Your Soup Is Dry: 39 Iconic and Sarcastic Quotes Cooked Up By Gordon Ramsay

By Jana I

Gordon Ramsay is an iconic chef and tv personality. We know him from his famous kitchen-related tv shows, like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, Next Level Chef, and more. His global restaurant group initially received 16 Michelin stars as an award; however, it currently holds seven. Ramsay is known for his strict and, at times, cruel demeanor. He shows what they call tough love. Ramsay is downright mean and demeaning towards others in hopes of shaking them up and motivating them to get better. He has unconventional methods, and his parenting style is not approved by most- but that’s why we love him. His approach bears fruit and brings results. Today, we bring you some 40+ Gordon Ramsay-inspired memes we found and loved.

When Cows Get Hungry

People like their beef cooked differently; it all depends on their preferences. Some like it medium-rare, others well-done, and there is no shame in either. However, sometimes in hopes of preparing it rare, people often undercook it. We know a few people that do this.

Image Courtesy of acmucsd / Twitter

Similar to the comment about fish, this meme stole our hearts. This expression is something Gordon Ramsay would say without a doubt. It’s witty, funny, yet incredibly offensive when you think of it. Coming from a professional chef, it must be a huge humiliation.

Monday Blues

Monday is, for some, the worst day of the week since it marks a new working week and going back to work after a beautiful weekend. Although Mondays are related to those unpleasantries, they are also an opportunity to start afresh.

Image Courtesy of jonbellion / Twitter

Nonetheless, even Gordon Ramsay can not stand Mondays as they are. He covered his eyes in agony. We can feel his pain through the screen. We are extremely curious to know what broke this king to make him lock himself in the freezer; we might just have to watch his shows all over again.

Panini Head

It’s insulting to look at your phone when someone decides to share their time and speak with you. Whether work-related or personal life, it’s respectful to listen and pay attention to others. Things on the phone can usually wait a few minutes.

Image Courtesy of

This iconic sentence that Gordon Ramsay said is suitable for the situation we posed above. When you see someone is not paying attention to what you’re saying, just pull out this question, and you will probably get their attention. If not, are they someone you wish to speak with after all?

Kitchen Bros

Some of the most annoying species out there are gym bros. You know who they are. They are the people that don’t just go to the gym; the gym is their entire personality and life. They lift heavily, and they judge anyone that doesn’t. Do you even lift, bro?

Image Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay/Facebook

This meme is a spin on that, with a nifty play on words: Do you even sift, bro? So prestigious. For all we know, there could be a group of kitchen bros, bullying others if they are not good cooks. Oh, wait, isn’t that Gordon Ramsay. Yeah…

My Cupcake Will Go On

James Cameron directed some of the most popular movies ever: Avatar, Terminator, and Titanic, to name a few. If you call yourself a movie buff, you must have watched at least one of these three movies, so you’ll appreciate the next meme we have.

Image Courtesy of

This is Gordon Ramsay being unapologetically no one other than himself. This sounds like something he would say to one of his apprentices on his tv show. Make sure your cupcake doesn’t sink, or Ramsay will doom it as failed as the Titanic. Harsh.

I Was Born Ready

If anyone is ever ready for an argument, it’s undoubtedly Gordon Ramsay. He always has the best comebacks and offensive words to share that could shake you to your core. If you are not confident enough, don’t pick a fight with him!

Image Courtesy of

Pencil behind his ear, cold look, neck strained – this man is ready to rip you to shreds. We wonder how tough these people must be to opt to be a part of his cooking shows. Once you go through that hell, life will be easy.

Fish Soup

People that never tried a fish stew don’t know how to live life properly. It’s so delicious and nutritious; make sure to try it out next time you go Sunday lunching with the family. Ramsay would agree with us on it, trust!

Image Courtesy of allaboutthetea

Imagine competing in an international cooking showoff, and someone utters these exact words to you. We would be crushed and devastated on and off-camera. There is nothing worse than raw fish outside of sushi, of course. Sushi is life.

Instagram Bio

It’s extremely fun looking at people’s pages on Instagram. Of course, you have been caught creeping on your new coworker or classmate at least once. You can learn many things about the person through their page, but what you learn is rarely clearly stated in words. It’s all about reading between the lines.

Image Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay

However, this guy is different from your typical Instagram bios and images. What you see is what you get. Gordon Ramsay does not mess around; he doesn’t have time for mind games. The truth is his prerogative. Harsh truth, that is.

Slow Burn

Actor Nicholas Cage has had his fair share of roles in the movie industry. Not all of them were amazing, some were questionable, and most were simply bland and flat-out boring. When we saw this meme, we were laughing out loud.

Image Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ | Fox

It’s all about the homonyms here, roll and role, get it? It’s hilarious. Good play on words; we have to be frank. Putting Gordon Ramsay in the mix makes it that much more iconic. You can easily imagine him saying this on the show.


There is hardly anything worse than the panic that sets in when you’re washing the dishes and your sleeves start sliding down as your hands are deep in warm soapy water. The only thing worse is when you’re cleaning the pot or the plate after eating and touching someone else’s food residue. Ewww.

Image Courtesy of french0nion / Twitter

Gordon understands us so well in this photo. Although he wouldn’t panic as much as we do in the kitchen on a daily, it’s comforting knowing he can still get uncomfortable—the most uncomfortable and harsh guy on the television is also prone to panic – music to our ears.

The Fresh Iceberg of Bel-Air

Will Smith is a famous actor, most well known for his acting and his beginning on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This was a classic 90s show where a kid who was getting into trouble went to live with his more refined family. Someone referred to the show and connected it to Gordon Ramsay.

Image Courtesy of Imgur

The salad is so fresh (unseasoned and bland) it had to live with its aunty and uncle in Bel-Air, just like Will Smith had to in this tv show…It’s a clever idea and a fair reference. Putting Gordon Ramsay in it just added the necessary spice to make us giggle.

Elsa is Shaking

At this point, there is no man or woman, let alone a kid, that doesn’t know who Elsa and Anna are. You either watched the movie, or you have a child/nephews that did. No chance someone is still oblivious to the movie Frozen and Frozen 2.

Image Courtesy of

This one made us laugh out loud with joy. It’s so good and yet a classic. Everyone and their mother understands the reference. At least people that spend much time online and in the right places on the interwebs do.

Now That’s Unacceptable

Sometimes we think of unimaginable things, almost impossible mistakes, yet some people somehow manage to achieve them. One of those is presented in the next meme we’ve prepared for you guys. It is one of the most classic Ramsay lines around.

Image Courtesy of

How can someone possibly make the soup to be too dry? We don’t know. This goes to show that the soup was so horrible it was best described as dry, which is absurd, but an effective means of description. Ramsay does not disappoint.

Vampire Repellant

Vampires’ two most significant weaknesses are silver and garlic. If you have doubts about your new pale neighbors that look sullen and mysterious, pick up a silver cross and wear it around your neck. Also, eat considerable amounts of garlic to keep them away.

Image Courtesy of Fox

We love garlic in cooking, and we believe that there is no such thing as too much garlic. However, everyone is different. For example, Gordon Ramsay doesn’t support the abundance of garlic as much as we hoped. Such a shame.

It’s Our Problem-Free Philosophy

Lion King marked and scarred our childhoods deeply. It was something we loved, cried to, and essentially, something that shaped us and our preferences as adults today. Besides Mufasa, Simba, and Nala, other characters we truly enjoyed were Timon and Pumba.

Image Courtesy of GothSpice666 / Imgur

Timon is a skinny meerkat, and Pumba is some kind of a boar. They were Simba’s close friends and partners in crime. What’s more, they are most famous for their song Hakuna Matata and the wonderful problem-free life philosophy. Ah, the memories.

Like Father Like Son

Children more often than not resemble their parents either by their looks or by their personality and habits. Gordon Ramsay has a few children; however, among the bunch, his son Oscar resembles him most by his furrowed brows and stern look.

Image Courtesy of u/sk8er02 / reddit

This meme is hilarious! Oscar looks even angrier than his father, who is the angry king. However, Oscar took the cake AND ate it as it seemed. Like father – like son. It helps that Oscar is a cutie and stealing our hearts.

Someone Call The Vet

It’s comments like these that make us consider going vegan or vegetarian. Remember the photo that was going around of the woman who cooked her checking “raw.” It still haunts us to this day! To be clear, chicken always needs to be fully cooked!!!!!

Image Courtesy of

Again, this one is joking about someone who undercooked the meat so severely it is almost still alive and kicking. Although that’s a disturbing image, it still made us giggle seeing Ramsay ready to obliterate someone with a nasty comment.

Salad From Hell

James Corden and Gordon Ramsay are a duet you didn’t know you needed but turned out to be one of the best ones out there. These two collaborated on multiple occasions and provided a perfect show and even better entertainment.

Image Courtesy of

We found out that Ramsay broke the record of beeped curse words on Corden’s show. We were not surprised. Look at how he pressed his angry, red face up to James Corden’s nose, shouting who knows what kind of profanities. The caption makes it even better.

It’s The Garlic, Again

Do you remember the meme about True Blood and how HBO had to stop the show because someone put too much garlic in their stew? This next meme is somewhat similar; however, it took things to another level. Take a look.

Image Courtesy of Imgur

This amount of garlic did not only stop the production of True Blood, but it also erased The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight Saga from the face of the Earth. Alongside, it killed every vampire that exists in Europe altogether. It sounds like the perfect amount of garlic if you ask us.

I Am An Idiot Sandwich

Do you remember this episode of Hell’s Kitchen where Gordon Ramsay asked the lady: What are you?! and she answered: An idiot sandwich! with two slices of bread pressed on both of her ears. That was an iconic moment in tv history.

Image Courtesy of u/itezwhatiteez / Reddit

We’ve already discussed how much this kid looks like Gordon himself. In these two pictures, we can see that much better. The boy has got sass and class. His angry little furrowed eyebrows make us melt and shake a bit; we won’t lie.

MasterChef Season 50

Ramsay has his fair share of cooking shows, and sometimes it seems like the seasons are never-ending. We don’t mind it. We love watching our favorite chef destroy the hopes and dreams of other contestants. It’s oddly an interesting pastime.

Image Courtesy of gordonramsay / Twitter

Knowing that Gordon Ramsay tweeted the photo he made on Faceapp by himself, makes it that much more hilarious and entertaining. The fact that he doesn’t mind being the butt of the joke is the best outcome possible. What a legend.

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

We are the harshest to ourselves rather than others. We judge ourselves quickly, disregarding some emotions or feelings as weird or out of place. Naturally, we want to protect our friends and defend all the people we love, whereas we don’t treat ourselves with the same tenderness.

Image Courtesy of

Imagine being Gordon Ramsay and arguing with yourself. That would be the most gruesome fight ever. Curse word, after curse word, offense after offense. Imagine calling yourself an idiot sandwich when you mess up. That would be legendary. Be your own Gordon Ramsay!

Bon App-a Feet

In case you don’t have a particular fixation of feet, looking at other peoples’ might make you think: ew, gross. We don’t like looking at other peoples’ feet, especially when eating or drinking. It causes an unusual repelling sensation. We’re with you on this one, Ramsay!

Image Courtesy of gordonramsay / Twitter

Now, this is an actual tweet from Gordon Ramsay himself. People tend to tag him in their food posts and ask for his opinion where he roasts them crisp! In this one, in particular, he burned the person’s feet. Alas, Gordon works in unexpected ways.

Sebastian The Crab

The Little Mermaid was one of the first Disney princess movies we watched. Besides Snow White and Cinderella, it’s an obvious classic. The music is super catchy and island-y, making it fun, light-hearted, and different from your typical European princess.

Image Courtesy of Imgur

As we’ve seen with chicken, fish, and even beef, Ramsay is back to curse us out and note that the crab is so undercooked it’s like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, singing Under the Sea. This one made us giggle. Who doesn’t love a good Disney reference?

E-Mail Noobs

Are there still people that e-mail their friends? What happened to social media like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Instagram? We find it hard to believe some still don’t open up social media profiles. Even our grandmothers are on Facebook.

Image Courtesy of

You probably deserved it if your friend or coworker didn’t reply to your long e-mail. Don’t use e-mail as your primary messaging platform in 2022! E-mails are used for communicating with your boss, managers, professors or receiving those spam chain e-mails about your distant cousin in South Africa who left you a fortune.

Again With The Chicken

Some people just can’t leave the poor chicken alone. Do you remember the game Chicken Invaders? Restaurants are the ones fighting the chickens, and in that game, they are usually winners. However, sometimes, the chickens win too.

Image Courtesy of u/itezwhatiteez / reddit

According to this meme, if you undercook a chicken enough, a trained medical practitioner might be able to bring it back to life. Please, people, cook your chicken well and for at least 45 minutes to avoid the trouble of food poisoning.


What team are you: sauce on top of the spaghetti, sauce mixed in with the spaghetti, or sauce under the spaghetti? We belong to the group that prefers to mix sauce and spaghetti. We never really realized there was a whole debate about this!

Image Courtesy of Imgur

According to Ramsay, if you put your sauce under the spaghetti, you are an underlying psychopath! What do you think? Do sauce underneath people have a right to exist in this world? Now a fun fact, did you know Italians don’t eat Bolognese sauce with spaghetti? It blew our minds.

Mom: Karen Mode Activated

If you’re following meme culture or at least have a slight idea into the world of memes and popular culture, you know the term Karen. You might think it’s just a name, but that name has a certain aura: an aura of a middle-aged, short-haired, brunette woman yelling for the manager at the slightest inconveniences.

Image Courtesy of @RosannaPansino / Twitter

Why are certain people like this? They activate their inner Karen or Gordon Ramsay and destroy the lives of innocent employees working minimum wage who are not trained to deal with their inappropriate, mean behavior. At least Ramsay’s prerogative is to make you better; Karens’ only goal is to make you miserable.

How Does One Mess Up This Much

We love sushi. It’s one of our favorite foods. Although it’s expensive, we are giving up everything for edamame, sashimi, and spring rolls once the paycheck arrives. Our favorite roll combos are salmon and cream cheese with avocado or deep-fried crab with mango slices. Delicious!

Image Courtesy of

Imagine messing up so much you overcook sushi which is supposed to be raw. This should be a metaphor to express when you are making the biggest mistake in your life. Overcooked sushi is such a big mistake; there is actually no turning back from it.

Trash Tv

We are all guilty of indulging in trashy tv shows that TLC airs. It’s not top-tier, quality tv production; however, it can be fun in a way, don’t you agree? Some of the shows that aired on TLC nostalgia 101, like LA Ink, Say Yes to the Dress, and My Strange Addiction.

Image Courtesy of GothSpice666 / Imgur

As we’ve concluded, TLC is not known for quality filming, but they are entertaining at the end of the day. This meme jokes so much with TLC it’s kind of painful. Putting Ramsay to the mix makes it even spicier and better.

Double Standards

Do you know those people who have double standards for judging the sexes or different ages? For example, there is an apparent inequality in treating men and women in society. Furthermore, you can not curse out a child as you would an adult.

Image Courtesy of zeal422 / Imgur

That is precisely how Gordon Ramsay behaves (thankfully for the kids!). He is adorable and warm with children, just like a golden retriever. But if an adult crosses his path in a way he doesn’t like, he becomes a feral animal ready to rip them to shreds.

Chicken Eating Caviar?

Well, at least these chickens will get to eat a fancy treat? According to most, caviar is considered mysterious and luxurious, so these chickens are winning, we guess? WHY DOESN’T ANYONE COOK THEIR CHICKEN? Ramsay has the right to yell at anyone who is serving up salmonella.

Image Courtesy of u/MJMOK / Reddit

This is the last joke about the raw, undercooked chicken we have. We promise! These are just too good to pass up, and we believe you deserve as many memes as possible. Furthermore, as many Gordon Ramsay as you please. You’re welcome.

Brace Yourself

Imagine chilling, eating your food in a restaurant, and minding your business. Suddenly, a cameraman shows up, lights blasting, and Gordon Ramsay angrily enters the building, ready to renovate it entirely and create madness. If it isn’t his own restaurant, we would be worried that we were about to eat from the next resto to pop up on Hell’s Kitchen. What a nightmare.

Image Courtesy of jurassic park / movie screenshot

This is what we imagine our faces would look like if that happened. Although we doubt we’d be so dusty and eating green jello, still, the reference is suitable. The poor girl looks frightened yet deeply intrigued. We can relate.

Clean Up, Damn It!

There’s nothing worse than people that make a mess and don’t clean up after themselves. Whether that be while cooking, playing, writing, painting – we beg you, please clean up after yourselves. It’s tiring enough cleaning up our own messes; we don’t want to worry about anyone else’s!

Image Courtesy of

Gordon Ramsay wholeheartedly supports our opinion and agrees with it! Finally, Gordon is on our side. If you have this man fighting amongst your soldiers, any war can be won. This is what we imagine ourselves looking like after we nag the same thing to the same people repeatedly.


To be frank, Dr. Who is a tv show we never truly got into. It was so popular it almost started jumping out of our refrigerators at one point. Even though we are not fans of the show, we still are familiar with its gist.

Image Courtesy of Fox

Thyme is a herb that is a homonym for time, as you already realized when we typed out this sentence. Now, the meme is legendary. Thyme is a great herb to use in soups or stews, however in moderate amounts.


Long ago, people would bring offerings to temples for different gods to devour. This was a way of showing love, respect, dedication, and innate fear that gods sparked in people. It was also a thankful gift, in return to a fruitful field of healthy offspring.

Image Courtesy of textrepublic

This was a meme that stole a chuckle from us too. How humiliating must it be to hear something as harsh as this? We can not even begin to understand. However, hearing it from Ramsay’s mouth might be the best thing ever.

Where Are They?

It is a usual practice, seen so many times before, to forget an essential ingredient when preparing a meal. Once, we made a cake and instead of sugar we used salt. If you’ve never tried this before, don’t do it, it’s one of the cursest things we tasted.

Image Courtesy of

Now, our mistake was huge; forgetting carrots doesn’t seem as massive depending on the dish. However, if you’re asking Gordon Ramsay, it’s probably an unforgettable one. The image of Bugs Bunny stealing carrots from the kitchen makes us laugh out loud.

Finding Nemo

Here is another classic. Finding Nemo marked our childhood with a great story, nice morals and instilled this fear into us that we must not, under any circumstances, wander far away from our parents. Thanks, Nemo. Take a look at this meme.

Image Courtesy of

This is pure gold. We love a great animated movie reference that makes us feel nostalgic and want to rewatch it again for the 20th time. What do you think? Is Ramsay a fan of children’s animated cartoons? He sure references them a lot!

One Little Pig

The story of Three Little Pigs is familiar to everyone and their mother. Two lazy brothers, and a hard-working youngest one who, despite hard work, enjoys the fruits of life, whereas the two older ones live in fear of danger.

Image Courtesy of

This one might be one of our favorites. It’s so witty, yet easy to understand – perfect meme material. Who’s scared of the furious wolf, furious wolf, furious wolf! – well, undercooked pig it seems. Hope there is a little brother that can save it from the big bad wolf this time…Only the wolf is Gordon.