Recipe For Laughter: 30+ Amusing Kitchen Fiascos

By Jhoana C

Let’s talk about the magical world of food—it’s not just about eating; it’s a feast for our eyes too! Before we indulge in the delightful textures and flavors, we gaze upon the culinary masterpiece before us. A well-presented dish makes you wanna chomp down right away, dreaming of the divine deliciousness that awaits even if the taste doesn’t rocket you to foodie heaven; hey, a good presentation still earns it some “A for effort” points!

We may not have fancy culinary degrees, but that won’t stop us from playing MasterChef in our kitchens. Oh yes, we’re boldly attempting to recreate our favorite chef’s dishes. But hold your aprons because not every endeavor is a winner! Most of the time, we would make our favorite kitchen personalities squirm in revulsion.

So, brace yourselves for a hilarious journey through the land of kitchen fiascos—where burnt attempts and bizarre concoctions reign supreme! It’s a culinary comedy show that’ll leave our favorite kitchen personalities squirming and us laughing till our bellies ache! Bon appétit, fellow kitchen daredevils!

#1 No, no, no!

We’re all for cheering on chefs and cooks as they play with ingredients and whip up new recipes because, let’s face it, without their culinary adventures, the world would be dull! How many times can you eat the same stuff before your taste buds start doing cartwheels in search of some fresh, exciting flavors?

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

While culinary experiments can lead to delightful discoveries, there are times when things go hilariously wrong, and here’s a classic case of the latter. Individually, waffles and pizza are delightful, mouthwatering treats. However, combining waffles with pizza is a flavor catastrophe that leaves our taste buds confused.

#2 There is such a thing as too much pepperoni

Let’s talk pepperoni pizza rules—there’s gotta be a cap on those delightful little meat circles! If this pizza catastrophe somehow ended up on Gordon Ramsay’s show, trust me, you’d witness a culinary explosion of epic proportions. The fiery chef would probably start bleeping up a storm!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Overloading a pizza with pepperoni should be deemed a crime against taste buds! And for those found guilty of this culinary felony, their punishment should be a life sentence of scrubbing filthy tiles and tackling grimy stoves in soup kitchens.

#3 When you summon Ronald McDonald

As rare as spotting a unicorn, there are those moments when the food is so incredibly satisfying that you can’t help but want to shower the chef with gratitude and appreciation. It seems like one of those magical moments just unfolded right here! These folks are undoubtedly delighted with the fries.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

So, they thought it would be an excellent idea to summon Ronald McDonald and let them know their thoughts. “Oh great one, thy fries are comparable to nothing here on Earth. However, please ensure they don’t mess our orders up next time?”

#4 For the love of all that is holy

Let’s cut through the bacon chatter and get to the heart of the matter: it tastes downright delicious! With its salty, buttery, and sweet flavor profile, bacon creates a symphony of taste sensations that can send our senses into overdrive. But this doesn’t mean it can and should be added to all food.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Behold the spectacle before you: bacon-wrapped Oreos, the audacious fusion that defies all culinary norms! Now, let’s be clear—there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Oreos; they’re delightful just the way they are. “Don’t fix what’s not broken,” we say; let Oreos be Oreos, and let bacon sizzle in its own glory!

#5 Special instructions: Forget the sandwich but not the olives

Olive is commonly preserved in brine, a high-sodium solution, and indulging in excessive amounts can lead to serious health issues such as strokes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. If this person continues down that path, they might be in for a dangerous rendezvous with one or more of these health concerns!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Forget about calling Subway; this person could have orchestrated an olive extravaganza without breaking a sweat! All they needed to do was head straight to the supermarket, zooming towards the preserved foods aisle like a pro, and cart away 20 jars of those olives.

#6 Is this for cats?

Now, hold your whiskers, because what we have here is strikingly similar to the treats we bestow upon our feline friends. But brace yourself for the surprising twist—who would have thought you’d stumble upon these goodies in the same fast-food joint known for its burgers with cheese and tantalizing French fries?

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Despite their unappealing appearance, anchovies are a prized delicacy, especially in Europe, where they can come with a hefty price tag. Real Italian pizzas proudly boast their presence for a good reason—these little fish pack a powerful punch of salty, savory umami flavor that elevates the entire pizza experience.

#7 We need this

Behold the kitchen revolution we’ve all been waiting for! This fantastic invention should be an absolute must-have in every kitchen. Endless hours spent cutting vegetables and fruits, marinating meat, cooking, and cleaning up is already depressing enough that we need something to liven up the kitchen!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

While we might not be the biggest fans of Howl’s Moving Castle, and distinguishing between Calcifer, Applejack, or Velma Dinkley might leave us scratching our heads, but this will bring a smile to our faces and inject much-needed humor into the banality of cooking.

#8 Let whoever made this be stricken by lightning

One of the most heavenly creations, simple to whip up and an absolute game-changer on those groggy early mornings when energy and sanity are in short supply, is none other than the beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Just yummy!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

While our hearts are devoted to PB&J, there are certain culinary unions that we just can’t endorse. Fusion cuisine often sparks exciting ideas and yields incredible dishes, but sometimes we must draw the line. This is one of those times when rice paper should be left untouched and not forced upon Western delicacies.

#9 Finally, someone has had it with this bird

Meet our charming little feathered friend – the unofficial mascot of language learners and globe-trotters! This birdie is practically a resident of polyglots and those eager to embrace new languages for their exciting adventures abroad. The only thing we don’t like about this birdie is it keeps reminding everyone they missed a day or two of lessons.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

At first, this green bird’s reminders are surprisingly helpful—who wouldn’t appreciate a nudge when we forget something important? But here’s the catch—when we intentionally put something off, the last thing we need is a persistent avian companion constantly buzzing in our ears about it.

#10 The hash brown as a model

Oh, hash browns, the breakfast staple that debuted in the 1890s in New York City! Originally called hash brown potatoes, thank goodness for the name getting a much-needed trim because it was quite the mouthful. Back in the day, these golden wonders graced only the tables of the finest hotels, but oh, how times have changed!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Say no to hash browns when you’re a bit too merry, for you might end up like this person—obsessively snapping pictures of that humble hash brown from every possible angle. Oh yes, it’s a slippery slope! And if you could send a message to that hash brown, it would probably be something like, “Work it, baby!”

#11 We had a different thing in mind

The mere mention of corn dogs sparks an image in our minds that might is quite different from the one below. The true origin of this delight remains a bit of a mystery, but culinary history suggests that corn dogs made their debut sometime between the 1920s and the 1940s.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Behold the photo that stands as undeniable evidence of someone’s unwavering dedication to a culinary mission: attaching kernels of corn to a humble hotdog. Our curious minds can’t help but wonder how many precious hours or minutes this corny endeavor required.

#12 This will make Gordon Ramsay livid

Consider this your fair and final warning if we haven’t stressed it enough already: roughly 90% of the items you’ll encounter on this list are bound to ignite the fiery rage of a food devotee like Gordon Ramsay. Proceed with caution…

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

There you were, beaming in front of friends and family. You close your eyes as they sing you a heartfelt birthday song, and you eagerly await the arrival of that decadent cake you’ve been dreaming of. But then, you open your eyes, and behold the horror that unfolds before you.

#13 Some fancy chicken nuggets

In the realm of cooking, we encounter two distinct tribes: those who possess the talent, skill, and patience to whip up fancy, elaborate dishes and some who stick to the simplicity of cooking straightforward meals. The person who made this is a rarity, he straddles both categories, and he’s doing a fine job too!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

While his cooking skills might not be top-notch, this culinary wordsmith more than compensates with his remarkable ability to conjure fancy and verbose names for even the simplest dishes. For us regular folks, this might be nothing more than chicken nuggets with ketchup.

#14 We dig this

While it’s quite possible that this is just a case of Photoshop mischief, we can’t help but imagine the sheer delight if these cookies were indeed real and up for grabs at the pastry shop. Trust us; we’d be front and center in the line!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Who says sweets and pastries have to stick to traditional colors? Purple holds a special place in our hearts, and we adore seeing it in our favorite treats. And when it comes to cookies, well, they have their own dedicated fan club, and we proudly count ourselves as devoted members!

#15 Someone loves pickles

This behavior is something straight out of a serial killer or psychopath’s playbook! Who in their right mind would devour burgers in such a bizarre manner? Why bother ordering a burger with its juicy patty, fresh tomatoes, onions, and cheese, when all you really want is a jar of pickles?

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

While we’re pickle enthusiasts, this takes it to a new level of over-the-top madness. Just a glance at it is enough to send shivers down our spines. Our taste buds wouldn’t appreciate this, and our kidneys will complain about being fed with something that’s been soaked in brine for a long time.

#16 A new style of printing expiration dates

At first glance, you might think this is just another harmless photo, easily dismissed. However, a closer look reveals that it’s far from trivial—it actually poses a significant health risk. Are you starting to see the severity now? We’ll point it out for those who don’t.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Although it was nice for the manufacturer to ensure the expiration date was easily seen, they weren’t kind enough to print it on the plastic wrapping instead of the food. Ink isn’t edible and has no business being on food.

#17 Burger within a burger

The only conceivable explanation for this culinary catastrophe is that the burger is somehow pregnant with triplets or even quadruplets! We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again in case some folks need a gentle reminder: “Never fix what is not broken.”

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

If something is working perfectly and bringing joy to people, there is no need to tinker with it unnecessarily. Innovation is essential, but not at the cost of classic delights that have stood the test of time—like our beloved hamburgers.

#18 Poor little fishy

Eternal gratitude to the Land of the Rising Sun for gifting the culinary world with a treasure trove of delights! From the delectable gyoza, yakisoba, and yakitori to the soul-warming miso soup and the artful masterpieces of sushi and sashimi, Japan’s culinary offerings are a true feast for the senses.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

We find ourselves uncertain about the peculiar presentation of this sashimi. The sight of the poor fish taking flight on the plate has us second-guessing our love for sashimi, and we might have to take a long break from indulging in it.

#19 This should be illegal

We’re open to food inventions that make sense and tantalize our taste buds. However, there comes a point when things start getting a bit too ridiculous, and it’s high time to put a halt to such experiments. And lo and behold, this is one of those instances! Yes, that’s a banana peel and a hotdog.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

If you’re wondering about the connection between the two, the answer is plain and simple: none at all! Some folks seem to have a surplus of free time on their hands and not a clue how to utilize it. Maybe it’s time to channel that energy into binge-watching a great show.

#20 We’ll stay away from this person

As the sun rises early in the morning, you feel delighted knowing that your thoughtful roommate has taken on breakfast duty for both of you. She effortlessly takes out the butter from the refrigerator and places the pan on the stove. Pancakes or French toast?

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Your appetite takes a swift nosedive as you witness your roommate bizarrely biting into the bar of butter and then dropping it onto the pan from her mouth. Shocking? Absolutely! It’s a deeply disturbing sight that leaves you feeling uneasy and repulsed.

#21 The fish look angry

The individual responsible for this concoction deserves a severe punishment! Lock them away and throw away the key, heedless of their pleas or the pleas of their kin. This nightmarish creation is bound to haunt our dreams, with visions of a relentless fish chasing us in our sleep.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Mexico’s culinary contributions are an eternal cause for gratitude, with tacos, guacamole, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and tamales enriching our taste buds and culinary adventures. However, let it be known that nobody in their right mind asked for these so-called “fish” tacos.

#22 Is this from the ice age?

A remarkable relic from the ice age has journeyed through time to make its presence known in the modern era. Surprisingly, this chicken leg has braved over 11,000 years and now stands as a testament to the past, greeting the 21st century with a twist.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

As we marvel at its icy splendor, our concern is divided between the well-being of the chicken leg itself and the brave soul attempting to defrost and potentially cook it. Is it an icy delicacy in the making or a frosty fiasco waiting to unfold?

#23 This is an insult to ice cream

Indulging in a scoop of ice cream is undeniably delightful, but imagine enhancing it with toppings like juicy cherries, crunchy chopped nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a drizzle of syrup. Ah, the possibilities are endless! However, there’s one thing we wouldn’t want near our ice cream—beans.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Beans may be treated as desserts in certain countries, but the beans used in this case don’t fit the bill. Let’s preserve the purity of our beloved vanilla and chocolate ice creams, steering clear of unnecessary additions and keeping things simple with common and traditional garnishes.

#24 On Wednesdays we eat pink

As Karen Smith wisely declared, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” becoming one of the unforgettable lines gifted to us by the iconic movie Mean Girls. Now, glancing at this photo, it’s hard not to be reminded of those characters and their girlish ways, only in this scenario, we’re indulging in pink rather than donning it.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Unlike the OP, we don’t see anything wrong with this photo. Yes, the products are in various shades of pink. However, it’s a good thing because it means that the contents do not have any chemicals and were not cooked up in some lab.

#25, Yup, just one!

While it’s true they say being alone doesn’t necessarily mean feeling lonely, we can’t help but sympathize with this lone M&M that appears to be in a melancholic state. On the grocery shelf, surrounded by a sea of fellow candies, it can’t help but notice its friends happily huddled together, enjoying their time as a group.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Should you be disappointed with your situation or direct your anger to whoever decided to banish you from the rest of your kind? What led to this? Did you do something unforgivable to become a pariah? We can only surmise.

#26 Pickle cheesecake should be made illegal

It’s a common belief that cheesecake has its roots in New York, but the history of this delectable treat reaches much further back. The earliest rendition of cheesecake dates back to the 5th century B.C. and can be attributed to the Greeks living on the enchanting island of Samos.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Over time, cheesecake has undergone a delightful evolution, giving rise to numerous delectable varieties. The classic New York cheesecake continues to reign as a favorite among them. What you see here is a variety that shouldn’t have seen the light of day, pickle cheesecake!

#27 Food for children

One can’t help but wonder who the intended recipient of this plate might be. You’re not alone if you think it’s meant for little children. The sight evokes thoughts of a meal a toddler might indulge in when their parents are away—the brownies alone appear to boast enough sugar to fuel those little ones for a two-day streak.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

We can’t help but chuckle with amusement as we discover that even male senior citizens opt for this easy dining approach when left to their own devices at home while their wives enjoy a fun-filled Bingo night. No stove is required to whip up this simple meal.

#28 Creepy but A for effort

Behold, yet another ‘masterpiece’ that perhaps should have remained hidden from the world. Its eerie appearance could easily give carefree tiny tots nightmares for days. In the quest to uncover the mischievous artist, we might want to consider checking the CCTV to catch the culprit red-handed!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Indeed, the eerie creation is undeniably creepy, but we can’t help but appreciate the ‘artist’s’ effort with a generous A grade. Yet, we can’t help but think that his boundless energy and time could be channeled into more productive outlets.

#29 Hello Kitty horror cake

Hello Kitty is one of the most renowned cartoon characters globally, captivating hearts far and wide. Thanks to Sanrio’s ingenious creation, its message of friendship and iconic design has propelled it to stardom. Yuko Shimizu created the fictional white cat with a red ribbon.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Without a doubt, this rendition of the beloved famous cat was most certainly not approved by the company, for it bears a disconcerting resemblance to a flayed and peeled version of itself. Alas, this Hellraiser Kitty cake is likely to shatter the nostalgic innocence of many childhood memories.

#30 We wouldn’t want our gravy and mash serve any other way

Throughout history, tales of mystery surround the birth of gravy and mash, adding a dash of intrigue to their flavorful existence. As the whispers go, in 1771, Antoine Parmentier orchestrated a legendary potato cook-off. This culinary showdown unleashed a parade of inventive spud preparations, creating the beloved duo, gravy, and mash.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

While a definitive origin remains elusive, one undeniable truth prevails: mash and gravy hold a special place in our hearts. Embracing delightful variations, we celebrate the joy of savoring dishes that surprise and delight, making each dining experience a delightful adventure.

#31 What is this?

In the culinary realm, Chicago reigns as the proud home of deep-dish pizza, Chicago dogs, and Italian beef sandwiches—a triumphant trinity of delectable delights. The city’s food scene boasts an abundant array, surpassing mere understatement. However, this is the last thing we envisioned when Chicago’s culinary delights are mentioned.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

This kitchen mishap is enough to test the patience of even the calmest chefs. Behold, a casserole—more specifically, a lasagna gone rogue. While some may jest that Chicago-style pizza is akin to lasagna, we and many others wholeheartedly disagree.

#32 This list doesn’t run out of pickles

Brace yourself for a pickle extravaganza! This list is teeming with pickle-themed treats. If pickles are your culinary delight, get set to indulge. From pickle cheesecake to burger aficionados piling on heaps of pickle sides, the pickle parade is in full swing!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

The “pi-ckle”—a name that’s not a typo, but a clever twist! What better moniker for this quirky creation? Embrace the fun and dare to touch your pi-ckles! You’ll be amazed by the unexpected delight they bring. Give it a try, and who knows, you might just discover a new pickle passion!

#33 A good meal has been ruined

As the alarm clock jolts you awake, you may resist leaving your cozy bed, but duty calls. To secure that coveted promotion, you strive to impress your boss with punctuality and dedication. Being consistently present and showing commitment becomes the key to unlocking new opportunities in your career.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Curious, you venture into the kitchen, where your wife is rustling up your beloved breakfast with a playful twist, she claims. Peering over her shoulder, you catch a glimpse of this surprising sight. What do you do? Could her culinary concoction be a subtle hint that she’s ready to embrace parenthood?

#34 We’re waiting for the alleyoop with the cantaloupe

The bustling supermarket was a beehive of activity, with shoppers in a rush to gather their weekly essentials. Amidst the hurried pace, customers navigated through the aisles, swiftly filling their carts with fresh produce, canned goods, and all their necessities.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Unlike the rest, this guy’s aura was different. Cracking his knuckles, he braced himself for the challenge ahead. Focusing intensely, he positioned his legs and feet just right, ready to take aim. Grabbing a cantaloupe, he launched it with impeccable precision, securing a clear 3-point shot.

#35 Let’s pray that’s just the chef

Robust food regulations serve as a shield against potential illnesses. Nobody desires to splurge on an extravagant dinner only to suffer from a stomach bug hours later. Food poisoning can escalate swiftly, turning a delightful meal into a distressing ordeal in no time.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Rats might not send us running, but the mere thought of them near our food is spine-chilling. This nightmarish scenario could spell disaster for any business. Even if the rat channels its inner Ratatouille, we’d rather keep our distance from its culinary adventures.

#36 Not the nigiri we had in mind

When Japan comes up in conversation, our minds are fixated on one thing—the cuisine! Katanas, samurais, and geishas may hold historical allure, but it’s the captivating world of Japanese food that captivates us, gastronomes. From sushi to ramen, the flavors of Japan sweep us off our feet, leaving us utterly enamored with their delectable offerings.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Nigiri, a Japanese delicacy, usually ignites excitement when dining at a Japanese restaurant. However, this peculiar rendition might make the ancestors twist in their graves. One can almost envision them rising from the Earth to deliver a righteous slap to the creator of this culinary abomination.

#37 Braided noodles

We’re about 70% certain that this peculiar culinary artistry is what some call “scarf noodles” or “noodle knitting.” Nevertheless, the internet has been abuzz with a fascinating video showcasing a woman skillfully knitting noodles, a mesmerizing sight that leaves us in awe!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

In the captivating 8-second clip, the woman deftly knits noodles using chopsticks, showcasing an impressive skill. However, let’s not forget the true purpose of food—to be savored and relished, not merely played with or turned into novelty art. People should have more respect for food.

#38 Pickledog?

Once more, the spotlight falls on pickles! Their place in history as an ancient food preservation technique fills us with admiration for the ingenious minds that first uncovered this art. As early as 2400 BCE, cucumbers were undergoing pickling in the Tigris Valley.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Although we cherish pickles, consuming them like this is a no-go. We have specially designed buns for that purpose. Unless you’re keen on bloating, thirst, and high blood pressure, it’s best to steer clear. Let’s bid farewell to wild food experiments and opt for balanced and sensible indulgence!

#39 Fried erasers, anyone?

You’d better believe it when they say that no chickens were hurt in making this food. That’s because this doesn’t taste or look anything like our feathered friends. If you’ve sunk your teeth into this, you wouldn’t be wrong to say it tastes like sawdust.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

It’s perplexing to hear comparisons to eating fried erasers, leaving us utterly baffled. Who in their right mind would even consider frying erasers, after all? This dish is far from chicken; not a single ounce of poultry can be found. Let’s stick to real and delectable chicken delights, leaving the erasers untouched!

#40 We need some healing after seeing this

A valuable lesson for advertisers and marketers lies in the importance of attending to even the tiniest details. A misplaced word or a simple syllable error can alter the entire meaning of a message. The last thing you want is your message misinterpreted!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

“Healthy burgers” is the correct phrase, but we can understand the confusion between “heal thy burgers” and “healthy burgers.” The latter is the intended message, but mistakes can lead to misunderstandings. Heads might indeed roll for this oversight, but let’s hope it sparks attention to detail and clarity in future messaging.

#41 Can we interest you in cheese crocs?

Cheese, an ancient delight with origins lost in the depths of time, leaves us without conclusive evidence. Historians speculate cheese making began around 8000 BCE, but we won’t debate that. Instead, we rejoice that this delectable creation emerged and graced our taste buds with its timeless appeal.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

With over a thousand cheese varieties, our love for most is strong. Yet, this one leaves us unconvinced. Among endless possibilities, someone chose to fashion it into Crocs—a footwear we’re not keen on. Let’s celebrate the cheese’s diversity, but leave the cheesy footwear for the true Croc enthusiasts!

#42 The perfect PB&J sandwich?

Perfection may elude us in many aspects, but with food, it’s a delicate balance. Missing a key ingredient or overdoing it can lead to culinary mishaps, especially when facing the discerning palate of a renowned food critic. As chefs, the stakes are high, but it’s also where the magic of culinary artistry lies!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

There are, however, situations when such a tenacity isn’t required. A case in point is when preparing a PB&J sandwich. The bread doesn’t need to be flawlessly smooth because it makes the snack look weird as if it’s made from plastic.

#43 Corndushi

Food doesn’t need pretense. People crave satisfying, flavorful meals that won’t break the bank. Skip the gold flakes on desserts and the caviar that costs a fortune. Instead, indulge in hearty, affordable delights that leave you full and happy, without emptying your wallet.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

When we talk about simple comfort food, this isn’t what we had in mind. While the “corndushi” misses a chance for a quirky presentation, it’s a creation nobody requested. Corndogs can be delicious without the fuss—no need to overcomplicate the classics.

#44 Bread on a hotdog?

Behold, another contender on the list of turning simplicity into extravagance. Spare the poor hotdog, we say! Why complicate matters by putting the hotdog in the bread instead of the usual way around? Goodness gracious, some things are better left uncomplicated and delicious!

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

No, the person who thought of this doesn’t deserve an award, much less a Michelin star. If the dish works for you, there’s no need to make it look like it’s something only wealthy people should eat. This is going to give us nightmares.

#45 We don’t want this fish and chips

Why would you ruin perfectly good food by substituting ingredients? Fish and chips is a hit because it’s simple, delicious, and unpretentious. Originating in England, the dish had been introduced by separate immigrant cultures yet to be identified until now.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

Perhaps the person who prepared this is not English and mistook the words because of the difference between American and British English. Do you think so? In the Great Britain chips is what Americans refer to as French fries. Regardless of the reason, this the type of fish and chips we wouldn’t eat.

#46 Onion water?

Start your day with lemon water and you’ll see countless benefits. It helps prevent kidney stones, gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin C, aids indigestion, helps with hydration, and aids in weight loss. If you haven’t tried it, now is the best time to do so.

Image courtesy of f***edupfoods/Twitter

However, this TikTok trend is something we don’t advise you to follow. Pickled red onions are delicious, but onion water is questionable. One thing we can guarantee after drinking this is stinky breath which will drive people away.