Delicious Compliance: 40+ Times Customer Requests Were Perfectly (And Amusingly) Fulfilled

By Aileen D December 30, 2022

Home-cooked dishes are better than fast-food meals for several reasons. You can cook for as many people as you like at a low cost. Also, you can cook food to your specific taste, provided you know how to cook.

Sadly, dining out is way more convenient. You don’t have to wash the dishes after eating, nor do you have to worry about burning the kitchen down. All you have to do is place an order, pay for the meals and then dine in! If you’re lucky, you can ask the restaurant employees to add loads of toppings for free.

It’s unlikely that they’ll allow your request, but anything is possible. Just look at these customers who ate to their stomachs’ content after requesting loads of pepperoni, ketchup packets, and even cherries. If only all restaurant staff were as pliant as these—we would dine out more often!

What’s Packing

This Reddit user can’t get enough of condiments. There’s just no luster to food without it. And we agree! So when he orders out, he always asks for a small side of sweet and sour sauce. This time around, the staff obliged.

Image courtesy of xenonphononthelawn / reddit

After opening the paper bag, this Redditor’s eyes and mouth gaped at the small container of sauce they had packed for him. If he could, we bet he would have given this bagger an extra tip. Thanks for the extra goodies!

You Asked for It

Many readers can liken themselves to Cave Man BBQ Rockingham. He cannot live without a packet (or bucket) of hot sauce to dip his chicken wings in. Today, he was feeling a little adventurous. He asked this waitress to make his burger as spicy as possible.

Image courtesy of Rusty MK 1/ reddit

And as you imagined, this guy was panting like a dog in heat after taking one bite off of his burger. He was sweating profusely by the time he got to his office, and he couldn’t help but stand in front of the AC to cool the burn on his tongue.

Could Have Just Bought a Jar

Only pregnant women know how difficult it is to handle hunger pangs. One minute you might feel satiated, maybe even bloated. The next, you’re clawing your throat for a falafel full of pickled turnips and pickles. Just gotta have ’em!

Image courtesy of edna krabappelous / Reddit

This Redditor was a couple of months along in her pregnancy, and she had a strong need for falafel from Shwarma Joint. After seeing the extra pickles the restaurant gave her, she could have just bought a whole jar of pickles; just saying.

5-Star Rating

This Redditor has been working in the food industry for a couple of years. Every once in a while, he decides to go all out for his customers. When one asked for a very generous amount of olives, he made sure to make good on the request.

Image courtesy of the_tech_guy1452 / reddit

After seeing this many toppings on this pizza, this customer frequently ordered from their shop. This would make anyone a regular. In fact, this pizza parlor should seriously consider adding another pizza flavor to its menu. This would be a hit with all olive fans.

British Dish

A chip butty is a traditional British fried potato sandwich. It’s perfect for when you are carb-loading. A chip butty consists of chips wedged in bread with delectable amounts of salt and butter. For all the Americans out there, “chips” are french fries.

Image courtesy of ah_nice / Reddit

This is perfect if you’re working the graveyard shift or if you’re lacking sleep. This energy-dense, high-carb meal should help satisfy the food gremlins residing in your tummy. It is also the perfect meal to eat after a boozy night out.

You Got It

There are always friends who go the distance to treat you just how you deserve to be treated. Take this one. He wanted to place an order at the local deli to have a cake customized for his pal. Unfortunately, the birthday boy was not in the mood to celebrate.

image courtesy of lonely_boii / Reddit

This prankster did not want to go to the party empty-handed. So, he made sure to have those exact words written atop the cake—just to the birthday boy’s liking. Bet everyone at the party had a blast, save for the birthday boy.

Not Enough

This restaurant employee is under probation. His boss has given him one last shot to keep the job. So when the customer placed this order, he couldn’t help but pack this many red pepper flakes. Just what were the customer’s special instructions?

Image courtesy of dame_de_bouef / Reddit

The instructions read, “I’d like enough red pepper flakes to kill a donkey.” Of course, this employee had always relied on the local deli to deliver meat. He couldn’t tell for sure just how many packets were needed to kill one donkey. So he made a conservative estimate.


This Redditor describes himself as a “fat kid” and is proud of it. Of course, having the money to buy anything you want to eat is a luxury in itself. So, he often takes to social media to brag about his food purchases. This one was worth mentioning.

Image courtesy of erikgratz110 / Reddit

He had placed an order for a garden salad (gotta transition to healthy living every once in a while) and asked for loads of spicy mayo. Poke 1/2 La Jolla did not disappoint. This fat kid commended the superb food service at the poke chain.

Beats the French

Why do so many people want to go to America? Well, it’s where you get to live the American dream. Regardless of where you’re born, what color you are, and what class you were born into, you can achieve your idea of success. So if you want scoops upon scoops of ice cream, you’ve got it!

image courtesy of bmebenji / reddit

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are so many people that struggle with portion control. This is a medium ice cream cone filled with medium-sized ice cream. Remember to bring a bucket if you want to order a large one!

Winning the Lottery

We don’t know what it is about free food or add-ons that make us go crazy. We can afford the food, make no mistake. It’s just that there aren’t that many willing restaurant employees who are willing to give you 31 packets of assorted sauces.

Image courtesy of 16bittango / reddit

It’s this Redditor’s lucky day. It was as if she had bet on the right restaurant, and her ticket won. She only asked for a bit of extra sauce on the side, and it was as if she was destined to win this many food packets in one go.

Appealing to Emotion

What do you do when you’re sad? Well, this Redditor likes to eat dessert. She placed an order online and asked for extra cherries. Doesn’t sound logical, but when she mentioned that she felt sad, the food staff gave in to her request.

image courtesy of yourmostfavoriteNPC / Reddit

We don’t know that many people that would care what their customers are going through. We can’t help but want to try this life hack the next time we order food, too. We’re hoping for extra hot fudge because, poor us, we’re down on our luck.

Someone’s Getting Fired

That’s it! Someone’s getting fired. The manager feels his cheeks flush ruddy red and finds his fists clenched. He grits his teeth and pushes back the seat to walk out of the room. He briskly walks into the employees’ rooms to ask who prepared this.

Image courtesy of mf9812

Who dunnit? Who prepared this sandwich during the evening shift? The newbie employee hesitates but manages to raise one hand. He has his eyes closed, refusing to see an oncoming attack from his boss. That is it! You are fired.

For the Love of Sauce

After seeing this dish, we can’t help but wonder what it was this customer ordered. This Redditor says that he ordered a salad and asked for extra sour cream. The restaurant employee might have mistaken that as sour cream with a side of salad.

Image courtesy of taintflip / reddit

It’s not like this customer was complaining or anything. He might have even found the whole thing quite funny. For once, someone in this world other than his mother actually made his dish the way he wanted it. Perfectly delectable!

Where Is This

Ever since this Redditor posted this picture, the phone at the restaurant has been ringing off the hook. Many people want to order a 15-inch pizza from this pizza parlor and are asking for a lot of add-ons—for free! Wonder why?

Image courtesy of wannabewriter1016 / Reddit

Who wouldn’t want to gobble all that up in a heartbeat? We bet that we would stuff as much pepperoni in our mouths—even if we were satiated. This is a rare occurrence. We have a higher chance of dating Amber Heard than getting our requested food add-ons.


This customer couldn’t help but do a double-take when she saw the cream cheese icing slathered atop her cinnamon buns. She went to the cashier attendant and asked if she had gotten the right box. The attendant read the receipt to her and said, “yep, that’s it!”

Image courtesy ofwillowthemanx / Reddit

The last we can recall, cinnamon was colored caramel brown. This resembles nothing of the sort. But if this Redditor is not putting up a fuss, then that means the restaurant employee did a stellar job at putting the icing on the cake.

Never Enough

This person has tried to cook her version of the perfect baked potato. But try as this Redditor might, she couldn’t cook it to her stomach’s satisfaction. She decided to give up altogether and buy one at the local deli.

Image courtesy of qpwoeiruty00 / Reddit

As soon as she opened the styro container, she knew what she had been missing out on. The potato had loads and loads of cheese. You can never have enough. She took a fork and fished out a chunk of this yummy goodness.

Humanly Possible

Forget Domino’s. There’s a new pizza joint that is all the rave in town. It has been catapulted to fame after this Redditor uploaded this picture of a pan pizza. There were lines spanning the length of the street in front of this pizza joint.

Image courtesy of rztan / Reddit

We never knew that it was humanly possible for a pizza to be cooked without the crust. Now, we won’t have to choose whether to eat from the tip to the crust or vice-versa. We can enjoy delectable toppings with every bite.

Needs Chips

This woman faults her pregnancy brain for coming up with this odd meal order. She rubbed her tummy, stared at the meal options, and then told the waitress what it was she wanted—a burrito with no tortilla. The Mexicans would be insulted.

Image courtesy of kordidk / reddit

As this Redditor puts it, she is a menace to society…more aptly, she is a menace to Mexican society and all those who value a properly-made burrito. Of course, she can always just scoop this up with some tortilla chips, and she and her unborn child are good to go!


Reader beware: if you’re reading this article near the end of the week, then it’s best that you skip this picture. One glimpse of it, and your throat just might run dry. Believe us, this is one picture you can taste by sight alone.

Image courtesy of ugly patty / Reddit

Whether this woman intended to share the drink with her pals or just wanted to sip on extra slices of lime on her own, you could tell she was having a blast. Just how many of these do you reckon you can drink? One too many, probably.

Healthy Livin La Vida Loca

Whether you have the courage to admit it or not, salads taste better with extra sauce on them. That way, you won’t have to taste the bland or bitter taste of vegetables sticking to the back of your throat. Gotta get those nutrients!

Image courtesy of marrell / Reddit

One disadvantage to this is that your leafy vegetables will not be as crunchy to taste. It might seem like there is a whole lot of glob stuck to your spoon. If you toss this all together, it will look like one big leaf ball.

Fiery Hot

Apart from its delicious meal options, there’s a reason why people flock to Taco Bell. Its staff has got a fiery sense of humor. This Redditor asked to be given as much fire and diablo sauce as the staff could give, and voila.

Image courtesy of the dancinghippie / Reddit

This Redditor said that Taco Bell employees were hushed around that one waitress who handed the paper bag full of these bad boys. Everyone was laughing so hard when they handed this Redditor the bag. That’s a year’s worth of supply!

Jar-full of them

This employee took one look at this customer and decided she didn’t like them. She refused to look this Redditor in the eye and hurriedly punched in the items on the screen. To keep the customer from coming back, she made sure to give extra olives on their salad.

Image courtesy of aizen336 / reddit

Others would sprinkle a spoonful more but not this waitress. Nope. She wanted to give a good douse of olive brine in this garden salad, and along with it were slices of olive. Unfortunately, this waitress did not get the intended result. She saw this Redditor with a smile on her face leaving the store.

A Special Please

This cook could barely imagine life outside the grim walls of this kitchen. But try as he might, he couldn’t leave the place. He hated and loved it. So, when a customer came into the restaurant asking to be served something special, this cook made sure to prepare a dish they would never forget.

Image courtesy of entchen_momo / Reddit

The cook slyly smiled as he pushed the tray for the waitress to deliver to the customer. To his shock, the nutter of a customer consumed every last bit of this burger. He ordered every protein the restaurant could offer and fries on the side!


You know you have committed a grave error against a cook when you open the styro container and come face to face with this sludge of a nightmare. Even we can’t make out the contents of this dish. Is that beef?

Image courtesy of canadian gladiator / Reddit

This Redditor tried not to, but he couldn’t help but dry heave at the sight of this. His brain dreams of munching into a hotdog sandwich and cutting this into pieces, but part of him thinks of getting a spoon and slurping on the sauce.

You Know You’ve Been Good

Remember, as kids, we would hope that we had made Santa’s nice list so we could get some things crossed off our wish list? Well, thanks to kind restaurant employees such as this, you wouldn’t need to believe in an imaginary character.

Image courtesy of drpeanutbutters/ reddit

There exists a little bit of Santa in each one of us. And if you’re lucky enough, you just might chance upon an employee willing to grant you your Christmas request. All you need is a little bit of courage and a sincere smile as you ask for extra cherries on top!

The Stuff of Dreams

You can never be too old to dream of getting an ice cream sundae filled with this many rainbow sprinkles. This Redditor’s eyes were glued to the plastic cup the employee was holding in hand. His view might have been obscured as the cashier typed in his order.

Image courtesy of Antrallica / reddit

But the kid in him squealed in delight as he saw the restaurant employee place more than a spoonful of sprinkles atop his vanilla ice cream. It almost felt like he was a kid again, getting a treat just because he could.

All Out of Options

His co-workers were angry when they saw that this guy had been named the best employee of the month. With arms crossed, they watched this guy serve his customers their food. They could not top this quality of food service.

image courtesy of tigger1337E / Reddit

With tails tucked behind their hind legs, they watched this guy bask in the glory. His life’s motto: keep the customer happy by providing them with all sauce options. How can any customer keep a frown on their face with this stellar service?


You would think that grinches exist only during Christmas, but the reality is that most people become absolute grinches right around their birthday. When someone asked what this Redditor wanted to put on his birthday cake, he most self-assuredly said…

Image courtesy of sayomi_koneko / reddit

His friends weren’t the type to listen. Wanting to make their friend the butt of the joke, they asked the manager to spell “nothing” atop a fancy plate with five-star chocolate fudge. Surely, that thawed the icy heart of this grinch.

Cherry Cola

This guy was told that he needed to cut back on the alcohol. He should eat more fruit, though. As a last hurrah, he went to the nearest bar and then ordered his favorite drink, with the doctor’s advice in mind—lots of fruit!

Image courtesy of coolaaron88 / Reddit

Of course, he couldn’t help but play the pity party on the waitress. He clutched his chest and explained the dire situation he was in. He needed extra cherries with the last drink he would ever have. It would be quite some time before he drank (water) again.


After this Redditor tested positive for Covid-19, she couldn’t help but worry. She was concerned if she had infected anyone else, and she was just wrought with anxiety about getting better. Would she get better? With these bags of chips, she ought to!

Image courtesy of shellybombelly / reddit

This Redditor told her boyfriend via a call that she had tested positive. Her boyfriend was just as alarmed as she was, but she quickly added that she was asymptomatic. Her boyfriend dropped by her house to leave these salt and vinegar chips as a speedy remedy.

Customer Satisfaction 5.0

If you haven’t tried Korean barbecue, then you are definitely missing out. Book yourself and your pals a table and grill different types of marinated meat. You can order soup and lettuce on the side. Don’t forget, you can ask for a healthy dose of garlic…

Image courtesy ofjjkim1997 / reddit

…just to keep the cholesterol at bay. That will work as an effective palate cleanser as you put another slab of meat atop the grill and wait for the smoke to clear. Just munch on these bad boys, and help yourself to some scallion salad too!

Always be Kind

This generation believes that you should always be kind to people. So when the restaurant employees heard this customer request that they make his slice a bit thicker, they did not disappoint. The man was expecting a burger, and he came out of that restaurant clutching a stone.

Image courtesy of justkeepitquiet / Reddit

How on earth would anyone munch through that big of a slice? Well, it surely helped that the Redditor had already been smiling prior to bagging the burger. His mouth was wide open just as he put that scrumptious burger to his lips.

A Work of Art

This guy couldn’t make up his mind. Quite the art connoisseur, he was tempted to hang this piece up on his wall or donate it to the local museum. He had never seen anything as impressive and hypnotizing as melted cheese atop an all-meat pizza.

Image courtesy of -zomato_ / reddit

But he couldn’t resist. Try as he might, he saw his hand nearing a slice of pizza and pulling at the strand of cheese. He folded the pizza in hand and then took a big bite of it. Not even Van Gogh can create a masterpiece this beautiful.

For Fungus Sake

As soon as the staff read this food request, they couldn’t help but laugh. They have never heard of someone begging them as desperately as this. Translated in English, the customer asked for extra mushrooms. “I will pay extra. Please…”

Image courtesy of hoodsfrostyfuckstick / reddit

“…totally overdo it for the mother of mushrooms!” Now, who would be able to deny this customer his dying wish? Any man willing to use the mother of mushrooms’ name in vain is dead serious about satisfying a hunger pang.

Giving Her Some Attitude

There are some customers who simply can’t keep a good attitude if you turn down their request. One was this guy who absolutely had to have a bigger bowl of sauce to comfortably dip his chip in. The dude has got big fingers and even bigger cravings.

Image courtesy of peachymucus / Reddit

To be fair, you would have to bite off a piece of your nacho chips to douse the whole thing in the scrumptious sauce. Not only does that kill the mood, but it dampens one’s appetite. So kudos to these two for mouthing their request!

Definite Winner

Forget Christmas. You can do away with Saint Nick if you land yourself a food company that’s willing to give you this many extra walnuts atop your walnut and ricotta tostada. You will have to commit this one to gustatory memory.

image courtesy of duckiesaysquack / Reddit

Now, if anyone had asked us to make a sandwich, this would have never crossed our minds. But after seeing this Redditor hold this sandwich like a prized trophy, we can’t help but wonder where we can get one of these!

With A Kick

This Redditor wanted to annoy a couple of co-workers. So, he came up with this genius plan to disgust people on the floor without getting fired. He went to Mcdonald’s and asked for extra onions on his Mcdouble. Just a packet of ketchup, and he’s done!

image courtesy of the bat commander / Reddit

He enjoyed every bite of his Mcdouble while imagining the faces of his co-workers ridden with absolute disgust and revulsion. Then after tossing the last bit, he washed it down with a big gulp of his drink before driving to work.

Must Come With Soda

It may be hard to tell, but this Redditor’s loved ones were deeply concerned about how this guy was acting. They feared that he would attempt to take his life, but they would have never imagined that he would resort to this.

Image courtesy of karusthegiant / Reddit

That’s a choking hazard right there! This Redditor walked into a store and with the help of the waitress, attempted to seal his fate by asking for as many artichokes as physically possible on his pizza. The waitress certainly obliged.

Chicken Soup

This Reddit user felt a mix of emotions as he opened the food container. He knew that this trusted restaurant would pack him a heap of food. But he had not been counting on being given extra soup to go with his french fries and wings.

Image courtesy of ogshug

A part of him hysterically laughed while the other part of him was astounded. How did anyone expect him to eat this much sauce? It almost looks like soup! How about asking for extra croutons to go with the extra sauce he had asked for?

Turning Japanese

This Reddit user is a sushi lover, but she can’t stand the spicy aftertaste of wasabi. This time around, she asked the waitress to replace the wasabi with extra ginger. The Asian waitress bowed her head and then got to preparing the dish.

Image courtesy of gagagirl3 / Reddit

She prepared it with the same degree of efficacy and delicateness as all the other sushi pieces she had prepared before. But she did it so quickly that you could barely see her hand as it sliced through the sushi with lightning speed. Hope that’s enough ginger for you, ma’am!

Overt Treasure

This is the only place in town where people display their treasure overtly. Because even if you passed by this shop, there would be a throng of people waiting to be served or be given a table to dine on. This appetizer is one of the fan favorites.

Imagecourtesy of deificwhiteboy / Reddit

This Reddit user knew that this was a privilege. He decided to go all out for it. He ordered nachos with their special sauce and extra pickled red onions. He could barely make out the nachos and the beef underneath. Definitely worth the wait!

Counting Six

This customer didn’t know whether to be pleased or to be offended. But, choosing to view things with a glass-half-full approach, she took to social media to praise this restaurant employee. She and her hubby had ordered blue cheese with wings.

Image courtesy of nicotineamy / reddit

The waitress might have counted three per pax because she gave this Redditor and her husband six containers of blue cheese! That’s a generous amount of sauce. Anyone would be tempted to order more chicken wings—maybe that was the waitress’s plan all along.

Healthy Lifestyle

This Redditor was feeling under the weather. Tough luck; she still had to go to work. She decided to buy herself some food to bring to the office. She opted for soup with a dash of croutons. She almost returned the container.

Image courteys of dadjo_kes

She tucks a wisp of hair behind her ear. “Excuse me, I ordered soup, please.” The employee looked at her and at the container. “Yeah, with some croutons. There you have it, miss!” This Redditor shook the container and felt the creamy soup wobble underneath.


If you want to munch on carbs, you can either buy yourself a pack of chips or a container of croutons. Add a side of vegetables, and then you are good to go. That will be a dollar and fifty cents.

Image courtesy of crystalbis / reddit

Croutons are the absolute best if you’re looking for an alternative to potatoes. You can place these on soups and salads and even munch on them all on their own. You can even make your own if you have a spare loaf of bread.

Colon Blocker

Ever since this picture surfaced on social media, lawmakers have convened to pass a law limiting just how much cheese should go atop a pizza. Not only will it run Shakey’s out of business, but it’s also just a health risk: a definite colon blocker.

Image courtesy of amaturemd / Reddit

This Redditor should know better. He asked the employee to place as much cheese as they legally could. Other customers have complained that their pizza was missing some cheese. Little did they know that all the cheese had been used to fulfill this order.