Crimes Against Cuisine: 35+ Unappetizing Culinary Disasters Captured On Camera

By Aileen D May 12, 2023

If you’re looking for a culinary experience that is both satisfying and indulgent, nothing beats sinking your teeth into a juicy, perfectly cooked steak. Whether it’s a succulent rib-eye or a tender filet mignon, a well-prepared steak can offer a delicious combination of rich flavor and mouthwatering texture that is hard to resist.

Now, imagine putting some pickled brine on that cooked steak or that filet mignon.

Not the most delicious thought, right? The same goes for the food pictures we have compiled from a subReddit dedicated to bad food pics. People have been sharing the most atrocious food combinations unknown to man. And yes, they even beat pineapples on pizza. Fair warning: you might want to take a spoonful of pickled ginger to clean your palate between courses!

Just Ignore

Few things can compare to the sweet, creamy indulgence of the perfect ice cream scoop. The smooth texture, the flavors, and the cooling sensation on the tongue all come together to create a truly satisfying treat that is hard to resist. So go ahead, take a bite, and savor the deliciousness!

Image courtesy of francaisetanglais / Reddit

While you’re on it, how about you put a dollop or two of mayonnaise on that bowl of ice cream? It should help bring out the flavor. Or help you belch out your gastric contents unto the bowl! Make sure it’s real mayonnaise; otherwise, you’re missing out.

Feeling Full Already

There’s nothing worse than being faced with a fridge full of leftovers you have no idea what to do with. But instead of tossing them out or reheating them for the third night in a row, some people get creative.

Image courtesy of thatsonecookedgoose / Reddit

For instance, check out this Redditor who decided to use his leftover empanadas to make a delicious new dish. He cut them up, added some cheese, and threw them in an oven pan. There’s still room to get those things burnt!

Calling ER

When it comes to cooking, some people like to experiment with new flavors and ingredients. And then there are people like this guy, who have a unique approach to cooking that can only be described as diabolical. It’s enough to guarantee a trip to the hospital!

Image courtesy of godofthewind / Reddit

At first, we thought he had lost his mind, but he insisted it was a “family recipe.” He served us each a plate, and we cautiously took a bite. It actually tastes good, so long as you close your eyes the whole time.

Waging War

We all know that pineapple on pizza is a divisive topic. But what happens when someone takes it to the extreme? Our divergent pal did just that when she decided to put oversized chunks of pineapple on a small pizza. Was she trying to start a war or something?

Image courtesy of loftusc / Reddit

Not satisfied with the damage she had already caused, she decided to take a picture of it and shared her sentiment about pineapples on pizza online. We bet she had never seen that many people unfriend someone faster than they did people who voted for Trump!

Italians Flatlining

This is enough to give Italians a heart attack. This girl encountered a mishap ( if you could call something intentional a mishap) while cooking pasta. She accidentally broke the noodles in half and put them in a bowl. But that wasn’t the half of it!

Image courtesy of Peachpanther1995 / Reddit

When it was time to serve, we noticed that the pasta looked a little undercooked. Of course, we didn’t want to hurt our friend’s feelings, so we took a knife, slit off a couple of noodles and bit into them. Yum, crunchy, just how we like it!

Won’t Notice

We once decided to treat a friend to a fancy dinner at a seafood restaurant. When our plates arrived, we both noticed something strange. Our friend’s fish fillet looked fresh and flaky, while ours looked like it had been reheated from the day before.

Image courtesy of necroslap666 / Reddit

It was dry and had a weird aftertaste. We looked at each other in disbelief. Was this some kind of cruel joke? We called over the waiter and threatened to cause a scene if we weren’t given a refund. Instead, we were told we could order another dish. Guess what we did.

Ship has Sailed

This Redditor had recently decided to transition to a healthy lifestyle, but things didn’t quite go as planned as she made her first salad. She started by chopping up two pieces of banana, adding a handful of blueberries, and then tearing up two measly leaves of lettuce.

Image courtesy of HauntingMouse/ Reddit

You sure that ship has sailed? We eyed the salad and then looked up at her. We can always order takeout. You can start your diet tomorrow because the only place this dish belongs is on a kid’s breakfast table.

Michelin Rating

This Redditor had heard that deviled eggs were the perfect party food, so he decided to give them a try for his upcoming dinner party. He boiled the eggs and carefully removed the yolks, mashing them up in a bowl with some butter to make the filling.

Image courtesy of CozmicBat / Reddit

However, when it came time to put the filling back into the egg whites, he hit a snag. He had mixed the mashed yolk and butter so vigorously that the mixture became too runny to hold its shape. Maybe putting it in the freezer (or the bin) could help?

Eat Me

This person is always on the lookout for new and exciting food trends to try. She heard about a special dish that featured cut eel heads stuffed into siomai rolls. Despite the warning signs, she decided to give it a go. It looked like something straight out of a horror movie.

Image courtesy of Old Blighty / Reddit

The tiny eyes and sharp teeth were still visible. The texture was slimy, and the taste was overwhelmingly fishy. Don’t ask us how we know. Moral of the story? Sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics unless you want your insides eaten out!

Finger Food

Cheechickos. Bet you read that, and it didn’t awaken your gustatory senses. Neither did this picture of the famed cheechickos. Just one look made us feel like our digestive system had shut down and our mouths pursed into thin lines.

Image courtesy of thatboringasian / Reddit

Don’t get us wrong. It isn’t the spice level on these things that made us chicken out. It’s actually what appears to be leftover chicken deep-fried to clear up the ref. No amount of milk can relieve the burn if you take a bite of this.

For the College Kid

Ah, the classic college meal of instant noodles and onions. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and nutrition if you don’t mind your breath smelling like a skunk’s armpit for the rest of the day. Plus, it fits your budget and leaves you satiated halfway through your lecture.

Image courtesy of caramel-memories / Reddit

But why stop there? Add in some other questionable food items like caramel or nuts. Who needs to cook a proper meal when you can just Frankenstein together a hodgepodge of leftovers and junk food? Ah, how we miss our college days!

Short Attention Span

This Redditor wanted to try a new hobby. Since she had always been a fan of eating cookies, she decided to learn how to bake them herself. She spent $50 on cookie-decorating tools and ingredients, only to lose interest five minutes into baking.

Image courtesy of JaBeBr / Reddit

“12 minutes?! That’s like FOREVER!” She checked the timer every 30 seconds, growing more and more impatient. Finally, the bell rang, and she slid the cookies onto separate plates, waited for them to cool, and started decorating. Was she trying to capture all her mum’s moods with these?

Has to be a Turn-Off

You won’t guess this person’s favorite snack. It is just despicable. He takes two slices of bread, slathers them with butter, and then sprinkles them with chopped onion. Then, he presses the two slices together and takes a ginormous bite.

Image courtesy of ItBeJoeDood / Reddit

If he wants to up his game, he could coat it in cheese or a beaten egg to fry in a pan. At least that way, it would still pass the standards of a delectable sandwich. And here we thought that pineapples on pizza was atrocious.

For the Kid At Heart

What’s one joy of parenthood? Convincing your little ones to eat what you cook for them. It’s like playing a game of “Iron Chef” with picky eaters. They demand seafood pasta, you whisk up the dish in less than 10 minutes, and your appreciative child is excited to munch it down.

Image courtesy of Jazzy_Junebug / Reddit

Your kid has yet to realize that the “gourmet dish” is simply a last-minute concoction because you failed to prep meals for the week. Little do they know that the squid is made of mashed old meat and that the cheese is powdered. Ah, the power of culinary deception.

Close Enough

Movie night is a serious business. The stakes are high, the expectations are higher, and the food must be on point. You can’t just throw a bag of stale popcorn at your guests and call it a day. No, no, no. You need to pull out all the stops.

Image courtesy of UltimatelyKismet / Reddit

This person pulled the stops alright. After pouring the contents of a bag into a food container, he unwrapped a slice of cheddar cheese and then threw it dead smack into the center. He’d take a bite of the cheddar cheese before wolfing down a chip.

East Meets West

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, the fusion of Eastern and Western culinary styles has become more prevalent in recent years. The combination of Asian spices, herbs, and cooking techniques with Western ingredients and presentation has created exciting new flavors.

Image courtesy of BonzoMarx / Reddit

But that doesn’t mean it’s palatable. On one hand, we’ve got the western influence of a soggy sausage, slit in half and coated with mustard. And we have got the eastern influence of mango slices topped with shredded coconut. Care to take a bite?

Nice Try

Just because you love sushi doesn’t mean that you should prepare it. This age-old dish is best left to the culinary maestros, who know to first mix in rice vinegar and rice and roll it with salmon or crabmeat. We know it sounds easy, but it’s not.

Image courtesy of wednesdaytuesdaythur / Reddit

This person placed the cooked salmon on the rice and attempted to roll it up into a sushi roll, making the roll look more like a mess than sushi. The sushi lover was determined to salvage the situation and decided to eat the dish herself instead of offering it to friends.


As Thanksgiving approached, this Redditor’s dad decided to go all out with the turkey. He had heard that red wine made it incredibly succulent and flavorful. So, he went to the store and picked up the largest bottle of red wine he could find.

Image courtesy of celestrialcelery / Reddit

He then poured the entire bottle into a large bowl along with some herbs and spices, and submerged the turkey in the mixture. The guy was feeling pretty proud of himself, thinking that this would be the best turkey he had ever made. Sadly, he was wrong.

Terrible idea

With the advent of the internet and countless recipe websites and food blogs, people no longer have to worry about running out of cooking ideas. From simple weeknight dinners to elaborate gourmet dishes, there is a seemingly endless supply of inspiration available at our fingertips.

Image courtesy of Keish Daddy / Reddit

Somehow this person managed to choose the worst idea yet. We can already imagine the smell of cereal and sausages as we slice into this jello. Our birthday celebrations are forever ruined, thanks to this atrocious excuse for a jello meal.

Needs A Refractory Period

Is it just us, or have we grown into senile adults who find the dirtiest meanings in innocent words, phrases, and pictures? We can turn any art form into a double entendre without exerting much effort. Can’t blame us after being served this.

Image courtesy of Old-Blighty / Reddit

Apparently, this chef can whip up a delicious meal with only salt and water. He’s known in female circles to put his all into creating the mixture. But the peculiar thing about him is that after every meal prep, he needs a 15-minute refractory period!

Gone Full Out Carnivore

Everyone at the table gasped in horror as they watched this Redditor take a bite of raw meat. They were completely stunned until her mum slapped the spoon out of her daughter’s hand. “What in the world are you thinking?” she shrieked.

Image courtesy of arcadia222222 / Reddit

The spoon clattered on the ground, but instead of being hit with the smell of raw meat, she smelled a faint whiff of strawberry and coffee. Because that’s all it really was – strawberry-flavored jello mixed in a puddle of caffeine.

Couldn’t Tell the Difference

Dave was very worried about his furry friend. He had noticed some unusual things about his dog’s poop and was concerned that something might be wrong. So, he went to see the vet. He even showed the guy a picture of it.

Image courtesy of SaltedEg / Reddit

The vet’s eyes widened, “You sure that came out in one sitting?” The owner looked at the picture and thumbed through the phone, “Oops, wrong picture.” Apparently, the guy had shown the vet a picture of a chocolate bagel with peanut butter instead!

Perfect for the Summer

This Redditor is always looking for ways to make her meals more interesting. She decided to thaw some pork in a tall glass and infuse the meat with some new flavors. The only problem was that she forgot to tell her roommate what she was doing.

Image courtesy of plipplop125 / Reddit

Her roommate walked into the kitchen and saw what she thought was a refreshing glass of watermelon juice on the counter. She took a big sip and immediately regretted it. Should we call the hospital for a case of salmonella?


Tim was feeling adventurous at the local seafood restaurant. He decided to order the ceviche, a popular dish made from raw fish marinated in citrus juices. When the dish arrived at his table, he couldn’t help but feel a little concerned. It was not how he had remembered it.

Image courtesy of shamski82 / Reddit

Tim didn’t want to make a fuss, so he took a tentative bite. It was bland, and he couldn’t get over the fact that it looked like something that had come out of someone’s stomach. He pushed the bowl away, regretting that he had taken a risk.

Get Yourself A Broom

Instead of using regular tomato sauce, this Redditor decided to add some food coloring to the spaghetti sauce to dull the shade of red. She thought it would look cool if she had made the dish look like it was witch’s hair!

Image courtesy of bvibviana / Reddit

The final result was a lumpy, brown-green concoction that was supposed to be a special recipe passed down through generations. But instead of making mouths water, it made everyone, even witches, want to run for their brooms and flee the scene!

Hope She Washed First

There was a health-conscious mom named Karen who was always looking for ways to sneak vegetables into her family’s diet. One day, she got the brilliant idea to make veggie-infused water. It was the perfect way to drink the nutrients without having to munch on a carrot.

Image courtesy of Imamuffinz / Reddit

She took a pitcher of water and filled it with cucumber slices, carrot shavings, and kale leaves and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. As expected, her family was having none of it. They politely declined the veggie-infused water and opted for munching vegetables instead.

Not A Pretty Sight

This Redditor got the idea to make healthier versions of her favorite junk food snacks. She spent hours in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes, determined to make her junk food habit more guilt-free. She started with this plate of potatoes and sausages.

Image courtesy of Old-Blighty / Reddit

She didn’t feel like baking the potatoes yet, so she fried them as you normally would, then she thawed the pack of sausages. After, she carefully peeled the skin off each sausage, determined to get rid of excess cholesterol and salt!

Key to Good Health

This Redditor is convinced that bread and other complex carbs are key to good health. After all, this food group is the brain’s food source. So, he bought himself a bag of bread from the local bakery without fail until he made this chilling discovery.

Image courtesy of Gewreck / Reddit

“Maybe I should just go on a liquid diet from now on,” he muttered, having found the 2-d cockroach. The incident left him feeling uneasy about bread, and he couldn’t bring himself to eat it with the same gusto he had before.

Piece of Art

Making sushi is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded – it’s difficult, frustrating, and requires a lot of patience. Sure, it may look easy when you watch the sushi chefs effortlessly roll those little rice and seaweed packages, but the reality is much different.

Image courtesy of swearinglikeasailor / Reddit

Getting the right amount of rice, filling, and pressure to create a perfectly formed sushi roll is an art form in itself. That’s why this Redditor was so confused when the chef decided to use a cone instead of using a nori to tie everything together.

Making Up for Malnutrition

As you drag yourself through the front door after a long day at work, you can’t help but feel defeated. The day was a blur of endless meetings, phone calls, and emails, and you can barely keep your eyes open. The last thing you want to do is cook a meal from scratch.

Image courtesy of ihaveabaguetteknife / Reddit

Is it the lack of sleep that made this Redditor boil his veggies until they got soggy and limp? To make things worse, he paired it with an uncooked hotdog. You can tell that this dish has an excessive amount of salt to make up for the lack of nutrition.

Out with the Cholesterol

One day, in a fit of culinary creativity, this person decided to make a unique snack – boiled egg whites filled with peanut butter and jelly. They carefully scooped out the yolks and filled the empty white shells with generous portions of peanut butter and jelly.

Image courtesy of BodaciousDani / Reddit

When asked why they did such a thing, they simply answered they wanted to control their cholesterol levels. They should have read a couple of medical articles because they are in for more frequent sugar crashes too.

Exclusive Affair

The kitchen is a magical place where all sorts of culinary wonders are created. But for some people, it’s a place of terror and danger. That’s why we know of individuals who are simply not allowed in the kitchen lest they create casseroles like this.

Image courtesy of termari42 / Reddit

It would have been worse if they burned the kitchen down. But at least this casserole would have gone down in flames. Now, we have to keep from fidgeting at the dinner table and pretend that we like this and that it’s good for us.

Cross It Out of My List

A crab crostini is a heavenly combination of crispy toasted bread, creamy cheese, and succulent crab meat. The flavors meld together in perfect harmony, creating a taste that is both luxurious and comforting. That’s why this person decided to make himself one.

Image courtesy of PM-ME-UR-PIERCED-NIP / Reddit

This Redditor clearly doesn’t like to waste time watching cooking tutorials. He’s convinced that he’s a natural-born chef and that he can wing it in the kitchen. So he boiled a huge crab for half an hour and then wedged it between a baguette. There, done!


This girl is one of the few people who can’t function without breakfast. She wakes up every morning with a ravenous appetite, eager to dive into her favorite meal of the day. And she prepares it in one of the most interesting bowls we’ve ever come across.

Image courtesy of zxepxv / Reddit

Not that she needs to grind those cereals (they will be soggy if she leaves them drenched for too long), but she feels the need to place them in this bowl to keep her kids from toppling her breakfast over.

A Squeeze of Orange

Citrus zest is a popular ingredient in many Chinese dishes. This is because citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are believed to have many health benefits in traditional Chinese medicine. They are thought to help with digestion, promote healthy skin, and even improve one’s mood.

Image courtesy of anjgaming / Reddit

The addition of orange slices can provide a fresh burst of citrus flavor that complements the sweetness of sauces. It also adds a textural element to the dish, with the juicy flesh of the orange contrasting with the crispy chicken. But we know it’s not supposed to look like this!

Just How We Don’t Like It

For many meat lovers, there’s nothing quite like a perfectly cooked medium rare steak. But what makes this cooking method so special, and why do people prefer it over other levels of doneness? Well, the steak retains its natural juices and flavor while still being cooked enough to be safe to eat.

Image courtesy of ACherry1234 / Reddit

That’s why this person sprinkled some salt and pepper on a slab of steak and then proceeded to cook it in the microwave. Yes, you read that right. It wasn’t enough to eat mashed potatoes with meat; he needed a dose of food poisoning.

For the Love of Oreos

This man loved Oreos more than anything in the world. He would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if he could. One day, he had the bright idea to invent a food combination. He tore the package of Oreos and then mashed them into a bowl.

Image courtesy of cakeboy6969 / Reddit

He then broke a couple of eggs and whisked everything together. Meeting his gustatory requirements of sweet and salty, he poured it into a skillet pan and cooked for three minutes. He didn’t feel like coating it with butter, not with this sickly color.


In today’s fast-paced world, many people find themselves eating on the go due to the demands of work. With busy schedules and tight deadlines, there is often no time for a leisurely meal. That’s why this person decided to get a macro-dose of carbs with dairy and meat.

Image courtesy of bllygoat / Reddit

Once again, the Italians would be affronted. Not only did this person break the noodles into several tiny pieces, but they also paired it with a sausage. Italian mothers would walk out of their graves just to give this Redditor proper culinary training!

Pot (bad)luck

Potluck meals are a popular tradition in many workplaces. It’s an opportunity for colleagues to come together and share a meal while enjoying each other’s company. It’s also a great way to wedge a divide between you and your co-workers if you intentionally bring a vomit-inducing snack.

Image courtesy of JamesKeenan718 / Reddit

We know that deciding what to bring can be a challenge. But this person should have stuck to homemade sandwiches instead of creating the Minnesota sushi. It’s made of ham, mayonnaise, and pickles. Throw in some veggies, and it might just pass as food.

Sticky Alright

Candy corn, the classic Halloween treat that resembles a tiny tri-colored cone, has been a popular snack for decades. The combination of its creamy texture and sweet, sugary flavor make it an irresistible treat. Some people love ’em, and some people hate them. If you’re the latter, here’s a reason to despise it more.

Image courtesy of bvibviana / Reddit

Your mouth is watering with anticipation until you take a closer look at the toppings. You see what looks like little tri-colored cones scattered across the pizza. Upon closer inspection, you realize that those little cones are actually candy corn! You’re not sure whether to be horrified or intrigued.

Sweet and Salty

Many people have a love for snacks that are both sweet and salty. This combination can create a perfect balance of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds. From chocolate-covered pretzels to maple bacon, the sweet and salty trend is a popular and delicious way to enjoy a variety of foods.

Image courtesy of gabezgamingYT / Reddit

Spam and baked cookies may seem like an unlikely combination, but for some adventurous eaters, this pairing is a match made in heaven. The salty, savory flavor of spam pairs surprisingly well with the sweet, buttery goodness of baked cookies. Care to give this snack a try?


You might not have thought much of them back in the day, but now you realize that vegetables are essential to a healthy and fulfilling life. Eating them is like putting a turbocharger in your body. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber that keep everything running smoothly.

Image courtesy of [unknown] / Reddit

To enjoy this delicacy, roll your greens into a burrito and ease them down with a glass of water by the side of your plate. You can add a few condiments, such as Caesar sauce and some sprinkles of sliced mango. Just look at you wolfing down those greens!

Needs Some Explanation

People can be picky eaters for a variety of reasons. Some may have sensory issues or aversions to certain textures or tastes, while others may have had negative experiences with certain foods in the past. What does this picture remind you of, and would you dare eat it?

Image courtesy of ravenbutanymous / Reddit

With a little context, we are certain that you will wolf it down. The bread just needs to be left in the toaster for a couple more minutes, but it goes perfectly with this hot baked chicken. Can’t wait to dig in!

Death Trap

There was a dad named Steve who decided to take on the challenge of cooking dinner for his family. He felt confident as he boiled some mac and cheese on the stove and seasoned some raw chicken drumsticks with what he thought was pepper.

Image courtesy of bumblebeej10 / Reddit

He called out to his family, saying that dinner was ready. Everyone charged into the kitchen, wondering where that funky smell was coming from until they realized that it was sitting before them. They had to restrain themselves from adding to the puke on their plates.