Reboot Or Retire: 40 Viral Dishes That Make No Sense To The Majority Of People

By Sachin P

There are plenty of new cuisine fads all the time. Explore our breakdown of the latest trends that have come here to stay. Or will they? Only time will tell. Because of social media, numerous cuisine fads are still in vogue. Some of these enduring dietary patterns are so difficult for us to comprehend. Most of them have enticing beginnings before becoming less desirable.

Pumpkin spice, fondue, and Atkin’s diet are a few instances of food trends that spread quickly before fading away. Hopefully, the following foods will be no more in the coming year, or else we’ll have to put up with additional degrees of absurdity. With the kind of rollercoaster ride we’ve been having for the last couple of years, nobody knows what will happen!

Here are some food trends we wish didn’t exist.

Everyday food with Cheetos

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are added to traditional recipes as a trend these days. Before devouring, it’s normal practice to squeeze little lime juice into a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and give it a shake. And that’s why it should end.

Image courtesy of Connor Toole /

There is even a thing called a “Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Thanksgiving Turkey!” Even pizza is served with these Cheetos sprinkled on top. It doesn’t look like this trend is ending anytime soon, and it has reached an absurdity. We hope that this culinary fad does not continue into 2023.

Miniscule food items

So, when it comes to little foodstuffs, there aren’t any actual restrictions. The dishes might be fast food or fine dining, simple or sophisticated. Although some of the craftsmen who create these choose to concentrate on creating the cuisine, others hand-make every component of their teeny kitchen.

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It’s a modern, adaptable form of art that values the strange, the eccentric, and, above everything, the little. And that’s why we adore these films of tiny chefs preparing food. Looks cute, but if we were served something like this, we would flip!

Brioche burger buns

Brioche is a posh type of bread. It has a French name and an egg-washed surface with a lustrous finish. It is tender and simple to dig into. Describing brioche this way is much better than detailing the actual ingredients that go into it. It tastes good, and it’s all that should matter.

Image courtesy of The Meat Case / Flickr

This type of bread is wonderfully delicious. But that’s where the wonder ceases to be. You want the bun to hold everything together, not make them run out like Beni Gabor in the 1999 classic The Mummy. That’s a fact.

Salted Caramel

Let’s admit it, salted caramel-flavored candies seem to be everywhere. But they aren’t all that good. This flavor seems to be getting a lot of hype, but in all honesty, we believe it’s too sugary! We think that our taste buds are likely to explode.

Image courtesy of LemmyOH / Reddit

Just a single bite would do the trick. There are a ton of other flavors that are incredibly uncommon in candies, ice cream, and other treats. We really hope other flavors also become this well-liked. Not too much to ask, in a sense.

Fondant on cake

Glycerin and gelatin are used in the preparation of fondant, which explains why it has a peculiar flavor. These substances produce a peculiar flavor that almost no one likes. In fact, since homemade fondant uses liquefied marshmallows, it tastes slightly better than store-bought fondant.

Image courtesy of spiritquartz / Reddit

Store-bought fondant tastes awful due to the various preservatives used in it. Having stated that, the only factor responsible for poor taste is the components. This is why it drives us up the wall when we see too much fondant and too little cake.


As soon as you open the container, the pungent aroma of coffee hits you; to be honest, it smells like chocolate-dipped coffee beans. It doesn’t seem like your typical turn-on, but it does have a pleasant scent. Overall, it is quite welcoming.

Image courtesy of Ginny / Flickr

Trying Nutella on food makes us wish we could taste the food rather than the spread. It’s all completely obscured by those annoying hazelnut overtones! Plus, with the amount of sugar and palm oil in one serving, people should be wary of Nutella.

Charcoal infused foods

The perks of activated charcoal have been only demonstrated in hospital poison/overdose situations. Activated charcoal is generally safe to consume if you do not really dread the chance of some undesirable side effects, but don’t bank on it as a beneficial supplement.

Image courtesy of trashpudding / CC BY SA 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Or even a miracle cure for cleansing your body. A doctor should be consulted before adding activated charcoal to the meals due to the potential for interaction with certain other prescription meds caused by its porous qualities. See why this trend should be canceled?

Fried chicken and waffles

Everybody loves fried chicken. It is a trendy American dish that is enjoyed worldwide. Fried chicken is typically constantly delicious, much the same as pizza or tacos. No matter how subpar, fried chicken from grocery stores or gas stations is devoured with enthusiasm.

Image courtesy of TheCulinaryGeek / CC BY 2.0 / Wikimedia Commons

The combination of chicken and waffles as a single dish is not surprising. Fried chicken is a fantastic pairing with maple syrup, a traditional waffle topping. Our opinion is that the waffle appeared as an uncomplicated and affordable side dish.


Nobody appears to know if they even like kale. Yet it still sells! Kale’s frequent designation as a “superfood” has to be part of what makes it so intriguing. However, we begin to express concerns when establishments include it as an item on the menu.

Image courtesy of sethky / Reddit

According to Forbes, this is the time when kale has reached its limit. The many salad combinations this “superfood” might inspire are yet another draw. The same source notes that kale pairs well with flavors like garlic and lemon, making it a popular option.

Fried eggs on food items

To be perfectly frank, we have nothing against fried eggs. It is an integral part of any breakfast and is a quintessential part of an English breakfast. Packed with proteins and fat, you just have to crack an egg over an oiled pan to make one.

Image courtesy of IntlMan902102020 / Reddit

Just because it has a popular reputation does not mean that it can automatically be included in every single food item, like a burger. Imagine a runny fried egg just gushing the yolk out the moment you take a bite out of your burger. Who wants that hassle?

Gold flakes on food

Multiple Guinness World Records for having the priciest gold-flaked cuisine are held by Serendipity 3 in New York. If you’re not in the mood for dessert, you can order the gold grilled cheese for something reasonable, like $214. It’s reasonable because it’s the cheapest, see?

Image courtesy of

The establishment holds the world record for the priciest sundae, a $1,000 three-scoop pleasure capped by 23 karats of “eatable gold leaf.” The eatery has long been following fashion. Apart from being a huge vanity statement, we do not see any apparent value in eating these.

Air fryers

It takes practice to cook meals in the air fryer, particularly in the early stages. But due to the numerous air fryers available from various makers, each one prepares food in slightly different ways from the others. That’s one issue that we come across.

Image courtesy of baker2015 / Reddit

The other would be the inability to grill food like mozzarella due to the wire mesh properly. Melted cheese tends to get stuck in the mesh, making it a hassle to clean afterward. You would want items like this to make stuff easier, not complicated.

Keto diet

Keto is not and will not be the perfect diet. Keto is an extremely challenging diet to follow. Your body isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs, you lose energy, you begin to feel constantly hungry, and you experience less energy.

Image courtesy of Mitchell_Delgado / Reddit

Eating less than 2000 calories per day and ensuring that approximately 70% of your meals consist of nutritious foods are both effective approaches to reducing weight. As simple as that, keto may accelerate the process with ketones, but it won’t be easy mentally.

Watermelon steak

Who wouldn’t like to munch into a cool watermelon slice on a hot day? We know for sure that we would. As the name implies, it is 90% water, and all the fruit sugars found in a watermelon make it even more irresistible.

Image courtesy of jomamma2 / Reddit

But to use it as a steak? Look, we understand plant-based meat. They take the plant proteins and try to texture them as meat. But how on earth can a fruit that is 90% water pass up as a steak?

Alcoholic Seltzer

Hard seltzer is fizzy water mixed with booze and fruit flavors, and it is sometimes referred to as alcoholic seltzer, spiked seltzer, or hard sparkling water. These fruit tastes may be derived from actual fruit juice or synthetic flavoring based on the hard seltzer manufacturer.

Image courtesy of menix / Reddit

Many spiked seltzers contain 4-6% volume of alcohol (ABV), which is comparable to light beer, while others can have as much as 12% ABV. If you like drinking TV static on a daily basis, well, this is the beverage for you.

Loads of stretchy cheese

A piece of cheese, sometimes featured in your burgers or sandwiches, is fine, but people’s preoccupation with cheese has made it overvalued. We find it repulsive when people eat food that contains so much more cheese than just the food itself.

Image courtesy of Domino’s

We recently watched a clip about such a restaurant that offers burgers and fries topped with so much molten cheese on them that you can’t even discern the fries. The recipe can have a little mild cheese in it, but many are so obsessed with cheese!

Rainbow bagels

When companies produce sweets, they consider what children enjoy. While the flavor is vital, youngsters are more concerned with looks than flavor. They believe that the bolder and more vibrant the food is, the better. The rainbow food craze offers adults the chance to relive their childhood.

Image courtesy of Bex Walton / Flickr

Strangely, it makes delicious food seem unappealing. As Spoon University points out, rainbow bagels are only one instance of a fantastic dish that has gone horribly wrong due to the way it appears. It looks like something that came from the business end of a unicorn!

Large food portions

Unless you are a competitive eater or a powerlifter, there’s no way you can finish certain portions. It’s not that we intend to find dirt on everything here, but a moderate portion is a godsend compared to the portions that high-end establishments give out.

Image courtesy of Dazedandconfused2day / Reddit

But there is a clear distinction between moderate and insane. Some fast-food joints delve out gargantuan portions which could feed a small developing nation. It won’t take a small nation’s deficit to pay for such a portion, but there’s always concern about food wastage.

Cake pops

Putting aside the altered consistency and enhanced richness of an already sweet cake, baking and consuming a cake is a collaborative activity that is typically done to commemorate a happy occasion. Cake pops personalize something which belongs to a group.

Image courtesy of CrimsonRedPhoenix / Reddit

What does this tell children about the cake-baking custom? That on the dessert table, everyone is out for themselves? The cake is way better as it is, so it has been for ages. We don’t understand the logic of cake pops when a perfectly logical cake is available.

Sauce smears used in plating

Both aesthetics and show are involved. Food presentation is crucial. It has been proven that the artistry of food presentation increases one’s appreciation of the culinary arts. However, you can’t merely use attractive stuff. Additionally, they should increase the variety of what is being offered.

Image courtesy of / Dessert Presentation

That is the fundamental behind plating. Your sense of sight is pleased, along with your sense of smell. Next in line is taste. If all three main senses fall in line, that makes for a dining experience unlike any other. The trouble is that smearing a dollop of sauce on it won’t satiate us.

Ranch dressing

When consumed in excess, the white, creamy sauce that helps vegetables taste all that much nicer might harm your health. Medical professionals caution that drinking too much pre-made ranch salad dressing can harm your heart and waistline. So consume it responsibly.

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart / Flickr

Ranch dressing has 320 mg of salt in just one two-tablespoon portion, as per Eat This, Not That! As stated by the American Heart Association, ingesting too much sodium can cause blood pressure to rise, raising your chance of developing heart disease.

Meals on top of bloody marys

There was this one absurd version that gave us a headache. Naturally, there are a lot of pickles, prepared tomato mixture, and even fruit. But after that, the menu gets out of control! A venison stick, prime rib, baby potatoes and mushrooms, and corn on the cob.

Image courtesy of CcaidenN / Reddit

Roasted asparagus, a triple-decker fish sandwich, a bacon-wrapped jalapeño pepper, dill cheese curds, beer salami, a single BBQ rib, a miniature brat, a bison-and-bacon cheeseburger, a solitary chicken wing, more bacon, and a slice of rye bread. Not even Paul Bunyan could finish this much of calories!

Avocado toast

Butter and jam were once the weirdest things ever put on toast. But toast has evolved significantly throughout the years. Avocado spread or mashed on toast has been a popular topping in recent years. The prices establishments ask for this type of thing!

Image courtesy of Remussayswha / Reddit

That is when it goes too far. Forbes claims that avocado toast may frequently be found for outrageous prices. It’s high time for individuals who peddle avocado toast to admit what they’re doing and stop taking advantage of customers by charging a month’s rent for this food.

Putting chipotle seasoning on everything

One essential component, powdered chipotle chilies, makes this chipotle spice different from the rest. Jalapeno peppers that have been smoke-dried and called “Chipotle” are frequently used in Mexican-inspired dishes. You may create a properly balanced, fiery rub by combining the powdered chipotle peppers with additional seasonings.

Image courtesy of aritee / Reddit

Also, a little brown sugar can provide the necessary sweetness. Just because a blend has sugar and spice does not mean it has to go on everything nice. Spices, when used in proportion and with common sense, provide great flavor.

Zoodles or Zucchini noodles

Zoodles, indeed. The fad for low-carb foods gave rise to spiralizers in a way no one thought possible. The go-to vegan alternative to a hearty meal of pasta. People who claim to be health-conscious frequently sneak this tasteless sludge into their dishes.

Image courtesy of sharkinspace / Reddit / Imgur

It’s really a loop of craziness to see so many preparations proclaiming zucchini noodles to be the quinoa of noodles, even while listing the countless procedures required to prevent a mushy disaster. Why not try something like brown rice noodles if you want something healthy?


The India Pale Ale doesn’t really typically appeal to a large audience. The IPA is fundamentally the alcoholic beverage version of excessively salty foods and hardtack. Heavy-handedly hopped beers’ distinct bitter flavor is the life and death of IPA lovers.

Image courtesy of cricklecoux / Reddit

Adding more hops wasn’t done initially, even though people may feel it would taste much better; instead, it was done as a crucial preservative to help carry beer across England into India, when excessively bitter beer was preferable to no beer whatsoever. So, learn your history.

Pumpkin Spice this and that

Fall is when pumpkins really begin to take control. The stores are filled up with too many pumpkin alternatives, whether it’s pumpkin spice Twinkies or pumpkin spice hummus. There is even a Pumpkin Spice Latte variety of PEEP. It’s found in almost everything.

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart / Flickr

Also, the populace is now being exposed to pumpkins even earlier in the year. Forbes claims that there have already been reports of pumpkin spice products in September. Although it tastes nice, many people will find the flavoring to be overly rich.

Mac & cheese and its variants

Just spaghetti with ketchup plus pasta and dusted parmesan over the top can rival mac & cheese as an awful pasta dish. When people reach the legal age to use a stovetop unattended, they often feel nostalgic for their younger years.

Image courtesy of Texasfoodgawker / CC BY SA 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Another indication that its appeal stems mostly from people’s eating habits is the fact that, in contrast to other US staples, it has not been widely adopted by many other nations. But to make many unnecessary variants of it? No sir!

Chicken Sandwiches

McDonald’s created a national “country-style” McChicken sandwich in 1989, which led to a dispute with Hardee’s, among the largest fast-food companies in the country at the time. The head of Hardee’s at the time reportedly commented that the McChicken is no competitor to their sandwich.

Image courtesy of litegreek / Reddit

This was according to a 1989 Charlotte Observer report. “Chicken sandwiches stir fast food battle,” the newspaper’s headline for the article read. All this for putting a cutlet between some bread. When new ideas are thought out, everyone wants to make the best chicken sandwich.


Aioli is a common ingredient in the gastronomy of Catalonia, Spain, and Provence, France. It is a rich garlic sauce. A pure aioli is really an emulsion made only from extra-virgin olive oil and garlic. The typical menu item “garlic aioli” becomes somewhat pointless in this regard.

Image courtesy of Langdon11 / Reddit

In actuality, “garlic oil” is what the name aioli means. The two components are emulsified with a bit of coarse sea salt to give aioli its creamy texture and pale hue. But pairing it with everything under the sun is not cool.

Super tall burgers

These days, a fancy, indulgent burger has become so tall and has so many layers that it is impossible to fit everything into your mouth. Because of the bun, burgers are really finger foods. However, a number of these items need disassembling.

Image courtesy of shashwatv8 / Reddit

Or we have to use a fork and knife. Why don’t we simplify the process by removing something that is among the few prerequisites for food so that it really fits in the mouth? If you want more, just order two regular hamburgers.

Plant-based meat

The discussion over plant-based meat is getting hotter and hotter. On the other hand, plant-based burgers are being marketed to meat eaters as having a meaty flavor and being good for the environment by businesses like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

Image courtesy of Deleted User / Reddit

On the other hand, the true supporters of beef are responding with tradition and authenticity, supported by our society’s love of meat. Plus, what the Beyond Meat COO did to another man recently was just the opening meat enthusiasts have been waiting on for all this time.

Sriracha sauce

Sriracha is the ultimate chili sauce. There’s a high likelihood that a friend or family member has had at least one container of this crimson liquid in their refrigerator. It’s included on the menus of well-known fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Jack in the Box.

Image courtesy of The_Putrid_Lich / Reddit

Not to forget, Subway’s popularity shows how well-liked this sauce is. Meanwhile, Sriracha was indeed a thing of the past and has now been revived. Its creators must be overjoyed. Now that it is used in fast food, the chili sauce has “made it.”


Cauliflower-based items are frequently touted as having few carbs. Nevertheless, binders like cassava starch or rice flour hold a lot of these products intact. These items can be extremely expensive, and they contain the same amount of carbohydrates as their wheat-based counterparts.

Image courtesy of Halohalo0121 / Reddit

It’s not like you’re consuming a salad whenever you devour cauliflower pretzels (like these), which don’t even list the vegetable as the primary ingredient. So, if you want to eat cauliflower, go ahead. Just don’t substitute it with anything and everything.

TikTok food hacks

Given how prevalent hacks have grown, certain fast-food chains, including McDonald’s, have even produced their own “hacked” menus. The restaurant’s true strengths are blatantly left out of these hacks, regardless of whether they originate via TikTok or the establishment itself.

Image courtesy of mkobs / Reddit

The Big Mac is still available at McDonald’s decades after it first appeared on the menu because it is delicious just the way it is. These large firms do many tests to determine what we, as customers, will find most enjoyable, even if they don’t always work.

Milk substitutes

There are differing views on milk’s advantages in terms of health. Many people use milk substitutes since this topic is divisive. Among them are kinds of milk made from soy, almond, and rice, to mention a few. Individuals have already been buying and drinking substitutes for years.

Images courtesy of Fackyoshiet / Reddit

But it is possible that they’ve gone too far. EntoMilk is a replacement that uses nutrients from the material that cockroaches lactate. It makes one wonder if individuals would be better off drinking ordinary milk because it sounds so disgusting.


The art of making cured meats is called charcuterie. Charcuterie is now used to describe the variety of meats, cheeses, bread, crackers, fruit, nuts, jams, and other foods that are all expertly placed on a serving wooden board – though some people make do without the wooden board.

Image courtesy of CaptainRon16 / Reddit

According to historical texts, charcuterie became well-known to denote stores that specialized in processing flesh (pig and offal) during a period when shop owners were not permitted to sell uncooked hogs. Now it has become an easy way to brag that it has been homemade.

Deconstructed meals

It is a common misconception that fine dining establishments provide fewer food portions. But it appears that fashion is now widely accepted. According to newspapers, deconstructed meals are described as being served on platters, broken down to their formative components.

Image courtesy of NewYorkRhino / Reddit

Imagine fries, an empty bun, and a little chunk of pulled pork. Customers are made to view their meal as a work of art in addition to eating the food separately (or conventionally, if they want). Simply put, we believe it belongs in upscale dining establishments.

Bacon wrapped foods

If we’re being perfectly frank, bacon elevates some dishes. We don’t mind it on burgers and sandwiches, but it becomes problematic when it infiltrates other dishes. After observing the iconic pig strip being wrapped around sushi, it appears that bacon has reached an unhealthy level.

Image courtesy of scoobdude22 / Reddit

The necessity to add bacon to foodstuffs in order to make them bearable is what worries us the most. Whether it’s stalks of asparagus or a fillet of fish wrapped in bacon, the infatuation with this basic meat has undoubtedly intensified.

Putting “everything bagel” seasoning on everything

The “everything bagel” may be an overstatement regarding outstanding inventions. It’s a regular bagel, but it’s topped with sesame, poppy seeds, minced onions, and minced garlic. It doesn’t sound downright disgusting, but it makes us question why this seasoning exists!

Image courtesy of lilluffy / Reddit

When you put this seasoning on a bagel, it probably tastes just fine. But the problem is that some people use the “everything bagel” seasoning on other foods, including avocado toast! Avocado toast alone is pretty unusual, and adding this seasoning is only the cherry on top.