Forgotten Fizzy Drinks: A Look Back At 3 Discontinued Sodas

By Larissa C

Over the past 60 years, there have been many soft drinks that have come and gone, but some have managed to leave a lasting impression on the market. Here are three sodas that were discontinued but remain memorable to this day.

Source: @hannah-nelson-390257/Pexels


This citrus drink was launched in the 1990s. It was marketed as a competitor to Pepsi’s Mountain Dew, but it quickly gained a cult following of its own. Surge was suspended in the early 2000s due to declining sales.

However, its dedicated fanbase campaigned for its return, and in 2014, Surge was re-released exclusively on Amazon. Its return was met with excitement from fans who had missed the drink’s unique taste.

Crystal Pepsi

This clear cola was introduced by Pepsi in 1992. The company marketed it as a healthier alternative to traditional colas, as it did not contain any artificial colors or caffeine. But the drink was not well-received by consumers, and it was discontinued just a year later in 1993.

Even though it had a short lifespan, Crystal Pepsi has since become a nostalgic icon of the 1990s, and its distinct taste and appearance are still remembered by those who tried it.

Jolt Cola

Jolt Cola was a high-caffeine soft drink that was launched in 1985. It was marketed as the “real jolt” for people who needed a strong caffeine boost. The drink quickly gained popularity among students and gamers, who appreciated its potent caffeine content.

Source: @blakewisz/Unsplash

The market for high-caffeine drinks eventually declined, and Jolt Cola was discontinued in the early 2000s. Still, Jolt Cola has retained a loyal fanbase, and the company occasionally releases limited edition runs of the drink to appease its fans.

While these sodas may have been discontinued, their impact on the soft drink industry and pop culture at large cannot be denied. They have left a lasting impression on those who tried them, and their memory lives on through the nostalgia of those who remember their unique flavors and marketing campaigns.