How To Cook Your Frozen Foods In The Air Fryer

By Moureen N

A convection oven has several advantages, which is exactly what an air fryer is—a variant of that appliance. Frozen food is usually cooked in a microwave or air fryer as the fan is fitted within a convection oven that moves heat around the food while it cooks. Food is cooked more quickly and more uniformly as a result of this. In other words, unlike what its name suggests, an air fryer does not fry food; instead, it imparts a wonderful crisp to food and is ideal for baked, fried, or grilled meals.

Image credits: Bubbers BB / Shutterstock

Steps to follow while cooking the frozen foods in the microwave.

Take out the wrapping and any extra crumbs from a frozen food package. Don’t overcrowd the air fryer basket as you load the food. Enjoy air-frying. If it’s a pastry or you want it to be crisp, you can spritz it with extra virgin olive oil, like our air fryer frozen egg rolls, frozen chicken nuggets, or frozen potato wedges. Frozen air fryer food is straightforward, aside from the spray.

Image credits: Francisco Zeledon / Shutterstock

Air fryers have developed into a preferred appliance for preparing frozen foods due to their short preheating time, practical size, and user-friendly design. Even while frozen meal preparation is simple, it might become soggy or distinctly unappetizing if done incorrectly. Here’s how to use your air fryer to make frozen dishes tasty consistently.