Devious And Delectable Food Pranks That Make Us Wary Of Our Meals

By Amy M

Food—we were always told it can be eaten, but it must never be played with. But there’s a middle ground, and there’s no shortage of ways to have some harmless fun with it. Imagine how hilarious it would be to fool people with a cake made out of meatloaf or disguise a salty meal as a sweet treat. That is a sure way to anger all the foodies out there.

This article will make you wary of every dish or beverage you consume while also providing you with some entertaining ideas for practical jokes. You might want to think twice from now on before devouring your meals; there might be something foul hidden in there. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy these chucklesome food tricks that people, unfortunately, fell victim to.

Trick or Treat

The last thing anyone wants to eat is a healthy piece of fruit when they’re craving chocolate. Grapes are nice and sweet, but they can’t compare to the chocolatey goodness of a creme egg. If you present these to kids on Halloween, expect your house to be egged.

Image source: muminprogress/Twitter

All you need to recreate this is a bunch of grapes [we know it’s just sitting in the fridge untouched] and a box of creme eggs that you get to devour. While the prankster is on a sugar high, the poor prankee is crying over their missing sugary treat.

Soapy Bread

It’s terrifying that this microwaved soap looks exactly like a piece of bread. Hopefully we’re not the ones actually being tricked into trying this. It’s possible that all it does is ruin a perfectly good microwave and make your food taste soapy.

Image source: nite_/Reddit

This is a cool science experiment, but you need to be careful that you don’t let someone make a sandwich with this fake bread. It’s all fun and games until they’re burping bubbles. Ingesting soap is quite dangerous, so maybe pick a less harmful way to mess with someone.

Dinner For Dessert

Mmm, delicious; it’s a cake made out of meatloaf. This is certainly a different way to make people’s favorite comfort food. Upon closer inspection, you can see that it looks meaty. However, one can be fooled by the frosting that’s probably mashed potatoes.

Image source: hamfist_ofthenorth/Reddit

Guests usually anticipate dessert after a meal, so they might be disappointed that they were served a second entre instead of cake. Who knows; this meatloaf cake could end up being tasty, and maybe they’ll enjoy it. We’re not going to lie, it doesn’t look too bad.

Eat Your Greens

There are so many yummy things that you can add to a cupcake, like jam, caramel, or custard. If you want to ruin a person’s day, hand this to them. It would be hysterical to see the horror on someone’s face as they bite into this.

Image source:

It’s such a shame to see a delectable cupcake go to waste. The second someone discovers there’s a vegetable in it, it will be tossed straight into the bin. The only time vegetables and cake should go together is if it’s a proper carrot cake. We’ll make an exception for those.

Most Important Meal of the Day

This savory breakfast isn’t what it seems. It looks like a normal plate of egg and fries; however, it’s actually far from it. The fries are sliced apples, and the egg is yogurt with a piece of canned peach as the yolk. It’s so creative.

Image source: patatarium/Instructables

If one hasn’t had their coffee yet, things could go pear-shaped if they were looking forward to a salty meal. Just hope the person you’re serving it to doesn’t add ketchup, or else it will be ruined. This is a nutritious breakfast that could actually end up being delightful.

Anti-theft Sandwich Bag

You may assume that writing your name on a bag of food would be enough to stop others from consuming your goods, but this is sadly not the case. Invest in this fake moldy sandwich bag today if you’re sick of the fridge raiders at your work or home.

Image source:

This bag would also be perfect to pack a person’s lunch in to make them think their food has gone bad. Instead of this, you can even put a few drops of food coloring straight onto the bread, and voila, it looks rotten.

Tall Glass of Jell-O

This looks like a refreshing cup of Kool-Aid, but you’d never guess it’s Jell-O. Serve this with any meal, and watch as people try and sip the drink through the straw. If the glass gets knocked over, then they’ll know that something’s up.

Image source:

After everyone’s had a good laugh, they can dig in. They’ll need to grab a spoon instead of a straw to enjoy this undrinkable creation. It’s not what someone would want to be served on a hot summer’s day, but Jell-O is still pretty tasty and makes a nice dessert.

Spicy Surprise

Spice is added to many dishes, but you wouldn’t think you’d be faced with heat when taking a sip from a refreshing beverage. It would be cruel to hand this to a person if they’ve just eaten a spicy meal and need a drink to cool down.

Image source: WillTravel2TryFood/Trip Advisor

Many people can’t handle their spice, so make sure you have some milk on hand. Downing some carbs can also help to stop your mouth from feeling like it’s on fire. You’d owe the victim of the prank an ice cream after this.

Snap, Crackle and Pop Wings

These are normal finger-licking good buffalo wings, right? Wrong! These chicken wings look like the real deal, but they’re actually made entirely of Rice Krispies. No one would suspect that they’re being punked until they take a bite of this treat. These faux wings are truly amazing.

Image source: FamilyFun magazine/YouTube

Celery and bleu cheese are typically added as a side to wings, so green licorice can be included on the plate to look like celery. Marshmallows can also be whipped up into a cream for the bleu cheese dipping sauce.

So Cheesy

Get a daily dose of vitamin C with a glass of orange juice. Hopefully, it’s the real thing, not like this Kraft Mac n Cheese beverage disguised as OJ. Let’s hope whoever drank this mixture doesn’t suffer from lactose intolerance.

Image source: and

Mac n Cheese is scrumptious, but there’s no way that it makes a good drink. To make things worse, this box of Kraft Dinner claims that it’s now cheesier. So you’ll be getting a very strong cheesy taste. Even if you’re a fan of dairy, you probably won’t be too happy with this drink.

Ice, Ice Baby

A tub of ice cream should always be kept in the freezer to help cheer you up after experiencing some sort of crisis. We always see a girl eating a pint after a breakup in movies. Imagine one’s disappointment in finding ice sans cream!

Image source:

Swapping out ice cream with ice seems funny, but you wouldn’t be laughing if it happened to you. It would be understandable if one threw a fit after discovering this in the freezer. Hopefully the prankster doesn’t actually eat the ice cream and puts it in another container.

Colorful Confusion

Most of us have heard the saying from Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Well, in this case, it’s like a bowl of candy where you don’t know what to expect.

Image source: CodeDinoSaur/Reddit

The colors in Skittles, Reese’s Pieces, and M&M’s are identical. Nobody could tell that these are different candies if you combined them. We don’t know how many folks this joke might annoy. Most people would like to have a variety of sweets, peanut butter, and chocolate.

Sweet Sub

On April Fools’ Day, a woman planned to play a practical joke on her son using fake food. Her spouse commented that how no-bake cookies look very similar to meatballs. This then inspired her to create this fake meatball sub.

Image source:

Meatball subs typically include meatballs, marinara sauce, and cheese. This fake sandwich is put together using a cake for the bun, no-bake cookies for the meatballs, strawberry sauce as the marinara sauce, and shredded white chocolate for the cheese. This could easily pass for a savory sandwich.

Is That a Brussels Sprout Cake Pop?

Dipping Brussels sprouts in chocolate sauce is a great way to trick your kids into eating their greens. However, you’ll need a mountain of chocolate sauce to cover up the stinky smell. Kids will probably spit it out the second they taste the bitterness of these nasty veggies.

Image source:

These cake pops look good enough to eat until you remember the foul thing that is lurking underneath. Brussel sprouts are perfectly rounded like these desserts and can easily pass as a delicious treat after it’s covered in all the other sweet stuff.

Spongy Cake

This is a sponge cake but not of the sweet variety. This is made with a literal sponge… used for cleaning. Imagine the disappointment one would feel after biting into this delectable-looking chocolate cake and getting a mouthful of sponge.

Image source: Dollar Store Crafts/Pinterest

You must admit that this prank takes the cake. This looks like the real thing, and anyone would be quite easily fooled by this. This is amazing crafty work, but no one would appreciate it because they’ll be too upset about missing out on a proper slice of cake.

Frozen Solid

You can get someone good with this frozen bowl of cereal prank. One can get a whole bunch of giggles from this with little effort. All you need is cereal, milk, and a freezer. Leave this overnight, and in the morning, the fun and games can begin.

Image source: Zorica Lakonic/Verywell

This will look perfectly normal to a sleepyhead in the morning. However, the minute they try and dig into their bowl of cereal, they’ll be confused as to why they can’t get a spoonful. They’ll be in for a rude awakening when they figure out that their favorite cereal is frozen solid.

Caramelized Onions

Candy apples are a staple at fairs. These desserts normally have a nice crunchy apple to bite into. But you know what isn’t so common at festivals? Onions! With this prank, you whip up a batch with a not-so-nice surprise in the center.

Image source:

One bite of this, and the tears will flow. At least there’s the caramel coating to mask the awfulness of this wicked creation. It’s not the norm, but there might be a few people out there who will find biting into a raw onion delectable.

Donut Be Fooled

Try not to be fooled by these scrumdiddlyumptious-looking doughnuts. These aren’t filled with jelly or custard. Instead, they have mayo in them. Savory doughnuts are a thing, but this one with tangy cream will probably cause anyone who takes a bite to barf.

Image source: kana_bread/Instagram

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? Well, after you’ve gifted this to friends, they’ll be too paranoid to enjoy another one again. They’ll forever be haunted by the tangy flavor that hit their tastebuds. Maynoise is best eaten with potatoes and not a doughnut.

Meatlover’s Pie

Is that a slice of classic apple crumble pie we see? Unfortunately, it’s not. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a meatloaf and mashed potatoes pie. Instead of dessert, you’re getting a second dinner. Some might be happy with that, and others will be demanding a proper pastry.

Image source:

Barbecue sauce, cocoa, and molasses are used to make the meat look chocolatey. The potatoes are whipped and infused with beet juice for the strawberry whipped cream. And that, friends, is how you make a shepherd’s pie look like a sweet dessert.

Fried Green Tomatoes or Apples

Green apples and green tomatoes look very similar, especially if you remove the stem of the tomatoes. Use this as an opportunity to mess with people. Someone might want to put apples in their oatmeal, but they’ll end up with an acidic surprise. 

Image source: RSplaneta/Shutterstock

If you’re a real prankster, you probably won’t be able to resist the urge to mix up the produce in a grocery store. People are easily distracted, so they won’t notice if they’ve picked up an apple instead of a tomato. Their meal will sure taste a little different.

Looking Like a Whole Meal

The whole point of taking a shower is to step out feeling nice and refreshed. Now with this prank, one will get out feeling sticky and smelling like a cooked chicken. Rigging the showerhead with a chicken bouillon cube will get the job done.

Image source: New Africa/ Shutterstock and

While a person is singing in the shower, they’ll be wondering why the whole space is filling with the smell of chicken broth. The poor prankee is basically cooking in the shower with hot water and a chicken cube. What an awful thought.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Oh look, it’s a container of food. Surprise, it’s an iPhone. No, wait, it’s food again. If that was an emotional rollercoaster for us, imagine how the person who was given this felt. This is exactly why people don’t like surprises.

Image source:

This prank is doubly upsetting. First, you think you’re gifted an iPhone, and then you find food in the box which you can’t even eat—consuming something that has been in a container not designed to store food would be unsanitary.

Peppermint Oreos

When someone asks for peppermint Oreos, this is not what they mean. You have to really despise a person to do this to their tastebuds. It must be awful to get a mouthful of toothpaste when you’re expecting a sweet filling. On the upside, one’s breath will be minty fresh after eating this.

Image source:

Next time you’re snacking on an Oreo, consider doing a sniff test before biting into it because mint toothpaste can easily pass for the creme filling in this biscuit. This is an easy prank to pull, but you can’t go around doing it to everyone.

Sugary Cocktail Weenies

These cocktail weenies will be the talk of the party. Guests will be reeling once they’re let in on the secret that these aren’t real pigs in a blanket. Incredibly, this is made with the use of marzipan and cookie dough.

Image source:

Vegetarians will refuse to eat this because it looks exactly like a meat product, even though it’s perfectly safe to eat. It will take a while to convince them that all it is is a dessert made to look like sausages.

Tangy Toothpaste

Oral hygiene is very important. One of the first things a person does in the morning and repeats just before they go to sleep is brush their teeth. This makeshift toothpaste certainly won’t help anyone get pearly whites. Mayonnaise should rather be left for sandwich making.

Image source:

We assume this trick will require a lot of time and patience. Imagine how long it would take to fill a tube with mayo. For fun-loving prankers, it will be well worth their while to watch as someone gets a taste of tangy mayonnaise instead of mint.

Dill Pickle Delight

The prankster will be in a real pickle when someone discovers that they were fed chocolate-covered dill pickles instead of a chocolate-covered banana treat. Many people hate pickles with a passion, so they won’t be too thrilled with this creation.

Image source: Delish

Bananas and chocolate taste great together. When it’s hot out, it’s nice to freeze some for a snack. Salty and sweet make a great pairing but not tangy and sweet. But let’s face it; pickles can leave a horrible aftertaste.

Needs More Spice

You often hear the saying “it tastes like cardboard” to describe something bland. In this case, it does taste papery because that’s exactly what it is. This cardboard has been coated and fried to look like a piece of chicken. At least the bread and lettuce are real, so one is still left with something to eat.

Image source:

Don’t ever be tempted to steal anyone’s food, or you might end up eating cardboard. Yuck! It’s amazing how cardboard dipped in breadcrumbs and fried till golden brown can look just like fried chicken. Unfortunately, that means you can easily be fooled.

That’s Not Minty Fresh

Here we have another toothpaste prank, but this time it’s with mustard. No one will be brushing their teeth with this yellow paste, but you can still get an amusing reaction out of someone as it oozes out from the tube.

Image source: Nevery/Devianart

We all know the typical flavors of toothpaste, such as peppermint, spearmint, and bubblegum. Did you know that you can get some unique flavors out there, like bacon, Oreo, and cupcake? We’re just glad that this mustard one doesn’t exist.

Bagel and Schmear

Bagels are a New York City staple and make a very tasty breakfast or lunch. Add cream cheese and lox, and you have yourself a delicious meal. It’s also easy to use this food item to trick someone. You just need a few ingredients to create a sweet bagel.

Image source: NPR

Grab a plain doughnut and slice it in half. Sprinkle the top with chopped chocolate to make it resemble sesame seeds. Whip cream cheese with vanilla for a sweet spread and sliced papaya for the lox. Gummy candies can be used for tomatoes.

Fast Food Cake

It’s chicky nuggies; everyone’s favorite chicken dish. Oh wait, except this is one made out of cake. This person put their cake-baking skills to good use. They made a McNuggets share box that looks like a savory fast food meal.

Image source: Steph Attwood/Pinterest

The chicken nuggets can be made using Rice Krispies treats, covered in modeling chocolate, and painted with edible paint. Even the box can be made edible with cake. People probably won’t be mad that they didn’t get nuggets because this is so incredible.

Taco Tuesday

On a rainy day, if you have an extra taco lying around, you can place it in between a friend’s windshield and wipers. When they turn it on, it will smear all over their windshield and leave a big mess.

Image source: garmagaram_khana/Instagram

We doubt they’ll find it funny, so make sure you set aside some time to clean it up. Throw in a full wash and make their whole car spotless to do some damage control. Maybe then you will be forgiven.

Hearty Sweet Treat

Shepherd’s pie is a classic hearty meal that originated in the United Kingdom. It consists of vegetables, lamb mince, and mashed potatoes. Instead of making this dish, one can fashion a sweet version of it to trick family and friends.

Image source: kleric42/Reddit

This is easy as pie to make. The meat can be made out of cocoa Krispies treats, and the peas and carrots can be made out of taffy. Melt marshmallows to create the mashed potatoes. Plate this and serve at dinner time or save it for dessert.

Mouth on Fire

Some people love sriracha sauce so much that they’ll put it on anything they eat, but we doubt that anyone would enjoy it with doughnuts. These look like they’re only filled with jam; however, there is a spicy surprise inside.

Image source: thebestererrr-mA/Reddit

All you need to do is take a syringe and inject the doughnuts with the hot sauce, and you can present this spicy treat to friends. Maybe throw in some of the mayo doughnuts from the other prank to help reduce the spiciness.

Science Experiment

Mentos plus a carbonated drink has an awesome reaction. When you plop one of these candies into soda, it comes shooting out of the bottle. It works best with Diet Coke, but any carbonated drink can work for this fun little experiment.

Image source:

The polite thing to do when you have a guest over is to offer them a drink. If they ask for soda and ice, you can pull this prank on them. After the ice cubes have melted in their drink, it will begin to fizz up and spill all over them.


If you enjoy baking and pranking, make a batch of cupcakes and frost them with mustard instead of icing. People will probably assume this is lemon-flavored icing until they get a whiff of the tangy aroma that is emanating from it. 

Image source: deleted user/ Reddit

Instead of spreading on a thick layer of mustard, consider placing it in the center of the cupcake. Mustard has a pungent smell, so you’ll be more likely to get someone to take a bite if it’s not in plain sight.

Play-Doh BubbleYum

Everyone is obsessed with gum. If you don’t believe that to be true, then just take out a packet in a social setting, and you’ll see for yourself. If you want to discourage anyone from asking you for a piece, then take notes from this high-jinks that was 6 months in the making.

Image source:

This guy probably spent a ton of money on gum just to trick his co-workers. Now that’s commitment right there. He conditioned his colleagues to stop by his cubicle daily and take gum. These poor people didn’t foresee that they would soon be chewing on Play-Doh.

Sundae Funday

Mashed potatoes aren’t only good to eat as a side dish with meals. It’s also perfect to use as icing for fake cakes and creating sundaes. It will look just like a frozen goodie since it’s very thick and creamy. At least this creation won’t melt.

Image source:

Prepare mashed potatoes and gravy and scoop it all up into a parfait dish. The gravy willl act as the melted caramel, and you can top it all off with a cherry tomato. Now watch as people dig into this potato sundae.

Eggs-quisite Prank

The only reason people even consider attending functions is for the food. You’ll find that devilled eggs are commonly served as appetizers at these gatherings. Guests love these boiled eggs with the yolk paste, but they’ve probably never had one with a sweet filling.

Image source:

Cut the eggs in half and place buttercream frosting instead of the egg yolk mix. Top it off with some cinnamon to resemble paprika. After company has arrived, take it out of the fridge and go around the room and let everyone taste this sugary surprise.

Switch It Up

Want to have a good giggle and annoy the general public at the cafeteria or buffet bar? Just swap the labels of the condiments so when they go for some ketchup, they’ll get a dollop of mustard. It’s as simple as that.

Image source: WT-shared/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons

Employees of an eatery can also have some fun with this. They might as well take advantage of the fact that they have easy access to everything. They must try not to get caught though, as this could land them in hot water.

Vanilla Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is the perfect comfort food to enjoy on a chilly winter’s day. The chicken, vegetables, and flaky pastry top is a great hot dish to fill and warm one’s belly. This, however, isn’t the classic dish this person is expecting.

Image source:

This is a creamy pudding that consists of candy and fruit to resemble the veggies and has the same flaky pastry as the original dish. Albeit sweet and delicious, it will not fill the void in your stomach like traditional chicken pot pie will.

It’s Nacho Time

Nachos are best enjoyed with a group of friends. You can all add an array of toppings such as melted cheese, guacamole, meat, and other garnishes to the dish. These nachos are out of the ordinary and will be hilarious to prank your friends with for taco Tuesday.

Image source:

These candy nachos won’t take long to prepare. All you need is to bake tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon and drenched in buttercream to look like cheese. The cherry sauce can be made to look like salsa. Is anyone else’s mouth watering?

Dinner Is Served

Here we have, drum roll please… steak and fries dessert! The steak is made from ice cream, as you can clearly see. It can’t really pass for a real meat product as it’s melting. The fries, on the other hand, are made from pound cake and look very real.

Image source:

Some people don’t order their steak medium-rare and get frustrated that it’s tough to cut through. At least with this dessert, you won’t have that problem. Grab a spoon for the ice cream and dip the cake fries in the sweet ketchup.

Bon Appétite

Grilled cheese is a food that appeals to everyone. It’s crispy and cheesy and is simple to make. This here isn’t the real deal, though. Can you believe that this grilled cheese is actually a dessert? It’s made using pound cake and buttercream frosting.

Image source:

To recreate this for April Fools’ Day, you’ll need to slice the pound cake and toast it till it’s golden brown. Dye the frosting with yellow and red food coloring to achieve the shade of cheddar. Spread it on, cut it into triangles, and plate it. Bon appétite.

Cheesy Mash

Mashed potatoes seem to be all the rage when it comes to food pranks. It’s very versatile and can be made to look like many sweet treats. As you can see, the mashed potatoes have been used to create a fake mini cheesecake. 

Image source:

Mashed potatoes and cheesecake have the same creamy consistency but obviously not the same taste. The dessert is decadent, and mashed potatoes are salty and can’t compare. This fake dessert won’t be able to do the real sweet treat justice.


Special occasions call for balloons and cake, not a cake made with balloons. This will cause a real jump scare when someone cuts into it. If you don’t have another cake to serve your partygoers, it will put a damper on the festivities.

Image source: Rachel Miller/Pinterest

This prank will definitely be a fun one to pull. You get to blow up balloons and eat the leftover frosting after icing the “cake.” You also get to anticipate the moment you hear that big bang. The look on everyone’s face will be priceless.