35+ Examples That Prove The Grocery Store Offers More Than Just Food

By Jo A

Grocery shopping is a pastime we all enjoy doing by ourselves or with the family. It is the best time to fill up on items that have finished in the house. However, there are times when you get more than you bargain for at the grocery store. This is because there’s every chance you will meet people from all works of life there. That being said, there are some instances when people come across some strange and bizarre things while shopping in their run-of-the-mill grocery store. In this article, we gathered a list of peculiar and funny things people came across when they went grocery shopping. As luck would have it, their camera was on standby, and they were able to document it to share it with their loved ones. So, if you are having a bad day, we believe these pictures will lighten your mood.

I get that feeling Grandma

All grandma wants is to have fun. She doesn’t even care about her age, which leaves grandpa with no choice but to follow suit as they roll through the parking lot. In truth, we also had this same desire to be pushed in our parent’s grocery cart when we were kids.

Image source: anlyin/Imgur

Just like this grandma, we just can’t outgrow this desire. So come on! Don’t let the burden of life hold you back. In fact, embrace nostalgia with all you’ve got and hop on that cart and enjoy the ride! This grandma proves that age is not a barrier.

That’s a large Cart

You can’t blame millennials for not always going shopping when they need to. This lady has been so occupied with work that she has not even had time to go shopping. Then, she finally got the opportunity, and you can trust that she did not disappoint.

Image source: Twitter/ B Versani

At times, there’s a high chance that you went to the store only to get a few things but ended up buying more than you bargained for. This lady above proves you can avoid shopping for a long time if you do it once in a blue moon. On the other hand, she could be starting a new life.

I must have it at all costs

Whatever it is she is diving for, we can tell you it was worth it 100 percent. Not being tall doesn’t only mean having to struggle for things that are far out of your reach, but it also means digging for items deep inside things, like this deep freezer.

Image source: postfun.com

From seeing this woman, you might be motivated to do all that it takes to get what you want. So, even though you may fall (just like she may fall into the freezer, literally), never stop until you have everything you need for your ice cream sundae.

Dog Cat

Without a doubt, the name on this frame clearly states, “my dog.” What we don’t understand is how the so-called dog became a cat, or the cat is a dog, or vice versa. It’s so confusing. Perhaps, scientists have discovered a new catlike dog breed.

Image source: yaplakal.com

Irrespective of what happened, we can’t help but try to decipher if the cat was behind all of this from the beginning. With all the confusion this picture is causing, we have to admit the cat is cute and could be a good boy at the end of the day.

What else could it be?

Have you ever opened a peanut shell only to find a marble inside? Of course not! That’s why it’s called a peanut shell because you can only find peanuts inside! We can only try to guess why this store deemed it fit to state the obvious.

Image source: funny/Reddit

Maybe a customer came to complain about not knowing what the product is, or they filed a complaint about finding something other than peanuts inside. Because of this, the store clearly had to state what it contains just, so there’ll be peace. 

Quick nap

Shopping for groceries can be stressful at times, especially if you have to do it multiple times a week. This guy knew that and didn’t waste time answering the call of nature right there in the middle of his shopping spree in the perfect aisle, too.

Image source: parents.com

We guess he became confused about what soda to choose due to the array of options at his disposal. Because he was overwhelmed, he took a quick nap so that he could have enough strength to pick just the right juice to complete his shopping.

Canned cats?

As disturbing as the name sounds, I’m still wondering if it’s actually possible to squeeze a cat in a can or they simply mean, “Canned cat food.” Why didn’t they just specify that it is cat food? It would have been easier rather than thinking the worst.

Image source: postfun.com

The lady in the picture sure has a sizeable and adorable smile, but not the cat. Judging from the look on his face, he already can tell that he is about to be canned, or he’s about to star in a commercial that will surely annoy him.

I can’t walk anymore

This little boy has used the last of his strength in trying to convince dad. He literally had to cry out his eyeballs so his dad could buy him his favorite chocolate. But unfortunately, daddy has to attend to some important business. This makes the little one’s effort seem in vain.

Image source: brilio.net

However, he may get lucky if daddy ends his call on time, or he can cry some more so Dad can pay attention to him and attend to his needs. On the other hand, if daddy were to have his way, he would end up being a good floor cleaner – like literally.

Is it full moon already?

Most of those fictional movies we watch have taught us that humans with wolf genes change to werewolves once it’s a full moon. So, what did this man change into? Even though it’s not a full moon yet, this man can’t wait to show off.

Image source: domesticatedcompanion.com

Just in case anyone wants to fight him for some groceries, he sure came prepared. He is letting us know that he is a werewolf and can be dangerous if approached in a threatening manner. With or without a full moon, he must show his true self to the world.

My cats, my children

For their own reasons, some people prefer the company of pets more. In no time, they amass a large number of pets. In this case, this lady is obviously a cat person, and we can say those cats are absolutely beautiful. She’s got three beautiful furry children.

Image source: daily-choices.com

The cats look calm as they sit pretty and enjoy their ride in the stroller. However, facing the opposite side of the other two, one of them is lost in admiring the items in the store. He hopes his momma brings him here more often, where they get lots of attention and treats.


We’re sure that we have only seven days in a week. Just to show reliability, stores often use specific phrases like “Open 24 hours,” “24/7,” “Open 7 days a week,” and so on. This store decided to do everyone a favor by adding two extra days.

Image source: lifebuzz.com

Just out of curiosity, we’d like to know the name of the extra two days they added? This store wanted to prove that they are 100% reliable. And, to be honest, they definitely achieved that. We’d like if they name the additional days Shopday and Funday.

My choice date

Who else wishes they could turn into that Pikachu doll like this duo on a peaceful and quiet date. We’d all want to munch the delicious fried chicken right in front of you. This woman didn’t want to feel alone, and she achieved that by going on a date with cute little Pikachu.

Image source: postfun.com

Her lunch date seems to be enjoying himself, too. This is because Pikachu is so caring that after she finishes her meal, he will willingly give her his own, which is what all real men would do, right? We should go on more dates with our dolls.

Gotta love Mayo

Her love for mayonnaise can’t be compared to anything in the world. And guess what? She’s not ashamed to show it. She has probably been preparing for this picture with this big jar of mayonnaise, seeing that she dressed so elegantly.

Image source: brain-sharper.com

The leopard print shoes and hair shows she could pass for a model at the top of her game. To be on the safe side, she can translate her love for modeling and for mayo into a money-making venture – apply to the company to be their model.

Face plunger

This is a no-nonsense lady. For this reason, she always ensures she tests any product before buying, so she doesn’t end up picking anything faulty. Buyer’s remorse is no joke. However, principles are principles, and she just has to test this plunger, too.

Image source: dumbwire.com

On another note, we need to reiterate that you should not test a plunger on your face. There are other options at her disposal. She could have at least tried testing it on the floor. Plungers already have enough work to do in bathrooms, clogged sinks, and toilets.

Love at the grocery store

Marrying the love of your life is one of the best feelings ever. Therefore, people have different ideas on how and where they want their wedding to take place. Trust us. You would hardly see a couple choose the grocery store for their wedding shoot.

Image source: postfun.com

We have some wild theories as to why they chose the grocery store as the best location. It is possible they met in one, or they both own the grocery store. They decided to express their love in the aisles of it, too. They sure do look cute together.

Dress Code

Walmart workers often have a distinct way of dressing as you can spot them from a mile away. However, this woman decided to employ some creative freedom by adding some style of her own, and now she’s invented a whole new kind of design.  

Image source: daily-stuff.com

In our opinion, she could have been at a party but got a call to resume work immediately. Without wasting time, she got her hands on the nearest jacket and resumed with a smile on her face. Indeed, she had a whole lot of fun. 

Elegant grocery store outfit

It seems like this woman just came to buy things for her kids. On the other hand, she could pass for a model with no kids? Regardless of her motherhood status, she sure deserves an award for maintaining a slender frame. It looks like she’s always picture-ready. 

Image source: Pinterest/modellier

To complement her already elegant outfit, she is wearing beautiful looking nude high heels, and she seems comfortable in them. Women like this are sure to steal the show of any event, and she’s definitely killing this pose in the regular ol’ grocery aisle.

Out of the shower

Sometimes, most people aren’t patient enough to finish their bath routine before heading out. With a towel on her head, this woman headed out to buy frozen foods at the store. However, she didnt’mind taking pictures while doing it and also gave her best pose while a towel wrapped around her head.

Image source: science-a2z.com

If you look closer, you’ll notice those working behind the fish counter were staring at her. He’s trying his best to understand what’s happening, but it wouldn’t be so bad if he appeared on the front page of some blogs. That may bring his store some more traffic.


No one can tell what his reasons are for wearing a dress, but what we do know is that he is one bold man. Although, seeing a bearded man in a dress while shopping is the last thing you may be surprised to see when shopping. One thing is sure. He is surely enjoying himself.

Image source: moviewallpaper.tk

Sometimes, most people do things like this to express their freedom while some do it to elicit some sort of reaction. To some extent, we know this man didn’t go halfway as he matched his dress with the perfect sandals.

Grocery shoot

Snapping a nice picture requires a lovely setting. The beach, museums, art galleries, parks, and so on are all examples of beautiful locations for photos. But you know, this lady helps us understand that grocery aisles are not an exception.

Image source: quirkheaven.com

She didn’t want to use the regular places that are typically used for photoshoots. On another note, she may have gone grocery shopping, but she ended up making a difference with this amazing shoot. So next time you go grocery shopping, try taking a picture.

Woman in pink

People are very creative, and this woman showcased her creativity in the most amazing way. She looks like someone that just came from a bake-off, hence, the reason for her colorful dress. To match the toppings on her cake, she chose to go with pink hair.

Image source: telegraf.com.ua

With this outfit, we assume she must have won the competition. To commemorate the event, she couldn’t help but smile and freeze for the moment. Her apron is also amazing, and it represents all that she stands for at this moment.

Mummy wants what she wants

This woman and her daughter came to the grocery store to do some shopping, but her mom had other plans. Right from the start, mama did not plan to do any type of walking, and she also intended to buy all her groceries.

Image source: cracktwo.com

Right now, mama is keeping up with her plan by sitting comfortably in the cart while her daughter does all the choosing and walking. Although, mama is kind enough to arrange the items in the cart. What an excellent way to delegate.

Wig or Hair

Sometimes, sales attendants and store goers see things that totally catch them off guard. Right now, this woman is glued to her screen while she’s trying to figure out several things. Well, to protect her mental health, she chose the perfect wig to do the job. 

Image source: justf***mys***up/Reddit

From her hairstyle, you can tell a lot about her. For one. we can guess she’s a cat lover. Look at the way she’s concentrating on the task in front of her. It says a lot. However, where else can you see things like this? In the supermarket. Of course.

Store Llama

Pets such as dogs, parrots, and cats are essential animals that most people cannot help but have around them. Although the pet we mentioned are the regular pets found in households, the llama is among the rare kinds of household pets.   

Image source: newyorker.com

Pet sightings like this are rare, and you can bet it generated a whole lot of attention. They had to take pictures of the animal and its beautiful owner. The animal also tried its best to give a striking pose, knowing it had become some sort of celebrity.


Sometimes, we use certain things to express our love for items we love so we can be heard or seen. For example, this woman knew she loved cheese so much but didn’t know how to express it in the best way. She finally came up with a way to express herself.

Image source: amazngfacts.com

She went to the store, particularly the aisle where they have different kinds of cheese, and she decided to take a picture while lying on top of it. What a brave move for anyone to carry out. One thing we can’t forget is that ‘she loves cheese,’ and she’s not shy to show it.

Orange Juice Lemons

The juice from a particular fruit is named after the fruit in most cases, though. In an ideal situation, it means that lemonade is a product of lemons, while orange juice comes from orange. Well, that’s our logic. What we see here is completely different, though.

Image source: koreus.com

Either there was a mistake somewhere when the words were printed, or this store is encouraging us to try to make orange juice out of lemons. On the other hand, the next time you try to make orange juice, try adding some lemons and see how it goes. Who knows? They may be right.

Toilet paper creativity

This dress is indisputably exceptional. Whoever made this took creativity to another level and ought to be a fashion designer. It looks like the kind of dress you can wear for a red carpet event, and you’ll definitely steal the show this time around.

Image source: collegehumor.com

We use toilet paper every day, but we don’t think most of us will come up with something this creative. This beautiful mannequin will surely attract a lot of eyes. It will also make us understand that there is more to toilet paper than meets the eye.

A princess for today

This little girl wants to be a princess, and she loves to share, so she also wants her daddy to be a princess too. Ideally, most dads will do anything for their daughters to make them happy. So, what’s the best solution? To be a princess for a day.

Image source: theoldreader.com

And without a doubt, they both look amazing, and they took pictures everywhere they went, including the store. What a wonderful dad he is, and you can see how his little princess is looking at him adorably. They make the perfect duo.

Hot Cheetos

This woman is so proud of being a Cheetos fan that she had to dress like a Cheeto herself. We can only imagine how much she loves them. The smile on her face shows a level of satisfaction that shows she would choose Cheetos over and over again. 

Image source: popsugar.com

Cheetos are indeed very wonderful and exciting snacks to munch on even though they are flaming hot. However, you know you have to be careful not to eat them in excess for those who eat it a lot to avoid having an upset stomach.

Ikea Struggle

Choosing furniture can sometimes be an arduous task. You sometimes need to brace yourself to go to Ikea because the process can sometimes be tiring if care is not taken. After finding your way past the maze-like setup, you have to find the exact furniture you want. 

Image source: ahgame.com

The next step is wheeling what you found across the large warehouse. All of these activities can be very tiring, and these women are a testament to that. That’s why we see these girls looking exhausted, but, in the end, it’s worth it.

Where’s that Sugar?

It takes guts to do certain things, and this woman sure has a lot of it. In truth, she needs some sugar, but the best way to go about it for her is to climb the shelves. On another note, she believes in herself more than we think.

Image source: upsocl.com

However, the more you look at the picture, the more you’re confused as to what she wants. The reason is that there are actually like a thousand brands right in her presence for her to choose from, but she’s ignored them to go for the ones at the top.


One can only try to guess where this woman is going, but before then, she thought it would be nice to buy some groceries in her balloons. As colorful as she looks, she seems relaxed in her outfit and tries her best to choose the right things she needs.

Image source: Pinterest/balloonexpress

We’re confident that with her outfit, she’ll have a lot of fun at her party. Moreover, her basket is big enough to contain just enough snacks she needs to feed an entire group of friends. Be careful not to get your balloons punctured by any sharp objects.


A gymnast undergoes a lot of training for several years. This makes them seize every opportunity to practice until they become perfect. By taking every opportunity to practice, the grocery store is not exempted as one of the places to practice.

Image source: Pinterest/gynmanstation

This routine does not seem easy, but the lady in the middle was still able to give a smile without considering the awkward position she’s in. On the other hand, the lady on top looks like she’s trying to reach for the jelly on the top shelf.

Taco Tuesday mood

Tuesdays are on the best days of the week, mainly because it’s Taco Tuesday! The little girl right here has decided to showcase her Taco spirit by wearing a complete Taco outfit. On another note, she’s actually dressed like a Taco.

Image source: domesticatedcompanion.com

From the look on her face, she’s trying to figure out what to buy. It could even be ingredients for her beloved Taco, only that she is debating whether to make it spicy or not. In our opinion, we think she’ll go the spicy route.

Cat milk

Just as cow milk comes from cows, you would think cat milk comes from cats, right? Well, according to this store, it does not come from cats. It is clearly stated, “Please note, Cat milk does not come from cats.” So, where does it come from?

Image source: mako.co.il

This is the million-dollar question because we are completely stumped. Can humans drink it, or is it strictly for cats? Unfortunately, since we are still unsure about its source, we would say it’s just for cats alone because they are quite sneaky with things.

It’s not a lie though

In the real sense, eggs are technically embryos. This makes the phrase “Boneless chicken” true for eggs. They thought it was kind to let you know about their discovery. That’s why they had to write it in bold letters for those that didn’t get the memo.

Image source: cornukopia

If you look beneath the boneless chicken, you will notice the golden-colored stuff. Those are fried eggs. Perhaps, if this food store were to give the fried eggs a name, it would surely be “fried boneless chicken.” But what do we know at this point!

Good marketing strategy

For those that don’t know what Diabetes is, we’ll be happy to tell you. It happens when a person’s body can’t absorb sugar or glucose into its cells which it uses as fuel. So, when a person eats lots of sweets, chocolates, and fats and the body can’t change it to glucose, then there’s a problem. Now, this pharmacy did a great job in passing its message across. 

Image source: xbandannax

They are advertising their services to the right customers – people who have a sweet tooth. Their ad is also a reminder that too much of everything can cause problems. Especially unregulated intake of sugar. We think they are doing a great job.