How To Cook Zucchini On A Grill

By Anthony K

Zucchini is a famous summer squash that is harvested before it reaches full maturity. It’s also completely edible, with phytonutrient-rich skin, seeds, and flesh. It can range in color from dark emerald green to a yellowish hue.

Image courtesy of EQRoy/Shutterstock

Although Zucchini is commonly mistaken for a vegetable, it is a juvenile fruit that belongs to the Species of the flowering plant family, which also includes cucumbers and gourds. Zucchini is best served as a side dish with any meat, fish, or chicken, and for vegetarians, it’s just the perfect side dish.

Zucchini is famous during summer, and most times, people take advantage of the holiday and make delicious meals for their families. You do not need a master’s class in cuisine to prepare and make this dish. Here is a simple recipe that any Joe can use to create the perfect grilled Zucchini.

Ingredients Needed:

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  1. To ensure even grilling, slice your zucchini into regular slices. You can make use of a knife, but a mandolin gives you more control. This is the easiest to use, but you need to acquire a cut-resistant glove to avoid losing a finger.
  2. Start by seasoning your zucchini with oil, vinegar, herbs of your choice, and spices to make the ideal Zucchini on the grill.
  3. Prepare the grill by heating it and ensuring that the grates are clean and well greased.
  4. Get ready to grill. Preheat the grill to medium and set the Zucchini on the grill grate.
  5.  Cover and grill for 4-5 minutes. Then, using a pair of long-handled tongs, carefully flip the Zucchini.
  6.  Cook for another 4-5 minutes on the grill. 
  7. Grill until the vegetables are soft and grill marks form.
  8. Remove the vegetables and serve with your meaty delight.