From Chocolate Ramen To Pickle Snow Cones, Here Are 45 Weird Food Combos

By Aakash M

It happens to the best of us. Even if you are pregnant, or if you could be working countless hours, or even sticking to a strict diet regimen, you could be craving something that other people would judge you for or laugh at you. If that’s not the case, then you could simply be someone who likes eating these food combinations that are generally considered weird. For instance, salt and pepper on apples, Cheetos and milk, or anything like that. So, if you are interested to know what food other people crave, or even if somebody wants to try something new, search no more, because we have collected and combined 45 bizarre food combinations that some people swear are delicious!

Peanut Butter and Raw Onion Sandwich

Yes, it is precisely what you just read. It is a combination of raw onions on a peanut butter sandwich. What makes us wonder is that what is the tempting factor here? Well, we’ll never know. Maybe it could taste similar to the Asian dishes using onions and peanut sauce as a dressing.

Image Credits: Instagram/darkroomalchemist

If you are looking at this image and feel like you should give this bizarre dish a try, please be our guest and go ahead! Do share your experience with us because this is the closest we are getting to this dish.

Peanut Cola

Why would you add peanuts to cola? It would’ve made a point if it even added any flavor to it, but does it even do that? Drinking cola and eating peanuts is understandable, but this takes things to a whole new level.

Image Credits: Instagram/shakholder

Will the peanut get stuck in the straw? How does the cola taste now? Is it a bit salty, perhaps? So many questions, but no answers. However, it is relatively better than the combinations that we have coming up. This one is easier to digest.

Peanut Butter, Banana, And Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich

It almost seems like peanuts are a common element of these bizarre food combinations. First with the PB and raw onions, then the cola, and now this combination. Behold, the sandwich with peanut butter and banana on one side and hard-boiled eggs on the other.

Image Credits: Instagram/healthy_wife_healthy_life_rd

Peanut butter and bananas are a great combination, but it feels like it has been ruined because of the eggs. Stomaching this combination, in general, seems like a challenging task. What makes it more difficult is the number of eggs on it. That’s a lot of stuffing and flavors.

Beans And Sunny Side Up Eggs On Pizza

You’re brave if you can stomach this combination. If you seem to like it, or if it intrigues you, even better. That’s a great way to ruin one of the best things in the world; pizza. It definitely looks gross to us.

Image Credits: Instagram/beans.memes_

Honestly speaking, it seems like something that would taste really good if they are beside each other on a plate and if you eat them individually. Eating it together is something different. It is high time people stopped concentrating all of their favorite items into one horrid dish.

Soy Sauce Ice Cream

This dish is a bit different because, from one angle, it actually looks pretty sleek and tasty. But don’t be confused because that’s not chocolate syrup on the ice cream. It’s soy sauce (insert weird emoji here). We wonder who would consider eating it after knowing that.

Image Credits: Instagram/yannes.ho

We are failing to understand the motive here. Is it an attempt to make the dish taste more like something from Asian cuisine? The theme is pretty confusing. Anyway, if it is a recipe from a restaurant, people would probably consider asking for it if it looks like this.

Banana Pizza

Why are people hell-bent on ruining pizzas and sandwiches? The world has just too many dishes to ruin. Well, for some, it could be this way: If you can put pineapples on a pizza, what’s the harm with any other fruit on a pizza?

Image Credits: Instagram/theupsidetoboogers

Many people even eat figs on pizzas, so the banana pizza wouldn’t be that much of a stretch for some. Yet, it is one for us. You can do many things with a banana rather than experimenting with random dishes—for example, eating it or making a smoothie.

Baked Bean Donuts

We can’t fathom which evil mind decided to come up with this combination. We also cannot seem to understand the weird obsession people have to mix beans with every other dish. It actually tastes good with some things, like rice. But, why, why donuts?

Image Credits: Redbubble/Smexmuffins

Aren’t donuts supposed to be sweet and chocolaty? And if not chocolaty, then perhaps, shouldn’t they be filled with custard, whipped cream, or anything else according to their flavor? We have never heard of a bean-flavored donut at all.

Hard-Boiled Egg Oatmeal

You read that right. Once again, eating hard-boiled eggs and oatmeal separately is a great breakfast, post-workout, or pre-workout meal. It is pretty nutritious. But when you mix it together, this freaky combination is what you achieve, and it doesn’t look appetizing.

Image Credits: Instagram/babalwa.brook

Anyhow, we saw some dishes that look sleek, although their taste is on an entirely different tangent. But, what is special about this combination? It doesn’t even look good! If it is some type of sweet oatmeal, it is a really disturbing combination.

Chocolate Covered Pickles

Chocolate is one of the most-loved foods worldwide, but that doesn’t mean that everything can be tasty if covered in chocolate, like pickles. Back in the day, chocolates were sophisticated and expensive. Looking at these experiments, we wish we could go back in time.

Image Credits: Instagram/zolagabriellasantos

It is an outrageous combination. It is pretty difficult to imagine that somebody actually took the time and effort to coat pickles with chocolate. For a prank, it seems to be quite excellent. But anyone who eats this in their right mind is simply not ok.

Snickers Stuffed Pickles

What’s with the obsession with pickles? And honestly, what would make snickers worse, or pickles worse? And this one is different from the previous one because, unlike that monstrosity in which we saw chocolate-covered pickles, this one has snickers ‘inside’ the pickle.

Image Credits: Reddit/[deleted]

Someone actually took a pickle, dug a hole, and stuffed a snickers bar into it. It might seem that it could be like eating PB and pickles. But no. It’s a mess because it has chocolate, caramel, nougat, and many other things in a pickle!

Peep Pizza

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to ruin pizza. The peep pizza isn’t a dessert pizza, nor is it even a regular marshmallow pizza. By the looks of it, it actually looks like a failed experiment instead of a dish.

Image Credits: Instagram/winterfirecosplay

It is a pretty awkward combination to imagine. A pizza might have lamb, beef, or ham on it, but this pizza also contains a lot of candy and Sweetarts as well. We can’t consider trying it, but if you do, give it a shot!

Mint Chocolate Chip Fried Chicken

There is no doubt that mint chocolate chip is among the best flavors to have ever been created. Similarly, fried chicken is among the tastiest things ever to be eaten. If you combine them, we can’t be sure about the best flavor or taste.

Image Credits: Instagram/mymumsfood

It is insane to take one of the best ice-cream flavors and drizzle it onto the best side dish. You can dress fried chicken with so many unique sauces that taste splendid! If we have so many options, why should we even consider dressing fried chicken with mint chocolate?

Ground Pork With Gummy Bears

This one is pretty unbelievable. People making and experimenting with foods and coming up with bizarre combinations is one thing, but selling these things in supermarkets is entirely different. As you can see, it is a basic meat package that includes gummy bears.

Image Credits: Instagram/stoned_charcuterie

It is pretty legit. It also includes a safety cooking instruction guide. From checking data and facts, this combination started in Minnesota in 2008, and it has gained a lot of popularity since then. Yet, irrespective of the popularity it gains, we are never trying it.

Nutella Pasta

Well, pasta just went from being a favorite to being a monstrosity. The chef behind this image took pasta and added Nutella to it. Our first question is why, but we will let that pass. Next, he added shredded cheese, out of all the toppings in the world.

Image Credits: Reddit/duralexyz

We hope that whoever made this was a child experimenting with food. We also hope that all of it was eaten. Otherwise, all the food would have gone to waste. On the contrary, it would’ve been considered a waste of food by many the moment the pasta was mixed with Nutella.

Blue Powerade Pasta

The name is enough not to try this combination at home. Nutella pasta, although gross, was a little easier to stomach. But, what about blue Powerade pasta? The difference is that no blue Powerade cream or sauce was used here. 

Image Credits: Reddit/murtaza64

Yet, this nightmarish dish directly contains blue Powerade mixed with raw pasta. It is the same way we boil uncooked noodles or pasta in water. The end product is green in color. All in all, it is a disastrous recipe, and we prefer staying away from it.

Spicy Salmon Waffle Cone

This next one seems to mix Japanese culture and American culture. From one perspective, it looks like they were trying to make a sushi cone, which has recently gained a lot of popularity. Sadly, they didn’t realize that this cone had to be made from things that you would find in sushi.

Image Credits: Reddit/GonzoMcFonzo

This experiment, truth to be told, looks pretty bad. On top of that, it is being sold, which makes us even more curious to wonder who will be purchasing it. Well, we hope that they stopped selling it because many people didn’t buy it.

Applesauce Pizza Sandwich

After looking at so many weird combinations, we thought of bringing one that is relatively mild. Yet, it is not that appetizing. We found it from a subreddit, where a person said that his boss puts applesauce on his pizza, slaps two slices together, and eats the thing like a sandwich.

Image Credits: Reddit/cuchini07

We don’t know what’s worse. Is it eating pizza like a sandwich, or is it eating pizza like a sandwich with a super weird dressing on the pizza slices? All of it definitely takes the fun out of a tasty pizza.

Nutella Toast (Not what you think)

No. It’s not the ever-so-tasty Nutella and bread toast. Consider looking at the photo to understand the situation. We also found this one at a subreddit where the user said that their son has many sensory issues with food, but he made this monstrosity today.

Image Credits: Reddit/iwuznevergivenaname

It is a ‘noodle’ Nutella toast. After looking at this image, we think that this recipe shouldn’t have existed in the first place—no judgments to their cute little child who came up with the combination. But, Nutella toast (bread) is more preferable.

Nacho Cheese Doritos, Monster, And Mountain Dew Shake

After hearing and typing the name of the combination, our first thoughts were, ‘what even?’ It is a horrifying idea in general. If we put it in simple words, it is simply taking every snack and drink you have and blending it.

Image Credits: Reddit/Nyder

We haven’t even heard of it ever before, and we doubt anyone else heard of this random combination. We think that whoever tried it must have gagged on it because of its awful taste. The sight of it makes us want to dump it into the trash.

Chocolate Ramen

All kinds of people exist in this world, even those who would literally consider mixing, in fact, cooking chocolate with ramen! It is nothing authentic, and it doesn’t even look like it’s worth giving a try, even for those who have a taste for it.

Image Credits: Reddit/[deleted]

Looking at the picture, it doesn’t even feel like it is working. The chocolate is supposed to melt into the base. Well, we assume even though we have never tried it before. Well, anyone who wants to try it is free to do so, but we’d prefer staying away from it.


It’s simple and gross: Steak + Banana = Steaknana! This combination destroys both the steak and the banana. We don’t know for what, but someone actually thought that they should consider eating their steak with a banana. Have a look at it yourself.

Image Credits: Reddit/Worst_Lurker

And to make things worse, the person literally topped it all off with ketchup. Steak and ketchup are imaginable, but why would you drizzle it on the banana, out of all things? Well, thanks to the creator of this monstrosity, they ruined steak for us.

Oreos And Salsa

The name of the combination is enough to ruin our appetites. We don’t even feel like looking at the image. Nobody would want to put these two things with each other. Both items are literally polar opposites of each other in taste. 

Image Credits: Imgur/Addicted2Groove

Yet, if you visit a house party, you might see these two things, but they will be next to each other, not mixed up. We found out that the creator gave the combination to a pregnant lady with food cravings. We believe we can let it slide in that case.

Raw Onions And Ground Beef On Toast

The poster of this monstrous combination said that his dad likes to eat it that way. We are not professionals or doctors, but it is pretty easy to figure out that it can’t be the safest thing to eat. 

Image Credits: Reddit/GerryDos

We know that it resembles beef tartar. However, it’s not the same. Just out of curiosity, why mix up all these things? Is there any iron deficiency issue going on here? We can’t seem to grasp the situation. Would you consider giving this dish a try?

Pickle Snow Cones

We wish people stopped creating random pickle combinations. We also cannot seem to understand the pickle juice obsession. People are always ready to gulp it down or even wash their food with it. However, here is somebody who took things to the next level and made a snow cone.

Image Credits: Reddit/notthomyorke

According to their post, we also heard that there is a store that made it their special snowcone, with a pickle on the top for good measure. Have you heard of the quote, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” They took it literally and made pickle snow cones when life gave them pickles.

Chips And Nutella

Dipping chips in sauces and other things like that make them so tasty. Take salsa, for instance. We can also think of dipping them in a creamy cheese sauce, but why chocolate? First of all, chips are salty. Secondly, chocolate is sweet. What’s the point here?

Image Credits: Instagram/elisabethgreiser

Well, we don’t mean that salt and sweet can never go together, but literally, we are talking about potato crisps and Nutella here. How is that good food? Well, it is still an experiment. However, we don’t recommend doing it, and nor will we try it.

Chunky New England Clam Chowder Popsicle

That’s a pretty long name, and obviously, almost everything is wrong with it. For starters, canned soup is excellent sometimes, but it also leaves a bad taste in the mouth. But, the fact that they call it chunky doesn’t help.

Image Credits: Reddit/[deleted]

Even that would be fine if it were melted down into a soup, but they went on to make a popsicle out of it. It doesn’t even look like a nice popsicle. Instead, it seems like one that is past its expiration date. We don’t want frozen soup, and we doubt anybody else does.

French Fries and Honey

Looking at the image and not reading a title can confuse some people because it is easy to mistake honey for many other sauces. But, it is pure honey. Although it is rich in texture, it still doesn’t go with potatoes. Why would a honey dip go with fries?

Image Credits: Instagram/poppinbybrandi

On the other hand, sweet and salty can go together. Besides, there are also some dishes that include honey and potatoes. For instance, honey chili potato! Also, honey mustard is a great sauce that goes with potatoes. If that’s what it is, then why not give the combination a shot?

Pizza and Honey

We wish people stopped combining honey with fast food. However, if you take a deeper look, it is not the worst of ideas. Like we mentioned before, if pineapple can go with pizza, why not any other fruit? And in that case, what’s wrong with some honey?

Image Credits: Instagram/knowntoventure

What we think about this combination is that it would be better if it were on a plain slice of pizza. It could be gross on the portions filled with toppings and meat. Imagine how bad it would taste on a piece of mushroom pizza or chicken pizza, for that matter.

Apples with Salt and Pepper

Seasoning some food items make sense and also improves the overall taste of the food. Even a pinch of salt will help enhance the flavor of your apple pie. But what exactly is the need to season fresh fruits out of all things?

Image Credits: Instagram/s_wam

Apples are sweet and flavorful right from the moment you get them. They naturally have a lot of taste. Yet, some crazy minds would still add salt. But pepper? We don’t have the tiniest idea why, but we prefer our apples plain.

Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich

We find it vile, but we have also heard many people swear by it. We have been through so many weird dishes, but this one is peculiar. At the same time, PB and pickles are also among the most discussed combinations. We can’t seem to understand why.

Image Credits: Instagram/zenandzaatar

So, only trying this dish can give us the answer that we need. It is safe to assume that it won’t have any deliciousness to it, but we are all in for surprises. If you are a fan of PB and pickles, then you probably are shaking your head thinking we’re crazy for being suspicious.

Watermelon with Feta

Not only is it a popular combination, but it is also a famous delicacy in some areas and restaurants. However, we haven’t tried it, and we definitely can’t say anything with certainty. For some, it could be all about drizzling curd over juicy watermelons.

Image Credits: Instagram/domesticated_metalhead

For many, and even for us, watermelons are something to be enjoyed on a sunny day by the beach. It is like a light snack that will keep you hydrated, but it won’t fill you up. Adding cheese to it will take out the ‘light’ part from the snack.

Mashed Sweet Potato with Avocado and Kiwi

Sweet potatoes are the most fabulous vegetables ever. Kiwi is a delicious fruit, and avocado is highly popular and healthy. Eat them separately, and you get the best and the most nutritious snacks ever. Combine them, and you get this, which is what we call a disaster.

Image Credits: Instagram/happyfoodhealthylife

It is a disaster because their flavor profiles simply don’t go well with each other, at least according to us. It is why it is equally difficult to imagine why anybody would even consider putting them together on a plate.

Avocado Latte

Now, we can officially say that this charade has gone too far. Avocado latte, or whatever it is, is a misuse of the fruit, abuse of the latte, and a sign that there is no humanity left in the world. All the ones that we saw before were simply weird combinations. 

Image credits: Instagram/snakegrrl

Have a look yourself for this one. It is nowhere close to just a weird combination. You can have a latte in the morning and an avocado too. Quite refreshing, isn’t it? However, the line got crossed when these two were mixed.

Banana Bacon Skewer

We wish we could stop here, but the show must go on. Shish Kebabs are a blessing, and eating one by stacking it with a veggie is heavenly. But then, there is this bizarre combination called the banana bacon skewer.

Image Credits: Instagram/flyingkneefilms

We are aware of America’s bacon obsession and even other parts of the world for that case. But, it is high time that people stopped wrapping random things in bacon and call it a big thing. We wish it stopped, but we certainly know that it won’t.

Cookie Burger

Here is a little intro for those who couldn’t fathom what a cookie burger would be like. It is a burger with cheese that is stuffed between two cookies slapped against each other. Honestly, it doesn’t look delicious in any way, even for the daredevils who like trying these things.

Image Credits: Instagram/outofplac3

Having a cookie after eating a burger is the ultimate joy of life for many. It is heavenly, and in a way, it satisfies almost all of your food cravings. We have also experienced that feeling. After looking at this, we’d rather stay away from it. What an appetite-killer.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

The whole wrapping things with bacon or wrapping bacon with things needs to stop. It’s lovely pairing chocolate with fruits like strawberries or even bananas. But we are talking about bacon here. Why on earth would someone want this?

Image Credits: Instagram/super__chops

It even looks disgusting. We hope this combination doesn’t spread like wildfire, although it doesn’t look like something somebody would consider trying in their right minds. Focusing on the picture, it doesn’t even feel like the bacon is hot.

Waffles and Sausage (With Maple Syrup)

What you are about to witness is a spicy chicken andouille sausage sitting on top of a pearl sugar Belgian waffle. It doesn’t end here because the creator of this monstrosity drizzled it with some sweet ol’ maple syrup.

Image Credits: Instagram/lalaskitchentable

The person who posted it also said that his mouth was watering while writing about the dish. Well, if you ask us, our mouth was un-watered by hearing about this dish and describing it. How do a waffle, a sausage, and a sweet syrup go with each other?

Popcorn – and ketchup

The person who posted this photo says that a friend of theirs likes eating popcorn with sauce. One side of us asks why, while the other says why not? We can’t imagine how it would taste if the popcorn was the flavor of caramel.

Image Credits:

But, although it isn’t something we would love to try, it would be understandable if the popcorn was covered with a salty or cheese flavor. So, if you feel like giving it a try, there’s no harm. Maybe it could taste better than what you expected.

Bacon-Wrapped Oreos

We wish we never saw this disaster, but it seems like it is true. Somebody actually had the courage to wrap their Oreos with bacon. We don’t even want to imagine how it would taste, and nor would we consider trying it out.

Image Credits: Instagram/dtee_onthe_bge

It is actually among the worst combinations we have ever seen. It is usually pretty amazing when you have a bacon cheeseburger followed by an oreo milkshake—but mixing bacon and Oreos, nope. That’s a pass we will not regret taking.

Banana Water

The person who posted this photo posted it with a caption, “Gotta stay hydrated.” Well, the importance of hydration is understandable, but what’s worse is that people didn’t even leave the water alone. Even water has now been tampered with by adding bananas to it.

Image Credits:

What’s even more astonishing is that it looks like a photo from a buffet. It means that someone put it on display in an enormous container, as we can see, and hundreds of people might have tried it. We surely don’t want to try it.

Egg Jello Shots

Irrespective of how gross it seems, we need to agree that the amount of innovation involved here is unbelievable. How can somebody even think of serving shots of Jello, out of all things that you can gulp, and serve it in hard-boiled eggs, out of all things?

Image Credits: Reddit/abeltesgoat

It is definitely one of the combinations that are less thought of as compared to others. Yet, some people say that it is not that bad of a combination because egg whites don’t seem to have that much flavor.

Chips and Cream

We saw chips and chocolate earlier, but the cream is the dressing element in this case. Kudos to the poster for spoiling both things for us. Creme De La Chips sounds so exotic, doesn’t it? Wait till you see this image.

Image Credits: Instagram/gurraponta

What are your thoughts now? Well, the person who posted this combination also said that it was an awful thing that they ate in their life. The person ended up eating the whole thing and also felt sick. So, don’t try this combination at home.

Nutella and Hard-Boiled Egg

We only have one word for our opinion for this next combination. Awful, by all means. A hard-boiled egg can go well with many other things. Was there a shortage of other dressings that the poster just had to dress it with Nutella?

Image Credits:

On top of that, that doesn’t even look like a dressing. It’s almost around a spoon of Nutella, and the person is applying it the way we smother Nutella on bread. Anyways, we doubt that anybody is going to try this out.

Pumpkin Pie and Mustard

The person who posted this picture captioned it, saying that it would spice up the taste buds. We highly doubt it, but let’s leave that to everybody else who wants to try it. Pumpkin pie is undoubtedly the best thing about Thanksgiving.

Image Credits: Buzzfeed

But, there it goes down the drain with the mustard on it. What a way to ruin Thanksgiving. It looks pretty vile, and we’re pretty sure it could taste that way as well. That’s precisely what happens when you mix two things that are opposite in taste.

Bagel, Peanut Butter, and Pickles

And we are back with peanut butter and pickles again, but thankfully, it is the last weird combination on our list. Take a look at this aesthetic image. Great angle, great vibe, but not so sure about the dish. 

Image Credits: Instagram/jolieanna85

The person eating it also seems to be enjoying a latte with it. According to some, it isn’t bad at all. In fact, peanut butter and pickles are a pretty famous combination for many people. So, they wouldn’t even mind a bagel with it. However, not for us. We agree to disagree.