45 Weird And Wacky Finds In Fridges Across The World

By Liezel L

More often than not, people say that you get to know a person by how they decorate their home or how tidy it is. And while that may be true, we think you’ll get to know a person a lot deeper through one of the most inconspicuous things in their home – the fridge.

But don’t people’s fridges only have food in there? Well, that’s what we thought too. However, we have found that that’s not always the case, as proven by the subreddit “Fridge Detective.” In this online community, people share what’s inside their fridges and let others try to guess things about them based on the picture.

More often than not, the original posters will also jump into the discussion to confirm or lead guessers in the right direction. While you don’t have to do that, it’s still fun to see the most bizarre things people have posted in the group, so here they are.

Desperate times, desperate measures

A lot of people keep emergency food items in the back of their fridges for times of great need. However, this person seems to have stored the wrong thing. Or is it really the wrong thing? The cat’s expression looks almost like it is screaming for help.

image courtesy of ThePointlessTimes/ Reddit

On the other hand, though, the cat looks like he’s just been caught doing a crime. And judging by that fat belly, it seems that it has committed one alright, namely, finishing off all the human food in the fridge. It looks guilty as charged!

Fresh from the water

We all know that seafood is best served when fresh, right? That’s when it tastes best, and it’s also when it’s safe to eat. We don’t think this is the best way or the cleanest way to get the freshest fish to your plate, though.

image courtesy of failed-_-abortion/ Reddit

Honestly, we wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of fishing when we’re starving. To whoever did this, please stop playing with your food. If you’re going to eat those fish, treat them as food. Otherwise, that just looks like fish cruelty.

Nothing out of the ordinary!

We truly feel so very sorry for the innocent person who’ll be opening this fridge without knowing that this thing is there. They’d probably have a heart attack or end up really mad at whoever put the head there, and for a good reason.

image courtesy of fimelovemachine/ Reddit

Still, we think this prank is worth it for the screams and the gags that will most probably come out of the poor victim. This is just the perfect prank to get the best reactions out of anyone, and it will definitely go viral on social media if you post the video.

Best way to cool off for summer

Depending on where you live, there are times when the summer heat can feel like it’s trying to bake you up in your own home. But this dude has a perfect solution to that. And it’s right in his kitchen!

image courtesy of impossible4/ Reddit

We got to say; he’s making a very tempting point with that image. Cooling off in the fridge during the unruly summer heat does look like heaven, but just thinking about the high electricity bills would have us baking out in the sun instead.

Take the hint, Debbie

Have you ever had a roommate who thinks that everything you own and bring into the apartment is also theirs? Roommates who know no limits are the worst. Judging by this picture, this person’s awful roommate is just like that.

image courtesy of cosmosbeyondlimits/ Reddit

Hopefully, Debbie finally gets the hint because, from all those notes, we can absolutely tell that this person is sick and tired of her antics. And we think one more Debbie act will send them flying off the rails on the poor girl. Take the hint, girly!

Valid obsession

Normally, we wouldn’t be as keen to support people who hoard obscene amounts of goods like this. It’s just not a decent thing to do, but for this, can we really blame them? Reeses is one of the best things in the world. 

image courtesy of ManInPeas/ Reddit

What they have right here is a precious collection of one of the greatest things on Earth, and we think they were right to collect it. This way, they’ll always have this delicious treat right in their fridge. We also love how organized they were.

Adulting 101

When you move out of your parent’s home and move into your own place for the first time, this is pretty much how your fridge will look at first. But honestly, what else do you need when you have chicken nuggets and ranch dressing?

image courtesy of potatispizza/ Reddit

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. At least this person was proactively trying to put something in there. That’s a start. Maybe they’ll add in a vegetable and some fruits after their next trip to the grocery store. And who knows what that will blossom into?

The potato monster

No one would think that potatoes could become something monstrous. But as this picture has proven, they can be. Apparently, all potatoes need is a bit of time to stew in the fridge and absorb all that cold to turn into this alien-like thing.

image courtesy of theSomberscientist/ Reddit

Nope, that is not a plastic creature. That all came from a potato. The weirdest thing is that whoever owns that fridge apparently ignores the thing. We suppose that maybe they are waiting to see how long the potato can keep it going, which is pretty interesting.

Getting ready for the summer

If you can’t have a glass of scotch or side without ice, your greatest nightmare is probably running out of ice. Can you imagine getting through a hot summer day without a glass of ice water? Well, if you get this kind of fridge, you’re guaranteed never to run out of ice ever again.

image courtesy of HiddedNinja/ Reddit

Believe it or not, this is the fridge of dreams for a lot of folks. Apparently, some people out there just can’t get enough ice in their lives. Whether it’s for coffee, soda, or any other thing, they just need to have an ice stock at home, and we love them for that.

Stuck in a pickle

Not everyone can always afford to have their fridges full of all things good. There are also times when all they can put in there is a jar of some food to ease their rumbling stomachs. For this person, it seems that their food of choice was pickles.

image courtesy of Zombieattackr/ Reddit

Now, while we’re not huge fans of pickles at all, we’re not judging. That would look appetizing enough when you really have nothing else in the fridge. Plus, they even put out a little fork there, so they’d just need to pick it up and skip to the eating.

The fridge ate the dog

More often than not, we always find our furry puppies in all sorts of bizarre places around the house. This includes finding them in between sofa cushions, above the cabinet, or among your unfolded laundry. For this pup, though, his “spot” is inside the fridge. 

image courtesy of TealTemptress/ Reddit

We really can’t say we blame the pup, though. He looks very snug on that shelf, and with the cool air inside the fridge, we think he’s having the nap of his life. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t want to be considered a food item, he should probably choose another spot to fall asleep.

It’s raining men

When people say they found a body in the fridge, we usually think of dark and grizzly stuff. We’d probably also start imagining all sorts of human parts chopped up and dumped into the fridge. But this is literally the last thing we’d think about.

image courtesy of SassMasterRecon/ Reddit

We can’t even start to guess why all those creepy figurines are there. One thing we can say is that they don’t look very cool at all. It’s not like it’s something you can show off to a date you’re taking home, okay?

Chiletto heels

Sometimes, when you party too hard and the world starts spinning, compartments in your house can look all the same. So, while you think you’re properly putting away your shoes, you might be putting them in the wrong place, like this lady. 

image courtesy of Reddit

Can you imagine how confused this woman must have been when she woke up the next day and found her shoes inside the fridge? Judging by this picture alone, we can tell that she had a blast at the party.

Interdimensional contents

We don’t know about you, but when we think of interdimensional creatures appearing in our homes, we don’t usually expect them to show up in our fridges. However, that’s where they open their portals to our universe, according to this guy’s imagination.

image courtesy of Guido300/ Reddit

We have to say that these creatures sure do know how to pick a nice spot to spawn. They can act like guardians against greedy roommates who want to take more from the fridge than they actually bought. And, hopefully, they can deter any leftover stealing. 

For the love of eggs

Eggs are such versatile things. You can fry them, you can boil them, and you can mix them up with a couple of other ingredients to make other delicious foods. That’s why they can never be missing from the fridge. 

image courtesy of phillip357/ Reddit

As it seems, though, this guy loves his eggs a little too much. Who knows? Maybe he’s bulking up on their protein, or he just really loves eggs with every meal. We’re not going to judge. At least it’s still a healthy food.

Drink waterfall

It’s always satisfying to grab a cold can of soda from the fridge on a hot summer day and pop it open. However, it seems that this person’s fridge beat them to it. And it left behind a sticky little waterfall mess for the person to clean up.

image courtesy of joeldor/ Reddit

At least this person will learn to keep his drinks upright at all times from now on. Maybe that will decrease the chances of them popping open in the fridge before he can even get a good taste of them.

Cold cash

When people hide money around the house, they usually hide it in drawers, safes, under the mattress, or in bags hidden away at the back of cupboards. But do you want to know another great place to stack your money? The fridge. 

image courtesy of Reddit

It’s not a place robbers would think to check for cash because who in the world stores their cold hard cash in their fridge? But we guess that would only work if you live alone because we all know that if you have roommates, that cash is going to be free for all.

Cool cats

We all know that cats love climbing things, right? They get up on trees, curtains, and all kinds of furniture at home. That’s why cat owners get them cat towers; it’s so they don’t climb anywhere else. And as it seems, this fridge has become one of those towers.

image courtesy of BangkokQrientalCity/ Reddit

It seems like these cats have treated this empty fridge as their very own cooled cat tower. And it looks like they’re having the time of their lives. Now, who would have the heart to banish them all from there?

Did someone say fridge?

It’s never a great thing when your home gets surrounded by snow, and you have to shovel through thick layers of snow just to get to see the light through your windows again. However, this person has found a silver lining in that situation.

image courtesy of krasniimishka/ Reddit

We got to say; this fridge alternative is pretty cool. It means you get to make use of all that snow while freeing up some space in your fridge. And this means you could get all the frozen things you want and not worry about a thing.

Just another typical day

Cats are absolutely great at hide and seek. Once they find a good spot, you’ll have to spend hours looking for them, especially if they really don’t want to be found. As it seems, this kitty has found one such hiding spot. 

image courtesy of mrspencernorth/ Reddit

Well, judging by the expression on its face, we’d say that this kitty might’ve just been caught trying to steal something in the fridge. It actually looks guilty of having eaten something already. Too bad it didn’t get away in time.

Tomato overkill

We all know that tomato is a crucial ingredient in delicious foods like burgers, pizzas, and a bunch of other stuff. But really, does anyone need this much tomato in their lives? This just seems like tomato overkill if you ask us.

image courtesy of Ariyverd/ Reddit

Are they going to turn all that into big batches of tomato sauce, or are they going to sell them at a farmer’s market or something? Surely, there’s a better way of storing them than just stuffing them all in the fridge, right?

Yet another way to use your Legos

A lot of grown-ups are annoyed by Lego, and understandably so. Stepping on one of those little pieces can immediately ruin your day or week. But these things can actually be used for actually useful stuff. Just check out what this person did with their Legos.

image courtesy of AHappyTeddyBear12/ Reddit

By the looks of it, we can tell why this person needed to add a column of sorts to support the shelf. It would have likely given away under all that weight if it weren’t for the makeshift Lego column. That’s truly innovative and respectable.

Childhood dream!

A lot of kids would dream of fridges filled with their favorite chocolates or candies, but once summer comes along, this is what a lot of them would want instead: a fridge full of frozen and delicious treats to beat the summer heat. 

image courtesy of scruggbug/ Reddit

Would this be healthy? Well, no. Would parents love it? Absolutely not. But would it still be a great idea? Of course! A lot of adults also wouldn’t mind having a fridge like this in the summer. How else would you make good use of the fridge?

When the fridge claims what’s yours

While we may open the fridge every couple of hours just to stare at its insides and hope that our favorite food will just magically appear in front of us, that doesn’t mean we actually check the contents of our fridge properly.

image courtesy of Seite88/ Reddit

That often results in instances like this, where our fridge claims the food that we have been ignoring for so long. And you got to admit, a lot of us wait until it’s absolutely necessary before we do anything about these abominations.

The fridge population

When we imagine our food coming to life, this isn’t exactly the picture we imagine. And we got to admit; this picture looks a lot better. At least they don’t look like they’re planning to take over the human race.

image courtesy of bloody_brit/ Reddit

In fact, they look like your friendly neighborhood veggies about to break into a song. And you know what? We’d actually love to listen to what they have to sing about. Judging by those cute faces, we think they’re going to put on a spectacular performance. 

Going bananas

Of all fruits, bananas seem to be the one that goes bad the fastest. One minute, it’s all nice and just turning yellow on your counter. But then you blink, and it’s filled with brown spots and feels a lot like mush. It seems this person is doing everything to prevent that from happening.

image courtesy of Brief-Resolve-5765/ Reddit

To start off, they picked green bananas so they’d have plenty of time before they rotted. However, we don’t think that storing that many bananas inside the fridge is the answer. We feel like they will go bad pretty fast, anyway.

Cool wheels

Of all the things in people’s fridges, this has got to be the weirdest one. We cannot think of a single valid reason for this. We get stacking the fridge high with eggs or bananas, but this one, we can’t even think of a single reason why.

image courtesy of cyndeeer/ Reddit

What were they hoping to do by packing up a car tire inside their fridge? Cooling it down doesn’t do anything. Putting a wheel in the fridge also does nothing. We honestly can’t think of a single reason for this. Can someone please make sense of this puzzle?


For a lot of people, a jar of pickles is enough to satisfy their cravings. They usually won’t be looking for more food. This person, it seems, has an insatiable craving for pickles. And they’ve stocked up the fridge to get ready for their cravings.

image courtesy of sausagemilkshake/ Reddit

If you think about it, it looks like a pregnant woman’s fridge. Now, we know not all pregnancy cravings are the same, but we imagine this is what the dream fridge of a pregnant woman constantly craving pickles would look like.

The sausages are alive!

When we get our sausages from the supermarket, they’re usually put in food packaging that makes them look appealing and delicious. And we usually like to leave our sausages there when we put them in the fridge or else we might get something like this.

image courtesy of powersnack/ Reddit

We don’t know about you, but those sausages look a lot less appetizing when they’re all splayed out like that. In fact, they look like they’re trying to slither right out of the bin and into our nightmares. Those ominous pickle jars aren’t helping, either.

Gotta quench the thirst

Water is something everybody should always have in their homes. We need it to survive, which is why we need to consume it every single day. That’s why we kind of get what made this person fill their fridge with water bottles.

image courtesy of MishaMykha/ Reddit

The only problem is that there is so much plastic there. He could’ve easily gotten a water filter and a reusable bottle. That would’ve also saved up so much space in the fridge. Plus, it would’ve saved them all the trouble of getting all those bottles there.

Puppy invasion!

Pups don’t usually take a lot of interest in our big fridges. To them, they might just look like big old blocks of something. But once they discover that that’s where we keep the snacks, pups usually go crazy whenever the fridge door opens, like in this pic.

image courtesy of anamatrix24/ Reddit

Those pups definitely know the right place to look for the good stuff. And seriously, how can you shoo them away when they’re that adorable? Once they get bigger, though, it won’t be cute when they start plowing through everything you have in your fridge.

Cheese heaven

There’s nothing like a good grilled sandwich or a cheese pizza or a cheese board paired with wine. Oh, those things are just top-notch food, and the one thing they have in common is cheese. That’s what makes this fridge such a dream fridge. 

image courtesy of katiebot5000/ Reddit

Anyone who loves cheese would be in heaven if they ever saw this fridge. Imagine all the kinds of cheese that they could play with to make the most mouthwatering dishes. There would probably be enough to create dishes for a dreamy lifetime.

Chicken lover or chicken hater

If this is a chicken lover’s fridge, we completely understand. Chicken is delicious. You can cook it in so many ways, and you can flavor it in so many ways. It’s just the best. And if we had stocks of it to last for weeks, we would not be complaining.

image courtesy of chicagodads/ Reddit

On the other hand, this could also be the fridge of someone who hates chickens. Or at least the live version of them. Morbid but possible, right? However, we’ll settle for assuming that this is someone’s fridge before Christmas with the family.

Why do this?

The owner of this fridge was probably one of those kids whose parents always told them off for drinking too much soda. Seriously, just look at all those bottles of Diet Coke. They’re not even all finished up to the last drop.

image courtesy of montydog01/ Reddit

Apparently, the reason behind this criminal amount of leftover soda is so that they’ll have soda in case of emergencies. Who knows? There might come a time when they can’t get soda anywhere, and these half-empty bottles would be their last ray of hope.

Guilt-tripping eggs

Whenever you’d pluck out an egg from the fridge for breakfast or lunch, have you ever thought that the egg you’re about to cook could’ve been a chick that would have grown into a fine chicken and had a life of its own?

image courtesy of hava_seat_over_there/ Reddit

You probably haven’t, but when your eggs have huge guilt-tripping eyes like these, it can be hard not to. We don’t know what it is about those eyes, but they’re pretty haunting and might want to make us rethink our egg meals.

The one to remove it becomes King of the Fridge

Once you take a look at this pic, you’ll wonder what that is, and your guesses will likely be wrong. That’s not a worm. It’s not also a body part. And no, it’s not some alien creature. That, folks, is actually a half-frozen banana stuck to the side of the fridge.

image courtesy of weeponxing/ Reddit

We’re not sure how it got frozen in that part of the fridge, but it’s clear that it’s ripe. It’s ready to be removed from the fridge. Unless whoever owns the fridge wants disgusting banana slurry dripping onto their other foods. 

Bread lover

Bread is amazing! And sorry for those who love the gluten-free ones, but the original, classic bread still trumps everything. We could eat that thing until we die. Still, we probably won’t take our bread obsession as far as this person.

image courtesy of Idzak/ Reddit

If we’re guessing, this person might be running a sandwich shop. However, our only concern is if the frozen bread would taste as good as fresh bread. Most of those would probably go stale in the freezer, and that wouldn’t be as delicious.


Admittedly, a lot of us don’t pay equal attention to all parts of our home. Sometimes, some parts get more love than others. And by the looks of this person’s fridge, it seems that the food stock in their fridge isn’t their biggest priority.

image courtesy of crufire/ Reddit

A cheese stick and some teriyaki sauce can’t even be considered a snack. So we’re guessing that this person is the kind of person who loves eating out or getting takeout. And well, we’re not judging. At least they always have a clean fridge.

Fridge detective

Usually, when cats or dogs get into the fridge, they’re there looking to steal something. However, this kitty cat is the exact opposite. It seems like he’s looking for the culprit who stole something from the fridge last night.

image courtesy of friendlynoodless/ Reddit

Just look at him guarding the fridge looking all serious and firm. He looks like he really wants to make sure the contents of the fridge would stay put and nothing goes missing ever again. Who could resist going against such a guard?

Disaster awaiting

We don’t know about you, but when we store our eggs in our fridges, we really want to make sure that they stay in place no matter what happens. Nobody likes cracked eggs in the fridge. That’s why this fridge egg collection scares us.

image courtesy of ObeyHillReddit/ Reddit

Just look at how unsteady that whole thing looks! It seems that, just by opening the doors, at least two or three of those eggs would come toppling down and drag the others along with it. Hopefully, whoever owns this fridge is willing to pay the price for that.

Just the essential

Sometimes, you don’t need all the condiments, stacks of food, or all that other jazz in your fridge. Sometimes, all you need are the essentials. And for this person, it seems that trusty pizza and a couple of hot sauce packets are all they need.

image courtesy of Select_Board_4780 Reddit

That would probably work, especially if they’re not the cooking kind. However, the sad news is that the pizza box apparently had nothing inside. It was just sitting there, empty, greatly disappointing the guests who came over to this person’s place.

Condiments Galore

Sometimes, adult fridges look like they have nothing useful in them, and other times, they look like this. They have everything that makes the food taste good – but don’t have the food. Typically, this means it’s time for a grocery run.

image courtesy of mikestpierre/ Reddit

We can say that the person who owns this fridge never allows themselves to eat something bland or weird. They ensure that their food always tastes good with their army of condiments. After all, why suffer through bland food, right?

The cat has naughty plans

Most of the time, you can’t really stop a cat once it has a goal in its mind. They’re persistent little creatures, and they’ll do everything they can to get to the goal that they have, even if it means sneaking into the fridge.

image courtesy of EmmyDeev/ Reddit

Just look at this cat. Apparently, that pot has vegan chili that the person who owns the fridge is planning to eat for dinner. But as it seems, their cat wants to get ahead of them and take the meal for themselves. 

A fridge for thirsty people

We don’t know about you, but this person’s fridge organization skills are simply top-notch. Just look at how satisfying all those straight rows and colors are. They really know what they want, and they are going for it without shame.

image courtesy of Machonacho7891/ Reddit

This fridge looks like a fridge for people who are constantly thirsty or a fridge for people who are constantly getting takeout minus the drinks. As it seems, they are actually using their fridge exclusively as a beverage storage location.

When neighbors care a lot

Great neighbors are seriously underrated. They can make our life so much better, plus they can be literal rays of sunshine on a gloomy day. Take this person’s neighbor, for instance. They told them they were out of eggs, and the neighbor came back with this.

image courtesy ofmbright28/ Reddit

It seems that the neighbor was ensuring that the owner of this fridge would never run out of eggs for a while. They’re like grandparents who always make sure you have too much of everything so you don’t run out no matter what.