Microwave Misadventures: 40+ Times People Got Schooled On What Not To Nuke

By Ishita P

You may have encountered many instances where your home appliances seemed to have a mind of their own. Sometimes, getting them to work the right way can be very tricky. One appliance that can be incredibly moody is the microwave. But, unfortunately, we are left with no choice but to deal with its quirks.

Thus, many people often share their painful encounters with microwave mishaps online. Today, we have compiled the top picks among these instances for you. You’ll witness a series of microwave experiments that went wrong, showing exactly why certain things should never be microwaved.

These images are a reminder that you should always handle technology with care. So, prepare to cringe as you scroll down and see hilarious and even scary pictures that will make you go, “Oops!”

Croissant to Cabbage

You might have a hard time recognizing this croissant. It’s not your fault! This is the result of microwaving a frozen, uncooked croissant — a melted mess that looks more like a pile of old cooked cabbage. It’s certainly not what the user had expected!

Image by the_highway_skyline on Reddit

This microwave experiment went differently than planned. Instead of a delicious croissant, this person was left with a gooey disaster resembling nothing edible. It’s a funny reminder of how things can go wrong when you try unconventional things in the kitchen!

Bizarre Mug Cake

Some may say this mug is filled with a large piece of sausage meat, while others may consider it a chocolate marshmallow. But no matter the case, this creation is far from appetizing. This person was probably trying to make a mug cake in the microwave, but the result was disgusting.

Image by carolbaskinsexhusban on Reddit

It looks like the microwave decided to play a prank; thus, it swapped out the cake for a gross, slimy substance. Such a hilarious and unexpected twist that left the owner with a culinary monstrosity. This was definitely not the dessert they had in mind!

CD Cracker

The aftermath of a misguided experiment is vividly captured in this picture. Once gleaming with a reflective surface, this CD now lies in ruins. It cracked into pieces after someone put it in the microwave. As we look at it now, it invokes a sense of both awe and curiosity.

Image by BurningVShadow on Reddit

Despite the unfortunate results, this CD might still be useful for decorative purposes. Covered in cracks, it almost looks ancient and magical, as if it could open a portal to something fantastic. Who knows, the person might have intentionally put the CD in the microwave to get this result!

Oreo Imprint

This plate has become the canvas of an unexpected masterpiece. After an adventurous attempt to microwave an Oreo, the burnt cookie left a distinctive mark. The dish now has a funny and unintentional artistic touch, creating a deliciously messy “commercial” for Oreo.

Image by veno_mex on Reddit

This microwave experiment shows that even hard biscuits like Oreos can get softer and melt when heated at a high temperature. But why this person tried to microwave one is still a mystery. Did they want a softer Oreo or a DIY-printed dinner plate? Either way, they succeeded.

Chorizo Disaster

Here’s the unfortunate result of thawing chorizo uncovered in a microwave. The aftermath is messy, with the sausage splattered all over the cooking cavity and the turntable. The once delicious chorizo now looks like a piece of turd. This shows how careless people can be when using electronic appliances.

Image by livinlrginchitwn on Reddit

Placing food directly on the turntable without covering it can lead to massive explosions inside a microwave. Wet food like chorizo produces excessive steam, building pressure between the food and the turntable. This ultimately explodes to release the steam, sputtering the food all over the oven’s interior.

Take Out the Oil

Most people use a paper towel to dab away excess oil off pepperonis. But here comes a different approach — making the pepperonis bleed out the grease. All you have to do is microwave them until the fat is discharged, and you’ll be left with a plate of oil-free, crispy snacks.

Image by theholidayham on Reddit

The pool of horrid yellow oil exuded from the pepperonis exhibits the efficacy of this cooking technique. However, the only concern here is that the process is time-consuming. Thus, the microwave will require a lot of power to suck out the extra oil from the pepperonis, adding to your electricity bill.


After seeing this intriguing image, we couldn’t help but question the logic and creativity of human ingenuity. Meet a girl who, in her quest to dry her water-drenched AirPods, turned to an unconventional solution – the microwave. And this was the outcome.

Image by Unknown User on Reddit

The once sleek wireless Bluetooth AirPods now bear the markings of a microwave misadventure. They were reduced to a heap of charred debris. This just proves that despite our sophisticated advancements, humans often display moments of curious and questionable decision-making.

Bloody Britney

Spillage of liquids in the microwave is common. But the way hot chocolate spilled over this printed mug gave rise to a coincidental hilarious situation. The cup, featuring a photo of Britney Spears with a mad expression, perfectly matches the situation, making it look more realistic.

Image by poncearoo on Instagram

This user was probably trying to make a delightful hot chocolate in the microwave. But unfortunately, she ended up melting down Britney’s photo mug. Although we feel sorry for Britney, we can’t hold back our laughter at the unexpected outcome of this microwave experiment!

Honey Splash

This honey bottle seems to have exploded inside the microwave, resulting in a sticky yet delicious mess. Wiping it up with toast would be a delightful clean-up solution if you ask us! Jokes aside, tackling this sticky heap of honey must have been a real horror for the user.

Image by sigsegv7 on Reddit

The marks this mishap left and the clean-up process will serve as a life-long warning for the user not to repeat the same mistake. So, if you also don’t want to encounter a similar situation, ensure to open the lids before thawing frozen containers in the microwave.

Burnt Noodles

Although this kid remembered to remove the foil packet, she forgot the most crucial step, i.e., adding water to the noodles. As a result, the noodles were charred to ashes, leaving behind a less-than-appetizing sight and a burnt odor all around the house.

Image by motomermaid on Reddit

The entire house was just minutes away from getting scorched. Thankfully, the accident didn’t go that far! However, one might not get that lucky every time. Thus, this incident is an apt example of why children shouldn’t be allowed to use the microwave without their parent’s supervision.

Avocado’s Seeds Out

This poor avocado was completely shattered after its creamy inner content spilled throughout the microwave. It seems like someone attempted a unique way to soften the fruit or remove the pit. They succeeded, but the approach resulted in a messy disaster.

Image by taffelost on Reddit

Steam and pressure inside the microwave caused the fruit to burst open, sputtering its flesh and leaving behind a trail of green mush. This, in turn, led to the avocado having an untimely demise. This was, undoubtedly, a disastrous idea.


In this image, you can see a microwave lunch gone awry as the meal unexpectedly ‘jumped up’ and flipped, causing the food as well as the container to overturn. It was probably so hot in there that the microwave made the lunch hop!

Image by Woodwickward on Reddit

This is just one of the many incidents that highlight the unpredictable nature of microwave ovens and their potential for surprising mishaps. You cannot help but chuckle at the unexpected turn of events captured in this photo and appreciate the humor.

Hacked the Life

This microwave incident is attributed to a 9-year-old girl attempting a TikTok life hack of melting Starburst candies. The candies melted in minutes, leaving a sticky mess in the microwave. But now, the mother is mad at her daughter as it will be immensely difficult to clean up the mess.

Image by Agent-Ace on Reddit

Although we wonder what aspect of life was supposed to be eased by this microwave experiment, we saw the results of TikTok life hack videos at their best. Thus, this image is a gentle reminder of the potential consequences of following internet trends without considering the practicality or safety required.

Expensive Microwave

Next, we have the frustrating sight of a broken microwave handle that left the owner in disbelief. The handle decided to take a break right when they needed it the most. Now, the cost of replacing it required him to part with $200, which added to their pain.

Image by struck21 on Reddit

Standard microwaves are available at $100-$200, which makes the idea of a microwave handle being $200 a scam. This guy could have gotten a brand-new oven at the same price. Hence, this image proves an overpriced microwave doesn’t necessarily imply it won’t get damaged any sooner.

Milk Blast

Have you ever wondered what happens when you microwave milk for too long? The image below provides the answer — a drastic spillage, leaving only the glass jug behind. Now this person doesn’t have milk, just an empty container as a token of his achievement.

Image by iRandyP on Reddit

Precise timing plays a significant role in using the microwave, especially when dealing with liquids. So, if you don’t want to face similar consequences, heat milk in a lower setting for about a minute or two. Also, don’t leave boiling milk unattended, as it hardly takes seconds to spill.

Playing Like a Child

In this image, the microwave’s digital screen has gone haywire, displaying the word “child” due to a series of accidental button presses. It seems the oven developed a mischievous sense of humor, assuming the user is a child playing with the buttons!

Image by lyricmeowmeow on Reddit

The appliance refuses to cooperate unless the “Clear” button is pushed twice. It uses its specialized sensor to determine if it’s a genuine command or just playful antics. This comical situation showcases how appliances like microwaves can accurately interpret human actions unexpectedly.


Late-night cravings led someone to microwave a cookie, but the result was far from appetizing. The cookie melted into a soupy mess, completely altering its appearance. That said, the person can still have it. It’s just that they’ll need to take a sip rather than a bite.

Image by Leafyleaf14 on Reddit

The probable reason for this unsuccessful midnight snacking adventure was microwaving the cookie for too long. The poor cookie couldn’t handle the intense heat; thus, it started to melt and lose shape. Sadly, what would have been a tasty treat ended up as runny dough.

Burned Venom

A mug takes center stage for this one, but it is not your ordinary coffee mug. It is a jar of Nutella, which seems to have met a terrible accident. Black web-like structures extend from it, resembling long snaky ash trails. It looks like a Nutella volcano erupted, creating a gooey mess.

Image by aintx on Reddit

Somebody thought of microwaving an entire jar of Nutella to melt it down. Unfortunately, it was turned into a fascinating display of chaos, with mysterious black tendrils of the spread engulfing it. This not only painfully wasted perfectly good Nutella but also broke the hearts of many chocolate lovers.

Burnt Macaroni

A once-promising dish of macaroni and cheese took a turn for the worst after it was transformed into a charred and blackened mess. It looks like the macaroni decided to stage a rebellion against its cheesy captor, resulting in a culinary disaster!

Image by shalene.bowlby on Instagram

This person was probably so excited at the thought of a delicious plate of mac and cheese that they forgot to add water to it before placing it in the microwave. So now, they are left with a burnt heap of macaroni that neither tastes good nor smells nice.

Up It Goes

In a surprising turn of events, this picture showcases a puzzling situation. A glass that once held cream is now stuck to the top of the microwave, defying gravity altogether. But how did it manage to pull off such an extraordinary feat?

Image by Gustenpunkt on Reddit

Adding to the chaos, the cream has gone on a wild adventure, spreading itself everywhere! While we can understand cream splattering due to overheating, the unexpected jump and subsequent attachment of the glass to the ceiling remain a perplexing mystery.


This creative mom took DIY to a whole new level. She spray-painted a properly functioning microwave to match her copper-colored fridge, creating a whimsical sight. Although this idea works great for elevating home decor, it isn’t the right way to decorate a microwave oven.

Image by BeanFrank2 on Reddit

Since the microwave window was also spray-painted, keeping an eye on the food will be difficult. There will be a high chance of liquids sputtering or solid foods overheating inside the appliance. This project just made the microwave more prone to accidents.

Aggressive Microwave

This is what happens when someone sets the microwave timer for a whopping 20 minutes and then walks away. Although this incident is nothing new, the aftermath is disastrous every time. Sometimes such carelessness results in a severe fire outbreak, while other times, it just breaks the food containers inside the microwave.

Image by HellsJuggernaut on Reddit

The sheer impact of the mishap is evident here as we see the shattered remains of a coffee mug and the remarkable feat of breaking the turntable in the process. It’s almost as if the microwave had a hidden “self-destruct” feature, much to the surprise of the unfortunate user.

A Melted Bowl of Noodles

This is one of the saddest sights for foodies like us. A bowl of noodles melted into a gooey mess, unable to withstand the microwave’s extreme heat. Now all that remains are the forlorn noodles clumped up in an inedible, sticky mass.

Image by Mesoscale92 on Reddit

This is a classic example of what happens when you don’t transfer food from its packaging into a microwave-safe dish. So, always double-check the instructions for reheating food in a microwave. It will prevent not only such bowl-melting incidents but also food wastage.

Burned to Crisps

Someone experienced an epic disaster with their frozen dinner in the microwave. They decided to cook it for 30 minutes but missed the mark. Thus, they got an unfortunate aftermath as a result. The entire meal was burnt to a black crisp.

Image by JagVillOcksaBliFull on Reddit

Moreover, the foil covering the meal aggravated the situation. Aluminum foil gets heated very quickly. So you should be extra cautious while using it in the oven. Hopefully, this person will keep a closer eye on their food next time to avoid creating a charred disaster in the microwave again.

Not Microwave Safe

You might think this coffee mug possesses a unique crazed design. But the truth is that it encountered a microwave disaster and got cracked. The owner wanted to warm up their cold coffee, so they put it in the microwave. But little did they know that the poor mug could not bear the heat.

Image by enderjackcat on Reddit

This was when they noticed something written at the bottom of the mug for the first time: “DISHWASHER SAFE, NOT MICROWAVE SAFE.” They had been using the cup for 4 years but didn’t know it wasn’t microwaveable. Learn from this guy so you don’t end up with a peculiar mug too!

Friendship Over

This person’s so-called friend decided to play a prank on them by hiding their AirPods inside a box of chicken nuggets. They hadn’t imagined the unsuspecting victim would microwave the entire box without even opening it! As expected, the AirPods couldn’t survive the heat.

Image by Masterzombie26 on Reddit

The devices, particularly the right one, melted into a black plastic mess, leaving a clear message: pranks can backfire in the most unexpected ways. After all, who’d have thought the person would microwave a box of chicken nuggets? Now, the weird idea will cost him!

Cockro-Wave Glitch

Next, we encounter a surprising sight of a malfunctioning microwave clock. At first glance, the digits appeared glitched, but upon closer inspection, we were in for a shock. A mischievous cockroach had taken up its residence inside the clock, causing a commotion!

Image by happycamper1377 on Reddit

This weird discovery reminded us of the incredible abilities of these critters. They’re known to thrive underwater, defy poison, and even survive the ice age. Thus, finding them in the microwave is nothing unusual. We just hope replacing the oven isn’t the only way to get rid of this insect.


An individual was trying to make some delicious sunny-side-up eggs in a microwave, but their grave mistake was cooking them in a cup. Due to the build-up of excessive steam in the enclosed mug, the eggs exploded, causing a messy aftermath.

Image by karto2287 on Reddit

As you can see, the eggs got scattered all around, with some even sticking to the person’s shirt and hand. This situation must have left them feeling shell-shocked and in need of a thorough cleaning. No doubt they weren’t egg-static about the sunny-side-ups after that!

Literal Spilled Seeds

This person learned a valuable lesson but the hard way! They attempted to microwave a package of quinoa, but little did they know it had a concise time limit. Suddenly, the package went “boom,” and the seeds flew everywhere in the oven.

Image by Fireatwijj77 on Reddit

Gathering scattered quinoa is an uphill task! This proves yet again that microwaves are unpredictable, and you must use them carefully to avoid such outcomes. So, always check the stipulated time of packaged food items before popping them into the oven.

Power of Taco

Something unusual happened while warming up taco beef in the microwave. After just 50 seconds, the bottom of the Corelle dish broke, causing the meat to spill out. Corelle plates are known for being break-resistant, but this one couldn’t live up to that reputation.

Image by puzzlesandragdolls on Instagram

It looks like the taco beef had some superpower that made the Corelle plate give in! Anyway, the dish must have cracked due to uneven heat distribution throughout its surface. So, the next time you put a Corelle, glass, or ceramic plate in the microwave, ensure there are no cold spots!

Bowl Blown Away

Uh-oh! It seems like this bowl of yummy chicken leftovers just encountered a microwave mishap. There was a loud pop, and the bowl shattered into tiny pieces. The funny thing is that the chicken sat there looking quite innocent as if nothing had happened.

Image by fn21877 on Reddit

Something went very wrong in the oven, leaving behind this big mess. The bowl was probably not microwave-safe. Nevertheless, we feel sad for those chicken leftovers, as they’re now inedible. After all, no one would want to eat fried chicken with a side of shards of glass!

Everywhere Except Inside

This person’s microwave adventure didn’t go according to plan. They had a bright idea of microwaving some cereal grains, probably rice or oatmeal. But unfortunately, things took a slimy turn. The ingredients transformed into a gooey, sticky mess clinging to the edges of the glass bowl.

Image by kmart422 on Instagram

This is definitely not what they expected, but now they have to scrape off the remnants and start over. Perhaps this time, they’ll use the stovetop. While it’s possible to make cereals in the microwave, in this case, maybe the bowl was too small compared to the amount of food inside.

Meltdown Mishap

Unaware of the impending catastrophe, this person embarked on a fatal culinary expedition by putting a plastic tiffin box in the microwave. They had no idea that this could cause an unprecedented disaster. Heat permeated through the plastic’s delicate surface as the microwave whirred to life.

Image by Quamont on Reddit

Thus, the plastic box got stretched and deformed. Its former hard structure was reduced to a half-melted heap as a weird smoky odor filled the air. By the time this person realized something was wrong and turned off the microwave, they were left with a tragic meal.

The Delicate Glassware Couldn’t Take It

This picture serves as a warning not to heat oil and chili flakes in a glass bowl in the microwave. As you can see, the bowl couldn’t handle the heat and cracked, causing the oil to spill everywhere. Well, that’s quite a slippery and messy situation to deal with!

Image by LusciousofBorg on Reddit

Although chili doesn’t play a significant role here, oil isn’t a good absorber of microwaves. The waves heat the container directly, eventually passing the energy to the oil. Thus, when a glass bowl is heated too high for a long time, the temperature difference between the hot glassware and cold oil makes it explode.

A Lot to Clean

Someone had planned to make a bowl of noodles in the microwave. They even cracked an egg into it to make the dish tastier. But with a sudden boom, the egg and noodles got stuck on the appliance’s door. And, as soon as the person opened the microwave, it spilled everywhere on the floor.

Image by kidJubi100 on Reddit

Instead of having a delicious meal, they now had to spend time cleaning it up. It required double-cleansing to get rid of the slippery starch exuded from noodles and the unpleasant smell of eggs. Who would have thought they’d have to deal with such chaos just because of cooking egg noodles in the microwave?

Unintended Mashup

This cup is filled with something really strange. It looks like a yellow spongy thing that oddly reminds us of aliens in sci-fi movies. Probably, those sneaky ones that sneak out when nobody is looking and crawl into hidden vents.

Image by ilykieran on Reddit

But alas! It’s just microwaved cup eggs that went wrong. This person heated the eggs in tiny cups for too long, resulting in this mishap. So, take care when you put eggs in the microwave, or else you might get a mushy surprise like this one in your cup!

Potato Ashes

Take a look at this microwaved sweet potato catastrophe! It’s been cooked to such an extreme that it’s no longer recognizable. The poor thing has been charred into a blackened mass. It looks more like a dark creature from a distant galaxy than a sweet and delicious vegetable.

Image by and1984 on Reddit

This sweet potato has definitely seen better days. Little did it know that its fate would be so pitiful. Folks, be gentle when cooking a soft vegetable like sweet potato in the microwave. After all, not even a vegetable wouldn’t want to end up looking like a charcoal mess that no one would eat.

Thrown Out

What a drastic microwave accident! As this person opened the door, the food flew out of its box and landed just outside the oven. It’s not plausible, but it’s fun to imagine a microwave throwing out food after heating it as if saying, “Heads up; your meal is ready!”

Image by pkkballer22 on Reddit

It’s hard to believe a plate filled with noodles was thrown out of the microwave this far. The oven must have been really frustrated reheating leftovers all the time! Jokes aside, always double-check whether containers are tightly closed when placed in the microwave. It will help you avoid such misadventures.

Taters Wasted

This person wished to have taters for dinner. But after only 10 seconds of heating the frozen potatoes in the microwave, the Pyrex bowl containing them shattered into pieces. The breakage of the bowl was indeed a bummer, but losing the delicious taters amidst the chaos was even more disappointing.

Image by SuperDizz on Reddit

The bowl may be replaceable, but those delicious potatoes are forever gone. Thus, no matter the material of the container, ensure to use only a microwave-safe one before heating your favorite treats. This person was left craving a missed opportunity to enjoy a delightful meal.

A Bitter Experience

It seems someone had a forgetful moment while microwaving ramen. They forgot to add water to the cup, resulting in this disastrous outcome. Now, all we can see is a blackened can with a charred reminder of what could have been a potential meal.

Image by Kazhel on Reddit

Not only did their food burn, but also, their whole house was filled with an unpleasant smell. The incident was disastrous enough for the individual never to repeat this mistake. After all, no one would want to ruin their meals every time!

Short Circuit

Hold on tight because things got wild in this hotel room! This picture captures the moment when the microwave suddenly went haywire. It looks like it got short-circuited while being used. Maybe it was an old or cheap microwave that couldn’t handle the heat.

Image by OmegaDoesStuff on Reddit

No matter the case, this was indeed a memorable hotel experience! That said, if you ever face such a scenario, do not forget to notify the hotel staff. They will find the root cause of the microwave meltdown and fix it. Hopefully, not at any cost to you!

Where is the Pizza?

Brace yourself for this microwave “pizza” creation! Or should we say an Italian cuisine disaster? It looks nothing like a pizza. In fact, it resembles a curd-filled bowl more than a cheesy, saucy delight. This so-called dish is a direct insult to pizzas of all kinds.

Image by lamTheBoi on Reddit

The creator seems to have forgotten the essential pizza elements. There are no toppings, no crust, just a bowl full of disappointment. And, of course, without adding the necessary ingredients, you cannot expect the microwave to yield the desired results of a perfect, cheesy slice.

Meatball Meltdown

It’s sad to see how these Italian meatballs melted in the microwave. The thin plastic dish they were in was not microwave-safe. Thus, unable to bear the extreme heat, it got dismantled and fused with the meatballs, making them inedible.

Image by Beaglerampage on Reddit

For people who are fans of Italian meatballs, this image must be so disappointing. Although it’s unknown whether or not this person was a meatball lover, no one would want to waste their food this way. So, using microwave-safe containers is necessary to spare meatballs and other food from a gooey fate.

Popcorn Pops Bowl

Popcorn lovers, beware! This attempt to make popcorn in plastic Tupperware didn’t go as planned. The container cracked open under heat and pressure, leaving a not-so-pleasant surprise. As most people know, microwave paper bags are the best way to pop those kernels.

Image by Arheisel on Reddit

Simply fill the bag with kernels and a teaspoon of oil and fold the top two times. Then, place it right in the center of the oven and microwave it for around 2 minutes until you hear a few seconds of gaps between pops. This technique will ensure your results are both tasty and safe.

Broken Plate

This shattered plate clearly indicates that something went terribly wrong in the microwave. Resting on the broken shards are pieces of bacon that underwent a disturbing transformation. Instead of being sizzling and crispy, they now resemble slimy creatures, a far cry from their original appetizing form.

Image by KhariTheFirst on Reddit

What was intended to be a quick and convenient cooking method resulted in a surreal scene from a culinary nightmare. Had the person used a microwave-safe plate and layered it with sheets of paper towels, the bacon would have turned out crispy and delicious.