90s Discontinued But Missed Foods And Drinks We Would Love To See Back On The Shelves

By Aakash M

Flashback! The Spice Girls, Furbies, Leonard DiCaprio, and Nintendo Gameboy; are just a few cultural aspects of the 90s. The 90s were hands down, the greatest era of all time. That’s why you see many kids from this generation trying to be 90s kids! Sadly, all the real 90s kids are getting into their 30s this decade. There were many amazing things in the 90s, from great novels to tasty foods and drinks. Many of those things exist still today, but there are a few treasures from our past that stayed back in time. Does anyone ever find themselves dreaming of Fruitopia, SodaLicious Snacks, or even the infamous purple ketchup? Some people even go to extreme lengths to find their beloved past snacks through eBay and the like for quadruple the price. Take a journey down memory lane with us. Here are 45 of the best snacks from the 90s that we hope will come back for good one day.

Hi-C Ecto Cooler Juice Boxes

Let us just say that if something saw a boom in the pop culture space in the 80s and 90s, it was the audience’s reaction to watching Ghostbusters on the big screen. Hi-C came out with their Ecto Cooler Juice Boxes in response to that. What a move!

Image Credits: amazon.com

Earlier, these were orange and tangerine flavored juice boxes. But, since they released their new ones, they changed the color to green to mimic the ectoplasm appearance in the movie. The juice was released in 1989, but it was terminated in 1997.

Trix Swirls

Let’s face it. There has always been an enormous push towards marketing healthy and unique snacks for children. One of the companies that tried to jump on board in the early 90s and 2000s was Trix. They released Trix Swirls.

Image Credits: ColSanders5 /Reddit

Once opened, you saw that these yogurts came in two different colors and many interesting flavors. A lot of sugar was added to them, making them extra sweet and taste less like natural yogurt. Trix Swirls, however, were discontinued, so you won’t find them today. It turns out that these yogurt snacks didn’t realize much profit.

P.B. Crisps

How many of you remember Nutter Butter? This one is similar to that. Planters came up with their own peanut-shaped graham cracker cookie that had a delicious peanut butter filling, and the magical invention was called P.B. Crisps. We miss the days when we can put peanut butter in lunchboxes without the concern of allergies.

Image Credits: dinosaurdracula.com

P.B. Crisps were first seen on the shelves back in 1992, but, to our surprise, they didn’t last so long. As a result, these crisps were discounted two years later, in 1994. However, Planters had quite a unique explanation for that. They said that they discontinued it because it was too tasty!

Soda-Licious Fruit Snacks

There are so many fruit snacks that we could choose from in the 90s. Many children had to nag and beg their parents just so that they could get some of those tasty treats. One example of that is the Soda-Licious Fruit Snacks. 

Image Credits: .generalmills.com

Betty Crocker had partnered with 7-Up to develop these tasty fruit snacks. Many flavors bridged the gap between fruit flavors and soft drinks of that era. Unfortunately, these snacks disappeared in the 90s, and honestly, we miss them. Bring ’em back Betty!

Butterfingers BB’s

If you were a kid or even an adult in the 90s, and especially if you were a candy or chocolate lover back then, you’ll indeed be remembering Butterfinger BB’s. With this snack, Butterfinger’s attempted to make a snack like Whoppers.

Image Credits: PapiCats /Reddit

These things debuted on the shelves in 1992, and they were there for a long amount of time. They were really popular while they were available. These things were also advertised on The Simpsons! Sadly, they couldn’t stick around after 2006.


Wonderball, like the chocolate Kinder Eggs, was a confectionary that came with a chocolate exterior and a treat concealed inside. These treats were comparatively smaller and harder so that children could enjoy them with their chocolate. Take a look at this image.

Image Credits: allcitycandy.com

Sadly, kids had a hard time breaking into the chocolate to get the treat before chewing it down, so the candies had to go in 1997. But the brand brought it back in 2000 with edible goodies. Anyway, the problem persisted. Thus, it had to go for good in 2007.

Apple Newtons

Nabisco is famous for its Fig Newtons. These are small and fruity snacks that come in so many flavors. When you require it, it’s the finest thing available. Because of the variety of flavors, the name had to be changed to Newtons from Fig Newtons.

Image Credits: walkmemorylane.wordpress.com

In the 90s, Nabisco also offered Fig Newtons in an apple flavor. But, that flavor didn’t make it through the decade. Later on, a different version of the flavor was released. It was the warm apple and cinnamon taste, but it was not largely a hit.

Skippy Squeeze Stix

Skippy Squeeze Stix had a relatively uncomplicated notion. It was a practical tube of Skippy peanut butter or Skippy chocolate peanut butter. You could consume these on the way out without creating a mess. It was simple. But, what went wrong?

Image Credits: amazon.com

Generally, these snacks had the same concept as many snacks that are still present, like, Gogurt. Although there isn’t a sure-shot reason behind the disappearance of these snacks from store shelves, we wonder if it was mainly due to bad marketing.

Fruit-Shaped Trix Cereal

Today, you can walk into any store and pick up an OG Trix cereal box. But, if you haven’t tried the cereal in a while, you’ll be surprised to see what comes out when you pour yourself a good old bowl of some Trix.

Image Credits: generalmills.com

Although the cereal came out in 1991, and it exists to this day, the authentic fruit-shaped cereal pieces don’t exist anymore. Back in 2006, General Mills thought of reevaluating the design and making the cereal into simple popped corn puffs.

French Toast Crunch Cereal

For decades now, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal has been a staple meal, well, to be precise, a stable breakfast for kids, which also makes Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal something that is definitely bought when seen on the store shelves. So delicious!

Image Credits: generalmills.com

In the 90s, you also could have chosen to buy a French Toast Crunch. So, this cereal, just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, had turned things upside down by taking the place of traditional breakfast foods. The cereal was discontinued in 2006, but, lucky for everyone, it was reintroduced in 2014 for fans with a sweet tooth.


Did you know that The Coca-Cola company first released Surge drinks in Norway as “Urge” in 1996? It’s true! Also, at that time, it was released to lock horns with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew release. Wow. The 90s were so cool!

Image Credits: surge.com

The drink was released in America in 1997, but the name wasn’t Urge. It was Surge. But, it was discontinued in 2003, which led to many 90s kids feeling disappointed. But, in current years, there have been some signs of a potential comeback. 

Nabisco Giggles

Nabisco Giggles were cookies that looked like they had a face with a broad smile. They had a creamy filling that matched Oreos. In the 90s, when these snacks were first released, they were wildly popular. But what happened to them?

Image Credits: traci*s retro /Flikr

We had to bid farewell to these treats for good in the 90s. What’s more alarming is that it doesn’t seem like Nabisco plans to reintroduce these cookies. But, you’d see many brands copying Nabisco Giggles with their smiley-face cookies. Maybe that’ll do for now.

Crystal Pepsi

You guys can actually buy Crystal Pepsi right now in specialty shops, but things weren’t the same when you could enjoy one of those back in the 90s. Since the 90s, there have been quite a few changes in this clear soft drink.

Image Credits: CC BY-SA 4.0 /Wikipedia

Pepsi was sold as a more nutritional choice when it came to soft drinks. Pepsi was sold as a caffeine-free drink. In short, they connected the clear color of the drink to health. It was released in the early 90s but discounted in 1993 after a short time. Later, it returned with a caffeinated recipe.

Bubble Beeper

From the outside, all gum looks the same. But some manufacturers go out of their way to be different. Some differences make specific brands and certain flavors stand out from the competition. . Bubble Beeper was one such product from the 90s.

Image Credits: Reddit/ cigar_dude

This was a brand that stood out well back then. One of the main reasons was that the packaging was fun, and many people wanted to keep it. But, with a few disagreements in a few years, the candy quickly fell out of fad, and then Bubble Beeper gum was concluded.

Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars

The Twix Cookies-n-Creme bars were irresistibly tasty. But, they were released alongside another flavor, which was the Chocolate Fudge. Sadly, the Chocolate Fudge flavor got almost no attention compared to the Cookies-n-Creme one. We haven’t tried this one yet but would be really happy to have that opportunity.

Image Credits: Cookies N Creme Twix /Facebook

These chocolate bars came out in 1990. The chocolate cookie was covered in cream and a coating of milk chocolate in the Cookies-n-Creme, different from Twix’s classic caramel center. These flavors were only there around a year before discontinuation, surprisingly.


Squeezits aren’t from the 90s, in fact, they’re from the 80s, but they are still a treat we enjoyed for two centuries. The company used a marketing technique that was really popular at that time. The strategy was simple. The more colorful it was, the more attention it’d receive.

Image Credits: 90kids.com

So, this drink came in a plethora of flavors and colors. Heck, it even came in black bottles for hiding the color of a drink, for a mystery surprise flavor. Sadly, its sales took a dip during the late 90s, and finally, the drink had to be stopped in 2001.

Oatmeal Swirlers

Oatmeal is one of those breakfast choices that won’t usually bring a smile to a child’s face because, let’s face it. They aren’t the tastiest. But, Oatmeal Swirlers did a brilliant thing by creating this concept and making things more delicious and appealing.

Image Credits: Dinosaur Dracula

Oatmeal Swirlers were popular in the 80s and early 90s. They had packages of fruit jelly paste for every box of instant oats. Children could use these flavor packages to create designs and add some taste to their breakfast. But, the product was discontinued.

Josta Soda

The 90s was a pretty creative era for Pepsi since they released a wide variety of new and exciting things back then. One of those exciting but no more accessible items was Josta soda. 2000s kids might not have even heard of it

Image credit: worthpoint.com

This soft drink was also the first energy drink introduced by a big-time beverage company in the USA. It lasted for four years, from 1995 to 1999. But, it has gained a lot of following with comeback pleas. But Pepsi isn’t answering those.

Cheetos Paws

If we look at it technically, Cheetos Paws haven’t wholly been discontinued, like many snacks on this list. But, it’ll be pretty tricky for you to find them as simply as you did during the 90s. This image shows how they looked.

Image Credits: thedaddest.com

What was striking about them was that this Cheeto was shaped like a paw, considerably like Chester Cheetah, the brand’s mascot. These were released in 1990 but were discontinued in 1993. You might have to go on an online search expedition to get one of these today.

Reggie! Bar

If you were in the 90s (hypothetically and actually), and you wanted a sweet treat from the candy aisle, you might have considered trying a Reggie! Bar on the way out. It was a milk chocolate bar that had nuts and caramel in it.

Image Credits: mindofthemodernman.wordpress.com

This candy came out in 1976. Later, it was discontinued in 1982. Luckily, the candy bar did return in the 90s, although it doesn’t exist anymore. The titleof it is a homageto Reggie Jackson, who was a baseball player for the Yankees.

Oreo Big Stuff

Oreo had produced Oreo Big Stuff, which is a nostalgic product for the children raised in the 90s. But, after being on the shelf for seven years, the product had to be unfortunately discontinued. Here is the image of the product.

Image Credits: thedaddest.com

These Oreos were sold individually rather than being sold in boxes like the traditional Oreos. Also, it’s no big surprise that these cookies were huge. This treat is another one from the 90s that was discontinued primarily because of an increase in health awareness and low profits.

Doritos 3Ds

Just look at the image of that snack. How could you resist yourself from munching down on that? These are the Doritos 3Ds, and they were really favored in the 2000s. Still, these treats were discontinued in the early 2000s.

Image Credits: Fizzypop228 /Reddit

Many of the flavors of this snack were similar to that of the regular Doritos, but their shape was what made them unique. Doritos 3Ds were puffier, and they had an air-filled center, thus, giving you a different feel. It’s sad that they aren’t there anymore. 

Sprinkle Spangles

If General Mills had an option to bring back a short-lived breakfast cereal from their roster, we think they’d definitely go for Sprinkle Spangles. These were very delicious when they existed in the 90s, and Hidden Treasures is its sister cereal.

Image Credits: MrBreakfast.com

The star-shaped pieces and the multi-color sprinkles, made them look like a colorful and a sprinkly dream come true. Before being discontinued in 1998, this cereal had been promoted as having “spangled every angle with sprinkles.” Based on the name, do you think these were only available in America?

McDonald’s Arch Deluxe

There have been a lot of items that have been put on the menu at McDonalds and have lasted for year. The classic Big Mac is here to stay. However, a few new items pop up sometimes and are quickly rejected by the people over the years. One of those items is the Arch Deluxe. It is also an thing that many individuals from the 90s are missing badly.

Image Credits: businessinsider.com

The Arch Deluxe was a hamburger that was an initial hit at McDonald’s. It started off in 1996, and the target audience of that product was adults. But, it was soon discontinued because it failed to be popular, despite the massive marketing.

Dannon Sprinkl’ins Yogurt

We have a question for you. To be precise, it’s a rhetorical one. The question is that how can you go wrong when you’re putting sprinkles all over your yogurt? Dannon understood this concept in the 90s, and they were pretty quick to unveil Sprinkl’ins Yogurt.

Image Credits: smkaemp5 /Reddit

Although the name seems to be pretty weird, it was amazing to eat. Yet, it lasted only five years after being released in 1995. We wish it were still available to this day for the kids of this generation to cherish.

Jell-O Salads

You’ll see quite a few Jell-O products in this list that were discontinued. Jell-O Salads were one of those products. Although anybody can make these by themselves today, there was a time when you could go to a store to purchase a Jell-O salad.

Image Credits: thedaddest.com

The word “salad” was used liberally for this product. These things were a massive hit for many years until they were discontinued in the 90s. Although strawberry pretzel salads are still the big thing, there are many other things that aren’t.


How many of you 90’s kids remember Fruitopia? For those who don’t, it was one of the many beverages that Coca-Cola has unleashed over their term for those who don’t. It was introduced in 1994, and it had a good run, until 2003.

Image Credits: Carrie McGann /Flikr

It is a fruit-flavored drink that comes in many flavors—for instance, strawberry, kiwi, tangerine, watermelon, and more. You can find similar products from Coca-Cola, but you’ll find them under their Minute Maid label. You could still see Fruitopia in some countries, although it’s discontinued. 

Keebler Baked Munch ‘Ems

If you were in the 90s and you wished like having a scrumptious snack, the odds are that you might have reached into your drawer and pulled out a massive box of Keebler Baked Munch’ Ems. Keebler had said that these were “baked ’til they crunch like chips.”

Image Credits: packagingpedia.fandom.com

These snacks came in multiplied flavors like original, ranch, cheddar, and, sour cream and onion. After some time, the brand added more flavors to the line. But, the competition increased like anything, and thus, the crackers had to be discontinued.

Jell-O 1-2-3

Now, Kraft was really popular in the 90s. They had released Jell-O 1-2-3 long before they became famous. In fact, way, way long – we’re talking about going back to 1969. This product of theirs was layered, and overall, just magical.

Image Credits: thedaddest.com

The product came in one all-inclusive pouch, but it was supposed to split into three layers as it set. The layers included a standard Jell-O bottom, a custard-ish middle layer, and a foamy finish. But, the 90s was the last decade of the snack since it was discontinued in 1996.

Shark Bites

Gummy snacks have existed as a favorite treat for kids for quite some time now. You would be shocked to know that back in the 90s there were so many options to choose from! Betty is back with Shark Bites.

Image Credits: LaFerrari2305 /Reddit

These delicious snacks were standard fare for gummy snacks, but they stood out from the crowd because of their nautical-themed forms. It also satisfied a sweet tooth pretty well. Although the product still exists today, the formula is just different. It doesn’t taste like before.

Keebler Magic Middles

Keebler Magic Middles was another cookie with a filling. Sadly, it went in a different direction than brands like Oreo. Here’s the point to note. Instead of the yummy center being in the middle of two cookies, it was baked into the center of the cookies.

Image Credits: thestreet.com

That way, the shortbread cookies might have looked plain on the outside, but on the inside, they were full of flavor. You could also choose between peanut butter filling or fudge-filled centers. They were discontinued after being a typical snack in the 80s and 90s.

Orbitz Water

Orbitz Water was a flavored water label that came out in 1997. But, Orbitz Water only lasted a year. It lasted until the moment Orbitz, the travel company, bought out the name. So, obviously, Orbitz Water had to be discontinued.

Image Credits: aimeeXlouise /Reddit

These products were available in various flavors, which made the drink really unique. But, what made it stand out from the competitors was the gelatinous balls flowing in the glass. These things made the drinks flavorful while also making them attention-worthy.

Melody Pops

Do you remember the companies that offered a whistle built into the stick of the lollypop? Well, Melody Pops was one of those brands too. Just like the name suggests, these were candies that you couldn’t only eat but use as a whistle to create a melody, too!

Image Credits: food.allwomenstalk.com

Although the candy was made by many companies, the 90s saw the boom in demand for these things by Chupa Chups. But, the company’s Melody Pops were discontinued in 2015 after some years. But, you can still find these candies. Just not in stores.

PB Max

Mars had released their PB Max chocolate candies in many shops around the USA over the course of 1989 and 1990. These delicious treats were made from a cookie and peanut butter filling within a chocolate layer. Delicious! Have a look.

Image Credits: thedaddest.com

Interestingly, these were a pretty successful adventure by Mars. The candy raked in $50 million in sales in only one year. But, they had to be taken down the store shelves shortly after their release, with the reason behind it being “Mars brothers’ dislike peanut butter.”

Pop-Tarts Crunch

One of the main trends in the 90s was turning our prized treats into small versions for breakfast. To be honest, that was a fantastic trend. One of the products we got from this trend was the Crunch cereal from Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts.

Image Credits: Change.org

It’s simple. The cereal is precisely what it sounds like. According to Kellog’s, these are tiny Pop-Tarts that are for your spoon. The cereal was available in two savors, which were strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon. They were there on the store shelves from 1994-1995.

Life Savers Holes

Life Savers are a rather familiar sweet. You’ll still see them while going through the checkout lines or even while stopping by the convenience store. But, what you won’t be seeing, or what you don’t see anymore, are Life Savers Holes.

Image Credits: historymates.com

Although the Life Savers that this generation knows is the rings. These Holes were the centers that the Life Savers were missing. Although they might have been delicious, they weren’t there for long since they had to be discontinued due to choking hazards.

Flintstones Push-Up Pops

By now, we have learned that sometimes products did not do well in the 90s because of the characters that were used to endorse the product. If the characters weren’t popular enough moving forward, they often had to shut down production due to a lack of sales.

Image Credits: Reddit/ shaft2007

Sadly, this was also the case for the iconic remarkable Flintstones Push Up pops. These snacks were uncomplicated, and they mainly had images of the Flintstones characters on an icy treat. But, these treats couldn’t escape the summer heat, as they gradually started disappearing in the early 2000s.

Mickey’s Parade Ice Pops

Now, if there is one thing that still stands to this day, it is kids being highly interested in a snack if that snack relates to their favorite characters in any given way. But, the thing is that these characters seem to change with generations. Well, isn’t that obvious?

Image Credits: Reddit/ Dnewkirk87

Back in the 90s, Disney capitalized on this marketing approach with their Mickey’s Ice Pops. It went beyond providing just the kid-friendly packaging and box art since it actually features ice pops in the shape of well-known Disney characters.

Hostess Chocodiles

Hostess Chocodiles first debuted in the 80s. This product was basically Twinkies with an extra chocolate coating. The snack was named after a crocodile named Chauncey, who was the original mascot of the Hostess brand. Take a look at this image.

Image Credits: nypost.com

The snack was first introduced to people in the 80s, but sadly, it was discontinued in 1999. But, you aren’t out of luck if you miss this product or feel like trying it. After not being there for 15 years, Chocodiles were brought back from the closet. It’s not the same, but it’s excellent!

Snapple Element Drinks

Snapple is a renowned brand that has been about for a prolonged time. In fact, it completes 50 years this year! Congratulations to them. Over these years, they have released many new flavors and types of Snapple for their consumers. 

Image Credits: awildNeLbY/Reddit

At the end of the 90s, we also had a chance to drink the Snapple Elements Drinks. You should know that these were available in four forms: Earth, Rain, Sun, and Fire. Later on, there were more flavor additions like Meteor and Gravity. Although they aren’t discontinued, the classic glass bottles are.

Jell-O Pudding Pops

Jell-O Pudding Pops were simply everywhere throughout the 1980s and the 90s. These snacks left a huge impression. You could find them anywhere from the frozen aisle to advertised on TV when famous celebs from that publicized them.

Image Credits: .chowhound.com

Just like a popsicle, these tasty frozen treats were like sticky sweetness on an ice cream stick. But, instead of that, they opted for Jell-O pudding as the contents rather than going with juices. It was still profitable, but it was discontinued.