40 Strange Instances When People Found Food In The Last Place We Would Expect

By Ruby M

Food is a critical part of life. Brunch dates, birthday dinners, and lunch breaks all comprise one key detail – food. It’s everywhere; in the advertisements we see on television, and even on the memes we scroll by online every day.

Based on this list of food spotted in places it shouldn’t be, food brings people together, but it can also tear them apart. Some people love silly food-related jokes, like taking a photograph of a really “toasty” shower. However, others hate them, like the five-year-old who wouldn’t eat their veggies because the tomatoes looked like the wheels of a make-believe car.

So, in this listicle, we’ve put together a list of 40 people who spotted food in the most bizarre places and had to share it with the popular Facebook group: Food In Places It Shouldn’t Be. Bon Appetit! (if you dare!)

The Page That Started It All

The Facebook page responsible for all these posts, “Food in Places it Shouldn’t Be,” has thousands of members. The guys dedicate their time to making everyone laugh with these hilarious and sometimes worrisome posts about – you guessed it – food being found in bizarre places.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Over the years, the page has accrued over 500k followers, and that number seems to be growing by the day as more and more foodies join in on the fun. Some of the pictures barely make sense, like this pizza secured to a gate using a bike lock! Did someone eventually eat this?

People Just Wanted to Laugh

The page was born in 2020 when people were at home, and depression was rife. People needed something to make them laugh, and what better idea than a page dedicated to something so strange yet entertaining? So, the page was born, and we got hilarious pictures like this one.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

We get that ham is delicious, but we wouldn’t go to the extent of slipping some in our wallets! To make things worse, next to the condoms? Anyways, maybe this guy was headed to a marathon session. Hence, he needed to be prepared with protection and a snack to keep his energy up!

PlayStation Snack Time

This one really deserves to be on the list. Of all the places you’d expect to find food, the inside of a PlayStation is definitely not one. In fact, it makes us wonder just how long that little snack was in there before anybody noticed it and decided to post this picture on the page.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

If your dad owns a PlayStation that he’s really attached to, then you’d better hope that this isn’t his game because it would mean you’re about to be grounded for life! Even if it was your little brother who was responsible for leaving food inside the case.

This Leak is Serious(ly funny)!

If you’ve seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, then you might remember the hilarious moment when “Flint” is on a boat and begins to panic when the eccentric inventor notices a leak on the boat. Not the dangerous, “swim for your life” kind, much to our surprise.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Instead, it’s a leek! You know, the kind you eat – like the one in the picture. Whoever posted this must have either seen this movie and decided to recreate the laughable scene, or they just have a similar sense of humor to the creators of the film.

Mushrooms Instead of What Now?!

One thing is certain, the Walmart employee who added mushrooms as a substitute for tampons had to be a man who knows nothing about periods. Actually, let us rephrase. Whoever thought mushrooms and tampons were the same thing had to have been a boy, not a man.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Being uneducated about female anatomy is as ignorant as telling people that “real men” don’t cry. These beliefs are straight out of the nineteen-fifties and should stay there. Guys, do better. Educate yourselves, or at the very least, don’t substitute tampons with veggies.

Memory Lane

This reminds us of a time in middle school when someone brought a box of silkworms to school, and suddenly everybody had to have one. Maybe now that phase has been replaced by something else, but we still remember it.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Kids these days will never know the softness of the silkworm or the sudden fear that coursed through our veins when one day, we opened the silkworm box to feed them leaves only to find that they had transformed into powdery winged moths!

Trick or Treat

Here’s a great way to save money on Halloween candies. However, something tells us that these people had to spend that same money on a cleaning service the following day because this house definitely got teepeed and egged for substituting candy for olives.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Out of all things, they had to pick olives? Even we don’t like them. If they had left grapes, then at least it would have been a sweet treat, although because it’s a fruit, they still would have likely gotten egged. We bet the owner of this house hates Halloween. We just know it.

Any Salad Is A Ceaser Salad … If You Stab It Enough

In every city, in every corner of the world where happiness still exists, there is candy. Bubblegum, sour apple, and fruity are just a few of the many flavors that you can get. Some things are meant to stay simple, but the person who invented this clearly thought otherwise. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

We aren’t sure why someone thought Caesar Salad flavored candy canes would be a good idea unless they were made specifically for children on the naughty list. Another possibility is they were made by the same person who thought of giving olives as Halloween candy. They clearly have something against sweet treats.

What do you call broccoli when it becomes a ghost? Cauliflower!

This is more of a funny joke rather than a case of food being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. But we still appreciate the humor, which is why we gave it a spot on this list. Someone took cauliflower and used what looks like food coloring to turn it green.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Obviously, this is simply green cauliflower, not how broccoli is made, of course. Broccoli is grown and is naturally green in color. On the flip side, this is certainly one way to trick kids into eating cauliflower if they only like broccoli! Though we doubt such a kid exists in the first place!

Strawberries Belong In Bellies, Not Electricity Outlets

This one looks like it belongs in a “Why my kid is crying” entry. However, it also makes sense on this list because the last place that a strawberry should be is anywhere near an electrical outlet. Not only will it make one hell of a mess, but you also risk an electrical injury.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Sorry, kid – but your dad is only looking out for your best interests. Imagine dying and going to heaven, only to be asked how you died and for your answer to be that you stuck a strawberry, of all things, into an electric outlet, and here you are!

A Toasty Shower

We certainly don’t disagree with the possibility that people hundreds of years from now – should our race live that long – most likely won’t understand the humor behind most of these food puns. For all we know, toast will be a thing of the past.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Perhaps other forms of toasty bread will exist, but there is also a chance that food will evolve into something else entirely. For now, though, we can enjoy the little things in life, like a pun about having actual toast in the shower.

Chicken Schnitzel with Noodle-Scented Candles… Well, That’s a First

Yankee has been known for letting their imaginations run wild when it comes to fragrances with their wacky scents like “Whiskers on Kittens,” “Cream Colored Ponies,” and “Blueberry Scone.” So, we really weren’t too surprised that this one exists as well. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

The tasty smell of deep-fried schnitzel is enough to have anyone’s mouth watering – even if they don’t eat chicken. Top that off with some noodles; how yummy! However, we can’t imagine how a candle with this scent would be appetizing.

Black Eyed Peas Ft. Kitchen Doorknobs

Either the previous owner of this house was a member of the Black Eyed Peas and really loved puns, or they were huge fans of the Black Eyed Peas and still really loved puns. Either way, one thing is certain: they had a lot of money to spare.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Why else would anyone install food-filled door knobs? Or perhaps they bought excessive black-eyed peas and needed a creative way of disposing of them. Maybe they couldn’t stomach eating another pea, so they decided to fill their kitchen door knobs with them! This is the definition of out-of-the-box thinking.

A Delicious Toothbrush – and Choking Hazard

Here’s a hilarious way to trick a dog into brushing its teeth without even knowing it. Simply stick a toothbrush inside a Vienna sausage and watch how quickly your hound guzzles it down. Be careful that they don’t choke, though!

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

We’re just kidding. Please don’t try to brush your dog’s teeth this way. The person posting this was also just joking. They were asked to get a dog brush – presumably for their fur, not their teeth – and they brought a literal hot dog sausage with a brush in it!

The Lonely Housewife

That awkward moment when someone replaces all the TV remote batteries with carrots. Perhaps they are the same culprit who offered mushrooms as a substitute for tampons earlier on this list. Or maybe they are just a really neglected wife who’s at the end of her rope in terms of patience.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

A wife who prepares delicious meals and keeps the house clean for her man. She probably just wanted a little bit of quality time with him before bed, but the TV kept getting in the way. Or, maybe the batteries were replaced because they were being used for something else by this poor woman!

Office Politics

When the manager at the office told everybody to dress up as dominoes, the one foodie in the team decided to take that instruction very literally. Instead of dressing as a domino piece, they put on a giant pizza slice cutout instead. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Honestly, we think that this hilarious addition to the human-sized domino set makes the team costume even more brilliant. It brings together a game that requires every piece to be in place and also the deliciousness of Domino’s pizza all in one “punny” dress-up!

Pancake Love

If you love pancakes, you love pancakes, and this traveler certainly adored them. We aren’t sure if it was the person tweeting this who actually packed all these boxes of pancake mix and had this hilarious exchange with the TSA agent.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

We think someone else in the queue photographed the interaction and made up a funny caption simply to get people to laugh. Either way props to the TSA agent because those are wise words to live by. Plus, you can never have enough pancake mix in your life!

Jimmy’s Famous Insults

Something that Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is notorious for is making fun of everyone, especially vegans and vegetarians. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you’re likely not going to eat at this particular restaurant if you’re one.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

If you’re vegan, then this post might offend you. So, consider this your trigger warning because, as the person who commented stated, Feta cheese is not vegan. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and its marketing team do not give a shrimp about it, though (see what we did there?)

What’s Cookin’?

When it’s all work and no play, you’ve got to find a good way to work and eat at the same time since takeout every day can become expensive, not to mention bad for the waistline! This person took their work so seriously that they didn’t even leave their desk to cook.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

So, he’s got himself a whole makeshift kitchen. Literally cooking up a storm at the office – eggs and all! For all we know, his side hustle is making lunch for his coworkers! Now that’s one way to get to the hearts of your colleagues (and superiors) – through their stomachs!

Keeping Toasty in the Winter

It looks like the same person who redecorated their shower with bread to make sure it was “tasty” enough is running rampant on the streets of their neighborhood, making sure that every nook and cranny is as toasty as can be. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

If it’s cold out, don’t worry – this toasty warrior has got your back and has even gone as far as placing slices of toast into a sewer grate on this busy street. It might not actually keep you warm, but at least your grandpa won’t need to feed the pigeons breadcrumbs anymore!

A Loving Gesture…?

People show affection in many different ways. Some give gifts, while others prefer to show their love by doing acts of service, like making dinner. It’s always a loving gesture when your partner makes you a meal, and it’s even sweeter when they make it a surprise. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

It’s even sweet that the food was shaped into a heart. What isn’t sweet is the fact that the surprise was pasta and sauce, using their partner’s pillow as the bowl! First, who’s going to clean up that huge mess? And secondly, it’s just not hygienic – so we hope no one ate that.

Infamous Potato Salad

People who love mayo often love potato salad. Especially if the potato salad is freshly made and extra saucy. However, whoever said that this is someone’s “famous” potato salad, clearly never watched how it was made, which is pretty gross.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Usually, when one is mixing a salad of any sort together, they make use of a bowl. This person, much like the person who used a pillow as a plate for pasta, thought of that to be a waste of kitchen utensils and so used the sink instead. It’s more “infamous” potato salad now!

I Wouldn’t Eat These if I Were You

It’s not rocket science that food goes into an air fryer, so that isn’t the weird part about this image. What’s strange, and the reason why a seemingly normal photograph of food in an air-fryer has made it to this list, is that the air-fryer is still in-store. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

This is either a fake sample of air-fried goods – or a disappointing waste of food. If these are free samples, then we doubt anyone will be trying them because who knows how long they’ve been sitting there! They certainly do not look fresh.

Would You Like Some Pickles With That Shoe?

Remember earlier on this list when we spoke about the Black Eyed Peas fan who sold their home but, before doing so, filled their kitchen door knobs with actual black-eyed peas? Well, it seems that we have found their favorite pair of shoes. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Now, this is a disappointing waste of pickles, and if you don’t like pickles, that’s fine. But we can promise you that pickles have saved pregnant women everywhere suffering from sweet-yet-sour crunchy cravings in the middle of the night. So, we don’t know why someone would disrespect them like this.

Flamin’ Hot Lips

If you’re going to enjoy a spicy snack like chili-jerky or flaming hot Cheetos, that’s one thing. It’s another thing entirely to want to rub something that spicy onto your lips. We really hope that whoever concocted this was just messing around with photoshop. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

We understand that there is a lot of competition in the beauty and makeup industry. Nevertheless, let’s just all agree to stick to sweet and tasty lip gloss flavors and not something that is likely to burn the lips of your customers, who we doubt will be returning.

Epoxy Mac

We are not sure why anyone would want to waste epoxy resin on a Big Mac. Despite its minimal unhealthy elements, that Big Mac could have been a tasty meal for someone who might have otherwise gone to bed hungry. Besides, resin is expensive.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Was this an experiment of sorts to see if the burger would decay inside the resin? Surely not. Perhaps this person used to run a resin jewelry store and simply had nothing better to do with their remaining stock after closure – or maybe they didn’t close at all. Perhaps it’s their marketing strategy.

Mr. Potatoheads’ Dinner

One thing is certain; this child clearly didn’t enjoy their dinner. Instead of sneaking their meal to the family dog under the table, the kid decided to hide the unwanted food somewhere that no one would dare to look – inside Mr. Potatohead.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Or maybe we’re wrong. Perhaps this kid enjoyed their pasta so much that they wanted to share it with their dear friend, Mr. Potatohead. But because he doesn’t have a mouth that opens wide enough to fit the pieces of pasta, the kid went ahead and put it around the back. How thoughtful.

Trick or Don’t Treat

We know that Halloween was a few months ago (how time flies!), but these were too funny to leave off the list. These are less “food in places they shouldn’t be” and more just hilarious moments that happen to involve food. 

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

When you think about it, this is probably what visiting a student who lives on their own for a meal looks like – and not a student would want to share their rations! But if they were to share, then limited meals and no second servings under any circumstances are a must.

Uhm… That Isn’t Breast Milk

The bag these sausages are being stored in is indeed for breast milk or at least intended for breast milk. But they clearly aren’t being used for that, so if you were fooled, we are here to correct you. Please don’t feed this to a baby.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Surprisingly enough, according to the comments on the Facebook group, many people use these breast milk bags to store other foods or items because the zip-lock is a little bit stronger than the standard sandwich bag, which means it is less likely to break.

$2,99? Per Kernel?

We are a little bit confused. Is all the popcorn $2,99, or is it $2,99 per kernel? Of course, we’re just being silly, but we really do want to know how all of these loose pieces of popcorn ended up in the bread section of this store.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

For all we know, this convenience store is right next door to the movie theater, and a child throwing a tantrum tossed their uneaten popcorn all over the shelves in an attempt to force their mother into buying them Texas Toast!

Getting Creative

When times are tough, and your three-year-old baby sister has eaten one too many pieces of the Checkers set to make the game playable, you have to get a little creative. Luckily dinner was served early because mom had to get to work for another shift.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Spaghetti and meatballs aren’t the ideal replacement for Checkers pieces. But given the circumstances, what other choice does a bored child who just wants to play what looks like a cross between Checkers and Snakes and Ladders have? Hopefully, the food didn’t stain and ruin the board, too.

Now That’s What We Call “Stuffing” The Turkey!

Okay, first of all, we don’t know what the bits on top of the drawer that has an entire turkey stuffed in it are, but it doesn’t make this already suffocating meal look any more appetizing. This is probably the “Infamous Potato Salad” maker’s work, their main course.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

We understand that turkeys are pretty large birds, but surely there’s a cleaner way to marinate a turkey. Maybe we’re wrong, but we doubt that the norm for getting your turkey tender and juicy for Thanksgiving is by placing it inside the fridge in no container.

The Makeshift Bowl

This makeshift cereal bowl using a paper plate indicates that the person eating the cereal really couldn’t handle the thought of going on with their day without it. The only problem was that they didn’t have a bowl and were too hungry to consider using a large mug.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Perhaps this meal belongs to the same student we spoke about before who was on a student’s budget. Purchasing a stack of paper plates might make more sense than buying a brand-new bowl. Especially if they don’t have access to a place where they can wash it up.

What Even Is This Food Massacre?

There are so many questions. Naturally, the first one is why on earth someone thought that melting chocolate into this concoction would be a good idea. Did the recipe call for sugar, and they only had chocolate as a substitute?

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

The next question is regarding what it is they are cooking in the first place. Some sort of broth? Are those beans and pieces of meat floating about topped off with that sad waste of chocolate? Also, is this a sweet or savory dish? We need answers here!

The Sanity of Humanity

Usually, if someone forgets something in the shopping cart, it’s inside the cart, not at the bottom, where it can fall off. It’s also usually sealed. With this one, someone found it, opened it, realized they didn’t like it, and left it there, thinking that the perfect hiding place would be at the bottom.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Or maybe they were trying to be kind and left it there for a hungry passerby. But then again, if that was the case, surely they would have left it sealed. The further down the list we go, the more questions about the sanity of humanity arise.

Tech Fact For Laptop Lovers

It seems that a common theme on this list is the fact that people don’t seem to know how to use plates, bowls, or containers and instead place food on top of things it shouldn’t be around. Maybe it’s laziness that stops them from taking these utensils out of the drawer.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Or perhaps they simply don’t own them? Of course, the simple answer is to go to the store and grab some cheap plates. Here’s a tip we never thought anyone needed; if you want to keep your laptop alive for longer, no matter how hungry you are, don’t use it as a plate. 

Is it Really Worth It?

As we’ve seen on social media, people will do anything for a comment or a like. But is it really worth it if it means you’ll end up with no laptop to finish essays, no more late-night Netflix binges, and having to face the sheer stupidity of your life choices?

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

If you do end up putting something like ketchup and fries on your laptop, then be prepared for some very sticky keys and oily fingertips, and, if that ketchup really gets in there, a damaged machine that most likely won’t work anymore. Is it really worth the likes?

Spaghetti and an A

If you’re reading this and you’re a bully, don’t get any ideas. This poor girl probably ran out of the classroom crying after opening her assignment, only to discover that some nasty child pranked her by putting their cold spaghetti lunch inside the portfolio.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

Either that or her teacher took it home for marking, and their child is to blame, which we guess means it’s an automatic A? Regardless of the “how did it happen” looming over our heads, it’s definitely earned its spot on this list.

Emergency Pizza Slice

This slice of “emergency” spaghetti pizza stuck on a wall next to instruments makes us think that this is some sort of a personal joke among members of a band who constantly have to stop practice because someone is hungry and the lead singer has had enough of it.

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

So to prevent the constant interruptions during practice, they stuck a slice of pizza on the wall in case someone got hungry. The act sort of stuck, and now it is compulsory to have a slice of emergency spaghetti pizza at every single practice, or else it’s bad luck!

Hungry …Toes?

What is it with all these people using sausages for literally anything but food? First, the sausage dog toothbrush, and now this? Things are getting out of hand, even for this list! Someone decided to use this once, probably edible food, during their at-home pedicure session!

Image courtesy of FoodInPlacesItShouldntBe/Facebook

We know that times are tough and sometimes you have to make do with what you’ve got, but surely if times are indeed that bad, you wouldn’t want to waste food by using it to separate your toes. Tissues or toilet paper would suffice!