Roasted by Ramsey: 40+ Funny Insults Served Up By Gordon Ramsey

By Aakash M

You don’t need to be a fan of cooking shows or a reality TV enthusiast to have heard of Gordon Ramsay—he’s the guy you often see in memes. But, before he became so famous on the Internet, Gordon Ramsay was renowned in the food industry for his exceptional cooking skills.

Two of his most popular shows are Hell’s Kitchen and Uncharted. Watching him cook on Uncharted is great, but what is even better is watching him roast the living daylights out of people.

Hell’s Kitchen is about chefs competing against each other for a coveted job as the Head Chef at one of Gordon’s famous restaurants. Gordon’s role is to overlook the process and judge the dishes. Often, he gets frustrated at the chefs for making silly mistakes. The witty remarks that result from that are comedic gold.

These days, he also responds to fans on social media who bravely ask for a review on a meal they have made. His responses are just as hilarious as the quips he makes on his show. So, we have compiled some of Gordon’s most hilarious roasts and served them up for you on this list.

He’s right

Gordon is definitely not exaggerating this reaction. By no means does that thing look like a rainbow bagel. A chew toy seems to be the more reasonable guess. If that’s actually a rainbow bagel, then Jordan has unique cooking skills.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

If this is not a chew toy nor an edible rainbow bagel, our next best guess would be a donut made from Play-Doh—just like the one Maggie made for Homer when he tried to gain weight in the show The Simpsons.

For a change

Gordon Ramsay being nice and sweet is an infrequent occurrence. However he might be rude to adults, but he’s really kind and sweet when talking to kids. That’s one of the many reasons why he’s one of the most loveable TV personalities.

Image Credits: [u/1Voice1Life]/Reddit

If you look at the criticism he aims at adults, it is still pretty constructive. The only reason he criticizes them is that he wants them all to be better chefs. With regard to the girl in this meme, we hope the God of Souffle heard their prayers.


Ben’s mom really needs to work on her cooking skills. It seems that she has just added loads of ingredients into a pot without much thought. She did not even take the time to chop the sausages! This is a poor effort on her part.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

The horror doesn’t end there. Seeing as this is a sad attempt at a stew, is a plate the right place for it? As far as we know, a stew is served in a bowl. Well, if you can put sausages in a stew straight from the packet, then you can do anything.

They’ve arrived

Honestly, these can be called anything but churros. Sure, if you look closely enough, you’ll see the sprinkled sugar bits, but even that cannot save this mess. Churros are one of the very few foods that are perfectly shaped like a cylinder. These are not very cylindrical.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

We wonder how this guy got the shape so wrong. It is fried, but it’s not churros. It’s almost as if he dropped the entire batter in the oil pan at once and then took it off. It looks more like chicken.

Birthday cake

This time, the answer was right there, hidden in the question. Maybe if they had looked closer into it, they could have saved themselves from the Gordon Ramsay roast on Twitter. We’re not professional bakers, but the cake doesn’t actually look that bad.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

However, if even the dog can’t finish it, it might be a problem. Maybe the dog ate the cake only because it was starving? Poor Colin. The inside looks very poorly made. Baking a cake for a dog is more than just stuffing his treats and then covering them with cream.


It doesn’t look so bad this time. It’s just the use of incorrect terminology. We only hope that Darren really cooked it and didn’t screenshot it from Google and tweet it just so that Gordon Ramsay would reply and roast the tweet.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

For those who care only about what they eat and aren’t concerned with terminology, penne is the kind of pasta that’s in the form of those short cylindrical tubes. Arrabiata, on the other hand, is a spicy red sauce that’s made from tomatoes, garlic, and dried red chili peppers.


We’re sure the wife would like the efforts her husband put in for this breakfast, but that’s because she loves him. Anybody else can take a single look at it and say that there’s nothing so remarkable about it. What’s with the arrangement of the fries and sausages?

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Carrots, French fries, and one piece of broccoli are a strange combination for breakfast. We hope that is what his wife wanted because it’s almost as if she’s eating from a kids’ menu! Despite that, knowing her husband made this for her must have made her very happy.

Bad rating

Well, other people on the list at least made an effort to take the picture in good lighting. Although the food might not have been good, the lighting does help a little bit in making the food look better. This guy didn’t even do that.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Fish fingers and beans are commonly eaten by British people, but we’re sure that it is usually better presented. Those who don’t care about how it looks must have no problem eating this dish as well. The ashtray in the background is just the icing on the cake.

Steak or not?

Gordon looked at this steak from the side before commenting on his opinion, and he was not wrong about his assessments. We wonder when people started boiling their steaks. It really is disturbing because everyone knows that a steak is best-served medium-rare. 

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

If you look closely, the texture of the meat makes it look like it could be a duck. If it is a duck, then the small part of the meat looks most like a beak that had been damaged while cooking. What a quacky situation!


Calling people a “donut” is among Gordon Ramsay’s most popular insults. For some aspiring chefs, being called a donut by Gordon Ramsay must be exciting. For this guy, who was trying to have his moment on the show, it certainly wasn’t.

Image Credits: [u/deleted]/Reddit

This guy was probably creating a build-up for the audience, but Gordon did him one better! Reality show and cooking show fans probably know this guy. If you don’t, he’s Tommy Walton from Masterchef. He was quite a funny character.

Emotional damage

Honestly, he had her in the first half. Her face after hearing what Gordon had to say about her dish says it all. We would hate to be in her position. This is what you call a third-degree burn type of roast.

Image Credits: Gordon Ramsay’s Parish Nightmares/ Facebook

She really went from being elated to feeling deflated in a matter of a second. This wasn’t the first time somebody was roasted this badly by Gordon, and it certainly will not be the last time. Perhaps it made her work harder.

0 effort

If we look at the positives, this guy got Gordon Ramsay’s attention on Twitter. But at what cost? He didn’t even make an effort to remove the microwave pie pan. His efforts were so poor that his lie was caught in an instant. 

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

However, this guy had a slight chance of redeeming himself had he paid attention to the details. Gordon made a little spelling mistake in his tweet! He spelled “background” incorrectly. If he had pointed that out, he’d forever be remembered in memes. Sadly, that did not happen.

Hope is a good thing

Things like these happen to all of us at some time in our lives. There might have been a time when you enjoyed a delicious meal only to fall ill with food poisoning the next day. Gordon has been there as well.

Image Credits: Gordon Ramsay Reactions/Facebook

Did you know that Gordon Ramsay got food poisoning for a whole month? The reason behind it? Well, he ate raw meat by accident! That, indeed, was a kitchen nightmare for him. We wonder how he protects himself from food poisoning while tasting so many new food items.

Dropped it

Well, if you wanna impress Gordon Ramsay, you better do a good job, especially when it comes to presentation. This cake doesn’t look so aesthetically pleasing. She looks to have haphazardly stacked all the layers on top of each other.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

It might not be according to Gordon Ramsay’s exacting standards, but it’s still pretty good for an amateur who is trying to bake a cake for the first time. It’s indeed messy, but the chocolate ganache looks irresistible. It makes us ignore how messy the cake looks.


That genuinely looks ugly, and nobody could point it out better than Gordon Ramsay. The lady does call it “cloud eggs,” whatever that means. Even if we ignore the cloud eggs, why is the bacon not deliciously streaked with fat?

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Apparently, the bacon you’re seeing in this image is called “back bacon,” and it’s commonly eaten in the UK. Gordon’s comments might seem really rude, but they are more than necessary. Otherwise, people would not know what good food really is.

Say no more

There’s something really weird about the steak here because it looks overcooked and undercooked at the same time. Also, it doesn’t look fresh. It looks old, and to make things even worse, it hasn’t been cut properly. It’s basically a mess.

Image Credits: Twitter/GordonRamsay

Who knows, you might actually find a baseball glove in there. Well, Gordon took it as a challenge and criticized the meal. We think anybody would do so when they see a steak that looks like it has been boiled. The veggies are the only good part of the image.

Trust issues

We have to give it to the contestants on these shows. They have to perform in high-pressure situations and impress everybody with their cooking skills. On top of that, they have Gordon Ramsay yelling and cursing at them on national TV.

Image Credits: honeyleaf/Imgur

These people are indeed brave. Even after knowing how things could turn out for them on these shows, they sign up. That shows true dedication to their goals. That also indirectly shows dedication to Gordon Ramsay and entertaining people who watch his shows!


When your cooking causes Gordon Ramsay to lose his words, then you should know that there’s something special about your cooking. However, “special” is not always a good thing. If he’s at a loss for words like he is this time, you need to reconsider your cooking skills.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

First attempts are always tricky, so considering that this was this person’s first attempt, it is not that bad. Sure, there’s a lot of room for improvement—the salmon is overcooked, and the asparagus tips needn’t be cut that way. He’ll get there!

Too old to be true

Beef often looks really weird and funny when it’s grilled beyond the “well done” point. In some cases, it looks like a baseball glove, as we saw earlier. In certain situations, like this one, it looks like leather. Either way, you wouldn’t wanna eat that.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

If you’d take the slab of meat off of the plate, then we’d say that it’s pretty decent-looking birthday grub. In fact, the halloumi and the fries really look delicious. It would’ve been a lovely meal if the steak looked good. Gordon Ramsay would’ve surely appreciated that.


These eggs clearly do not look edible from any angle, but hey, if Allison sees no problem with them, then it is alright—even if they do look like Spongebob from Spongebob Squarepants. As long as she is happy with them.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

However, it looks like Gordon Ramsay is running out of things to use as insults. It’s understandable because he’s reviewing so many different foods, on air and off the air. We are noticing that his grandad is a recurring theme in his insults!


This dish from Gordon’s show, Kitchen Nightmares, is genuinely a kitchen nightmare. It is difficult to ascertain what this is; when you don’t even know what it is, tasting it becomes an even bigger risk. We can only imagine how Gordon made himself eat that.

Image Credits: Kitchen Nightmares/YouTube

Apparently, the dish is called salmon divino. It’s some sort of a salmon salad, but we don’t know how good of a salmon divino this was. When made correctly, it’s a pretty fancy dish that looks just as fancy as it sounds and is a delight to eat.

In the basement

A two-floor pizza is a hefty dish that tastes delicious. In this picture, though, we don’t know if this guy is calling it two-floor pizza because it is actually two floors or because it looks like it was dropped from two floors.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Regardless of the logic behind its name, Gordon Ramsay has clearly stated what needs to be done with it. It’s not enough to call it a two-floor pizza after simply placing one pizza on another. We’re no experts, but there must be a particular way to prepare these things.

Bad eggs

Having a lousy breakfast would certainly ruin your day, and it looks like Amanda didn’t really have the best breakfast. Gordon pretty much confirms that with his insult, but there’s more about this breakfast than just the rubber mat-like eggs.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

First of all, why eat only one piece of bacon? That is just blasphemous. It’s shaped pretty oddly, too. It seems that Amanda chewed up a lot of the breakfast and then took an image of what was remaining. That is a strange choice.

Special dish

We’d hate to break it to these guys, but no matter how low it is priced, not a lot of people are gonna come searching for that burrito omelet. The attempt to decorate the plate is appreciated, but it’s not doing a lot of good!

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that the spinach leaves aren’t all uniform, and they don’t even point in the same direction. The lower half of the omelet seems to be melting, and the dollops of ketchup are strange. It’s all a mess.

Salad dressing

For the first attempt, this person’s boyfriend did an excellent job. It’s not a huge mess, and there are just a few small things for him to work on. Firstly, there’s no need to add that amount of dressing to a salad.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

The potatoes look perfectly baked, and even the filet looks delicious. But back to the salad, there needs to be some variety to it. Rocket and mayo do not qualify as a salad. The quantity of the mayo makes things worse.

First tries

As we have now seen, first attempts at cooking are always messy. The dishes aren’t perfectly made, and there’s a lot to learn. However, it must have been a memorable experience for all the first-timers to have Gordon roast their cooking.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Posting an image of a half-eaten bowl of hummus is just weird. That’s certainly not going to get you a compliment from Gordon Ramsay, although it’s sweet that it’s the guy’s mother’s first try. Next time, consider taking a proper image before devouring it!

Too much cheese

Gordon Ramsay always has the right thing to say, especially when criticizing people trying to cook. The problem with this sandwich is that there is just too much cheese. Even Jerry from Tom and Jerry wouldn’t disagree on that one.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Apart from the cheese, it is unfortunate that there’s almost no effort being put into the bread. The guy just took two out of the packet and stacked them with a brick of cheese in the middle. Toasted bread would have been a lot better.

S for?

This is quite a bizarre sign, so we understand Gordon’s concern. He is the one responsible for rating the food, after all. On top of that, there is always the danger of food poisoning. So, his question is pretty reasonable.

Image Credits: Kitchen Nightmares/YouTube

Those who don’t know him must often wonder why Ramsay yells so much. Well, firstly, it’s constructive criticism. Although it might be rude, it does help the other chefs become better. Secondly, it makes for some great TV! He probably saves the yelling for when the camera is on.

Not nachos

This has to be the weirdest nacho dish ever. The only understandable explanation here would be that these nachos are half-eaten. We cannot think of any other reasonable explanation for this abomination. The only good thing about this Tweet is Gordon’s pun.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Without his pun making this image funny, this is just an unfortunate image of some half-eaten nachos with some veggies in the middle. This dish is called supposedly called “Nachos Supreme,” but it’s nowhere near supreme. We must admit Gordon Ramsay has better puns than we do.


The fact that this soup looks like something you’d see in a stagnant pool is weird, but what makes it even stranger is that it’s glowing. We wonder if Chris really ate this or if it was an experiment to get Ramsay’s attention.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

To be fair, maybe there’s nothing wrong with this dish. Perhaps it’s just the angle and harsh lighting that makes it look so bad. We’d like to see how it would look in proper lighting and from a good angle. Until then, better luck next time, Chris.

Hard pass

Gordon Ramsay would not want either one of these breakfasts, but we believe that the one with the avocado toast doesn’t seem so bad. The presentation could really use a lot of work, but nothing seems overtly wrong with it.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

The second one, though, is a problem. The eggs have been scrambled past the point of revival. Also, everybody has food preferences, and some people might actually like that amount of ketchup on their toast, but it’s certainly not for everybody.

Best insults

This insult would probably go down as one of Gordon Ramsay’s best insults. He’s really creative with his words. It’s something you can only expect from a very creative chef. This image is famously used as a hilarious meme template.

Image Credits: Amy Langdon/Twitter

This famous incident took place on Gordon Ramsay’s show Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon was insulting a chef throughout the show. Finally, he decided to call the chef a “panini head.” His insults drove the chef to the point of walking out!

Keen observation

That is one good-looking plate. If people are paying more attention to the plate than they are to the food, then there’s something really wrong with the food. At least this person can be happy knowing that Gordon complimented his crockery.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

The attention would’ve easily been shifted from the plate to the food if there had been no steak on the plate. Although the potatoes and broccoli don’t look amazing, there’s nothing really wrong with them. The boiled steak is where it all goes downhill.

New dimension

That was not the dimension Mark was talking about, but the comment is quite insightful. The food items are mismatched, the presentation is strange, and the ketchup makes everything worse. However, this plate is perfect for catching Gordon Ramsay’s attention.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

The peas would’ve been better had they been mixed with the rice. There’s nothing wrong with the meat filet, but putting it in a different dish would’ve made it more presentable. As far as the ketchup goes, we have no comments—Gordon says it best.

Needs Improvement

This image feels disturbing to look at. We don’t know why Alexis thinks she’s getting any better at cooking with these kinds of skills. This is a mess. All we see is a whole lot of cheese and some uncooked macaroni.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Apart from the cheese and pasta, this mac ‘n cheese is just lacking some pizazz. She did get a reply from Gordon Ramsay, so we hope it made her go back to the kitchen and work on making better macaroni!

Clean it up

This person’s mother made breakfast for him, which is a lovely gesture, and it is also the reason why it feels wrong to make fun of this dish. Nonetheless, it looks like these food items were thrown on the plate from a great distance.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Perhaps the bread can be used to clean up the egg snot on the plate. It’s true that the sausage is burnt and the bread isn’t toasted enough, but on the positive side, the glass has a great design! No matter how bad the food is, however, it was made with a mother’s love!

More trust issues

This was another historic moment in TV history. Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t trust this person with anything, and his face says it all. If you’d use this in a movie, this scene would be perfect for showing how a supervillain was born!

Image Credits: TheForceMadeMeLiveLongAndProsper/Imgur

This incident also took place on the show Kitchen Nightmares, and it was possibly the other person’s fault. The poor guy seems to have had enough of Gordon Ramsay’s insults, but he realizes that he has no option left other than to take the berating.

Straight up

There are two things wrong with this image. Of course, Gordon pointed the first thing out. The feet being in the frame makes this plate look anything but appetizing. We’ll point out what Gordon should’ve pointed out in the first place: the buffalo wings.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

The wings do not look fully cooked, nor do they look well seasoned. We are glad that Gordon did not notice the mayo on the plate. He probably would have had an even more scathing comment had he seen that.

Spidey cake

For one second, let’s not focus on those legs. Let’s also take our eyes away from the cross, candles, aluminum tray, and of course, those eyes. If you ignore all of that, it’s a pretty yummy-looking chocolate birthday cake that must have been devoured.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

Since the cake has these marshmallow legs, a cross, and eyes that gaze deep into your soul, it has become a tad strange. However, this is just a mother’s attempt at making her child happy with some birthday cake decorations.

Shot down

No way this dish would make it onto Gordon Ramsay’s menu when it can’t even get out of the dishwasher. Since this guy didn’t tell us what that dish is, we’re gonna take a guess and say that it’s some kind of chicken soup.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

All of us have had to eat dishes that don’t look appealing but actually taste delicious. For all we know, this soup that looks like a fish tank that hasn’t been cleaned in a while might have been scrumptious. We doubt it, though.

Owned it

You might expect him to go easy on certain issues, but Gordon Ramsay is the last guy who’s going to take it easy on his insults. It’s clearly visible that he doesn’t care if it gets a bit too dark (literally) sometimes.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

We don’t have the slightest clue what this dish is. We spent a lot of time looking into it, but there’s no definite answer. It’s black, and it’s gooey, but it’s clearly not chocolate. Perhaps some charred ribs? We can’t be sure.

History lesson

A steak cooked this much takes all the fun and juice out of an ordinarily delicious chunk of meat. How could anyone enjoy eating this? Rating this steak isn’t even possible because it has been done to the point where it doesn’t even look like a piece of meat anymore.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

In terms of toughness, this steak could literally be used as a slipper. Also, it’s visibly as dry as dry soil. We don’t think anybody would have the guts to taste and see how chewy and flavorless of an experience this steak will provide.

Another one

Gordon Ramsay asking for a sick bag from the waitress is perhaps among his most iconic clips available on the Internet. This clip from his show Kitchen Nightmares was posted on social media, and it has around 5 million views!

Image Credits: Kitchen Nightmares/YouTube

It was a hilarious moment because Gordon was served poor-quality food, and on top of that, the chef had lied to him. You’d have to see the whole thing for context, but it made for some great drama on TV!

Get well soon

How often is it that you get to see a diseased omelet? It’s undoubtedly the mushrooms that are giving that impression. Mushrooms are generally an excellent filling for an omelet. However, they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing filling one could add.

Image Credits: GordonRamsay/Twitter

In addition, omellete and lettuce aren’t two items that are typically served together. Even though Gordon’s response wasn’t very polite, you should expect criticism when you ask the guy who makes arguably the best omelets how your attempt at an omelet looks.

Not to be microwaved.

We bet there are people who microwave their salads, and at this moment, they must be feeling offended. It’s alright. You must be doing it as the last option. However, if you want to put effort into your cooking and make it tasty, you better listen to Gordon Ramsay’s advice, even if it hurts.

Image Credits: Kitchen Nightmares/YouTube

A salad is something that’s not served hot, and those who microwave it must be doing it because they don’t have time to cook and they want the salad to be fresh. That was probably this guy’s point as well, but he got caught in the crossfire.