Have You Ever Seen Avocado Art? Get Ready To Be Amazed

By Kanyi M

Anything can be a canvas. To Daniele Barresi, avocados are a canvas. The Italian artist carves intricate works of art from avocados. Instead of making a sandwich with them or simply eating them, he carves them into stunning works of art. Here are his creations.


Image Credit: danielebarresi_artist / Instagram

What do you call a dragon curved from an avocado? A Dragocado! In Daniele Barresi’s Dragocado, a dragon has three horns. Its head gets smaller towards the front and ends with a sly look. The artist gives it a long neck, too. Its body is smooth with scales, and we assume it has claws on its feet and hands.

A Mexican skull

Credit: danielebarresi_artist / Instagram

Mexico is known for its beautiful artifacts and paintings. That’s why this skull is simply stunning! It appears to have an avocado seed for a belly, and the intricate carvings of the teeth make it look horrifying yet beautiful. We are so amazed!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Credit: danielebarresi_artist / Instagram

In this sculpture, the turtle has a shell and smooth green skin on its back. The artist made sure to make the scales of the turtle by carving them in a flowery pattern. On its stomach, we see it holding onto a seed.

A phoenix

Credit: danielebarresi_artist / Instagram

This phoenix is just beautiful. It isn’t as detailed as the other sculptures, although the colors are soft and blended. It looks real enough—the beck cranes its wings, which gives it an air of divinity.