A Peek Into The Selective Plates Of Picky Eaters

By Louise T August 31, 2023

In a world brimming with culinary diversity and delectable delights, there exists a unique group of individuals known as ‘Picky Eaters.’ While many of us eagerly explore the gastronomic wonders of global cuisines, these selective diners have a distinct approach to their meals. Even though doctors often recommend that we eat a healthy and balanced diet, it’s not easy to achieve this because we all have our preferences, allergies and digestive issues. But when it comes to picky eaters, theirs is on a whole new level. They often stick to a familiar repertoire of foods, avoiding anything remotely adventurous.

In this article, we delve into the world of Picky Eaters and the ‘Happy Meals’ that bring them comfort, yet might leave the rest of us feeling a tad melancholic about the tantalizing tastes they’re missing out on.

1. Scrubbed The Icing Off The Cookie 

One would naturally assume that most picky eaters would have a sweet tooth like the rest of us, but we guess this isn’t the case with this particular photo. This person said they love to scrub the icing off their cookies because it’s always too sweet!

Image courtesy of Reddit:@anastasiapicc 

We love sweets, and the more refined, the better! It’s not particularly fun eating plain cookies when the icing was put there in the first place to make it taste better and look better. Give us that icing, and we will do justice to it.

2. Swimming Macaroni

Well, we have a lot of things to say about this one. If it’s cheese, that’s a lot of cheese for this portion of macaroni. If it’s mayonnaise, then it’s a weird combination to have pasta swimming in a bowl of mayonnaise!

Image courtesy of Reddit/@RealAndGay

This concoction appears far from a healthy choice, especially for a child. Take a closer look, and you might spot what seems like three people relaxing in a hot tub within that bowl. Well, our imagination can indeed run wild sometimes!

3. What Is This? 

This meal is an odd one. It appears to be unseasoned boiled pork. It’s baffling how those without sensitive tummies enjoy such tasteless fare. It’s a puzzle because countless savory delights are out there waiting to be savored. Why settle for bland?

Image courtesy of Reddit/@og-thanos-69

Skip the tasteless route with this dish. It combines carrots, potatoes, and a plain pork chop. How does anyone find joy in this baffles us—taste buds on vacation? To each their own, even if it’s a mystery to us food enthusiasts.

4. Bland Burger 

This is quite a boring burger. Although, as most people will say, it helps you taste and find out if the meat is well seasoned, we totally agree. But sometimes, it just takes the right condiments to make your burger delicious.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@naga_h1_UAE

Toppings and condiments, such as cheese, ketchup, and pickles, can enhance the flavor of the meat, making the burger more flavorful and satisfying. When it comes to burgers, it’s a matter of personal preference, so we’re not going to judge.

5. PB&J Sandwich Without The Jelly  

Why won’t you love PB&J sandwiches? We find it weird when we see people who don’t like this heavenly combination. The sandwich has a delightful mix of flavors and textures, and it often offers a creamy, nutty richness, while jelly contributes a sweet, fruity tang.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@PickyEaters

Which means together, they create a balance of sweet and savory. Just toss your bread in the toaster to give it a more crispy feel, and you will be elated. By the way, what sort of peanut butter is this? We haven’t seen the likes.

6. Brown Dinner 

We have nothing against pastries. We love them, but find this a bit too plain for dinner. It’s okay to have them as a snack, but at least there should be something like a cup of tea to complement the flakiness of the pastries.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@bennymc123

Even a dollop of yogurt, either plain or flavored, can provide creaminess and balance to this heap of brownness. Remember that the choice of accompaniment depends on your taste, so feel free to mix and match to create your perfect pairing.

7. Gallbladder Removal 

The post-gallbladder surgery dietary restrictions can be emotionally challenging and isolating. With the gallbladder’s role in digesting fats impaired, individuals must avoid rich, fatty, and healthy foods. This limitation can lead to sadness and frustration as favorite foods become off-limits.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Complete_Loss1895

Navigating a highly restricted diet is a challenging feat. It’s essential to connect with a support system and discover a range of gallbladder-friendly dishes that bring back the delight of meals. We’re honestly sending our empathy to this individual—dietary challenges can be a struggle.

8. Boring Meal Plan 

We’re not going to lie; this is smart. It relieves the stress of cooking a new meal every night. But we would rather go through the stress of cooking a fresh meal every night than have pasta every day for three weeks!

Image courtesy of Reddit/@seshprinny

By day five, most folks would likely grow tired of this three-week meal prep plan. It’s a bit disheartening, especially since about 90% of the ingredients are repetitive or at least strikingly similar. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

9. Ossobuco For This 

This person passed Ossobuco for this? Plain rice and lots of onions. No, we don’t like this. Ossobuco is a traditional Italian dish that originates from Milan. It consists of cross-cut slices of veal shank slow-cooked with vegetables, white wine, and broth.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@reallysallty

This dish usually combines sautéed onions, carrots, celery, garlic, and tomatoes with tender veal shanks—a perfect stew combo. It is perplexing how someone mistook this flavorful medley for plain onions. It is like mistaking a symphony for a single note.

10. Trying New Dishes

Trying new foods at a restaurant, even for picky eaters, opens doors to culinary exploration and personal growth. It expands one’s palate and introduces diverse flavors; it promotes social engagement, as dining out often involves sharing and experiencing new dishes with friends and family.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Pickyeaters

Restaurants excel in preparing these dishes, making delightful introductions to unique flavors. Embrace the unknown for memorable dining experiences that linger. So, why settle for mundane chicken tenders and fries? Embark on a culinary journey, savoring the thrill of new tastes!

11. All Carbs 

Maintaining a balanced diet as a picky eater can be exceedingly challenging. Picky eaters often limit their food choices to a few familiar items, missing out on essential nutrients from various sources. This restricted diet needs a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Image courtesy of Liudmyla Chuhunova/Shutterstock

According to this person, this was all the meal they had in one day, and all we see is carbs and more carbs. Overcoming these challenges demands patience, willingness to try new foods, and often professional guidance to ensure adequate nutrition and overall health.

12. Peanut Butter Cereal

Yet another dinner choice we’re skeptical about. Cereals are perfect for breakfast or a quick snack, but dinner? It probably left them hungry within hours. This plate of cereal will only sustain people for a short time after the last bite. It’s time to rethink dinner options.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@wheetabixarebae

However, we love the blueberries and bananas; they make an excellent plate. But what is peanut butter doing in a cereal bowl? How would this taste? Too sweet. A sweet tooth is always a good thing, but not in this way.

13. A Picky 7 Year Old Dinner

We know how frustrating it is to get your child to eat the meals you prepare, especially when they are picky about everything. However, it is also the responsibility of parents to avoid Indulging their kids with picky eating habits; they can have long-term consequences.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@aristoo

It’s essential to strike a balance between understanding a child’s preferences and gently encouraging them to expand their food choices. This is just plain pasta and too much unmelted cheese. It is best to mix the pasta with better healthy options like peas and carrots.

14. Chinese Cuisine 

Embarking on a culinary journey through Chinese cuisine is a flavorful expedition. With diverse regional specialties highlighting unique ingredients and techniques, the options are limitless. It’s a mystery why someone would settle for so few choices when the world of Chinese food is vast and exciting.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@MadhatressOG

Exploring Chinese cuisine provides a delicious window into a rich culinary heritage, which we are always willing to try at any time. At least this one has vegetables and sauce to go with it. We won’t be passing up the offer to try several Chinese dishes.

15. Ordering Off The Kid’s Menu 

Encountering this unusual combo for the first time is quite a surprise. Spaghetti and French fries? Italians might cringe at this odd pairing, and we understand why. Mixing these two dishes is a culinary crossover that might not earn the nod of approval from pasta purists.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@myfairemily

The pasta looks overcooked, and the sauce resembles ketchup with no flavorful taste. It’s the children’s menu, but they should have done better. Sangria is a lovely wine, and pairing it with this sad-looking pasta makes it look much better.

16. Chicken Sandwich At McDonald’s 

This just made our mouths very dry. Even looking at it, we are already having a hard time swallowing. We know we said eating burgers is about personal preference, but this isn’t an appealing meal. Anyone could choke on this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@naga_h1_UAE

Having a variety of condiments in your chicken sandwich makes it more palatable and appealing to the eye, even without eating it. Toppings like lettuce and tomatoes can provide moisture to balance the dryness of your burger. Don’t change that for anything.

17. Lifesaver For When Food Texture Becomes A Problem

This is very understandable. Picky eaters often struggle with food texture due to heightened sensitivity in their mouths. Their aversion to specific textures is rooted in sensory perception, where certain tactile sensations can be overwhelming or unpleasant. Texture-related issues can lead to limited food options.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@freckledflowergirl

Picky eaters stick to familiar textures, avoiding unfamiliar or challenging ones. It’s not surprising to see this, but it’s an opportunity for growth. With the proper guidance, this individual could gradually embrace a wider variety of textures, making their dining experiences more diverse and enjoyable.

18. Too Much Fat?

Consuming fats in meat enhances the flavor and juiciness of meat, making it more palatable and enjoyable. They also contribute to a feeling of satiety, helping control appetite and preventing overeating. This person said there’s too much fat present, but we can’t see it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ssowinski

Fats aid in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K, which are essential for overall health. Fats in meat can be part of a balanced diet, providing flavor and nutritional value. In essence, everything should be in moderation.

19. A Picky Lunch

A plate filled with cheese, deli meat, fruits, hard-boiled eggs, and more shows smart choices with various flavors and textures. It’s a balanced spread, but a touch of starch could make it even better. Overall, it is a thoughtful combination that hits the right notes.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@CarpathianMass

Nothing too picky here. The cheese in the plastic should go; it is fake and not a healthy food option. Real cheddar is so much better. This person may also have to work on their presentation. At first glance, the food looks horrible, but it isn’t.

20. Veggies And Ketchup 

Eating just veggies can be challenging for picky eaters because they have a preference depending on flavors, texture, and taste. Veggies may lack the same depth of flavor, making them less satisfying to some palates. But at least this person made an effort.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@jbro97

Texture and preparation play a significant role; some need help with the unfamiliar textures and cooking methods associated with vegetables. Although we wouldn’t like to eat our veggies this way with ketchup and meat, we will not condemn this one. It is slightly healthy.

21.  Butternut Squash Soup 

Butternut soup is always an excellent choice. Its rich, velvety texture and subtly sweet flavor create a comforting and satisfying experience. It is also nutrient-packed and offers a variety of vitamins. This soup is a versatile canvas for culinary creativity, accommodating various dietary preferences and needs.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@NikkiT96

But we have seen better versions of Butternut Squash Soup than this one. The texture looks okay, but we’re still determining if we can say the same for the taste. It seems a little bland, and at first, we thought it was Gerber baby food.

22. Bread With More Bread 

It’s not too shabby, but a few key ingredients are MIA to turn this into a wholesome meal. The carb overload here is real; it’s like chowing down on bread with extra bread. Where’s the green goodness and protein punch? Let’s amp up the nutrition!

Image courtesy of Reddit/@CravingCheeseburgers

A sprinkle of parsley, a dash of tofu, a handful of spinach, or a fluffy omelet would’ve given this dish a health boost. It’s like beige on beige, lacking in nutritional oomph. Let’s inject some color and goodness beyond just carbs!

23. Her Brother Is A Picky Eater

Looking at the bright side, this meal includes veggies and fruits, some of the healthiest carbs. Nutritionally, it’s on point. However, it seems the person responsible might have a vendetta against flavor, as the dish comes across as rather bland.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Zomkit

We can’t help but find it a bit quirky that this person’s sibling enjoys these items in their pure, unadorned form without even a hint of sauce or a touch of tuna. Adding some tuna could easily elevate the flavor of this plain dish to new heights.

24. A Relaxing Kid’s Dinner For An Adult

Well, it’s not a bad idea to eat this once in a while. But for dinner, it’s a no for us. We get that some people may like baked beans in tomato sauce; that’s their preference. But this plate looks very unappealing.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@FiguresMayVary

Food should not only taste delicious but should also serve as a form of comfort. However, as this person suggested, this dish is far from comforting or even remotely relaxing. Apologies if this might come across as a bit blunt, but we would give this one a hard pass!

25. White Diet

Perhaps this person is getting ready for a colonoscopy or has some medical issues because we see no reason someone would opt for a white diet. A white diet is a restricted eating plan primarily consisting of white or pale-colored foods like this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@dvi2pdfm

It may also be a temporary approach for identifying food allergies or sensitivities. However, a prolonged white diet can lack essential nutrients and fiber, so it’s necessary to consult a healthcare professional or nutritionist before adopting such a restrictive eating pattern.

26. Packed Breakfast And Lunch For A Picky Child 

Kids can be picky eaters for several reasons, like heightened taste sensitivity, as a protective mechanism against potentially toxic substances. Psychologically, neophobia, or the fear of new food, is common in childhood, making them wary of unfamiliar flavors and textures.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@lonelygirl52

Kudos to this parent for putting together a well-balanced meal for her super picky child. It’s a perfect combination of air-fried chicken strips and fries, cheese cubes, Cheez-Its, and fruit snacks. Ultimately, if the kid enjoys it, that’s all that truly matters.

27. Chipotle Order

This person’s attempt at recreating Chipotle needs to catch up on the attractiveness scale. A Chipotle bowl should burst with colors, flavors, and toppings like salsas, beans, dairy, guacamole, and lettuce. The enjoyment comes from the vibrant array of ingredients.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@lurkzaddy

Complete with a burst of flavor and tasty goodness. Chipotle has a broad fan base due to its delicious offerings and emphasis on transparency in the food industry. We wonder why this person only settled for rice and meat with zero toppings. Well, personal choice wins.

28. Tostadas And Refried Beans 

The appearance and appeal of this dish need to be improved. While some may appreciate beige foods, this meal’s presentation could be better, and the content could be better. The combination of tostadas, tofurkey, and refried beans disappoints on the culinary front.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@spookyghost23

The tostadas, which should be crisp and inviting, appear limp like chewy cardboard. Even the refried beans, a potential redeeming element, fail to impress. The lackluster presentation compounds the regrettable culinary experience that we’d rather avoid. It’s a genuine disappointment on all fronts.

29. Carrot Dogs

Before you say there’s nothing wrong with this picture and assume it’s just a piece of sausage, ketchup, and bun, we are about to give you the shock of your life. No, this isn’t sausage; it’s carrot! A whole big fat carrot.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Lovepeacelovepeace02

This person substituted sausage for carrots, and even though it’s a healthier meal option, this is already saddening us. How do you enjoy a carrot with ketchup? No matter how we look at this, we don’t get the satisfaction behind this one!

30. Chips And Dip For The First Time 

The OP’s venture into chips and dip seems like a first-time attempt, and the dip’s appearance could be doing better. We get it; embracing new foods can be challenging. Kudos to her for giving it a shot! You got this!

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Avetheelf

Potato chips and dip are a culinary delight because they offer a harmonious blend of textures and flavors. We suggest trying a different type of dip like onion dip, salsa, or just sour cream. We love our chips and dip anytime.

31. Unappealing Burger

This individual prefers a minimalist burger with only meat and cheese, omitting lettuce, tomatoes, and condiments. While we get the concept, the dry bun might be less delicious. Personal preferences aside, a bit of moisture could go a long way.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ladyboy2307x

We understand that people are entitled to their choices especially when it comes to food. Even if you are not a big fan, you should at least add some condiments to your burger, for a balanced flavor and a healthy option.

32. Eating Only The Cheese From A Cheesecake

Eating only the cheese from a cheesecake neglects the harmonious balance that makes this dessert a delight. Cheesecakes are a symphony of flavors and textures, where the sweet, crumbly crust complements the creamy, tangy cheese filling. Separating the cheese diminishes the experience.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Sweetcreems

By eating only the cheese of the cheesecake and leaving the graham cracker lining, you miss out on the complexity and satisfaction that come from savoring all components together. It’s a crazy move, but we aren’t going to be judgy about his decision.

33. A New Recipe 

Attempting a new recipe can be challenging for a picky eater due to their limited palate. Trying unfamiliar ingredients or flavors can trigger anxiety or resistance. It requires stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing change, which can be mentally taxing.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@kingeryck

The fear of disliking the final dish can be a significant hurdle, discouraging experimentation. Moreover, it often involves investing time and effort, and the uncertainty of success can deter a picky eater. We appreciate this person’s effort in trying a new recipe. But we’ll decline this one.

34. Green Onion And Pastries

This person said he just came across this old photo of him as a child, and his picky eating habits still haven’t changed over the years. Picky eaters often have limited food options, leading to nutrient deficiencies and health concerns.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Spacetrains

In this photo, you can see him eating pastries and green onions. We must admit that this is the first time we have seen a combination like this. We hope he overcomes picky eating, but the journey can be daunting, impacting both his physical and emotional well-being.

35. Gradien Chicken

We have no problem with this food right here. Toddlers can be very picky when it comes to meals, and finding what your toddler likes is often really stressful. So we are grateful this woman discovered the perfect meal for her toddler.

Image courtesy of Reddit

At least it contains veggies and the right amount of seasoning. Gardein Nuggets are made primarily from ingredients like soy protein, wheat gluten, and a variety of plant-based flavorings and seasonings. It’s absolutely healthy, and we recommend this for a picky toddler.

36. A Beige Diet

A beige diet is often called a “white diet” or “colorless diet,” it is a restrictive eating pattern characterized by the consumption of bland, pale-colored, and easily digestible foods. It is often recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions or after specific medical procedures.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@CouchGoblin269

We hope this person had to resort to this temporarily because while it serves a therapeutic purpose, it lacks variety and may not provide all essential nutrients. Therefore, it should only be followed under medical supervision and for the prescribed duration.

37. Pizza Without Toppings For A Child

A pizza stripped of its toppings is just a sad sight! Who enjoys just the plain base? This parent could get creative by offering an array of toppings for their child to pick from. It’s a fun way to customize and make pizza night exciting.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@MoeGunz6

Empowering them to build their pizza can yield delightful surprises. Picky eaters might reveal an adventurous side when they have a say. It’s often about control and independence, even for the littlest ones. So, let them be the chef for a meal!

38. A Huge Pile

We thought teas took place with enough bowls, plates, napkins, etc. The varieties available are a plus because there are so many options. However, we would have preferred a more decent and clean presentation. This makes everything look unappealing and an eyesore.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Crudeshack

We have so many questions. What is a bowl of spaghetti doing in front of this mess? Why are the crisps/chips not in separate bowls? Does everybody have to go through this pile to find what they want? How will the sauces be poured?

39. Lentils And Fries

Consuming lentils and fries is a significant step for someone who identifies as a picky eater. While it holds personal value from an outside perspective, it needs to rank higher in terms of visual or taste appeal. The combination lacks vibrancy.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Budget-Block3728

Lentils certainly have their merits, providing a plethora of health advantages, including protein richness for muscle repair and growth. However, combining them with fries seems mismatched. The health benefits are noteworthy, but there might be better choices than the culinary pairing.

40. A Lazy And Poor Picky Student 

This student eats a lot of this as a picky eater. We can’t blame him; student days are complex, and there are days you might have to cope with having no food at all. Students may be picky eaters due to limited financial resources.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@eruditecow

They often face restricted food choices because of low cost. This limits their exposure to different ingredients, narrowing their palate and making them hesitant to try new foods. So we understand, but we hope this person eats better and more balanced meals often.