Is The “American Food ” Section In Particular Parts Of The World Accurate?

By Moureen N

By putting “exotic” on the displays of foreign goods, grocery stores worldwide frequently attempt to convince their consumers to purchase more. They may not always be accurate, though. As an illustration, consider the American portions. They are prevalent in virtually every nation. The staples of every American diet include oats, chocolate dip, hamburgers, cookies, and many more.

Image credits: @talonfast / Twitter

Examining the food selection on foreign store shelves is an excellent approach to learning what other people think of your culture’s eating customs. When Skipton skipper tweeted a picture of what the “American Food” section looks like in the UK, and other people responded, this is exactly what occurred.

Almost all of them contain sugar. There is a tonne of it. The most popular options are Pop-Tarts, biscuits, soft drinks, and various candies, but one item stands out: marshmallow fluff! This is one of the most American-like foods available in other nations. What our American readers have to say about these “menus” would be interesting to know.

Image credits: @helloitskolo / Twitter

However, it appears that certain people in various nations have taken the stereotype to heart, as evidenced by images of “American” food aisles at specific supermarkets.

Of course, it’s important to remember that many supermarkets probably offer such things to appease homesick US ex-pats, so these areas devoted to “American” cuisine may reflect stuff ex-pats can’t easily get abroad rather than the typical American diet.