Storing Potatoes To Prevent Them From Sprouting

By Luka E

We love potatoes, so we always make sure to keep them stocked. If you’re anything like us, you can sometimes go a bit overboard with your “stocking up,” which can lead to some potatoes being left too long, resulting in sprouted potatoes. To save us from wasting our precious veggies, these are some tips on how to store potatoes. 

Image courtesy of Kieran Murphy | Unsplash


The ideal temperature is a bit higher than the temperature of your fridge at around 43-50° F. A cellar or garage is a great place to keep them, but you should definitely keep them out of the fridge. 

Store Them In Darkness

This will keep potatoes from turning green. When potatoes turn green, it means they’re producing chlorophyll, which can lead to the production of a toxic chemical called solanine. Most countries limit solanine in potatoes, so it is not common, but certainly possible.

Image courtesy of Cleo Stracuzza | Unsplash

Keep Them Dry

Don’t wash potatoes (at least until just before you need to cook them). Storing them when they’re wet can lead to fungi or mold taking hold, so keep them dry for as long as you can. 

Store Potatoes in a Paper Bag or Open Container

Following on from the previous point, potatoes require proper airflow to keep them from collecting moisture. Closed containers are the worst place to store your potatoes.

Store Away From Other Produce

When fruit or vegetables ripen, they release ethylene which promotes other produce around them to ripen. This can cause potatoes to soften or sprout, so keep them separate. 

Image courtesy of Kukuvaja Feinkost | Unsplash

In Conclusion,

We hope these tips help you keep your potatoes nice and fresh, so they’re always ready to be turned into something delicious!