How To Properly Cut A Cantaloupe

By Anthony K

One of the fruits you’ll find most versatile and enjoyable is the cantaloupe. It is a fruit you will often find on the plate as a snack or just a simple breakfast fruit. However, as is the case with any big fruit, cutting it can be tricky. Below is how to go about cutting a cantaloupe.

Image courtesy of Feel Good Foodie
  1. Start by washing it
     Before cutting your cantaloupe, wash it using a gentle soap or a veggie /fruit spray. Washing the cantaloupe is very important even if you will not be eating its outer pat. This helps prevent pesticides or bacteria from entering the cantaloupe.
  2. Cut the cantaloupe in slices with rind
    Start by cutting off the cantaloupe’s top and bottom end.This helps give the cantaloupe stability when you are cutting it in half. Proceed to flip the cantaloupe over, enabling it to stand on one of its cut ends and then slice it down by its center. Having two huge halves now, take one of the cantaloupe’s halves and lay it down. You now need to scoop out the cantaloupe’s inside to remove the seeds. Having it in on its sturdy side, proceed to make slices across its width.  Do this also with the other half. The slices can be consumed this way, or if you need to have more manageable slices, you can cut the slices further into halves.
  3. Remove the rind
    Take each of the slices, and lay them with the rind by their side. Have your knife such that you cut the slices just above the melon’s green part where it turns orange. Slide the knife across the rind until it has detached fully from the fruit, avoiding leaving green spots.
  4.  Cut into chunks
    After you have removed all the rind, proceed to cut the slices in chucks as per the desired size.
Image courtesy of Shutterstock