Culinary Chaos: 30+ Unappetizing, Strange And Wild Food Posts

By Louise T

When food posts are mentioned, we typically think of mouthwatering delights. However, this time, we are diving into the world of the most outrageous posts that have taken the internet by storm. They will make you lose your appetite rather than make your stomach rumble with culinary anticipation. 

These have captured the internet’s attention for all the wrong reasons, from hilariously bizarre concoctions to unimaginable food combinations, earning a spot on the most talked-about Twitter page, “Messed Up Foods,” dedicated to all things edible and others that are not. 

Get ready to be appalled and amused, and perhaps go on a forced diet as we showcase 40 times people went overboard with their culinary creations, making them unintentional social media sensations. Join us through the internet’s wildest and wackiest food adventures!

1. Ketchup And Fries

This person is a monster. How can you request ketchup with fries as the sauce? This isn’t even a healthier option. Too much ketchup is just like eating tons and tons of sugar. We are already perplexed from looking at this picture. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Even if this was meant to be a joke, it’s not the least bit funny; it’s absolute disrespect to fries. We hope he enjoys his ketchup alone because we would never try something like this, and we don’t recommend you do, too.

2. Everybody Loves Corn 

The popular corn song was the first thing that came to mind when we saw this photo. It’s corn! It has juice! Well, we can’t fault this person because everybody loves corn. Nothing compares to driving by the ear.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

It looks like he’s been snacking on the steering wheel. However, that is not what we’re worried about. We’re more concerned with his corn-eating patterns and why they look like this. Even kids these days don’t eat like this.

3. Miniature Sandwiches 

These days, miniature foods, equipment, and products are taking over the internet. They’re on Snapchat, Instagram, and even TikTok. You stumble upon them everywhere you look. This may not satisfy our hunger, but we’re not going to deny that it’s an adorable sandwich. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

But we doubt it could do any good for a hungry man. Even a child would finish eating this in less than 5 seconds. This is suitable if you need something other than sticks of gum to chew on. Other than that, there is no use eating these.

4. A Little Too Much 

So, this image is an insight into how your cookies will look if you put too much of a particular ingredient. Making cookies can be very hard, especially when you don’t have the right measurements. You end up making it too sugary or too buttery.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Although we can’t tell the taste from the picture, they don’t look that bad. Looks can be deceiving, but we can’t lie; the ground beef cookie looks nice, and we wouldn’t mind putting too much of it the next time we decide to bake.

5. Poor Dad

Imagine anticipating watermelon only to get cucumber. We wonder how he made such a mistake; their leaves aren’t even alike, but if you find a gigantic cucumber this size on your farm, you would have been fooled as well. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

We feel sorry for this poor father. It must have been heartbreaking. Well, every disappointment can turn into something extraordinary. For one, this is the biggest cucumber we’ve ever seen, and like it or not, he just had a bountiful harvest.

6. Goth Girls Shoes 

The goth subculture, with its distinctive style of dressing, emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The roots of goth fashion can be traced back to the post-punk music scene in the United Kingdom, with bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and The Cure.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

The most important statement of the goth culture is the makeup and shoes. If you look closely enough, this looks like a girl in gigantic goth shoes. The only thing incorrect is the footwear color, which is mostly black or dark.

7. Banana Helmet 

Who would have thought? Bananas aren’t just meant to be eaten or used to make banana bread. You can do a lot more, like turning it into this incredible headgear when you decide to ride your bike. What an appealing helmet, pun intended. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

It’s a creative idea; who would have thought that bananas would make good helmets? You should be fine as long as you don’t figure in an accident. If something bad happens, you won’t be surprised to have a splitting headache.

8. Internet Vs. Reality 

We laughed out loud with this one. The funny thing is that this is 100% true. These days, you hardly see anything absolutely true on the internet. People lie and even edit photos to appear perfect for likes and comments. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Most times, when chefs try out a new recipe, and you decide to recreate them at home, they all end up in a disaster. Don’t fret, it’s not you, it’s them. We can’t lie; this looks like the old lady in SpongeBob.

9. Insensitive Joke

What makes it horrible is that we smiled a little and feel guilty about it. If you don’t get the joke, don’t worry; we’ll explain it to you. We must all remember the unfortunate incident that occurred in June, right?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

If you don’t, the Oceangate’s Titan submersible imploded, killing everyone on board on their way to check out the Titanic wreck. Well, Subway said their subs don’t implode, unlike the Titan. This is too soon, and it’s too much!

10. Seahorse Bacon

If you saw a seahorse in its natural habitat, you have keen eyes like the rest of us, and you certainly agree that nature is beautiful. But if you saw the bacon and nothing else, you don’t joke with your meal.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Sometimes, it is so funny how one thing can look like another when you look closely enough. But how in the world did this bacon end up resembling a seahorse? Did it have a secret wish to be free in the ocean? We hope this person kept this unusually shaped food.

11. Frozen Assets

Well, it is called frozen assets. This is really messed up, and the funny thing is we can’t even blame him. Anyone could make that mistake because the pizza box and the Monopoly board have the same shape and color. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

We are sure he must have been on his phone when this happened. We can picture the pain on his face when he finally realizes what he did. Well, the best thing to do is to trash the pizza and order a fresh one—sorry, pal.

12. Egg Volcano

The caption suits the mess this person made. How could they have made such a mistake? Did they boil the egg before adding it to the cake batter? We can only surmise how this person ended up with this disaster.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

A cross-section of an egg volcano. Even the shape of the cake is not a happy sight. It looks more like an egg wrapped in large biscuits covered in icing and sprinkles. Well, they followed the eggxact recipe. Happy Easter.

13. Argument Worthy 

This is absolutely barbaric, and we are sure that everyone who was at this party must have thought the same thing. Perhaps this person was too drunk to imagine cutting the cake from the center was a good idea. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Come on, we all know how it’s done; every normal person cuts their cake from the edge and not like this. This is pure evil; if this were our cake, we would be throwing hands already. This is complete chaos!

14. A Huge Banana Problem 

The biggest puzzle that needs to be solved is how to store certain fruits and vegetables. This one here has happened to us on several occasions. It is depressing when you see the bananas look the same even after two weeks on the supermarket’s shelf. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

They always look like this, with zero spots and absolutely healthy. Bananas turn black relatively quickly because of enzymatic browning. You can store bananas in the refrigerator to slow down the browning. It will keep them fresh for a longer time.

15. Hansel And Gretel

This reminds us of the witch in Hansel and Gretel, who made her house out of bread, cakes, and sugar in order to lure children in so that she could eat them. She must be cackling loudly upon seeing this.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

We just hope this was an honest mistake and not what we were thinking. It’s better to run than ask where they got the meat from; the bread doesn’t look good either. It’s a rather expensive and mysterious sandwich if you ask us.

16. This Is Pure Hatred

Before we show how displeasing and irritating this picture looks, we want to believe it’s either this user’s girlfriend hates him so much, or he must have done the unthinkable. How and why would you pack more than 18 boiled eggs and dump them on ice?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

We don’t even know which is more disturbing, the number of eggs resting on the ice or the amount of Kraft Singles scattered on the other side. Just be sure to open the window once you let out those farts.

17. This Is So Wrong

Don’t ask us why; we look as stressed as you. Imagine accidentally drinking this glue, thinking it’s milk, all because of some silly mistake caused by the store. The truth is anyone can actually unknowingly buy the glue instead. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

How can they make a mistake like this? The glue and the milk have the same type of container and look exactly alike. This doesn’t seem right and should be taken down as soon as possible before the inevitable happens.

18. Nuclear Pizza

Oops! This is some nuclear pizza lunch, or perhaps a meal for a nuclear family, whichever one you prefer. We have always imagined how amazing it would be if pizzas had a handle to make them easier to hold and eat. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Well, dreams come true, they say. Someone has just solved the problem. But on a serious note, someone forgot to put the pizza on a tray before chucking it in the oven. Just when you think it’s impossible, someone proves you wrong.

19. American Ratatouille 

This has got to be the American version of Ratatouille. The family-fun animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios was a hit years ago. It revolves around Remy, a talented young rat with a keen sense of taste and smell who wants to become a renowned chef one day.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Despite the social stigma against rodents in the culinary world, the young rat didn’t give up. For the record, Arby’s food tastes great. But they sincerely need to fix that sign as soon as possible. No one wants to eat rat beef.

20. Emotions Are Hard To Digest 

At funerals, emotions often run high, and people cope with grief in various ways. Eating provides a momentary escape, a distraction from the somber atmosphere. Indulging in food can be a way to seek comfort and normalcy amidst the sadness.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

So, let’s refrain from judging this person. In this context, eating isn’t about a lack of remorse but rather a human response to cope with overwhelming emotions. It’s about finding solace in embracing carbs when emotions are too hard to digest.

21. Gingerbread Man

No, not at all. We aren’t going to accept such slander. This doesn’t in the slightest way look like our precious gingerbread man. The closest this came to looking like is an ugly Squidward in SpongeBob SquarePants, with eyes and even full lips. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Why did the ugly gingerbread man get invited to the party? Because they heard he had a “crumbly” sense of humor – he sure knows how to make everyone laugh! It looks good, but this person shouldn’t try it again.

22. Two Loaves Of Bread 

We don’t know about you, but genuinely, we see two loaves of soft and fresh bread. There’s no difference at all. The one on the right is a pure bread dog, pun intended. What would you like, white and whole wheat bread?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

You can make your choice depending on your preference. Whoever thought of this is a genius; they look almost identical. This is cute, and we wouldn’t mind having a feel of the dog’s fur. It seems so soft, even from the picture.

23. Charcuterie Board 

This person was trying to create their own charcuterie board, and it came out looking like this. Typically served on a stone slab or wooden board, the appetizer is either eaten straight from the board itself or portioned onto flatware. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

It features a selection of preserved foods, such as pâtés or cured meats, as well as bread, cheeses, and crackers. At least we have to commend him for the simplicity, and for some strange reason, a pack of CapriSun can do no wrong in our eyes.

24. Main Course 

Candy sticks are like the Swiss Army knives of childhood. Once the sweet treat is gone, these sticks transform into versatile amusement tools. You can’t help but put it in your mouth and chew away for hours unending. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

In the hands of a child, a candy stick is always the main course. After chewing away at the appetizer, the real adventure is savoring the goodness of the stick, even after finishing off the candy. Now that we think about it, it was gross.

25. The Victorian Era 

As if the Victorian-era toilet situation wasn’t bad enough already, here comes more facts. During that time, poor sanitation and lack of access to clean water significantly impacted children’s immune systems. Exposure to contaminated water and limited hygiene facilities made children highly susceptible to infectious diseases. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Common illnesses such as cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, and respiratory infections spread easily in crowded and unclean living environments. This child probably had all manner of infectious diseases present in the water it consumed since birth, so it would undoubtedly handle the burrito well.

26. Pocketful Of Pizza

We all did this while growing up. You just had to save the pizza for later without anyone finding out. After all, who wouldn’t want a pocketful of joy and flavor wherever they go? We even did it with almost all kinds of food. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Whenever you feel hungry, just dip into your pocket and munch on the good ol’ pizza. It was fun while it lasted, but we hope this isn’t a thing these days. Apart from it being gross, insects would always find you.

27. Limp Bizkit 

We laughed way too hard at this. At least the brisket looks juicy and tender, and we wouldn’t mind having a bite. But the hilarious part is that this person was joking about Limp Bizkit, an American rock band formed in 1994. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

The band achieved mainstream success in the late 1990s with their fusion of rock, rap, and metal elements. Their music combined heavy guitar riffs, hip-hop-inspired rhythms, and rap-style vocals. The band’s frontman, Fred Durst, is known for his distinctive vocal style and often controversial lyrics.

28. Revolutionized Corn Dog

Technically, given the name, this person isn’t wrong to call this food invention a corn dog. However, this is where we draw the line. How in the hell would someone do something like this? Who puts ketchup on corn? 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

This isn’t something we feel comfortable looking at. We certainly won’t try this because it should be illegal. The only corn dog we know is the one with a stick in it. This person shouldn’t bother with the recipe because we don’t want it.

29. Minute Corona 

Of all the drinks, he had to use the Corona. As we mentioned before, these miniature meals and drinks are taking over the internet. This person says he’s about to take down these bad boys and get kicked out of the bar.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Should we tell him that he’s either worse than a lightweight, or we know he’s intentionally pulling our legs? The whole content in each bottle is equivalent to a single sip, and it surely would do more good than harm.

30. $40 Sushi

This does not look like a $40 sushi. Either this person got cheated, or he’s exaggerating the amount he paid for the food. Never would we have thought that someone would do something like this. With what we see on the internet daily, nothing surprises us anymore.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

The bitter truth is that it looks good, but this is sushi, for crying out loud, it’s meant to be eaten how you buy it. If you’re unsure how to serve it, a simple internet search would give you more information.

31. Plutonium 

The first question we are going to ask is how would anyone know how it tastes. Who would want to find out, and for what reason? We want to believe that this was an accident, but at this point, nothing will surprise us anymore.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

This is plutonium, a radioactive chemical element. Due to its nature and use in nuclear weapons, plutonium is tightly regulated, and its production and use are subject to international agreements and strict government controls. So we wonder why someone tasted it.

32. Messed Up 

Just like we said before, let bygones be bygones. We all did this at one point, but it’s time to let it go. Retrieving food from your pocket and eating it is appalling. Putting beans in your pocket is going overboard..

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

It’s better to enjoy your meals in a proper setting, using suitable utensils and plates. In summary, for the sake of hygiene, food safety, and social etiquette, it’s recommended to eat as normal humans do rather than in your pocket.

33. Gloss Paint Cheese

We would like this person to tell us his experience after he survives it. We know trying a new food combination is always an awesome idea, and we wouldn’t fault you as long as it is edible and makes sense.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

If it’s something that won’t result in poisoning, then it’s alright, but who in their right mind dips a blue corn chip in a gloss paint? We hope this is a joke because it’s a forbidden nacho, so viewers, please don’t try this at home.

34. Public Restroom 

The public restroom sink? Absolute no! In fact, it is undeniably disgusting. Eating them out of the cereal bag is better than subjecting yourself to this type of torture and filth if you run out of bowls. Who knows how long ago those surfaces have been scrubbed?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

We hope they scrubbed the sink well beforehand if they actually ate from there, and if they didn’t, we totally condemn food wastage. It’s insensitive and highly inappropriate. We just hope they didn’t eat this messed-up cereal, though.

35. Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry 

This horrified and intrigued us simultaneously. How can something look so bad and good at the same time? This looks like a guilty pleasure you’d sneak and eat so no one rolls their eyes and judges you for it.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

The appeal of the Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry sandwich isn’t talked about enough—the crispy, salty hash brown matches the creamy, sweet Oreo McFlurry. Sometimes, the best food creations come from unexpected combinations, and the Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry sandwich is a testament to this.

36. Sunny Sideways

We thought it was so hot that this person had to dry raw eggs outside for a few seconds, and the sun cooked it. But the real case here was that this person fried the eggs and proceeded to dry them outside. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Why would anyone in their right mind do this? Firstly, the line must be contaminated with various bacteria, and secondly, we are sure this person didn’t clean it before hanging the eggs. Must we also remind you that leaving food uncovered is not the best thing to do?

37. Choctchup

Who knew there was something called Heinz Choctchup? We literally almost hit our tongues trying to pronounce it. Apart from the cool name, we doubt this blend of flavors makes sense. All we see is sugar added to more sugar.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

While taste preferences vary, this unique concoction combines sweet and tangy elements. Traditional ketchup’s savory profile clashes with chocolate’s sweetness, leaving taste buds confused and unsatisfied. Sometimes, certain culinary adventures are best left unexplored for those seeking a delightful and harmonious taste sensation.

38. Oreos And Melted Cheese 

Oreos and melted cheese make an odd pairing. Oreos are sweet, chocolatey, and crunchy, while melted cheese is savory, gooey, and creamy. These distinct taste and texture profiles clash rather than complement each other, creating an unappetizing experience for the palate. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

The combination lacks harmony, and you can tell even from how the cheese looks like a raw egg was dumped on the biscuits, creating a huge mess. Oreos with melted cheese is simply not a good idea. Please do not try this at home.

39. Zebra Steak

This has to be a joke, right? How were they able to make this steak look like this? Our best guess is it’s probably a realistic cake made to mimic one of our favorite foods. In recent years, the art of cake decoration has reached new heights.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

These creations blur the line between reality and confectionery art. Perhaps it was Photoshopped because there’s no way a steak would look like this. Well, even if it is, in fact, what we think it is, we wouldn’t be caught eating something like this.

40. It’s The Weather 

We wonder what this person must have done when it was 109 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The craziest thing about the weather is that you always find yourself cranky and irritated when it’s extremely hot. The heat causes serious sensory issues.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@messedupfoods

Imagine feeling stuffy, hot, and sweaty, and someone says the wrong thing to you at the most inappropriate time. You would definitely flare up. We hope she forgives him for what he said and eats the cake before it melts.