Supersized Foods That Have Us Reevaluating Our See-Food Diet

By Ishita P

Welcome to the United States—the land of big appetites and even bigger food portions! For many people around the world, the serving sizes of American cuisine are legendary… and for a good reason. From towering burgers to heaping plates of pasta, the sheer amount of food offered by American restaurants can be staggering. As a result, it’s common for tourists and even locals to document their larger-than-life meals, sharing their experiences on social media and with friends and family.

In this article, we’ll explore examples of massive food portions, each guaranteed to make your jaw drop. So, join us as we take a closer look at some of the most giant and outrageous meals the US offers. Get ready to be amazed (and maybe a little bit hungry) as we explore the world of super-sized cuisine!

Chicken Sandwich Everywhere

This mouthwatering yet intimidating chicken sandwich is almost impossible to eat in one go. It’s stacked high with a thick, juicy chicken patty coated in crispy breadcrumbs and a generous topping of gooey melted cheese, nestled between two fluffy brioche buns.

Image by Cremacious on Reddit

Besides, the added chips on the side make the meal heftier. Consuming the whole meal would be a real challenge, even with a friend helping you out. While it probably tastes delicious, the overflowing toppings make it look like an unappealing goopy mess.

Hot Doooog!

It’s not a hotdog; it’s hotdoooog! The frankfurter inside is so long that it almost defies the laws of science; it’s likely longer than a human arm! However, the sausage looks juicy and delicious, with a perfectly browned exterior that hints at the satisfying snap you’ll get in every bite.

Image by Bacontheblog on Reddit

Are we the only ones salivating at the thought of sinking our teeth into such a massive meal? But don’t make any mistakes—this isn’t just an ordinary hot dog. It’s a culinary masterpiece; a towering achievement in the world of street food and sausage-making.

A Towering Patties Special Burger

This behemoth of a burger can easily feed a small army. It features an eye-popping array of more than ten beef patties. Most of you might marvel at the sheer size of the burger, calling it a “monstrosity” and a “beast.”

Image by burlyburger on Instagram

It’s pretty difficult to imagine where to begin eating this food. The layers of melted cheese between the patties will surely render you a flavorful experience. Besides, the complementary fries and jalapenos make this dish even more desirable for any foodie.

Pretzel Fit For A Giant

Behold! A treat that will make you swoon—a Giant Bavarian Pretzel. This delicious and oversized snack is a prime example of the larger-than-life food portions that are so beloved in the United States. The perfectly golden-brown pretzel is so large it barely fits on the table.

Image by sarcasmbunny on Reddit

Seeing this, one can almost smell the aroma of freshly baked pretzel dough and taste the salty, buttery goodness. Pairing it with a cold drink and dipping it in mustard or cheese sauce will be paradise. For anyone who loves pretzels, this image is a tempting and mouthwatering display of indulgence and excess.

Pizza Slice Monstoricity

Without the picture, we wouldn’t believe this person if they told us they had a slice of pizza as big as their torso. How big is the pizzeria’s oven? At least they maintained the crispy crust, melted cheese, and plenty of toppings when baking their oversized pizza.

Image by mattyboy2000 on Reddit

It looks like the ideal combination of savory flavors and indulgent textures. We bet first-time patrons are just as impressed with the size of the pizza slice as we are. No doubt, it will leave anyone in awe and disbelief.

Alaskan King Crab Leg Platter

As you gaze upon the image in this incredible series of super-sized American cuisine, your mouth will probably start watering before you read the next sentence. This enormous pile of Alaskan King Crab legs is a seafood lover’s dream come true.

Image by Nephroidofdoom on Reddit

The beautiful sight is enough to make anyone fall in love with this great dish. Besides, each crab leg seems meaty and succulent, with a truly unforgettable flavor. This massive meal will undoubtedly leave you feeling satisfied and completely indulged.

Ice Cream, Ice Cream Everywhere

Ice cream is simply out of the world, and this beautiful and mouthwatering ice cream buffet proves it. The array of colorful and creamy ice cream flavors with various toppings looks delicious. However, you might need an oversized spoon to dig into this tempting treat.

Image by Square-Radio6852 on Reddit

The image is reminiscent of an indulgent summer day, with the cool and creamy ice cream flavors beckoning you to take a scoop and savor the sweetness. The toppings further add an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the dessert. No wonder this colossal ice cream sundae is a true “dessert paradise!”

1 Burger, 2x Meat

This is a great feast for all meat lovers out there. The crispy chicken is at least twice the size of a bun. This juicy, meaty behemoth is topped with melted cheese and fine slices of lettuce and onions, making it a wholesome meal.

Image by Pink_Skink on Reddit

Judging from the image of this chicken sandwich, calling it a “fried feast” won’t be far-fetched. Fried chicken lovers would definitely need it in their life more than anything else. Although challenging, you are not alone if you want to eat it in one go.

Cheesecake Milkshake

Introducing a heavenly Cheesecake Milkshake from Junior’s Cheesecake in Brooklyn, New York! With a generous dollop of whipped cream and chunky cheesecake topping, it is one of a kind among the most delicious-looking desserts in the world. This creamy, rich combination will give your palette some fruity bursts when you try it.

Image by TheDonutCuh on Reddit

But eating it without making a mess can be a daunting task. Hence, many might even tag this milkshake-cheesecake combo as “dangerously tasty.” However, you can’t get enough of this indulgent drink, even if you can only see it. It’s a perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth who loves creamy desserts.

The Biggest Pizza

There are no words to describe this mouthwatering pizza other than… massive. It seems the chef knew that people wouldn’t believe the picture, so they added a “human for scale” before digging in. Even with the size reference, we’re still in disbelief.

Image by DESTROYER575 on Reddit

How many massive pizza ovens are there? Regardless, this pizza’s unbearable presence, stuffed with meat and veggies, makes any food lover’s heart skip a beat. There is indeed no way to reflect the awe and wonder this gigantic pizza lets you experience.

Massive Steak

You can comfortably feed a family of four with this massive steak! The meat is so large that it takes up most of the plate, leaving little room for anything else. When this was posted online, many expressed envy at the lucky person who got a chance to eat it.

Image by RealMattCouch on Twitter

We are sure this steak is bigger than a person’s head, yet it seems to have been cooked to perfection. The charred exterior and tenderness inside promise to burst with palatable flavors, and the bacon-wrapped asparagus really tie the plate together.

Ice Cream Mountain

We’ve heard of a banana split, but what do you call this tempting display of frozen delights? With three triple-stacked scoops of ice cream, it’s a miracle the banana split is still standing. They really went all out with the cherry on top… or, should we say, three cherries!

Image by lovingwv on Instagram

The ice cream is artfully arranged with various toppings, sauces, and freshly cut fruits, creating a visual feast too beautiful to eat. Judging by the cups, we’d guess that this treat was found at a kid-friendly diner, and the guy’s child-like joy can attest to that.

Surprising Burger

If you are a burger lover, this one would be too delicious to resist. It is stacked with thick slices of juicy tomato, crispy bacon, pepper slaw, and tangy brie cheese. The Verde sauce drizzled on top of the patty adds a refreshing flavor that complements the other toppings perfectly.

Image by onemantwohands on Reddit

Thus, loaded with several mouthwatering elements, this humongous burger promises to tantalize your taste buds in every bite. The way the burger is served with some french fries on the side makes it not only a sensory overload but also a filling meal.


It seems the massive pizza trend really took off because we have yet another proud foodie showing off their larger-than-life slices. They’re so big, even an oversized plate can’t contain them! And, once again, the pizzeria didn’t sacrifice taste for size.

Image by needhelpgaming on Reddit

The guy holding the pizza looks positively gleeful, and we can understand why. We can only see, envy, and admire the man’s impressive feat of finishing it. Eating such enormous pizzas is not easy. You’ll need a strategy to tackle a pizza slice this big.

Undefinable Meal

We tend to think of pizza bagels as bite-sized treats, but this restaurant broke all the standards with its massive meals. And it’s not just the physical size, but the loaded toppings that exceed all expectations of what a pizza bagel should be.

Image by mel_vs_food on Instagram

We love bagels as much as the next person, but these oversized meals seem like a desecration of the classic bagel. Mac and cheese on a rainbow bagel? That’s too much for the eyes or the stomach, if you ask us.

A Giant Burrito

This image is sure to get any foodie’s mouth water. This enormous burrito from Recio’s Smokehouse Restaurant and Catering is too large to hold in one hand! Or even two! This person had to carry it like a baby to keep it from unravelling.

Image by Eric Ortiz on Facebook

The size of the burrito is mind-blowing and makes us wonder about how the thing was even prepared. Like us, some of you might even wonder if eating the entire thing at once is possible. If it is, it’s sure keep you full for days!

Pretzel Adventure

We’re back with another large delectable pretzel! It’s so massive that it even covers this person’s entire face. The guy also seems proud to be able to eat such a huge pretzel, so he wanted to show it off to the world.

Image by mojamojo2022 on Instagram

This image has generated a lot of buzz among food enthusiasts, with many expressing their love for this classic snack. It’s so big and mesmerizing that it’s sure to bring one back to childhood, when regular-sized pretzels felt that massive.

Burger Tower

Here’s another towering burger, courtesy of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. Made to celebrate National Burger Day, this Octuple Bypass Burger features eight beef patties, 40 slices of bacon, and a generous amount of cheese, all sandwiched between two buns.

Image by heartattackgrill on Instagram

It’s served with “Flatliner Fries” and a “Butterfat Shake” made with pure cream to satisfy your cravings. But taking on this giant burger is no small feat, and a robust support system is crucial. This burger is not for the faint of heart and might need a team of cheerleaders to make it through.

One Size Feeds All

People often think that when you cook something larger than average, it’ll end up being undercooked—or at least unevenly cooked. But this pizza has proved that theory wrong. Its crust is perfectly cooked with a crispy texture and golden brown color with evenly melted mozerella.

Image by weisthor0815 on Reddit

Eating this behemoth pizza slice is a hefty task. Many even joked that finishing it would take a whole football team. However, this pizza slice is a food lover’s dream come true with a perfect combination of crispy, soft crust, and gooey cheese.

A Difficult Choice

This image puts foodies in a mouthwatering dilemma. Choosing between a Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich and a Crispy Chicken Sandwich is too difficult. And seeing the two delicious sandwiches side by side, showing off the unique and irresistible features in each is torturous.

Image by littlemariii on Instagram

The Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich is a classic American favorite and a perfect indulgence for a meat lover. On the other hand, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich is always a crowd-pleaser with a scrumptious taste. But since they’re both so big, you can’t even pretend your stomach is big enough for both.

Too Much!

Look at this massive half Bologna Sandwich from the Famous 4th Street Deli In Philadelphia! It seems to have taken the notion of “more is more” to heart. Stacked high with an overwhelming amount of bologna, cheese, lettuce, and other condiments, this sandwich makes for an enormous meal.

Image by elocinic0le on Reddit

Nevertheless, many of you might agree that the sandwich looks far from appetizing. The bread-to-meat ratio here is too high. In fact, this amount of meat could be reused to make many more sandwiches. Despite its lackluster appearance, some foodies appreciate the sheer indulgence of this dish.

Gargantuan Meat

This gargantuan slab of meat is from a growing roadside fast-food restaurant in California. The dish, commonly referred to as the “Thick Rib,” is a prime example of American cuisine’s super-sized portions. Most people would get excited only at the sight of this luscious mammoth rib.

Image by MC_Minnow on Reddit

The rib appears to be a full-on meal in and of itself, with its massive size and juicy, meaty texture. Moreover, the BBQ sauce in which this meat is tossed adds a succulent flavor to the dish, making it more delicious. However, it would take a true carnivore to conquer it.

Too Long Burrito

Behold a mouthwatering burrito carefully held by a lucky man in Los Angeles! This burrito is an absolute beast, with the size of the wrap as large as the person’s arm. The foil wrap ensures every inch of this delicious meal stays warm and fresh for the lucky recipient to devour.

Image by AccomplishedSeesaw98 on Reddit

You might be amazed by the sheer size of this burrito, with the ardent desire to try it out for yourself. So, making plans to visit Los Angeles just to get a taste of this oversized delight might be a logical conclusion.

Bacon Everywhere

Ah, the classic American breakfast staple: scrambled eggs with toast and bacon. However, this plate takes it to the next level by showcasing an incredibly generous portion of bacon. While it is a beloved breakfast food in the US, too much bacon isn’t good for your health.

Image by Hanfpflanze on Reddit

The bacon-to-egg ratio is way too high in this meal. You never know; people might need a defibrillator after eating such a hearty meal. However, there’s no denying this platter is a treat to the eyes. Although it seems disorganized, bacon lovers would never leave this golden opportunity.

Lasagna Almighty

We present you with a drool-worthy lasagna platter filled with cheesy and meaty goodness. The portion size is so large that this woman even highlighted in her post that the lasagnas were much bigger than they appeared. The leftovers could easily feed you for a week.

Image by melsfoodbabies on Instagram

The dish itself looks expertly crafted, with perfectly cooked lasagna pasta and a hearty filling of ground meat and tomato sauce. But what makes it stand out is the generous amount of melted mozzarella cheese that blankets the top layer.


Just look at the sheer size and shape of this colossal donut! With a thick and rich chocolaty glaze and a light and fluffy dough, this sweet snack is tantalizing. The nonpareils sprinkled on this oblong donut further add to its appeal.

Image by snackbreakers on Instagram

As we’ve learned, it’s important to have something “regular-sized” for scale. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to fathom just how big these meals are. Thus, with large portion sizes and toothsome flavors, this mommy-baby donut combo is a true feast for the eyes and the taste buds alike.

Biscuits and Gravy

Here comes a grand order of biscuits and gravy that looks too good to resist. The dish is served in a large takeout container, with several fluffy, buttery biscuits smothered in a rich, creamy gravy. The gravy itself is thick and luscious, with bits of savory sausage and fragrant herbs visible throughout.

Image by MisterMagellan on Reddit

Well, that’s a looot of gravy! Everyone who sees this image can’t help but express their awe at the size of the portion. It looks like a heart attack waiting to happen when a dish so spectacular awaits in front of you.

Italian-American Cuisine

Introducing you to a classic Italian-American cuisine: Chicken Parmesan! It consists of breaded chicken cutlets topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese. Usually, the dish is served with a side of spaghetti or other pasta for a complete, satisfying meal.

Image by _TheLucci_ on Reddit

However, this special Chicken Parm comes in generous portion size, occupying almost the entire plate, leaving only a little space for some penne. Kudos to the chef’s culinary skill and attention to detail for creating such a Chicken Parm that looks this good.

Overextended Chicken

The image features a palatable Nashville Chicken Sandwich ordered at a pub. Stacked with humongous crispy fried chicken, mayonnaise, and potato slices, this looks more like an extended version of a fried chicken sandwich. The bun is barely visible under the mountain of chicken.

Image by Dreeeeeb on Reddit

When this was posted, viewers drooled over the sandwich. Some are amazed at the sandwich’s burger-like appearance, while others marvel at the chunky piece of fried chicken. Overall, the picture captures the essence of a famous American super-sized snack that can satisfy any hungry diner.

Giant Bingsu

Here’s a giant Bingsu, a delightful feast for your eyes and stomach! Usually, this Korean ice treat is topped with fruit and condensed milk. But in this case, the dessert has been taken to the next level with a decadent tiramisu topping and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Image by pro-s****er on Reddit

The sheer size of the Bingsu is fantastic; it would be almost impossible to finish alone. However, it can be a perfect dessert for sharing with friends or family. The combination of flavors and textures with the rich ice cream balancing out the cool shaved ice makes this dessert a true indulgence.

A Little Pork Chop

The dish was listed as a “pork chop” on the menu, but upon arrival, the diner was surprised to find this massive piece of meat that could easily feed a couple of people. It’s served with a pile of green beans on the side, making for a classic American meal that’s both hearty and satisfying.

Image by wayoftheleaf81 on Reddit

However, this gargantuan pork chop is heaven for meat lovers. Its crispy, saucy exterior and juicy, soft interior will surely allure them. This dish is a true treat for the senses, with delicious flavors and aromas tantalizing even the most discerning palate.

Pastrami and Pickle

Witness a drool-worthy photo of a large-sized, classic New York deli sandwich, pastrami on rye. It showcases a towering pile of thinly sliced pastrami, seasoned with mustard seeds, on a slice of hearty rye bread. And, of course, the Kosher dill pickle has to be oversized, too.

Image by SalinityNow on Reddit

The way this heap of succulent pastrami is perfectly balanced with brown mustard is quintessential. The spicy mustard topping gives the meat a dark color and flavorful crust. So, if you want to experience the pleasure of having such a gigantic New York deli, hop on a plane today and rush to Hershel’s East Side Deli!

A Bit Extra BLT Sandwich

Have you ever seen such an epic BLT sandwich? If not, you’re about to in this next picture of oversized food. Stuffed with chunky layers of tender bacon, juicy tomatoes, and crisp lettuce, this colossal BLT is a delight to the eyes and palate.

Image by fivestarplayer on Reddit

Although this sandwich has too much bacon, it hasn’t lost the flavors of its other constituents. With a perfect combination of smoky, meaty goodness and the freshness of lettuce and tomato, this sandwich is a must-have for all bacon lovers!

A Challenge to Eat

This behemoth of a burger is aptly named the “Monster Burger.” This culinary masterpiece comprises 36 Arizona Cajun patties, two massive beef ribs, a mountain of crispy bacon, and loads of gooey cheese, which are enough to make one’s mouth water in anticipation.

Image by Your_Behind_BBQ on Reddit

Diners are simply in awe of this Monster Burger’s size and flavor. Right from the beef patties and succulent ribs to crispy bacon slices, everything is so meaty in this burger that it makes a true carnivore’s paradise. It would likely take a whole group to finish off this meal.

Spaghetti from Home

This massive platter of homemade spaghetti is fit for an entire family. It does make us wonder, though, if this is meant as one oversized dish, or a platter intended to serve the whole family. Either way, the presentation of the dish is beautiful.

Image by literallyanything2 on Reddit

The noodles are perfectly cooked in a generous coating of rich tomato sauce dotted with chunks of meat and mozzarella cheese, adding to the delicious aroma and taste of the dish. With two basil leaves garnished above, the spaghetti looks fit for Instagram.

Colossal Sandwich

Are you a die-hard fan of sandwiches? Then, you must try this elongated, colossal sandwich from Jimmy John’s. It’s so long that it will extend beyond the edges of your plate, with thick layers of meat, cheese, and veggies piled high between two extensive slices of bread.

Image by ejh3k on Reddit

Eating this large sandwich is not only challenging, but it also leads to a funny scenario. You may need to dislocate your jaw to take a bite of the snack. Jokes apart, the sandwich looks incredibly appetizing, with a colorful array of fresh ingredients that relish your taste buds.

Jumbo Burrito

If you order a jumbo burrito from El Super Taco, this is what you can expect to get. The snack lives up to its name—it truly is jumbo! In fact, it is so massive that it dwarfs the keyboard placed beside it.

Image by thundastruck52 on Reddit

The thin, stretchy, prolonged tortilla casing stuffed with a generous filling makes it evident that this dish is not for the faint of heart—it’s a feast fit for a king! So, this jumbo burrito from El Super Taco is worth a try for those who love a hearty, filling meal that’ll last for days.

Cheesesteak and Fries

This massive cheesesteak and fries platter comes from a roaming food truck in San Antonio. With the bun having a surplus of succulent meat, sauteed onions, and melted cheese, this isn’t an average cheesesteak. Likewise, the fries added to the plate are also enormous.

Image by rkskr on Reddit

As you gaze upon this delectable feast, you can almost smell the aroma of the grilled meat and savory cheese wafting from the photo. The abundance of meat, cheese, and fries on this plate is enough to make any foodie weak in the knees.

Chicken Tenders

Here we have an absolute unit of a chicken tender. According to the menu listing, this monstrous piece of poultry is supposed to be a single serving, but the restaurant decided to up the ante by sending five of these behemoths to the table.

Image by neur0tica on Reddit

The chicken tenders are crispy and golden brown, with perfectly seasoned breading that adds a satisfying crunch. However, the meat inside is tender and juicy, with a subtle flavor that can pair with various dipping sauces. Thus, this is not only a delicious but also a visually impressive, satisfying meal.

Giant Sfogliata

Do you struggle to satisfy your sweet tooth when you crave Italian food? Then, sfogliata should be your pick. It’s an Italian pastry featuring a flaky puff with a rich, creamy filling. So, if you plan to try this layered puff cake, nothing could be better than this giant sfogliata.

Image by Manakanda413 on Reddit

This dessert is expertly crafted, with layer upon layer of delicate pastry forming a tower of decadence. Just look at that melted cream dripping out of the layers and those fresh fruits stacked in between; it’s heavenly. We can guess what this birthday girl’s wish was.

Calzone Monster

Here’s another giant Italian delicacy! It’s a monster version of a calzone, found at one of the best Italian restaurants in the US. Like the regular calzone, this massive meal is filled with an array of flavorful ingredients. But what people admire about this dish is its sheer size.

Image by Private-Beans on Reddit

It is usual for people to try to eat the whole thing and fail as they can barely finish a quarter of it, despite being self-proclaimed foodies. Still, the gooey texture with melted cheese that oozes out makes this calzone an absolute must-try for cheese lovers.

Ultimate Hot Dog Challenge

We present you with the ultimate hot dog challenge. This deliciously enormous hot dog is a sight to behold, stretching beyond the edges of the bread… as well as the photo frame. The snack itself is a mouthwatering masterpiece, piled high with grated cheese that makes it too beautiful to eat.

Image by brooklyndinerus on Instagram

This is the kind of meal that satisfies not only your hunger but also your soul. So, if you’re a fan of big, bold, and utterly delicious food, take the ultimate challenge of eating this hot dog at once. Just ensure to bring your full appetite and a few extra napkins, too!

Huge Ribs

This is an impressive platter of huge ribs, crispy golden chips, BBQ beans, creamy coleslaw, and succulent corn on the cob. The ribs are slow-cooked to perfection, infused with smoky flavors, and coated in a sticky, tangy barbecue sauce that complements the meat’s natural sweetness.

Image by Rischardisms_ on Reddit

Moreover, the crispy fries and crunchy coleslaw provide an appropriate textural contrast to the tender, juicy meat, while the sweet corn adds a pop of freshness to the dish. But the way all the elements of this plate are garnished adds to the beauty and delight of the entire dish.

Meat Mountain

Here’s a culinary behemoth that can only be described as a “meat mountain.” This secret-menu sandwich from the fast-food chain Arby’s, features no less than two chicken tenders, some slices of ham, chunks of roast turkey, portions of corned and roast beef, a layer of brisket, three half-strips of bacon, and an Angus steak.

Image by 13Th_Century_Slav33 on Reddit

It also has one slice of Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese stacked between them. So, if you’re looking for one meal to last you all day, this sandwich is your best choice. With a bit of meaty goodness and a cheesy blast, this sandwich will satisfy your hungry tummy.

Humongous Fried Chicken Cutlet

This image showcases a lip-smacking crispy fried chicken cutlet that seems to be bursting off its paper bag. Although the size of the cutlet was an “understatement,” the reason for it is apparent now. Also, the large, boneless chicken breast is adequately fried to a golden brown for the perfect texture.

Image by yukilovesfood on Instagram

With a crispy exterior and tenderness inside, this cutlet promises a satisfying, juicy crunch in each bite. Nevertheless, mere words can’t truly reflect the mouthwatering appeal of this fast food unless you try it yourself. But you can call it “the ultimate comfort food,” which is absolutely delicious.