How To Make Omelets Healthier And More Satisfying

By Anthony K

Omelets are one of the healthy breakfast options you can opt for, for an entire satisfying day. However, omelets can be heavy on calories. You can decrease the number of calories in your omelets and make them more nutritious by:

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Cook the Omelette in healthy fats

Avoid the use of processed butter or vegetable oil while cooking your omelet. Instead, opt for olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. This will help limit the number of unhealthy fat in your omelette while, at the same time, adding more nutrients. If it’s a must to utilize butter while cooking your omelet, limit the amount you use and use a teaspoon for an omelet.

Include more Veggies in your Omelette

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It is healthy to ensure that your omelet has fibers, minerals, and vitamins. You can ensure this by including veggies in your breakfast. Some examples of veggies you can include in your omelet are broccoli, carrot, and spinach. The veggies help in making your dish more fulfilling by boosting its nutritional value. There are various ways to incorporate veggies on your omelet: stir-fry the veggies you’ve chosen and then stuff the Omelettewith them. You can also add the veggies directly to your omelet.

Use the right seasoning

You will boost your health significantly by properly seasoning your omelet.  Give a metabolism jump-start to your omelet by seasoning it with pepper, cumin, paprika, among others. Other healthy options include flaxseeds or chia seeds, black beans, and bell peppers.

Having the above additions to your omelet will make your breakfast more fulfilling and have more productive days.