Eggstraordinary: Eggs That Look Anything But Sunnyside Up

By Liezel L

Sometimes boredom brings out the very best in people. It can be the catalyst of the next greatest art of the century, the next song everyone will bop to, or even an entire book series that will define the next generation’s childhood. Other times, though, it brings out the most bizarre sides of people. And by strange, we don’t just mean creating weird songs or painting out-of-this-world images. We mean making the most bizarre egg dishes out there for absolutely no reason. See, this all started when Twitter user Anna Hughes revealed her hobby of creating increasingly unsettling eggs. Soon enough, people followed suit and revealed their own bizarre egg creations. And while they’re not too weird, a lot of these egg dishes are not exactly what we imagine to be placed on our breakfast table.

Inside Out

This first one is coming from the person who started it all, Twitter user AnnaGHughes. And it is definitely unsettling. There’s just something weird and almost wrong about seeing all that yellow instead of the typical white we know and love. 

Source: AnnaGHughes/Twitter

When you look at it, though, it is almost perfect. It’s a nice round-ish shape, and it’s cooked well, like any other sunny-side-up egg. All this adds to how bizarre it looks. Also, why is the white so small and round-ish? Is that another egg?

We’ve All Been There

To some degree, this is a weird sight for eggs. It completely lacks the white that we’re all used to seeing on a sunny-side-up, and yet, it’s not the most peculiar sight. Nope. We think at one point in our lives, we’ve all been there. 

Source: PhebeTheWeeb/Twitter

To everyone who has cooked eggs, this is not a new sight. This might be the result of someone’s first time cooking an egg over easy, or this might also be the result of someone’s rough morning. It usually doesn’t get this bad, though, right?

Crying Out For Help

One of the most frustrating things for egg lovers is when all eggs land in the frying pan perfectly, except for one egg that seems determined to commit egg suicide. They ruin the whole look by running all over the place. 

Source: LeeRosever/Twitter

It’s kind of hard to get as frustrated, though, when someone touches it up with a bit of creativity. Now, it looks like the egg landed that way on purpose. This egg knows just how bad of a cook we are. 


We’ve seen twin bananas, twin candies, twin popsicles, and twin human beings, and sometimes, we see twin eggs. Of course, stores now sell double yolks by the dozen, but this event rarely happens with the standard, natural variety. We feel like winners when we find one.

Source: estelleslegers/Twitter

Apparently, by themselves, these kinds of double yolks are rare. As the Twitter user shared, you might only find them in 1 of every 1,000 eggs. They typically come from younger hens who are still learning how to lay eggs. Fascinating!

It Looks A Little Too Happy

Smiley eggs shouldn’t be a problem. After all, it’s kind of hard to think of eggs in any other situation other than happy ones. They’re usually the sunshine of our breakfast, but this one seems a little wrong. It doesn’t inspire enthusiasm for the coming day.

Source: umysmum/Twitter

It’s a perfectly cooked egg that landed where the cook wanted it to land. But if you stare at it too long, it turns into a creepy face that you wouldn’t want to see in your dreams. Maybe we’ve been reading too many creepypastas.

Internal Screaming Unleashed

These eggs are the very epitome of what most of us feel in the mornings. They’re the perfect reflections of the internal screams we’re all holding back in order to seem like a decent and sane human being in front of all life’s challenges.

Source: ZommyB/Twitter

We also love how the eggs are in different stages of a meltdown. The eggs on the right look like the beginning and middle stages, while the first picture looks in full-blown existential crisis mode. How nice it is to be represented by eggs. 

Half And Half

We’ve only known of a few ways to cook eggs in all our lives, including scrambling them, boiling them, or cooking them sunny-side-up. Never have we heard of half and half eggs. Apparently, somebody wanted the best of both worlds.

Source: aixvm_/Twitter

This one is a scramble sunny-side-up combination, and honestly, we do not hate it. It makes so much sense, especially if you’re a yolk lover. You get that yummy dry egg while still having the runny yolk, the best of both styles of cooking. 

Hootin’ Eggs

We love it when people put in so much effort to make their food so pretty. Their dishes are all the more appetizing, and it inspires us to eat pretty too. Just take a look at these owl eggs on top of some yummy ramen. 

Source: CariEDrolet/Twitter

Sure, it failed a little and made the owl egg look like it has a black eye, but hey, the effort is what counts, and we give an A for that. That still looks like an owl that took some time to make, and we’d definitely feel guilty destroying it and eating it. 

Swimming In White

This one here is another creation from the master herself, AnnaGHughes, and it’s quite unsettling. Why is there so much egg white? Or, to put it the other way around, why is there just one yolk in there? What did she do with the rest?

Source: AnnaGHughes/Twitter

What is the purpose of that single yolk? Did it just accidentally slip in there? We kind of refuse to believe someone would purposefully do this. Maybe someone wanted to be healthy with their eggwhite omelet but wanted a little bit of the yolk flavor.

It Looks Egghausted

If we have a happy egg, we also have an egg that looks so sad about its fate. We get why it would be feeling low. Just look at the state of this poor egg dish. It’s a little too late to bring it some joy.

Source: Mc_Towel/Twitter

This egg might be conveying its disappointment to whoever cooked it. What a way to say goodbye to the world, right? There are still more chances for this person to improve their skills and hopefully cook a happier egg. 

Loving Eggs

Not all of us take the time to do it, but eggs are pretty easy to shape. You have to be quick about it and do it on low fire. Just look at this cute leaf-shaped breakfast. You could also make your eggs into hearts for your loved ones.

Source: geni52/Twitter

Talking about love, a lot of people are loving these bizarre eggs. They are fascinated, and some are even calling it food art. Others are calling it eggcellent content. With everything we’ve seen, we couldn’t help but agree with both.

The Perfect Egg

We think that wherever we pick up an egg to cook, we subconsciously wish for it to turn out the way we see it in the movies or the cooking shows: a perfect circle with the perfect, bright yellow yolk at the center. Most of the time, though, it’s not what we get. 

Source: Im_Lucho89/Twitter

As much as we think we want a perfect egg is, this one looks a little weird. It looks like one of those rubber egg toys they sell as part of kids’ cooking sets. No matter what, we still love our imperfect eggs just the way they are. 

So Fluffy

We’ve seen and delighted in all those jiggly fluffy pancakes and cakes that are all the rage on the internet right now, but has anyone seen an egg version? Well, here it is! And we have a lot of feelings about it.

Source: ArtheosNL/Twitter

It looks so airy, so light, and so fluffy, and we bet that if you give that a little shake, that beautiful yoke will give a little jiggle. It’s adorable, and it makes us so happy just by looking at it.

Ready For The Next Album

This cook definitely has something going on here. If our eggs started looking like album covers, we’d be pretty ecstatic too. At least they’re serving up some inspiration while giving us a good breakfast. What a great way to start your day.

Source: lubiephil/Twitter

Maybe these eggs have been rocking out to a lot of Daft Punk music while they were still, you know, whole, and they took a liking to it. Anyhow, we are super glad they documented this mock Random Access Memories cover for all to behold.

Double The Luck?

Usually, when people find or see unusual things, they are often told it’s a sign of good luck. Sometimes, it might be bad luck. For this one, we think it’s more of the former. Only good things could come from a delicious extra yolk.

Source: crunchynuute/Twitter

How could anyone think that double egg twinnies are a bad thing? Even if they don’t bring you extra luck, you get an extra yummy yolk for more than what you paid. This person was fortunate to get two blessed eggs in the same meal. 

Swiss Egg

For people who have trypophobia, this egg dish would not be their favorite. Even those of us who are unbothered by holes are a little unsettled by this hole-filled egg. How in the world did it come out that way?

Source: Ayesha_art/Twitter

It looks like a slice of cheese. With Swiss cheese, we know that it’s naturally filled with holes. Eggs aren’t supposed to be. Was this done deliberately? Based on the emoji used in the post, we guess this was a sad, horrible accident. Probably tasted pretty good, though!

Sad, Sad Eggs

It’s strange how something like an egg can make us feel guilty, but this sad egg is doing that to us. It looks like it’s watching every bad decision we’ve made and is sighing in disappointment at every single one of them. 

Source: sayfuturemed/Twitter

Honestly, we didn’t know eggs could be this disappointed or sad, but here we are anyway. They’re even better at it than our parents, and they’re just eggs on a pan. We guess that’s what happens when you delve into too many bizarre eggs.

When One Part Just Isn’t Cooperating

Much like everything in this world, not all eggs are perfect. Some turn out with bigger yolks than others, others turn out with more yolks than usual, and well, some turn out with what looks like fully cooked yolks even before they hit the pan. 

Source: StacyKildal/Twitter

Did the yolk freeze? It looks like a bouncy ball toy, but we know it can’t be since the rest is clearly uncooked and runny egg white. We guess it’s another egg mystery we’re not going to be able to solve. 

Double The Double 

Honestly, we love all these double yolk moments. As odd as they look, they delight us for the simple reason that they’re unique as well as delicious. It is not every day you get more than one double yolk in a meal.

Source: allisonkopf/Twitter

The yolk is arguably the tastiest part of the egg. We know the egg white omelet has been touted as healthier, but that’s just the truth of it. The more yolk, the better. We even have some science behind us that says the yolks are super healthy, so there!

When It Tries To Run Away 

Unless you’re a chef or someone who has dedicated a considerable amount of time and effort into perfecting eggs, this is one of the normal states of your sunny-side-ups every time. And there’s no shame in that. It’s a tough dish to perfect.

Source: FurIlsa/Twitter

Whether our eggs are shaped like splats on the floor or worms that are trying to get out of the pan, what matters is that they’re tasty enough and that they’ll fill up our hungry tummies. If your eggs aren’t beautiful yet, don’t lose hope.

Moon Eggs

There’s a reason we’re so close to calling AnnaGHughes the master of bizarre eggs. Not only did she start this whole business, but her masterpieces are also nearly unmatched. Just take a look at another masterpiece of hers right here. 

Source: AnnaGHughes/Twitter

Unlike the others, this looks much more intentional, like she was attempting to paint a picture, and honestly, we’re loving it. It looks like the kind of moon and star we’d draw as kids. Who knew you could also do that with eggs? 

Eggcellent Birthday Cake 

Eggs are an integral part of baking. Almost every bread and pastry out there needs eggs, and they are not the same without them. So it’s only fair we acknowledge how important they are. We just didn’t imagine anyone would do it this way. 

Source: DrewDouglass/Twitter

Although we’ve seen all those egg-based treats out there like the egg tarts and egg pies, this is the first we’ve heard of an egg cake. We’re half unsettled and half fascinated. If you know anyone who really loves eggs, this would be the perfect birthday gift. 


Everyone knows how to boil an egg, right? It is the simplest dish out there. You just put water in a pot, put the eggs in there, and wait for the water to boil. It’s that simple. And yet, there is a reason why chefs have to perfect every kind of egg before being called “the best.”

Source: notsogrump/Twitter

We understand that disasters can happen even when doing something as simple as boiling an egg. It might have been the water, the timing, the egg itself, or just lousy luck, but at least they still have a somewhat intact and edible egg. 

Looking A Little Too Green

We don’t know about you, but we like our eggs to look nice with soft white and sunny yellow in the center. And even if it is for the Halloween season, these eggs are looking a little too unwell for us. 

Source: JIMENOPOLIX/Twitter

We’re pretty sure it will win the Halloween food fest. The concept is genius for the season since it looks like a plate of alien eggs. Sorry to disappoint, but we’ll have to pass. We would not like green eggs and ham, Sam I Am.

Pacman Egg 

Is it just us, or do these eggs look so much like Pacman? The game may be old, but the cute monster within it is still recognizable. This looks less cute and more terrifying, but we know that the cook tried her best.

Source: speedbudget/Twitter

It’s the face we imagine when he’s running away from the ghosts who have ganged up on and caught him. It’s also the perfect emoji face for running late or running away from responsibilities. We wonder if that was how the user felt that morning.

Rogue Yolk 

This is one of the eggs that look weird enough to have come from another planet. We know that yolks don’t always sit perfectly in the pan, but what happened here? It’s broken all the rules of eggs we thought we knew.

Source: RGBvCMYK/Twitter

Isn’t it the white part that breaks and usually gives way to the yolk and not the other way around? This yolk looks like it gave up all its rights and let the white take over. Sad. It is increasingly starting to feel that eggs express our inner lives.

Please Don’t Make This A Trend

There’s always a food trend being cooked up somewhere in the world, and we’re guilty of loving a lot of them no matter how crazy they sound. As much as we love the idea behind these unicorn eggs, we’re not sure they will become one of those trends. 

Source: lnelson/Twitter

They’re cute, they’re quirky, and we appreciate the effort behind them. We imagine the coloring wasn’t simple, but we like our eggs the way they are. There’s just something about the clean and classic white and yellow that nothing can beat. 

Too Many Twinsies 

We know the twin egg thing might be getting a little old, but look at how many twinsies are in this bowl. That is truly, as this Twitter user described, a genuinely baffling coincidence. Four yolks from one little shell!

Source: Galia/Twitter

Either the hen that laid these was really young and healthy, or Galia’s luck just doubled on them. Too bad that wow factor is all gone in seconds after they get all whisked up. Either way, she has an egg feast to enjoy. 

This Questionable Boiled Egg 

Weird things happen every day. Fish can fall out of the sky. Your cat may suddenly start showing you love instead of cat indifference. A stranger might suddenly propose to you on the street. Your boiled egg might even turn out into something like this questionable thing. 

Source: chton/Twitter

We’re not sure what they were trying to achieve with this one, but we’re pretty sure it’s far from how it turned out. Is it edible? The only thing we know is that it’s one of the most unsettling egg dishes we’ve seen. 

The Yolk Dot 

We don’t know about you, but as strange as this sunny-side-up is with all that white and tiny yellow dot, it looks so satisfying. It looks so clean without the usual uneven sides or cracking yolks. It’s practically perfect in every way.

Source: birdw0rk/Twitter

Do they just like whites a lot more but don’t want to miss out on that yolk? Surely, there must be a reason for this satisfying weirdness. We’re guessing that the yolk was tinier than usual, but it could be another case of the other yolks getting tossed.

Galaxy Egg 

Remember all those images we see in our science textbooks when they explain the galaxy, the planets, stars, the big bang, or topics like that? There is always this one image of a nebula that looks exactly like this egg.

Source: AnnaGHughes/Twitter

This also looks like a planet surrounded by clouds. It’s pretty cool, and we must ask how the yolk got so big and so round. That is some beautiful egg art right there. It may not be perfectly round, but it has uniqueness going for it.

Giant Yolks 

We have seen many great and unique eggs, but boy, those yolks are enormous. They’re practically jumping out of the whites, and they look so fresh and shiny. They’re just begging to be cooked and served on a nice plate with toast. 

Source: soilseedandsun/Twitter

If our futures were half as bright as these yolks, we would be pretty set in life. We’d probably have more joy, more time, and we’d probably be a lot more satisfied with where we are. Unfortunately, our lives are just as unpredictable as how your fried eggs will turn out. We can only try our best and hope for the best. 

Airy Eggs On Toast 

We are not surprised we are seeing all these fluffy, airy egg varieties. We’re not mad. We can’t blame people for going crazy over them either. They’re cloud eggs. How can you not appreciate them, especially when they live up to their name? 

Source: jamesmoore1278/Twitter

On toast, they look so delicious. They might not be the brightest or most colorful egg dish, but one thing we know about eggs on toast is that it never fails to satisfy, no matter how you cook the eggs. Add in the fluff, and it just makes breakfast more delightful. 

Kitty Eggs

Pet owners show their love for their pets in so many ways. Some have cakes made in their honor, while others take their pets all over the world. A few people out there make sweet egg replicas of their pets. 

Source: _Zeph_/Twitter

This kitty replica, we can say, is pretty spot-on and very adorable. It looks too cute to be eaten. It’s not every day you can make the most precious cat replica. If it were us, we’d take a billion pictures of it and just let the cat decide what to do with it. 

Still Alive and Beating

This is definitely not your breakfast egg because this egg still seems alive and well. Those veins look like they’re still busy pumping life into that little developing chick. We wonder if there was still a chance to close it up and let it be.

Source: obscurialfear/Twitter

It’s unsettling how it looks like they performed some kind of brain or heart surgery on it. This is one of those moments where nature baffles us, and we might take a break from eggs for just a little bit. Oatmeal, anyone?

Creepy Side Up?

Now, who doesn’t love a good sunny side up with their toast in the morning? We know we do. Anyone who has ever made these eggs knows how tricky it is to get them right, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Source: stevemeister12/Twitter

With that said, none of the bad batches we’ve ever made turned out like this. It looks like a weird cross between an egg and an ugly clown! If you ever need to ‘scare’ your kid out of asking for a sunny side up every chance they get, this is the way to do it!


You have got to admire the creativity people bring to these creations! How many batches do you think this person made to finally get this perfect masterpiece? We are guessing not anywhere less than ten. However, we hope they know it was worth it because it’s awesome.

Source: GywerMelanie/Twitter

The expressions on the pan are so vivid but just like with any other piece of art, this one is also open to interpretation. We think it looks like a character straight out of Monsters, Inc. Maybe “Fritz’s” brother from another mother. What do you think?

Baked To Perfection

Gather around all foodies, for we have found a way to make perfectly runny eggs. If you are a devout Sunday ‘bruncher,’ we suggest including this next time you’re the one hosting. Baking eggs in the oven is hardly a new concept, but you haven’t lived until you’ve tried one of these.

Source: DennisNYC_edu/Twitter

Like Dennis said in the tweet, it will only take you 9 minutes, and depending on the kind of cupcake tray you own, you will be devouring one tasty egg after another in no time. Makes sense that after all the strange and even disturbing entries we’ve seen, we’d have one good egg!

Two Yolks Are Better Than One

We know all egg lovers agree with the above statement. As we said before, double-yoked eggs are quite rare, so anytime we come across them, we can’t help but celebrate it as some kind of win. Our stomachs certainly agree with that sentiment!

Source: Paul_is_TheToro/Twitter

These eggs have always had an air of mystery around them. Though much of the science around how they occur has been debunked, the superstitions still persist. For example, some cultures believe that if you crack an egg and it happens to have two yolks, you’ll have twins! Exciting or terrifying?