Comedy On The Go: 40+ Hilarious Delivery Drivers Moments That Had Us Cackling

By Larissa C

Technology has developed at a crazy fast pace, and now we get to order food online, which makes our lives much easier. Being able to order food and have it delivered to our doorstep without having to step foot outside? That’s easily one of the most brilliant ideas ever.

But as we all know, nothing in life comes easy — even if something was created specifically to make life easier. Most of the time, the process of ordering food online is smooth. However, some people are pretty unlucky, and their online order doesn’t work out quite as expected.

Some of those situations may be a bit frustrating, but the truth is that most problems with online delivery turn out to be hilarious once you look back at them. For these people, it certainly was funny. Here are 45 times that people had hilarious interactions with their delivery drivers!

Why would you do that?

If you’ve ordered anything on Doordash before, you know how the process goes. Once your driver drops off your order, they have to take a picture to register the moment. While some people find this step kind of annoying, others seem to have a lot of fun with it.

Image courtesy of ChrisAileo/Twitter

This driver, for instance, could’ve simply taken a photo of the customer picking up their order. But he took things one step further when he decided to edit the picture and make the customer’s butt look bigger. We just would like to know why he did that!

Love this energy!

There is nothing quite like meeting someone who appreciates their career. And that includes meeting delivery drivers who have fun doing what they do. It’s not easy to make a living dropping off food for others, but some drivers love their job anyway.

Image courtesy of dms_weird/Twitter

Judging by this image and the energy that it irradiates, it’s not hard to tell that this DoorDash driver loves his job — or at least that he has quite a lot of fun at it. We’d certainly be excited to meet the person who sent this text to the customer.

No worries.

Delivery apps are the best way to make some extra money on the side. For the people who need some cash, these apps are helpful because they don’t even need a car. Yes, you read that right. Delivery drivers don’t actually have to drive to get to you.

Image courtesy of mike_shakes/Twitter

If you have a bike, you can use that as your means of transportation to make deliveries. But even if you don’t have one, it doesn’t mean you can’t work for Uber Eats. This guy, for instance, makes his deliveries by walking to the restaurant and then to the customer. But don’t worry; he walks fast.

This has got to be a joke.

Let’s imagine the following situation: you just got home from work, and you’re really hungry. You want to eat something tasty, but you don’t have the energy to cook anything. What do you do? You order food from your favorite restaurant using DoorDash.

Image courtesy of califortia/Twitter

The only thing you don’t expect is that your delivery driver lets someone else eat your food! We don’t know what’s more hilarious in this situation. The fact that he let his “baby mama” eat the food or that he wanted the customer to cancel the order as if it was their fault!

Did you have to do me like this?

Because delivery apps want to ensure that your food is getting delivered, they come up with different safety actions that drivers need to take. In DoorDash, for instance, they have a photo-based system to show customers that the driver did indeed deliver their food.

Image courtesy of TuggaAintSht/Twitter

Now, why would this Dasher take this awful picture and send it to the customer? Sure, they were just trying to finish their job and move on to the next delivery, but there was no need to catch the customer by surprise and then take this unflattering pic!

Wrong number, bro.

If you order food online regularly, we are sure that you must have one or two funny stories to tell from your various orders. However, we’re sure that none of your tales will sound as unbelievable (and hilarious) as this next one.

Image courtesy of jmfarmen/Twitter

It’s quite obvious that this delivery driver sent a message to the wrong number. Instead of updating the customer on their delivery progress, the dude sent him a picture of himself and captioned it…like that. We don’t know what’s funnier: the message or the filter he used in the picture!

He’s just working on getting that tip.

There are two types of customers in the world: those who are sociable and will interact with the delivery driver, and those who want minimum interaction. For some people, ordering food online is the perfect excuse to keep human interaction to a minimum. 

Image courtesy of may_or_maynot/Twitter

But it seems like this driver didn’t seem to get that. Instead of simply letting the customer know that they were on their way with the order, Jimmy wouldn’t stop texting Joseph. Though, if we had to guess, we’d say that he wasn’t being clingy; he was probably just trying to get a good tip!

We love the creativity!

There are so many delivery drivers working on the different apps nowadays that they have to find other ways to capture a client’s attention. After all, there’s no way the customer will tip you well if you don’t provide stellar services.

Image courtesy of asapjenn/Twitter

It seems like Jes found the perfect way to cheer up his customers and thus score a good tip. Using memes is the perfect approach to almost anything in life, and he did great with the Adele meme. Jen loved it and will surely give him a big tip!

Double-check your texts!

Whenever delivery drivers want to communicate with the person who ordered the food, they have the option of sending a text. The thing is, these guys are busy picking up the order and driving their vehicle, so they can’t be texting.

Image courtesy of decentbirthday/Twitter

In order to not take his eyes off the road, this delivery driver used that tool that turns voice to text. However, he got distracted by another driver and sent the message even after saying something that shouldn’t have been sent to the customer!

Don’t you mean The Flash?

When you’re waiting for your food to arrive, it’s always good to receive updates from the delivery driver to know how your order’s going. Sometimes, the restaurant takes too long to finish the order, or maybe there’s too long a line in the drive-thru.

Image courtesy of MemesMeccha/Twitter

It’s not necessarily the delivery driver’s fault if your order takes too long to be ready. Still, these professionals do their best to deliver the food on time. And if they’re anything like this guy, you can rest assured that your order will arrive sooner than expected!

First impressions.

Imagine that you’re ordering food online for the first time. You have no idea what to expect, but you’re starving, and you’re unable to go to the restaurant and pick up your order yourself. At times like these, the simplest answer seems to be delivery apps, right?

Image courtesy of slimewedge/Twitter

The only thing you’d never expect when ordering food is that your driver would be arrested mid-delivery. As crazy as it may sound, that’s exactly what happened to this person. Now, that’s quite a way to make a first impression!

Ouch, that hurts.

In case you get into a fight with your significant other or with your best friend, you can always send them food as a way to apologize. That’s what many people do, and sometimes they ask the delivery driver to relay a message for them.

Image courtesy of IzaiahTilton/Twitter

After getting into an argument with his girlfriend, this guy wanted to apologize but couldn’t get through. Instead, he ordered her food, with an apology on the side. What he probably wasn’t expecting is that the message would be received by her non-existent “brother.” That’s gotta hurt.

No need for that attitude!

Food delivery is super convenient when you’re too lazy to cook, but if you live with housemates, then you probably know the frustration of that doorbell disturbing everyone. Although his tone is way too intense, we can understand not wanting the doorbell to ring.

Image courtesy of WhatDanielDo/Twitter

When we leave notes in the delivery instructions, there’s always the chance that it’ll get skipped over. But not here. And, clearly, the driver was having none of that. But, based on the text, it looks like he respected the person’s wishes.

This is a serious moment, Monica.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, couriers don’t make that much money with their deliveries. These guys rely on tips to make a living, and so they’re always coming up with creative ways to get customers to tip them.

Image courtesy of rick_holguin/Twitter

This guy prepared a whole paragraph and created a story to catch his customer’s attention and maybe score a good tip. After reading the message, the customer must have thought the delivery person was being funny and sent a joke in reply. She didn’t know he was being serious.

So cute!

Some delivery drivers are nicer than others, but we dare you to find a driver that is as adorable as this next one. His interaction with the customer wasn’t necessarily hilarious, but it earned a spot in this article because he was really creative.

Image courtesy of sabrinashlynn/Twitter

Using those superhero emojis to update the customer on the progress of his order was just brilliant. Brian, the delivery driver, seems like he’s quite enthusiastic about his job and makes us feel like our order would arrive safely under any circumstances just because he’s the one taking care of it!

Here’s the extra spice you needed in your food.

While the person from the previous slide was fun and energetic, this next person is obviously fed up with the life of being a delivery driver. While he was quite rude to the customer, the person clearly didn’t take it personally:

Image courtesy of iamalishajo/Twitter

Did he really have to speak like that to the customer? Not really — but maybe this delivery driver was having a bad day. All we know is that his response certainly added the extra spice that this person’s food needed!

What about my food?

Even if has never happened to you, it’s pretty obvious that delivery drivers go through crazy situations every now and then. If your food is taking too long to arrive, reach out to the driver and check if everything’s okay. Maybe they’ve been involved in an accident, like this guy:

Image courtesy of dms_weird/Twitter

Imagine waiting for your food only to find out that the reason why it’s taking so long to arrive is that the driver got hit by a car! This is why delivery drivers on scooters or bikes should wear helmets!

What did you expect?

When you order food using online applications, you usually have the option of choosing the type of delivery. You can either meet the driver at the door or you can ask them to drop off your food and leave. No-contact delivery has been the popular choice nowadays…

Image courtesy of natevogelphoto/Twitter

This is quite a crazy story. First of all, the driver was flat out lying when he said that drivers aren’t required to drop off the order at the door. Second, the way that he said the customer should tip him was kind of rude, even if the person thought it was funny.

Hey, man…

Delivery drivers working with DoorDash have to send proof of delivery due to a policy enforced by the company. And while it may not always make sense to take pictures of the order when the customer is there, we’re pretty thankful for this feature.

Image courtesy of _InMayapinion/Twitter

We mean, if it weren’t for these “proof of delivery” pictures, we wouldn’t be graced with hilarious images like this. This poor lady had no idea that the delivery driver was taking a picture when she opened the door looking like that!


Let’s imagine that you just got home after an exhausting day at work. You’re not in the mood to cook anything, so you order food from a nearby restaurant. After a while, you shoot the delivery driver a text to check the progress of your order.

Image courtesy of MidnightGerry/Twitter

Upon asking for the driver’s estimated time of arrival, this customer ended up getting this answer instead. They literally just wanted to know how long it would take for the order to arrive but it seems like something came over the driver and he sent all those hashtags instead!


Delivery drivers can be cheeky when they want, and that makes the experience of ordering food online a whole lot more interesting, even if you do this frequently. We mean, you’re certainly not going to forget the funny interaction you had with a delivery driver.

Image courtesy of DavidDobrik;Twitter

Michael, the delivery guy, seems like a delightful person to hang out with, judging by his sense of humor. On a serious note, though, we hope that he was just joking and didn’t actually eat the customer’s food! Maybe he also eats at that restaurant?

Got it?

Dealing with other human beings is always a tricky task. You never know who exactly you’re talking to and what their personality is like, especially when it’s someone like a delivery driver — a total stranger whom you’ve never met before!

Image courtesy of StressKluge/Twitter

This delivery driver is certainly not someone who appreciates being misunderstood. He wants the customer to get down to get the food and he’s making sure that the customer knows that. We can’t tell if we should be concerned or just laughing at this ridiculous string of messages.

How do you spell that?

Unless you are some sort of grammar genius, you have probably found yourself in situations where you didn’t know how to spell certain words. That’s quite an embarrassing experience, but it’s even more embarrassing when it happens in front of people you don’t know.

Image courtesy of fiveri/Reddit

When this delivery driver tried to spell the word ‘lasagna,’ he was halfway through typing when he probably realized he didn’t know how to actually spell it. However, the guy found the best way to describe the message he was trying to convey and it’s hilarious!

Don’t do that to me, Roger!

Sometimes, you’re just having a bad day, and it could be one or several factors that turned your mood sour. And then, when you least expect it, someone shows up and brightens your day, even if it’s just a little. In this case, it was a delivery driver.

Image courtesy of decentbirthday/Twitter

Before you make any assumptions, we have to make it clear that this interaction between the delivery driver and the customer was just a joke. Roger felt like having some fun with the customer and came up with this “game.” The person seems a bit distressed, but hopefully they caught on quickly.

What happened here?

One of the reasons people can be so rude online is because they know the odds of meeting anyone they interact with in real life are slim to none. But that’s not the case with delivery drivers. You’re almost guaranteed to see each other within the hour.

Image courtesy of JohnnyCanalYT/Twitter

We can understand the driver’s frustration here. Todd probably has a lineup of orders to take care of, and having everything ready in a bag makes it easier to deliver everything on time. But the customer wasn’t being rude, so there was no need for such snarky texts.

Is that even legal?

Most of the time, delivery drivers are the ones who make jokes or mistakes rather than it being the person who ordered the food. But that doesn’t mean that customers never make their drivers laugh. This guy certainly found a way to amuse his driver:

Image courtesy of BrightWasTaken/Twitter

Have you ever been in a situation in which the delivery driver just can’t seem to find your address? That happens more often than you’d think, and that’s why this guy got this powerful flashlight. He uses it to guide his delivery drivers, and we just found this whole interaction hilarious!

That’s so nice of you!

Do you think you would ever be so lucky as to be served by one of the most polite DoorDash drivers ever? The person who took this next screenshot certainly was. It’s not every day that you receive a message like this:

Image courtesy of ubuprofen/Twitter

We’ve heard of hard-working delivery drivers, but none who were as nice and considerate as this guy. Not only is he nice for updating the customer, but he’s an angel for saying that he’ll feel better once he gets the order delivered!

Let’s hope last time was good.

Imagine that you have a bad experience with a delivery driver. Technically, the chances of the same driver delivering your food again are quite slim, especially if you live in a big city. But it’s not impossible to get the same driver more than once.

Image courtesy of ActualGod/Twitter

Judging by the way this delivery driver said “you guys again” makes us think that something about their experience was not that good. Though the customer laughed about it, so maybe nothing actually happened and she’s just happy to know that she has the same driver again.

Thanks for the recommendation?

Ordering food online basically opens a door to weirdness and hilariousness. What you’re going to get is a mystery, but you’ll probably laugh about it at the end of the day. This person ordered food but ended up receiving more than just that:

Image courtesy of taylorgayng/Twitter

Why would the delivery driver send them a link to a music album? Our best guess is that the delivery driver is actually the artist behind the album and this is a way they found to promote it to potential listeners.

Don’t you dare!

Many people seem to forget that, when we use online apps to order food, the delivery driver is merely responsible for picking up the food and bringing it to us. They’re not the ones who prepare the food and they have to wait for the order to be ready.

Image courtesy of Reddit

We all know how waiting in line for food is tiresome and difficult. It’s like we grow even hungrier due to the prospect of getting food soon. And the same thing happens to delivery drivers. The only problem is that they can’t eat their food — though that doesn’t mean they don’t feel tempted.


Do you know how sometimes we do or say something that is really embarrassing? It’s like our brain won’t let us forget those moments, right? This delivery driver had one of those moments with a customer, and we’re sure that it must’ve hurt:

Image courtesy of decentbirthday/Twitter

How awful it is to answer a question and then the person tells you they meant something else. It’s as bad as waving back to someone who’s actually waving to a person behind you. If we were the driver, we would have sped away as quickly as possible once the order was delivered.

Yoda, is that you?

As you’ve been able to see in this article, delivery drivers can be really funny. The thing is: they can also be mean or mysterious when they want. This next driver sent a cryptic message to the customer, and it’s safe to say that the person wasn’t too happy.

Image courtesy of dms_weird/Twitter

Your food? Gone. Your happiness? Shattered. Just kidding. It’s not like being in this situation is the end of the world, even if the customer wasn’t too happy to learn that their delivery driver ate the food that they paid for.

Awesome day!

Some people are experts in making others feel better, and the delivery driver from this next slide is one of those people. Even if he probably wasn’t doing it on purpose, he put a smile on the customer’s face — and the customer even copied his words!

Image courtesy of chrisdelia/Instagram

Judging by the way that Jimmy writes, we can totally tell he’s a nice guy. For every single message that he sends, he signs it with an “awesome day.” Maybe that’s his signature move, or he’s just trying to get that extra tip.

You didn’t have to do me like this!

When Dashers take a picture of the order being received, we’re pretty sure that they don’t mean any harm. They are simply doing their job — and it’s not their fault if you appear in the picture looking like this:

Image courtesy of SarakiJoon/Twitter

First of all, the delivery is just trying to take a picture of the order, not of you. Though we would have to agree that there’s no point in sending proof of delivery when the customer is literally there to receive the food!

Thanks for the tea!

If you order food online, one thing is for certain: you should always try to tip the driver. Unless they don’t provide a good service or eat your food — then you shouldn’t tip them. But if they narrate a fight like this guy did, they should definitely get a fat tip:

Image courtesy of kylewtx/Twitter

While he was waiting in the drive-thru to pick up the customer’s order, this driver witnessed a crazy fight scene. Instead of keeping it to himself, he shared the episode with the customer. And that act of generosity of his should guarantee a good tip!

For real?

Delivery drivers have to deal with a lot of stuff when they’re working. Sometimes, they deal with rude customers who treat them really badly. And sometimes they have to do embarrassing things to complete the delivery. Like this person discovered during a routine delivery:

Image courtesy of

This guy, for instance, had to shout the words “ding dong” once he arrived at the customer’s address. Why? Because the doorbell wasn’t working properly. And if he wants to score a tip, he has to do as the customer asks, right? Even if he could’ve simply knocked on the door!

What is this conversation?

Being a delivery driver means that one will have a lot of stories to tell. We mean, these guys are dealing with different people every day, and some of their deliveries are filled with positively funny surprises. This guy certainly won’t forget this episode:

Image courtesy of skyeducharme/Twitter

If you’ve ever delivered anything to a drunk person, you probably have a hilarious story to tell. This guy had to deliver a pizza to this guy’s house — and it’s safe to say that he had a lot of fun during this interaction. 

Dude, what’s wrong with you?!

As we said before, ordering food via an online application should be easy, but that’s not necessarily true. For some people, ordering their next meal via Doordash turns out to be quite an ordeal, as in this person’s case. Check it out:

Image courtesy of Farlixx/Twitter

Imagine ordering food for yourself, and your delivery driver sends you this. We would be so mad if it happened to us! We have to admit that the way the driver worded it made him sound cute, and we’d definitely laugh about it — after we got a refund.

You’re what now?!

There are a few things that you expect when you order food online, but we usually hope for the best. We’re hungry and paying for food, so we can only hope that the food is going to arrive in one piece.

Image courtesy of juicy_gritz/Reddit

Well, it’s kind of hard for that to happen when you end up with a delivery driver like this guy. While the message he sent to the customer makes no sense whatsoever, it was still pretty funny to read it at first.

I’m tired of this.

If you’re a delivery driver or if you’re going to start working in this field, please try to always double-check the texts you’re sending while at work. We’re sure you don’t want to end up sending a text like this one:

Image courtesy of sea-anon/Tumblr

Even if you do it by mistake, some customers may take your words the wrong way and end up reporting you on the delivery app. And we’re certain that you don’t want to lose the job and the tip, now do you?

This is creepy!

If you’re a delivery driver, you probably get to see a bunch of new people on a daily basis. And some of these people must be strikingly beautiful or attract your attention. But that doesn’t mean that you can or should do anything.

Image courtesy of

We mean, unless the person to whom you’re delivering the food hits on you, you shouldn’t be sending texts to their personal number as this guy did. Contrary to what this guy probably thought, the lady wasn’t flattered — she was actually pretty creeped out.

Hungry but on the way

Delivery drivers are only human, and some humans can be quite peculiar. While most of us deal with regular delivery guys, some of us deal with the weird ones — and they have a lot of fun while at it.

Image courtesy of DOMTHEB0MB/Twitter

This text message from the delivery guy seemed pretty normal at first. He is merely informing the customer of the progress of his delivery — until he signs off the message in the funniest way possible. Nom nom nom? Hopefully he isn’t eating all the food!