Don’t Yuck Someone’s Yum: 40 Odd Dietary Habits Internet Users Insist Taste Great

By Ridwan S

Eating is a universal activity. It’s a necessity to give our bodies the energy to function and get us through the day. Although it is something everyone does, the main difference is in how we eat. Sometimes the differences are cultural or dietary in origin, but even then, everyone has their own preference. While some believe that sugaring our watermelon is okay, others believe that dipping cheese in syrup is ideal. Given that certain eating styles taste great to you, you might assume that it’s common…until you find someone staring at your plate with a confused look. Some brave Internet users have decided to open up and share their food habits and combinations that their friends and family find odd. A few of these sound familiar, but some of these strange combinations are something we look forward to trying. Read through the post to see if there are any new eating habits you’d like to adopt. Let’s begin!

Sugary butter

We have devoured a significant amount of sugar and butter over the years from countless slices of cake. However, we have never “lost our minds” while preparing the dessert; or any baked good, really. Sure, there’s the occasional sugar high, but that’s about it.

Image courtesy: _The_Intern_356 / Reddit

This isn’t a recipe we’d want to try, no matter how brave we are. But it’s something we’re willing to watch unfold. We’d like to know if there’s a hidden ingredient that this person isn’t revealing. Other than that, it’s a unique find.

Melted cheese

Doctor Nora has revealed the trick to making cheese tacos in your kitchen. She melts the cheese on a dish and waits for it to coagulate before eating it. However, there is a simpler and even more pleasurable way to accomplish this.

Image courtesy: Chilecalientelv / Instagram

Instead of melting your cheese on a plate, fry it in a non-stick frying pan. When you use a non-stick pan, you get crispy sides and a chewy bottom, giving it a distinct flavor. We are confident that a trial will convince you never to eat cold cheese again.

Edamame with shells

If you’ve never eaten edamame with its shells, you’re missing out. Greg eats edamame with the shells and was only made aware of other options when he tried it in a restaurant with friends. When Greg’s buddies couldn’t find his discarded shells, they were taken aback.

Image courtesy: / Instagram

They mistook him for someone tossing shells on the floor, which is disrespectful and just plain gross. Well, Greg certainly wasn’t throwing them anywhere he shouldn’t have. We can only guess how surprised his friends were. Given his use of past tense with “used,” we guess that he no longer eats the shells.

Cottage cheese and apple sauce

Devin, here, has confirmed that, although apple sauce and cottage cheese may sound repulsive, the combination is quite tasty. We’ll attempt this combination, even if it’s just once. We may just add diced apples for added effect and to give it more flavor.

Image courtesy: launab / Reddit

To prevent any embarrassing stares, we will only attempt this combination in our kitchen. If it’s a success, we might even keep the trend going. For variety’s sake, there is a chance to attempt cottage with different fruits such as peaches, pineapple grapes, and so on.

Just the crust

As kids, we despised eating bread crusts so much that we were constantly reprimanded for throwing them away. Therefore, we understand why this user’s mother told them that bread crust is extremely nutritious and healthy. The statement will persuade a child to eat the crust rather than discard it.

Image courtesy: ihavenothingtosay- / Reddit

The lie must have stuck if they kept it up until they went away to college. While we wouldn’t consider this an unusual eating habit as adults, it would definitely look odd to have a full sandwich next to an Uncrustables.

Green onions and salt

Everyone has their own set of quirky habits. Some are unique and develop from one’s personality, while others are learned behaviors from parents and friends. Here’s an example of someone who picked up an odd habit from their father and gave it a try for themself.

Image courtesy: Botamical_gardens / Instagram

Green onions with salt; it’s certainly not a combination we would have thought of. For this user, the strange part isn’t the combo, but the fact that no one else has done it. Maybe after sharing this story online some other people chimed in with agreement.

Graham crackers in milk

Another user noticed their father repeating a food habit. They felt it odd. However, we do not believe the behavior is as strange as they think it is. We’re all familiar with cereal in milk. Even if you’re lactose intolerant, non-dairy milks make this combo possible.

Image courtesy: nothingisrevealed / Reddit

If something is worth eating, why not go all the way? If you like milk in your cereal, pour it on! Maybe try a different milk, or do what this user’s dad did and switch out cereal for graham crackers. We don’t know what other people think, but we think it’s a great pick, not a strange one.

Ketchup and bologna

Based on the evidence, we might conclude that fathers always include unusual food habits as part of raising their children. We haven’t heard anything about unusual dietary habits passed down from mothers, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen.

Image courtesy: LeaveMeChicken / Reddit

The father of this user had raised them on a diet of bologna dunkers and ketchup. They didn’t believe anything was amiss with this dish until their wife had some questions. Judging by her reaction, we’re guessing that she didn’t want to pass the habit on to their kids.

Tortilla chips and extra salt

We should probably dedicate this post to appreciating the strange habits that people took up from their fathers. Katrina told her internet friends about a strange tortilla eating behavior her father had taught her. What some call odd we call genius!

Image courtesy: Isabeleats / Instagram

If you’re someone that likes extra salt, you probably struggle with getting enough with each bite. But, apparently, licking tortilla chips will help the added salt stick. This is a great trick…but maybe not one to use in public too much.

Whole strawberries

As previously stated, there is no right or wrong way to eat; whatever suits you is the best method. The user’s father had a habit of eating strawberries with the stem. When you grow up seeing a food eaten one way, it’s easy to assume that it’s the correct/standard way to do so.

Image courtesy: Yukizap_shiga / Instagram

While this method might not be correct according to the majority of the population, it’s not necessarily wrong, either. Although we don’t consume ours that way, it doesn’t mean they’re incorrect. We hope to be brave enough one day to try this new method.

Salted lemons

If you have siblings, it wouldn’t be surprising if you all picked up on the same odd eating habits. It’s only natural for a group of people living together to learn each other’s habits. This user’s family eats their lemons with salt on them, and they occasionally eat the peel as well.

Image courtesy: Muddy_elephant / Instagram

Of course, when it’s your whole family, it’s even harder to notice when something is not “normal.” We tried salted lemons without the peel once, and they were tasty. However, it nearly wrecked our teeth, so if you want to try it, be prepared for tooth pain.

Mayonnaise and bananas

If you want to try something new that is simple to put together, we think this food combo is worth a shot. This Twitter user included grossed-out emojis, but we’ll hold our judgment until we give it a try at home.

Image courtesy: jblay1869 / Reddit

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with this eating habit. We’ve tried sandwiches with mayonnaise before, but never banana sandwiches with mayonnaise. Going through this list, we might make it a goal to try something new each week. There’s no harm in trying it once, right?

Cheeseburger in milkshake

There has long been debate over whether or not it is proper to dip bread in tea. However, this peculiar custom of dipping a cheeseburger into a milkshake elevates the argument to a new level. First off, how does that even work?

Image courtesy: Jessica_lydia08 / Instagram

We might not try this one; it’s too many things mixed together. A cheeseburger contains not only bread, but also cheese, vegetables, and meat! Why would anyone want to eat lettuce soaked in a milkshake? And, in reverse, wouldn’t the milkshake gain an odd flavor combo? We’ll pass, thank you.

Eggo waffles

For some reason, people believe it is acceptable to assign people names because they learn about their strange habits. This user revealed that they were dubbed a monster because they consume frozen blueberry ego. Cookie Monster is the only foodie that is allowed to have the word monster as their descriptor.

Image courtesy: Antranik / Reddit

If we don’t agree with someone’s habits, we don’t have the right to call them names. It’s fine if you find their behavior odd, but calling them names is not. We’re not even sure what the problem is. Is it because they’re frozen, or because they’re blueberry?

Cold tortilla chips

While some meals are best served hot and others kept cold, there are some in-betweens that are left up to personal preference. For example, tortilla chips can be eaten at room temperature or toasty from the oven, but this internet user describes how they enjoy dipping their tortilla chips in icy water.

Image courtesy: tankxlatte / Reddit

Although they didn’t explain how this improves the taste of the chips, we are prepared to give it a shot. Even before tasting it for ourselves, we can’t imagine it would have any unpleasant flavors. You do, after all, drink water after eating tortilla chips.

French toast, onion and sugar

There are two ways to break this one down. French toast with a coating of sugar sounds pretty good. After all, what is maple syrup other than liquid sugar? Then there’s plain french toast as sandwich bread; not a bad idea. Now, combine all three…

Image courtesy: yeoz / Reddit

Sure, there are no restrictions on the items you can use in your recipe, especially your homemade comfort food, but this is absurd. The adventurous eater in us, on the other hand, will eagerly await a taste of this delicacy.

Double dose: syrupy tater tots; spicy pickles

Aside from being amusing, this article introduces us to a wide selection of daring meal alternatives. We’ve discovered a variety of new ways to enjoy our favorite foods and spice up our menu. We’ve also discovered that several behaviors we thought were unique to us aren’t so special.

Image courtesy: oldbay2 / Reddit

The post has taught us that there are no limitations to what we can try with our cuisines. If you’ve never tried it, here’s a new way to enjoy tater tots. We might need to work up the courage to try spiced pickles, though.

Strawberry jam and scrambled eggs

When it comes to food, we all have favorites. And we all have intriguing ways of experimenting with new ways to improve the flavor of our favorite dishes. We’ll presume the user in this case liked scrambled eggs with strawberry jams and wanted to try it out.

Image courtesy: Gipgroup08 / Reddit

Here’s an unusual breakfast recipe for scrambled egg lovers. Who knows, this could turn out to be your new favorite meal. Maybe save this experiment for a weekend breakfast, when you’re not in a rush to go to work. You’ll also need a slice or two of bread for this dish.

Hash browns, BBQ sauce, and mustard

We can only imagine the narrator’s astonishment when they walked in on their pal consuming the so-called devilish mixture. Sure, our friends are entitled to secrets, but we never would have guessed that there would be a hidden culinary dish.

Image courtesy: odetoburningrubber / Reddit

As weird as it sounds, we wouldn’t go so far as to call it a “satanic concoction,” as this user stated. Hash browns with barbeque sauce and yellow mustard aren’t usually combined on one plate, but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

The whole muffin

We wouldn’t blame Frank at all, given how well the muffin wrappers fit on the dessert. If someone hadn’t shown us how to eat muffins, we might very well be in the same situation. Even knowing better, that doesn’t stop us from nibbling at the tasty remnants left on the wrapper.

Image courtesy: Peanutbutterandjillybeans / Instagram

Sometimes it’s just unavoidable, and we end up with bits of wrapper in a bite. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that Frank initially thought the wrappers were merely crispy exteriors. Fortunately, he discovered later that muffins came in paper wrapping. We’d love to know more about what led to this discovery.

Orange salad

Most times people refer to something novel as weird because they have never seen it. We imagine Shelita’s salad being abandoned because not a lot of people have had that before. Although some adventurous eaters would have a taste, many others would just neglect it.

Image courtesy: Iwashyoudry / Instagram

We’re sorry to say, but if we were at that potluck, we would also have skipped over the salad. But maybe not after today. We’re learning about so many new food combos that are surely worth a try. Count us in, Shelita!

Salty watermelon

We would never have guessed that watermelon could be eaten with a sprinkle of salt. Up until now, we thought that plain watermelon was the best way to enjoy the fruit. After all, a well-picked watermelon needs no aid for our tastebuds.

Image courtesy: _missrhonda / Instagram

You can experiment with this, as long as the sprinkle of salt doesn’t interfere with your recommended daily salt consumption. Whatever new cuisine you try, make sure you pay attention to your health requirements. Do not disregard your health for the sake of being a daring eater.

Vinegar everywhere

Everyone is permitted to have a favorite ingredient that they use in practically everything they eat. Some like cinnamon, while others keep ground paprika on hand. Interestingly, this guy maintains that vinegar is their secret power ingredient and that they put it in everything they consume.

Image courtesy: SmediumYSLTees / Reddit

Surprisingly, they also profess to enjoy vinegar-soaked bread. That one surprised us. Vinegar, as we all know, has a sour taste, and eating it with bread may not be pleasant. However, as previously stated, “you can eat anything as long as it matches your taste palette.”

The discovery of Mac and Cheese

Although macaroni and cheese is a popular dish, Andy mistook it for cheese and burgers from McDonald’s. Breaking down the phrasing, we can see his mistake. McDonald’s calls their hamburgers Big Macs so surely their cheeseburgers would have the word “mac” in them, right?

Image courtesy: Auntie.loren / Instagram

We can only imagine his surprise when he learned he had been holding on to the wrong meaning for 43 years. In any case, this is why “learning never ends” is our favorite educational quote. It doesn’t matter how old you are when you discover something new; what’s important is that you were willing to learn.

Brownies milk soup

Arguably the hardest part of baking is waiting for the timer to finish so we can take the dessert out of the oven and enjoy it! Of course, licking the spoon is a classic, but we hadn’t considered giving brownies a taste mid-bake.

Image courtesy: lazyrockabilly89 / Reddit

The next time we bake brownies, we’ll definitely give this one a try. Gooey, hot brownies soaked in milk? Yes, please! Though we might give this a try with an egg-free recipe. As good as it sounds, we don’t want to get salmonella with our dessert.

Grilled cheese in syrup

Tradition is one way that people learn habits. Passed down from generation to generation, these behaviors become standard in a household. This internet user discovered an odd food habit, stemming from their maternal lineage. Grilled cheese dipped in syrup wouldn’t be our first pick…

Image courtesy: anon_user_acct / Reddit

…but we’re fully prepared to try this dish next time we cook some grilled cheese. Just thinking about the sweet and savory mix is enough to make our mouths water. Given that it’s more than one person in this user’s family that does this, it must have a certain appeal.

Butter crackers

As children, our mothers prepared a variety of delectable treats for us. Normally, it’d be something healthy, with the occasional sweet to mix it up. This internet user’s “butter cracker sandwich,” however, is an odd snack. And it’s certainly not anything we’d call healthy.

Image courtesy: Leofoodlog / Instagram

The problem with many of our childhood treats is that we can’t recall the recipe. Fortunately, the ingredients in this sandwich are simple to obtain. Why not give it a try, right? Maybe this person’s mom was on to something…

The adaptable recipe

Meal preparation, in our opinion, is a flexible domain that allows for plenty of experimentation. No matter how strange you think your ingredient combination is, with the right touch, you will end up with something edible. It is up to you, though, to decide whether or not you enjoy the flavor.

Image courtesy: Tus_comidas_tasty / Instagram

In this scenario, the bold researcher chose to combine rice, sugar, milk, and red beans. And, in their words, you shouldn’t dismiss this combination until you’ve given it a shot. Well, why not? It might be strange, but if prepared properly, it would be a decently healthy balance, right?

Soggy cereal

Most people put milk in their cereal bowl, although there are some who prefer dry cereal. We won’t judge if you do. Now, for those that prefer milk, everyone has their own level of crunch that is considered ideal for the breakfast treat.

Image courtesy: Nourishingnutbutter / Instagram

We’ve all had a bowl of soggy cereal at least once in our lives. Normally, we’d just suffer through the bowl so as not to waste the food, or dump it for a second try. But this internet user let us know that there are some people that “purposely” eat soggy cereals. Well, to each their own.

Milk and a margarita

So far we’ve seen odd eating habits involving different foods or sauces, but what about beverages? This person discovered that their double drink order of a glass of milk and a margarita is not a usual choice. We agree that it’s certainly an odd duo.

Image courtesy: Peaceloveandhappyjes / Instagram

We feel sorry for those who find out about their strange eating habits in public, rather than the privacy of their own homes. If you’re unlucky, others might comment, making the whole affair rather awkward. It’s always important to remember the phrase: don’t yuck someone’s yum!

Fishsticks and peanut butter

No food list would be complete without the mention of peanut butter. It’s such a versatile food, so it’s no surprise that people use it with a variety of foods. Peanut buttery and jelly (obviously) sandwiches, breakfast bars, fruits, the list goes on.

Image courtesy: bungabungaboi / Reddit

We haven’t tried fish sticks with peanut butter, though. However, we have done a lot of experimenting with nut butters and can attest to their adaptability. This one is definitely on our list of food experiments to try. Just don’t judge us for buying fish sticks as adults.

Frost your own Pop-Tarts

If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far, it’s not to judge anyone on their food preferences. Everyone has their own palette and they shouldn’t be mocked for being unique. We applaud MoBetta for their confidence in their food combination.

Image courtesy: SOS–666 / Reddit

Pop-Tarts are a childhood classic that occasionally find their way into our pantry. Personally, we love the brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts, but there are so many flavors to enjoy. This user insists that plain Pop-Tarts coated in butter is the best version. It’s worth a try, right?

Seasoned avocados

Nowadays it’s impossible to talk about food without the mention of avocados. Avocado toast is a common meal in many homes, and guacamole is a classic dip. Normally, straight-up eating avocados are consumed plain, but that’s not true for everyone…

Image courtesy: downdooot / Reddit

Salt on avocados actually sounds delicious. A light coating will enrich the natural flavor of the fruit. If you think about it, this pairing makes sense. After all, guacamole isn’t just mashed avocados. There are other foods and spices mixed in that give it its unique flavor.

Double dose: Peanut butter, sriracha and dippy eggs; orange, salt and tobasco

It’s fine to have more than one strange eating habit; in fact, we have a lot of them. We’ve done a lot of testing with peanut butter, just like Linda. Therefore, we can understand why she might become addicted to these practices that she felt were silly at first.

Image courtesy: Regis_DeVallis / Reddit

If you like spicy food, you’ve probably done some of your own experimenting with sriracha on various food. Given peanut butter’s versatility, we’re not surprised to find it in this odd combo. As for the seasoned oranges, we’re definitely intrigued by the potentially upgraded fruit.

Double dose: peanut butter and pickles; cottage cheese and Lays

The issue about certain meals that people find strange is that they have never seen anyone else consume them. Jenny stated that she just recognized it was strange when she didn’t see anyone else doing it. We know how unusual this recipe will taste because we love plain peanut butter.

Image courtesy: Herohalv4 / Reddit

Jenny eats pickle sandwiches with peanut butter and didn’t realize it was weird until she was 24. With peanut butter, we believe you can eat just about anything. It’s not called our “power component” for nothing. It improves the flavor of anything you eat with it. Make sure to give it a shot.

Peanut butter, syrup and egg whites

Why eat plain egg on your bread when you can add some peanut butter to it? Erin adds syrup to the dish to make it even better. This is, without a doubt, a typical Sunday morning breakfast recipe. We can attest to the deliciousness of this dish.

Image courtesy: BachToTheFuture3 / Reddit

This recipe only requires peanut butter, eggs, syrup, and bread. With ingredients that simple, we can’t think of a reason not to give it a try. Taking our taste buds on a culinary tour is the theme of this list, after all.

Sloppy joe innards and apple slices

One of the abilities you’ll need to produce new culinary dishes is inventiveness. You must consider what individuals may not have thought of previously. It doesn’t have to be difficult to obtain ingredients; anything from your refrigerator can be used to create something unique.

Image courtesy: Natashaskitchen / Instagram

Even some foods we consider common nowadays were originally accidents in someone’s kitchen. Potato chips, popsicles, and chimichangas were not the result of brave chefs. Even beer was possibly a happy accident. We can only thank these culinary experts for sharing their inventions with the world.

Tortilla chip cereal

The wonderful thing about eating is that there are no right or wrong ways to do it. Any method that you find appropriate and comfortable is the correct method. We don’t know how you eat your tortilla, but here’s a fresh way to do it.

Image courtesy: Mcgeehon / Instagram

This user has given us a new method to eat our tortillas. We’ll give it a shot and get a taste of what he’s been eating for years. We believe that if he can persist with a dish for this long, it must be worthwhile to try.

Celery in Ketchup

Ketchup is a common food that can be found in most refrigerators. After all, it’s a necessity with a tasty plate of french fries. Although we’ve tasted ketchup with lettuce, when it’s on a burger, we never would have considered using it for celery.

Image courtesy: lavendergremlin / Reddit

We haven’t tried it yet, but we believe it will be delicious because ketchup goes well with vegetables. And, in reverse, celery is yummy with a variety of dips. Maybe give this one a try in your own kitchen, away from judgemental stares in a restaurant.

Cottage cheese and hot dogs

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing food ingredients. We all simply attempt new things that tickle our interest. However, several of our combinations end up being a lot messier than we anticipated. This is, we believe, the circumstance in which this internet user found themself.

Image courtesy: BreakingNews99 / Reddit

They had decided to try combining hot dogs with cottage cheese. We can’t tell if they liked it or not. Sure, they called it gross, but that could just be referring to how most people see the dish. Who knows, maybe it’s something that you’ll love!