45 Unsightly Photos Of Food That Make Us Feel Queasy

By Jhoana C

Food is supposed to be filling and look so appetizing that you can’t wait to devour it all. However, that’s not always the case. We have often been told that we first eat with our eyes, but there are times when food doesn’t look like it belongs anywhere near our mouths. If food doesn’t look good, nobody’s gonna want to eat it. However, some food joints seem to prefer dishing it fast over dishing it good. It’s become such an everyday thing that many people love to share their food disaster that have been served to them to save others. We don’t put you off your dinner, so we’re warning you now to look away if you’re squeamish. Here are 45 images of unsightly food that should never have been served.

#1 Salmonella waiting to happen

We’ve all cringed at pictures of medium-rare chicken on the web because we all know what eating it is going to bring: how quickly can you say salmonella?! Just the mere thought of being trapped in the bathroom all day is enough to have us go on a sudden starvation diet.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Food hygiene 101 states that chicken is not best served medium-rare. It needs to be white all the way through. Any pink pieces of chicken pose a potentially serious health hazard, and any place that serves food should really know better.

#2 We demand to know who prepped this

As much as we all hate letting food go to waste, not every part of every vegetable is edible. We know that fast food places like to cut corners, but seriously, what’s with the apple cores?

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

How this taco was prepared by a really well-known joint has left us scratching our heads. If we had been served this, we would be sending it straight back.

#3 This is an

More than a thousand debates have been launched by the notion of whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. We’re pretty sure that this will top even that. Kiwi on a pizza? We don’t even want to discuss that one.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

We never want to meet the people that think this is a good combination. We have heard of strange food pairings, but this goes beyond the realm of anything we want to think about. However, if this floats your boat, who are we to stop you?

#4 This might get you drunk

We never knew that beef stock could get you drunk. However, when it’s packaged like a can of beer, we understand how midnight food run could have you grabbing the wrong can in error.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

If this is your favorite brand of beef stock, we suggest storing it at the back of the fridge to avoid any unpleasant beverage mishaps. We know it’s a must to read the label before eating or drinking anything, but sometimes we just don’t.

#5 We can’t even find the chicken

When you order a sandwich, you probably want your bread to filling ratio to be more even. That’s pretty reasonable if you ask us. But this customer was shown that you can’t make such assumptions. Seriously, why was the restaurant skimping on the chicken?

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

The only good news in this unhappy sandwich is at least the chicken is cooked. Folks, this isn’t the way to prepare a chicken sandwich and keep your customers happy. More chicken brings more smiling faces.

#6 This is not worth $15

We have hinestl never seen a $15 do it yourself Caesar salad before. We all know that deconstructed food is a trend, but this is taking it to a whole other level.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

How would we even any serious salad tossing action with this sad and unappetizing leaf? It would be easier to dunk it in the dressing and call it a day. We wouldn’t even call this a salad; this is the lettuce that sits next to your burger at a fancy place.

#7 We wonder if the plastic tastes good

What would you do if the cheese in your sandwich is still wrapped in plastic? Would you be livid? We surely would be, especially if we had taken a hearty bite out of it. This is sad, but this is something that happens too often.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Staff at restaurants and food joints should do their food prep before they get too busy to unwrap the cheese slices. As any good chef would say, the end result is in the preparation.

#8 Can you guess what this is?

Who knew that dyed Rice Krispies looks like an uncooked plate of ground beef? Whoever thought this was a good idea was mistaken and should go easy on the food coloring next time.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

No, we’re not pulling your leg here; that’s Rice Krispies, although it doesn’t look quite like it. Apparently, it was Halloween, so they put in extra coloring to make it look bloody and maybe unpalatable?

#9 This is going to fly off the shelves

We wonder why it took soda manufacturers so long to come up with unique flavors. The demand is going to be so overwhelming that these are going to fly off the shelves! In all seriousness, though, we are rolling our eyes over here.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Some soda companies go the extra mile to accommodate everybody’s culinary cravings. For those of you who can’t get enough bacon, sit down because this going to make your day.

#10 This looks like something we would rather not mention

If you’re having a hearty meal right now, we’d like to warn you to look away because this will not be pleasant. Dessert is always a good idea, but if the dessert looked like this, we would rather skip it, just sayin’.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

The rolled ice cream looks okay, and it’s something we’d eat. However, the way they out the chocolate fudge topping looks like it belongs…in a different place altogether. It doesn’t look like something you’d want to find on the table.

#11 This isn’t how we envisioned cheese fries

Technically, this is fries and cheese, two things that this dish claims to have. However, this isn’t exactly how we envisioned it to be. Normally when we order cheese fries, we get fries with cheese powder, not slices of cheese placed on it.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Even American cheese fries are supposed to have delicious melted cheese on top, not rubbery bits of sliced cheese. These belong on a burger. However, we get the feeling that this is a common occurrence. No, thanks, we’ll have to pass.

#12 How exotic can you get?

With all the interesting names for food these days, sometimes you don’t even know how food qualifies to be called by its weird name. A case in point is this food at the grocery labeled “Exotic Salad.” Just how exotic are peas and carrots?

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Again, it’s a salad, so we’d expect at least 5 ingredients, but all you get here are baby carrots and green beans. They don’t even look that inviting or yummy. People need to up their game when it comes to something as important as food.

#13 Is this a new dessert?

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, we’re quite sure that you can’t resist a good dessert, but what would you do if you were served this instead? We’re unsure if this qualifies for a dessert because it’s just sliced bananas and some sauce.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Some people on the Net pointed out that this is not uncommon when you go to a Chinese restaurant, and they said the red sauce is strawberry syrup. They also added that it’s actually good, but we still have second thoughts about it.

#14 How dare you do this, Subway?

We’re still not 100% sure that this is not a gimmick, but apparently, this is how Subway operates over there in Brazil. They say this is pizza. We don’t have an idea how this qualifies to be called a pizza.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

The crust looks like it’s not even baked yet and doesn’t even get us started on the toppings or lack thereof. It only has some cheese, onions, black olives, and chicken. Frankly, it looks like someone regurgitated food that ended up on what’s supposed to be a pizza crust.

#15 It is plain

How do restaurants get people to buy food? They take exaggerated pictures of their food, and they make it seem like they serve huge portions when in reality, they don’t. It’s all about the right marketing strategy and clever advertising.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

We take off our hats to this Japanese restaurant, though, because at least they were honest with the pictures. They don’t make it seem that the customer is getting more, but we only want to change one thing. Instead of calling it plain sushi, why not just call it rice?

#16 Okay, but why, though?

People have turned their attention to flavored water in a bid for healthier alternatives to soda and other sugary drinks. It has become so popular in the last few years that people have come up with various versions, such as banana water.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Well, it looks like plain water with bananas swimming in it, so we’re not sure if it’s going to be any good. We’ve heard of lemon water, but this is the first time we’ve come across banana water. People are hardly drinking it, so it must not be great.

#17 Creepy crepes

We love crepes as much as the next person. Who wouldn’t? They’re delish, they’re easy to make, and they can be served with a variety of fillings. However, we don’t think that selection should include green Ghostbuster goo. Maybe on Halloween.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This was supposed to be pistachio crepes, but we don’t see the pistachio anywhere. Sure the filling is green, but it doesn’t look appealing. This image makes us want to skip the crepes and just reach for a regular old pancake with maple syrup.

#18 Just don’t buy food at football games

Food at concerts and sports events is just not worth the money. They charge you exorbitant prices for mediocre food. Don’t believe us? Look at this. This is the burger someone received from the concession stand during a football game.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Guess how much this costs? $10! You get what looks like a single pickle, a patty, cheese, a slice of tomato, and some mustard. Yes, of course, you get the buns too. Not much to say about this, except we hope they got some real food when the game was over.

#19 This makes us want to go to lunch somewhere else

Pizza, one of the best gifts Italy gave to the world. We sure don’t know what we’d do without it. Although countries worldwide have come with their versions and interpretations of pizza, we love the majority of them and would gladly try any new ones.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

However, we’re doubtful we’d like this one. We want to send it right back to the pizzeria that made it. One half looks like crust with melted cheese on top, and the other half looks sad with little bits of what we hope is hamburger.

#20 This charcuterie is looking particularly sad

Charcuterie boards have been making the rounds on the internet lately. They’re decorative, they look appetizing, and they are a hit at parties. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and come up with our version, you’re quite late in the game.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This charcuterie board is looking particularly sad, though. It’s just a few crackers, a single block of cheese, and a few slices of ham. Well, it turns out this isn’t even an attempt at a charcuterie board but a kid’s snack called Lunchables. Even so, we’ll pass.

#21 No, this isn’t ramen

When you order something, you’re naturally expecting to get something at least close to whatever you ordered. However, that doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes what you get is way far off, such as this lady who wanted to eat some ramen.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

She got a bowl of something hot and soupy alright, but it wasn’t ramen. It was soggy spaghetti that was trying to pass as ramen. Who does this? If you don’t have ramen, just say so. There’s no need to pretend.

#22 Don’t do this to sushi

Sushi is to Japan what pizza is to Italy. Say sushi, and people anywhere naturally think of the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s one of the best and most popular imports from Japan. Since it’s become popular, people have taken sushi to new levels.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

But we do want them to stick close to the original sushi and not include weird ingredients such as cheese. American cheese at that. Look at this atrocity! There are times when food fusion enthusiasts need to know when to stop.

#23 We didn’t know Popeyes sold deep-fried wrappers

Sometimes no matter how careful you are, bad things happen at work. However, if you work in a food establishment, some mistakes simply must be avoided. A messed-up order is one thing; frying wrapped chicken is another, and this mistake could make someone sick.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Suffice it to say that you need to be very careful. We don’t know what happened to the person preparing deep-fried chicken over at Popeyes. Did they just miss it? Whatever the case, we’re glad the customer caught it in time.

#24 We’re staying from this avocado toast

Avocados are one of the most in-demand fruits, and people are still willing to spend money on them no matter how expensive they become. What would happen to our guacamole cravings if there was no supply of avocado? What a sad thought.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Avocado toast is another thing that everyone likes. However, this particular avocado toast is something we don’t want on our plates. It’s just two slices of bread, some mayonnaise, and overly ripe and sad-looking avocados. This place gets one star from us.

#25 We don’t pay $20 for this

When you spend a considerable amount of money on food, you expect to get your money’s worth. If you’re paying $20 for something, you better get $20 worth of deliciousness. A good tip we can give everyone is to always look at reviews before going to a restaurant.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

If the reviews are not good, stay away from the restaurant. This guy must have forgotten to do that. He paid $20 for his meal and looked at what he got. That’s certainly not how $20 food is supposed to look.

#26 Are you a pickle fan?

Pickles have been around for thousands of years, and the word has origins in Dutch and German words that both mean “salt” or “brine.” For some people, pickles are an acquired taste. Let’s just say that not everyone fancies them.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Would you eat something like this? We sure love hotdogs but is there a need to put it in a huge pickle? We can eat a few pickles now and then but not with a hotdog inside of it, and we’re sure many agree with us.

#27 This is a sandwich combination we don’t fancy

Sandwiches, as we know them today, were popularized in England way back in the 1800s. It was popularized by John Montagu, the Earl of -you must have guessed by now – Sandwich. There are so many types of sandwiches today, we could spend all day listing them.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Oftentimes, sandwiches come with greens, onions, tomatoes, cheese, meat, and of course, bread. However, what you see in the photo above is one weird sandwich. It has chocolate, orange, and lettuce. We’ve never heard of such a thing, and we definitely wouldn’t try it.

#28 Did they have to stamp the bread?

We have been warned about eating too much fast food because it’s not healthy. If you’ve seen the experiments on the Net, they will surely put you off fast food consumption. Remember the burger from McDonald’s that doesn’t even rot?

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

How about the fries? At least the hamburger buns you see in this photo have an expiration date; the only problem was that they were served after they expired. We just hope the guy who orders this took it back to Wendy’s.

#29 Are they trying to poison customers?

If you have ever been to Japan and indulged yourself in the local cuisine, then you know that they have an expensive delicacy there which is also poisonous, the Fugu fish. It contains lethal amounts of tetrodotoxin. Apparently, it’s popular.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

The poison paralyzes the muscles while you are still fully conscious. This is why you can only have it in select restaurants where only highly-trained people can serve them. However, that doesn’t seem to matter to this company. They just sell it together with their fried anchovies.

#30 We didn’t know this is a thing nowadays

If you’re not well-versed in coffee, we understand that it can be intimidating to order in places such as Starbucks. All the coffee lingo can make your head spin and leave you confused that you just want to forget about ordering coffee altogether.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

If it’s your first day working at Starbucks, we figure that you can also get overwhelmed easily. But how difficult can it be to serve a customer banana and water? It seems bananas swimming in water is a thing nowadays. Have we missed this memo?

#31 This qualifies for a veggie sub?

If you have ever ordered a vegetable sandwich from Subway, you know how appetizing and nutritious it looks. For people who want to steer clear of meat, it’s an excellent and delicious alternative. However, this isn’t exactly how we pictured a veggie sub to look.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

It’s supposed to be grilled, and it costs a whopping $15, but its appearance doesn’t justify the cost. It doesn’t look grilled, and it doesn’t look appetizing. At $15, we’d try to eat this because we don’t want to waste money, but it just isn’t what we would want to eat.

#32 What is happening to pizza nowadays?

We have seen many questionable pizzas on this list, and this gives us the idea that maybe something is happening to our beloved pizza worldwide. Is there a shortage of toppings? Are prices for various ingredients being raised? Something more sinister?

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

It seems that it’s quite a challenge to get your hands on decent pizzas if you go by this list. This pizza, if you can call it that, is being served in a university, and although we don’t expect 5-star quality from the university cafeteria, this is underwhelming.

#33 They should learn to clean their coffee machine

We love the smell of coffee in the morning; it just perks you up and gets you ready for whatever the day might throw at you. But if the coffee in the morning looked like this, we’d rather just go back to bed instead.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

We think those are baby cockroaches freely swimming around in the coffee. They should at least learn to clean and maintain their coffee machines because no one will drink that. It’s gonna go down the drain, and rightly so. That’s where it belongs.

#34 It must be hot because the Skittles are sweating like crazy

First made commercially by a British company in 1974, Skittles have come a long way. They were first introduced in North America in 1979, and since then, Americans have come to love them. They’ve become a favorite, and everyone wants their rainbow-colored candy.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

However, these Skittles found at a local pharmacy don’t look very yummy. This photo must have been taken during summer since the Skittles are sweating like crazy. They are sticky, and their colors have faded. We love skittles, but we’d pass on this batch.

#35 Big eggs and little eggs

We don’t expect much from hospital food because people don’t go there for their culinary masterpieces, but we expect hospital staff to serve food decently. Look at this abomination! People do not eat eggshells whether they are sick or not.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

So, why would you serve beans with unpeeled hard-boiled eggs? Couldn’t they just put the hard-boiled eggs in a different container rather than put them together with the baked beans? What’s happening to the world these days? We’re just shaking our heads.

#36 We’re never going to this place

Steak has a long history that goes back to even before the cowboys used spices from Mexico to infuse flavor to their meals. The Tomahawk got its name because it has the appearance of a hatchet (obviously also known as the Native American tomahawk).

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

If you saw this 400 oz Tomahawk steak on the menu, you’d naturally be salivating to try it. However, when it comes to your table, it’s a totally different story. The cheap processed American cheese it’s served with has ruined it.

#37 That’s carbonara?

Carbonara is another import from Italy which people just can’t get enough of. Although its origins are unclear, the very first traces of its recipe goes back to the 1940s. The beloved Italian pasta figures prominently in many restaurants nowadays.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

The guy who submitted this photo ordered from a reputable “5-star Uber restaurant,” but wow, was he disappointed when his order was delivered to his home. That doesn’t look like top-notch carbonara at all. He didn’t get exactly what he paid for.

#38 The fridge must have been very cold

This is a problem in most schools, and we know because many people on the Net had similar experiences while they were still studying. The fridge must have been very cold in those schools; their milk drinks turned into popsicles.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Some of the netizens mentioned that they had to resort to shaking their drinks before opening them, or else they would end up with shards of ice or popsicles. Someone ought to turn up the temperature of the school fridges slightly.

#39 This has got too many sesame seeds

One of our favorite Chinese takeouts is the crispy sesame chicken. Some say it’s Chinese, while others say it’s Korean, but it’s not important to us. It’s delicious, and that’s what matters most. However, this one has got too many sesame seeds.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

We know sesame seeds are integral for the dish, but there’s just so much here that we can’t see the chicken anymore. While we understand this is probably the least offensive dish on this list, we want a perfect balance of sauce, seeds, and chicken.

#40 What have they done to the pork?

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, we advise you to look away because you’re not going to like this at all. For meat-eaters, go ahead and stare all you want. Yup, what you see here is ground pork that’s been made to look like a pig.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

How can they break down something only to put it back to its original shape? So much effort went into this one, but the thing is, it wasn’t necessary. People are still going to buy ground pork even if it doesn’t have any shape.

#41 That doesn’t look appetizing

We love baked potato because it’s simple and doesn’t take a lot of effort to make. Just season the potato with salt and pepper, brush the skin with olive oil or butter and throw it in the oven. Cut, fluff, and serve it with cheese on top.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

When you look at this photo, you’ll realize that you hit the jackpot where cheese is concerned. The baked potato looks like it’s wearing a cheese fez. You can’t make complaints about not getting enough cheese. However, it doesn’t look very appealing.  

#42 We don’t want any of this

At first glance, we thought to ourselves, what in the heck is this? Is this even food? Who says it is? Thanks to people on the Net who pointed out that this is sweet potato and tofu, we know it is, although this looks nothing like it.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This was supposedly served in a 2-star Michelin restaurant, but it looked like it was prepared by someone whose highest achievement in the kitchen was boiling water. It doesn’t look edible, so we’ll stay away from it, thank you very much.  

#43 Another example of things you shouldn’t be doing to food

Is working in a deli that boring that staff has to resort to putting their effort into unnecessary things, such as making the display case look like a Black Sabbath concert is happening in the meat and cheese section? We didn’t think so.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Do we need someone to enlighten us on this? Are they deliberately trying to scare customers away? We thought the point was to sell food. This looks like a cross between Lady Gaga in her meat suit and Maleficent – and not a very good-looking one at that.

#44 Another Caesar salad disaster

We’ll just say it right out, Caesar salad served in restaurants and fast-food chains today doesn’t look like the salad we have grown up with and come to love. Why is there a need to make them look like something else?

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This is a “Deconstructed Caesar Salad,” and we don’t need any of this. We want our greens prepared the way they should be, and we don’t want them to look like the restaurant is scrimping on the ingredients because we pay good money.

#45 Cheeto stuffed with Mac and Cheese and topped with even more cheese

We have saved this for last because it doesn’t look as bad as the other “food” on this list. For us, the restaurant didn’t commit any mistake on this one. They served the food as described. It’s on the customer to read and understand.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

It’s also on the customer to determine if the description of the food is something he wants to eat. Some people on the Net have also pointed out that they will try this, and they think it looks and sounds good.