Weird Food Orders From People Who Have Peculiar Palates

By Sachin P

Working in the food service sector, whether it’s for a five-star establishment or a fast-food franchise, is difficult. Clients can cause more stress to these occupations, in addition to the long working hours and physically demanding labor. Customers’ specific demands, wishes, and meal requests might turn into amusing anecdotes that colleagues will remember for a long time, and specific requests may seem highly bizarre. They serve as a constant reminder of how different everybody is and how harsh specific individuals can be. We’ve compiled a list of some of the weirdest, creepiest, and strangest client requests we could find. These bizarre stories are told by food service professionals who’ve seen it all and still managed to do their job with composure!


Sure. Everyone has their specific tastes, and they are entitled to them. Even though grilling a fresh beef patty well done can rattle some bones, we’ll allow it. Not that we promote a macho, eat only rare meat kind of culture here.

Image courtesy of Kenjames02 / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @averypotato / Twitter

In order to truly appreciate the flavors of a meat patty, there’s a particular way of cooking it. That’s our opinion. We are amazed as to how this lady can even eat this! It must taste like a cross between a hockey puck and a sandal.

Why need an emetic when you have this!

Okay, we have heard of bacon-flavored soda. Although we feel like that beverage is taking things a bit too far, we’ll allow it. To some extent, that is. But this just makes us gag when we read about it.

Image courtesy of; Tweet courtesy of @DisneyDragon / Twitter

The heroic employee who made this request without falling sick should be honored. They should get a raise! It’s one thing to have coffee and bacon sandwiches separately. But to blend it together and have it, like some kind of smoothie, is something really unheard of.

Now this, we understand

Pregnancy cravings that expecting mothers go through are really an interesting phenomenon. In some cultures, it is seen as an honor to help an expecting mother satisfy her food cravings. They believe that by doing so, they will receive good merits.

Image courtesy of Holycowyyc / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @ZojoJojo / Twitter

So, in this case, we have a typical pregnancy craving. Otherwise, what person would mix an acid like lemon with a dairy item like milk? It could result in curdling. But her request was specific, and it’s great that this employee went along with it.

This is making us queasy

We love sugar. We’re not being overly cavalier about it, but eating something sugary and sweet makes us happy. This is why it is extremely addictive and quite hard to let go as a habit. Now, this… This is something else.

Image courtesy of Butterfly.charli / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @JockoPotato / Twitter

The amount of sugar in 15 creams plus pure corn syrup sugar is just mind-boggling. It’s like that cockroach alien in the first Men in Black movie that consumed large amounts of sugar. How on earth can their bodies process that much sugar?

Japan wants to know your location

Dunking sushi in soy sauce like you’re trying to drown them is a food mess-up on its own. But this? We don’t have the correct words to describe what we actually feel. This is a new level of a super bizarre taste palate.

Image courtesy of Maggiemags / Instagram; Tweet courtesy oof @none_yo_lizness / Twitter

Lathering butter and sprinkling artificial sugar on top like it’s a bread-and-butter sandwich? Goodness gracious, this is a new low. They were eating raw fish and baked rice which is meticulously and skillfully prepared from decades of tradition like this? We’re speechless.

Mayonnaise represent!

We do understand the divide between mayonnaise. Some people don’t like it while others just absolutely love the taste that it offers. Some haven’t even heard of mayonnaise (which is true). Our opinion is that it adds an excellent flavor to selected and applicable dishes.

Image courtesy of kid_volcano / Reddit; Tweet courtesy of @honeystixxs / Twitter

Even spreading some on plain white bread, we can understand. Not every single human being has the same taste. But lathering a 300+ gram bottle on a piece of bread! This is just overboard. The bread would just break in half under all that weight!

He wants what?

A Caesar salad is a green salad containing croutons and romaine lettuce. Then it’s seasoned with black pepper, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, olive oil, Dijon mustard, lemon juice or lime juice, egg, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic. This is the traditional way to eat it.

Image courtesy of Omfgitskevin / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @NorskEmily / Twitter

There is nowhere do you see ketchup in the description of the salad. The person who ordered this must have a very distinct palate centered around Heinz tomato ketchup. We somewhat get the direction they’re going here. But would we eat this? Heck no!

Caffeine, much

Ten shots of coffee roughly equal seven cups of drip coffee. So, this person just downs seven cups of coffee with caramel and milk. From the way they described it, they seem like a regular customer at this establishment mentioned here.

Image courtesy of __man.maru / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @CdyRnkn / Twitter

Experts recommend drinking a maximum of four cups of coffee per day to prevent unhealthy side effects. This person drinks twice the recommended limit on a daily basis. We would love to know what kind of job they do for them to require such an insane amount of caffeine.

Why so secretive

There’s nothing to be ashamed of here. You have the right and the freedom to enjoy your drink the way you like it. You do pay for it, and the bartender has to make it as you exactly want.

Image courtesy of Veruscky / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @BruceAsbestos / Twitter

If someone else judges you for the drink you’re drinking at a bar or a pub, ignore them. They haven’t got their priorities sorted. But if you really have to do a ritual like this to sort out your own drink, well, we’re speechless.

Requests that make you go hmm…

We are a bit on the fence about this one, though. She did bring her breast milk in a sealed container. So from her part, she was being a bit health conscious. She wanted the same on her latte, which is a bit weird.

Image courtesy of A.mothers.manifesto / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @hospitalflowers / Twitter

But if she wants something she brought specifically to mix in with the drink she’s paying for, they should make it. It may sound extremely strange, but it’s just another simply weird request. We hope the woman got what she wanted in the end.

Yay to the stuff

At the end of the day, his loss was the staff’s gain. It must have been a quite well-deserved treat for them after serving customers for so long. Also, being expensive does not always mean high quality. It’s best to follow this rule if you want to manage your finances.

Image courtesy of Jeremyrocksmith / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @Dawndsweet1 / Twitter

It’s perfectly alright to indulge yourself or your loved ones with some luxury item. It’s your right. But in a situation like this where you have no idea about the wine selection, ask the staff for a recommendation. If not, you can always call before you come and ask.

But why?

Well, the only sensible answer we can give here would be this. The lady in question likes her bargains. Otherwise, you can’t find a reason to justify this behavior if there’s a grocery store right next to the coffee shop.

Image courtesy of Owoce_i_warzywa / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @EmmaTrentacoste / Twitter

You’re paying eight dollars for something which you could have gotten at the grocery store at half the price and in a much larger quantity than what you’re getting at the coffee shop. If the quality and the texture are the same, why go through this stress?

100 of everything?

Okay, we’re genuinely curious to figure out how this guy manages to drink this. Judging by the size of this monstrosity which you call a cup, it won’t fit in a standard fridge. It would work as a small planter.

Image courtesy of; Tweet courtesy of @kalena_bella / Twitter

Seriously, 100 shots! If the person who ordered this was planning to share this with like 10-15 people, then it makes sense. Plus, cashing this in on one of the busiest days of the year would have made life a lot harder as an employee.

What in tarnation?

This really leaves us speechless. This definitely isn’t as weird as the bacon sandwich blended frappuccino. But this is in a class of its own. The thought process which leads to a result like this is quite interesting, and we wanna know where it came from.

Image courtesy of Carolbake / Instagram

Our best guess is that this person once drank the ice tea when they had some sauce left in their mouth. They liked the flavor combination so much they kept on replicating it. Their digestive system must be pretty strong to hold up after drinking plenty of these.

We know your pain

At the end of the day, the little girl is a paying customer. Therefore, her drink request needs to be fulfilled. It is irritating when this happens, especially when you are about to take a much-needed break from work.

Image courtesy of glenyrd / reddit; Tweet courtesy of @TheRealMu / Twitter

On the other hand, this is too much sugar and caffeine for a girl who is in fifth grade. She is allowed to enjoy sweets because it’s her right as a child. But too much sugar can do bad things for her teeth and health in the future.

Wait, what?

Now we have heard of Yak butter tea that the Tibetan people consume daily. As the name implies, it is made out of Yak butter, black tea leaves, water, and some salt. It kind of looks like soup.

Image courtesy of July_4_liffe / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @DanaLechuchu / Twitter

It’s very nutritious, and they eat it with tsampa, a sort of glutinous barley meal. All this is to prevent fluid loss as Tibetan people live in very high altitudes. But how on earth can you explain this? Putting butter in coffee?

How dairy!

Half-and-half is basically whole milk mixed with cream. If you need anything thicker than milk but not quite as thick as heavy cream, then this is what you need. It’s usually used in silky sauces, soups, curries, and sweet treats.

Image courtesy of La.loca_ / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @eliznekcam / Twitter

Most people would prefer half-and-half in the coffee since it achieves the optimal balance of creaminess with thinness. So, the bartender’s shock is legit here. You don’t even use half and half in cocktails, so why would you keep them behind the bar?

Facepalm intensifies…

How can you not know what sour cream is? Isn’t it on the menu at Chipotle? Of all the names that have been used to describe sour cream, butter is the thing that we don’t understand. How many kinds of white butter have you seen around?

Image courtesy of Endovidualeats / Instagram

Also, to call it marshmallow fluff is blasphemy. Get out of here! Why would you serve a very sweet sauce with something that’s as spicy as Mexican food? It doesn’t make any kind of sense. We guess Chipotle has to step up its advertising game.


So here we have a bit of a puzzle. It says a bowl of Queso, but it doesn’t go into detail about what is actually in it. TexMex restaurant has a wide variety of delicious Mexican dishes, and most people love to dip their chips in a warm bowl of queso.

Image courtesy of Thecozycook / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @tuisdi / Twitter

But we can’t that people like to do something like this. So taking this out of context, we assume the lady in question just gulped down a big bowl of melted cheese-like soup. Everybody likes cheese, but to eat it like this? No, thank you!

Yeah I have Salmonella on the line for you

We sure like to hope that “Kathy” here enjoys making her own version of BBQ wings. That’s perfectly okay, and what we actually believe if she is ordering something like this all the time. If the chick is not properly cooked, we’re looking at a disaster.

Image courtesy of Comedinewithdee_ / Instagram

If that’s not the case, a huge salmonella outbreak will happen because who doesn’t like eating BBQ chicken wings THAT ARE COOKED? They are delicious and an American staple. But what’s the point of ordering them like this?

A sad day for all Italians

Durum wheat, a variety of flour popular because of its firmness and tenacity, is used to produce the ultimate penne. Although if it’s overdone, this sort of pasta will actually keep its texture and shape, while pasta prepared with lighter wheat varieties would become all mushy.

Image courtesy of Kamiboneca / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @Takemeister / Twitter

That being said, pasta is a work of art, and all that just for it to end up coated with sugar syrup? If it was a slight sprinkle, we would still be freaked out but would understand. But a half a pint of sugar? On penne pasta? Unbelievable!

We also hope she’s okay

Starbucks chai lattes are known to be loaded with sugar. So, the concern of these employees happens to be pretty genuine. We would also be concerned if someone intakes that much sugar. But hey, as the list goes on, we are starting to become less shocked.

Image courtesy of Phen.88 / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @CannoliCamo / Twitter

Imagine drinking this multiple times a week. The lady in question might be self-medicating for a depressive episode, or she must be really low on blood sugar. But whatever the case, we hope that she is okay and has sought professional help if she is using it to feel better about something.


There’s not much of a meal here in this next scenario at all. We have seen squirrels eat more than two almonds, two dates, two cashews, and four walnuts when they are stocking up for winter. But in this case, we don’t understand the customer.

Image courtesy fo Foodie_nextdoor / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @ChloeDemolder / Twitte

They must be on a crash diet. Simple as that. We have bravely navigated the treacherous waters where we found blended bacon sandwiches, butter in coffee, and sugar in penne. Considering all those, this is something trivial and quite a normal request.

I need to have a lie down

The Vermonster sundae from Ben & Jerry’s is a massive bowl filled with 20 servings of ice cream (your choosing), hot fudge, cut plantains, chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, and whatever garnishes your heart desires. It’s something you’ll want to share with a group of pals.

Image courtesy of Jinnykinz / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @MayaFlinn / Twitter

Now, even doing an intro on The Vermonter is spiking our blood glucose levels. So imagine choosing your 20 scoops of ice cream and then being told that you need to choose 20 toppings as well. The sweetness of that would be off the charts.

They did what now?

Not even the people of the island nation of Sri Lanka eat raw cinnamon. Sri Lanka is famous for its high-quality cinnamon and was colonized because of it by European powers centuries ago. But this next scenario is just next level.

Image courtesy of Voiceoveruk / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @dearpluviophile / Twitter

It is a very harmless spice, but the chemical content in its raw form can irritate your throat and lungs. Remember that foolish cinnamon challenge a while back? Well, that pales in comparison to this. Raw coffee beans too? They must have a good dentist.

Sweet and spicy

Again, while considering all the other weird food combos, we feel like we could allow a pass on this. Yes, we know. The bread choice does raise some eyebrows, but it is still mild compared to what we have seen.

Image courtesy of Toneman238 / Reddit; Twitter courtesy of @laliyson / Twitter

There are many food dishes from many nationalities which employ multiple tastes. Sweet and sour, sweet and spicy, and sour and spicy are some of the examples. Maybe the lady here also wanted a combo of her own to satisfy her unique palate.


When you keep on boiling a soda, all that is left is a carbonized mass of sugar. It looks like tar left from road construction. There are multiple videos on YouTube that showcase the high sugar content found in sodas.

Image courtesy of officialDuckStudios / YouTube; Tweet courtesy of @_kierstinnichol / Twitter

So essentially, he just wants his soda not to have any carbon dioxide. But that wouldn’t make it a soda, then. We are extremely curious about how he can drink what essentially is a chemical sugary tea, minus the tea part.

So they want just a Margherita

It all depends on the language here, actually. If you make a mushroom pizza and then painstakingly pick all the mushrooms out of it, that’s the order—a mushroom pizza with no mushrooms. What a bizarre request to be asking.

Image courtesy of Fabricapizza / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @RobyLou_ / Twitter

It’s kind of like the eggless omelet joke we saw once in the BBC comedy “Whites.” There, a customer asks the waitress for an eggless omelet. The chef gets exasperated, but the other tells her to ask if he wants an omelet with egg whites or whole eggs. This is kind of the same, and what’s going on here.


This next lady basically wanted milk with a dash of tea. She just needed a hint of tea so she could know that it contained the beverage. That’s it. It’s a really good thing that the service team picked it up on time.

Image courtesy of Sophielouisepatterson / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @onlineryn / Twitter

She must like milk. She also must love milky tea as well but doesn’t want it to overpower the taste of milk. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there. It should be. Just on a level that she likes. Man, that’s complicated.

Sweet tooth ultra pro max

There are about 108 grams of refined sugar in a liter of coke. If we assume the same in the orange soda as well, then there are 216 grams of sugar in both. Since she orders this day by day, they are consumed daily.

Image courtesy of Melodic_692 / Reddit; Tweet courtesy of @Zugzwangame / Twitter

That’s the assumption that we are riding on here. The cheesecake, which serves one, has about 30 grams of sugar. So approx. Two hundred fifty grams of sugar per day. That’s ten times the recommended amount per day by the AHA. We sure hope this lady is okay.

Figures as much

Well, if you were told to remove the cheese, croutons, eggs, and lettuce from a salad, all that’s left is the tomato. Just sliced tomatoes with some seasoning. It’s best to ask the person who placed the order if they want any seasoning.

Image courtesy of Heatharenstuintje / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @spiceegal / Twitter

They must have been under the impression that the house salad has a lot of ingredients from what this very peculiar request looks like. If they first asked the staff what goes in the salad, we think this could have been managed in time.

Bruh, for real?

We love iced coffee. There has to be a good balance between the coffee and the milk. Plus, in some Asian countries, they add some cardamom pods and cloves as well. That gives it a wonderful smell and taste.

Image courtesy of The_kokubo / Instagram; Tweet courtest of @plantfagg0t / Twitter

But this is unprecedented. The only rational explanation we can give here is this. He must have accidentally added peach syrup to his iced coffee, thinking its sugar syrup. The guy happened to like it, and the rest is history. A very weird history that is.

A very starchy approach

A meatball sub is an Americana classic. By itself, we must add. But to wrap it in a flatbread and stuff copious amounts of guacamole in it like a pot roast at the hulk’s house is weird, and you can’t argue that.

Image courtesy of Eatconomics / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @xtruth_unfiltrd / Twitter

The starch to meat ratio is a bit off. And to top that off, there’s a barrier of guacamole. We don’t know what kind of a process he went through to make this specific request. It must be quite interesting to find out.

Swamp Thing’s coffee

Let’s see what we have here. It kind of looks like the Hulk’s protein shake. It’s green enough that it makes us want to wear hazmat suits while drinking it. It reminds us of a beverage you’d imagine would make Superman weak.

Image and Tweet courtesy of shakesqueerean / Twitter

There’s mocha, raspberry, cinnamon, vanilla, soy, matcha powder, and many other weird combos. Again, like with the guacamole person, we would like to examine the thought process that went into creating this monstrosity. You expect to see these in fantasy novels and comics. Not in real life.

A tom collins girl

We guess this customer really likes her sour drinks. She must really have good dentition as well. Otherwise, how on earth can you tolerate such a sour output like this? The curdled milk part takes our mind back to a previous story.

Image courtesy of Lemoneed44 / Instagram; Tweet courtesy of @Viveros_1998 / Twitter

Remember earlier when we met a pregnant lady who requested lemon sherbet in her milkshake. We assumed that it stemmed from a pregnancy craving as pregnant women are known to ask for very unusual food combos. And it’s mostly sour stuff.

Caffeine here, caffeine there, caffeine everywhere

Mango and dragon fruit refresher. Oh, that sounds lovely. It sure does—nothing like an ice-cold tropical drink on a hot summer’s day. Even typing about it makes us want to have one right away. Having no sugar is the key.

Image courtesy of Samsknowhowtoeat / Instagram; Twitter courtesy of @Auterr / Twitter

Having no sugar does not mean you can add caffeine to it. You’re ruining a delicious fruit juice. What is the reason behind all these weird as heck combos? We would sure love to know the reason behind these.

A whole cake?

So first, a cup of joe. Coffee is by far the most popular drink on this planet, with around 450 million cups drunk each day in the United States. With this many coffee consumers, it’s fascinating to consider all of the crazy coffee combos out there.

Image courtesy Rosalindsk / Instagram; Tweet courttesy @Scrubletz/Twitter

This gentleman has a really distinctive manner of drinking his coffee, and that is blending in a lemon pound cake with his coffee. So, he’s essentially eating and drinking a cake mixture. Goodness gracious us, this is next level.