food packages, which happens because we’re always so greedy for food that we forget about the directions altogether.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

And the funnier part, even if we’ve made the thing like a thousand times, we’d still need to look for the time we are supposed to microwave it for! Who else does that? Tell us that we are not alone! We know that we’d still do it in the future but will always think of this meme when we do it!

Shopping fails

Who else has had that grocery shopping fail when you were like, “I just need to buy bread from the grocery store, that’s all, so I don’t need a grocery cart. I’ll just carry it to the checkout” but ended up buying a whole bunch of random stuff?

Image courtesy of sideofricepilaf / Instagram

And to top it all off, you still didn’t get the grocery cart for your items and carried it ridiculously while towering each one over the other in both arms till you were covered to the chin! But then you can’t get a cart because YOUR HANDS ARE FULL! This is us! We are them!